battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_Intro_2	In addition Gorchakov and Bagration are providing Bennigsen with additional Russian troops on the right and left flanks respectively.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_Intro_3	To my northern left flank, Grouchy and Nansouty's cavalry occupy the village of Heinrichsdorf and should provide excellent cover for my main assault.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_Intro_4	Marshall Lannes occupies the centre and will tempt my Russian enemies in, to what will prove to be their demise.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_Intro_5	In an effort to further draw the Russian's in, Lannes has allowed his forces to become separated with his grenadiers taking up position in Sortlack forest to my southern right flank.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_Intro_6	The Russians will want to end this encounter quickly before I can arrive with my reinforcements. I must make haste.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_Narration	Without Berlin, the Prussians came to terms. I turned then on the Russians in Poland. Yet at Eylau, something happened: my army shuddered, for a moment. So they had suffered? No matter. But I had to take personal control to restore French – that is, my – glory.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_sfx_1	The Russians are crossing the Alle River.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_sfx_2	Hold until reinforcements arrive!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_sfx_3	We are outgunned! Hold on for reinforcements!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_sfx_4	Now, with your reinforcements, take the battle to the Russians!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_sfx_5	We can't sustain this sort of damage for now.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_sfx_6	Napoléon and our reinforcements have arrived!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Friedland_sfx_7	The woods of Sortlack may prove to be good cover!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_Battle_Lost	So, one plan has failed! There are other plans, and other battles yet to fight. I will not yield to these Prussians or these British amateurs.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_Battle_Won	My enemies retreat, then, away from their allies. This war will not last long. Let us hope there will be time for glory!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_Intro_1	June 16th, 1815. Blücher's forces have entrenched themselves in the towns along the Ligny stream. I have ordered Vandamme to take St. Amand and St. Amand La Haye on the left flank.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_Intro_2	In the centre Gerard has been given the task of taking Ligny.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_Intro_3	My right flank is protected by a strong contingent of cavalry. They are under orders to attack the Prussian left stationed around the town of Tongrinne.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_Intro_4	I must be careful of Blücher's reserves, a strong mix of cavalry and infantry. He is an old fox.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_Narration	As a military man, I must be realistic about Leipzig. Disloyalty was worse: I was glad to go to Elba away from my self-seeking, mealy-mouthed, turncoat Marshals. But what is France without Napoléon? Now we march again, all France in arms! Ney will hold Wellington, and I will deal a blow to that old windbag Blücher!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_sfx_1	We must take St. Amand if we are to reach the artillery that overlooks the town!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_sfx_2	Capture the artillery on the hill!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_sfx_3	We are likely to be pinned down by cannon fire, unless we get across the river!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_sfx_4	The Prussians are defending Ligny! Beyond is their main army!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_sfx_5	We must push across the river.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_sfx_6	We have captured Tongrinne!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_sfx_7	We have captured St. Amand!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_sfx_8	We have captured St. Amand La Haye!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Ligny_sfx_9	We have captured Ligny!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_Battle_Lost	A small setback, to be sure, but I will stop the Austrians from reaching Milan!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_Battle_Won	Beaulieu is the Austrian army! They are nothing without him! Northern Italy is mine!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_General_sfx_1	General Beaulieu has taken up position on the far side of the river! Do not allow him to escape!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_General_sfx_2	General Beaulieu has been killed on the battlefield! Mop up the remainder of his army to secure victory!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_General_sfx_3	General Beaulieu has escaped! Your failure to capture him will ensure the rebirth of Austrian resistance in North-West Italy!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_General_sfx_4	The Austrian General, Beaulieu, is leaving the field! Catch him, capture him, kill him! He must not be allowed to escape!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_Intro_1	May 10th, 1796. After two days of forced marching, my army has caught the retreating Austrian army at Lodi.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_Intro_2	This is the time to strike!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_Intro_3	The Austrian rearguard is seperated from the main army and vulnerable until it can reach the safety of the town.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_Intro_4	General Beaulieu is forced to stay on the battlefield to oversee the Austrian retreat.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_Intro_5	We must capture or kill the Austrian General and much of his force to end Austrian interests in North-West Italy.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_Intro_6	If Beaulieu is removed, the French can pen the Austrians in Lombardy into the fortress at Mantua. I must prevent Beaulieu from escaping the battlefield!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Lodi_Narration	Turin lay in my sights. The Piedmontese let my army pass. The Austrians under Beaulieu fell back on Milan. I pressed hard, and caught them at Lodi. Sebottendorf can read a battlefield: he can see that I must send men over the only bridge, across the River Po, and take on his men on the east bank. But can he see what is coming next?	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Nile_Battle_Lost	What use is a fleet in a sea of sand? I have lost when I say I have lost!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Nile_Battle_Won	The British, then, are not as cunning as they think. Their seamanship also leaves a little to be desired.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Nile_Intro_1	August 1st, 1798. Anchored off the coast of Alexandria, my fleet is under the command of François-Paul Brueys d'Aigalliers. The ships are in the shallow waters of Aboukir Bay to defend the gateway to Egypt.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Nile_Intro_2	To the northeast, in the open sea, a superior British fleet lies in wait under the command of Horatio Nelson.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Nile_Intro_3	An attack from the British is inevitable, but only a great Admiral would risk his ships in the shallow waters at night.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Nile_Intro_4	We must protect Alexandria at all costs and expect an attack in the morning.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Nile_Narration	Egypt is not enough. Beyond: the road to India and the crushing of British hopes there. I told lies, I schemed, I got my army to Egypt. But “Perfidious Albion” does not like cleverness in others, and they fell upon my fleet in Aboukir Bay.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Nile_sfx_1	May the winds be in our favour!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Nile_sfx_2	Our ship has run aground!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Nile_sfx_3	The British are dead in the water!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Nile_sfx_4	Brace for impact!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Pyramids_Battle_Lost	The desert is a harsh teacher. I have learned, and next time, I will apply the lesson in full! They will be defeated!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Pyramids_Battle_Won	The glories and treasures of Egypt will soon be mine! To walk in the footsteps of Caesar!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Pyramids_Intro_1	July 21st, 1798. The Mameluk army is old fashioned, but their cavalry is swift and deadly. Our cavalry reserves are limited. Our only hope of defeating the enemy is to adopt square formations and hope to survive the coming charge.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Pyramids_Intro_2	The villages of Embabeh and Biktil will be key to success. Embabeh, to the east, is held by Mameluke artillery, and overlooks our flank. I must take this quickly to prevent serious losses.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Pyramids_Intro_3	The Ottoman army consists of a large number of Mameluks. Square formation will be key to our success on the battlefield.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Pyramids_Intro_4	Biktil, in the west, is held by our forces. I should use this as a foothold to push into the Mameluk ranks.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Pyramids_Intro_5	Using the French army's superior weaponry, technology and training to their fullest extent will be the best way to secure my victory.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Pyramids_Narration	Victory in Italy! Now Egypt. Alexandria fell as I expected. I knew that Murad Bey would send his Mamelukes to stop me before Cairo. And, almost in the shadows of the Pyramids, the battle has come! My men will conquer for me, just as Alexander’s warriors did in ages past!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Pyramids_sfx_1	Biktil has fallen to the Ottomans!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Pyramids_sfx_2	Ottoman cavalry is assaulting our right flank, near the village of Biktil.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Pyramids_sfx_3	The Ottomans are fleeing from Embabeh! The village is ours!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_Battle_Lost	The British are fine sailors, but so what? Frenchmen should not suffer defeat at their hands!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_Battle_Won	This is not a victory for France or Spain! It is a victory for all in Europe who hate the British, which is to say: all of Europe!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_Intro_1	October 21st, 1805. Off the south-west coast of Spain near Cadiz my Franco-Spanish fleet, under Pierre de Villeneuve, has unwisely set sail for Naples.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_Intro_2	The nearby British fleet, under command of Admiral Lord Nelson, has tracked the French fleet for some time. It has formed into two columns and is looking to use the prevailing wind to attack from the west.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_Intro_3	At the heart of the fleet is the 106-gun first-rate, HMS Victory, the British flagship. If my fleet is to defeat the British, this vessel must be stopped by any and all means.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_Intro_4	This will not be easy, but my Franco-Spanish fleet contains some of the largest ships in the world, including the 140-gun Santissima Trinidad, a ship bigger than anything Nelson commands.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_Narration	Villeneuve understands nothing. Villeneuve has achieved nothing! Without control of the seas, how can I invade England? Now, the “Army of England” must move against Austria. Villeneuve can earn his pay, and go into the Mediterranean. That should be simple enough for him…	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_sfx_1	The British have formed into two columns and are moving into position	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_sfx_10	The British fleet has suffered heavy losses!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_sfx_11	Victory will surely be ours!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_sfx_12	Sacre bleu! Defeat looks inevitable!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_sfx_2	Weigh Anchor!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_sfx_3	The winds are in our favour! Use them to our advantage!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_sfx_4	Prepare for boarding!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_sfx_5	The Spanish fleet is faltering!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_sfx_6	The Spanish have lost their flagship!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_sfx_7	HMS Victory is no more! The British will rue such a loss!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_sfx_8	We have lost our flagship!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Trafalgar_sfx_9	Our fleet is taking heavy losses!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_Battle_Lost	Damned rain! Damned Wellington! I deny him the satisfaction of calling this a victory! I will fight on!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_Battle_Won	A great victory! What man dare deny that this is a triumph of arms unmatched in our people's history?	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_Intro_1	June 18th, 1815: This will be Wellington's final encounter, with me. Having chosen his field of battle, the British will need to make use of their farmhouses, but Hougoumont on my far left will be mine by nightfall.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_Intro_2	In my centre: La Hay Sainte currently lies in the hands of the ill equipped Allied Dutch.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_Intro_3	And on my extreme right: Papellotte, this is a excellent base to mount an attack on the British from.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_Intro_4	Wellington's main army however, occupies the northern part of the plains of Mont-Saint-Jean, laying in wait behind a sunken lane. This gives him a strategic advantage over me and I will need to take some care when ordering an attack here.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_Intro_5	I have sent Grouchy to pursue the Prussians. He must hound them. But will he send word? Grouchy! Grouchy! He tries my patience.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_Narration	I must trust Grouchy to keep the Prussians on the run. Ney: he has forced the enemy to go north. We followed at their heels. And now, there is this English general, this Wellington. They tell me he was good, in Spain. Beaten men would say that. Is he as good as me? We shall see.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_sfx_1	A direct attack on the hill will not work! We need to advance carefully.	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_sfx_2	The farm of Hougoumont on the left is key to victory!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_sfx_3	We have taken Hougoumont!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_sfx_4	We have taken La Haye Sainte!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_sfx_5	The Prussians have entered Plachenoit!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_sfx_6	Reinforcements have arrived!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_sfx_7	We are being flanked by the Prussians!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.HB_Waterloo_sfx_8	Vive L'Empereur!	False
battle_script_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.Naval_Basic_Controls.Anchor_Advice_1	You can halt your ship at any time or cancel its current orders by clicking the highlighted anchor button. Try clicking it now.	False