button_taxes_Tooltip_5b004f	Sets tax rate across all your regions.||Selecting this will bring up the Government panel policies tab.	True
tx_classes_upper_NewState_Text_4f0075	Upper Classes	True
dy_men_Tooltip_b001a	Number of men in the unit.||PLACEHOLDER:To see the maximum number of men you can have in this unit see ??||PLACEHOLDER: If the unit is missing men you can use the replenish button to maximise the numbers again.||PLACEHOLDER: Fresh units will dilute the overall experience of a unit.	True
ok_stategift_Tooltip_450050	Click this button when you have made your choice and wish to proceed.	True
button_taxes_Tooltip_7c006e	Sets tax rate across all your regions.||Selecting this will bring up the Government scroll taxes tab.	True
leader_name_tx_Tooltip_5d0020	Your national leader.||A leader with skills in diplomacy will improve the chances of proposals being accepted.	True
head_tx_tx_Text_23006c	Public Order	True
vslider_Tooltip_11001a	Use this slider to scroll up and down the panel.	True
diplomatic_relations_Tooltip_260041	This is your diplomatic relations scroll.||From here you can quickly see which factions are neutral towards you and who your enemies and allies are.||You can also open up diplomatic talks from  here.||Move your cursor over the areas below to see more information.	True
faction_foe_Tooltip_30059	Enemy	True
dy_title_tx_ally_attacked_Text_70017	Ally Attacked!	True
region_details_Tooltip_3b0055	This is the region details panel.||All the details about the selected region are displayed within this panel.	True
heading_tx_NewState_Text_27005e	Start position	True
button_tx_peace_Text_450046	Request peace	True
_title_frame_sabotage_Text_a0022	Sabotage	True
txt_popularity_Tooltip_19000d	Your current government's popularity.||This is based on your public's happiness.||You can check this by examining their public order.||Public order is made up from happiness and repression.||Though repression can keep your public under control, it won't make you very popular.||The lower your popularity is, the more likely your current cabinet will be voted out come elections.||If they are voted out they will be replace with the opposition.	True
head_tx_tx_Text_1b0055	Turns	True
label_txt_NewState_Text_c0007	Wind Strength:	True
TX_Trade Partners_NewState_Text_15004e	Trade Partners	True
tx_unit_exchange_NewState_Text_3a0007	Unit Exchange	True
button_group_Tooltip_1e007f	Toggle unit grouping||This will group any currently selected units.||When grouped, the units will keep their respective positions when moving.	True
dropdown_time_limit_Tooltip_5c000f	A battle with a set time limit will end when the time is up.||If this happens, the defending army will win the battle.||With no time limit set, the battle will simply play out until one army is victorious.	True
status_tx_wait_Text_780073	Please wait ...	True
button_dismiss_results_Tooltip_1f0049	Close	True
status_Tooltip_64000d	This is the status column for your fleets.||Here you will find a brief description of the fleet's location and what they are currently doing.||Left-click to jump to their location on the main map.||Right-click to bring up the details for the admiral or captain in charge of this fleet.	True
DY_text_Victory!_Text_4e0023	Victory!	True
heading_finances_Tooltip_29001a	Your regular incomings and outgoings are detailed here.||The total income for the next turn is totalled at the bottom of this panel.||Move your cursor over the details below for more information.	True
arrow L_Tooltip_710037	Click to cycle to the theatre view to the left.	True
shooting_Tooltip_2b0017	Challengers shooting skill	True
TX_prize_money_NewState_Text_180006	Prize Money:	True
admiral_Tooltip_2e0030	Admirals have their own individual traits and abilities depending on their experiences.||Some admirals will be better than others and you may want to move the best of them where they are needed most.||If a fleet has no admiral, the captain of the fleet will be displayed here instead.||Right-click to bring up the details for the selected admiral or captain.||Left-click to jump to his location on the main map.	True
title_Tooltip_4d002f	The agricultural tree concentrates on farming techniques and will help your population grow.	True
TX_Captured Units_NewState_Text_4c0019	Captured Units	True
travel_destinations_Tooltip_570029	Travel destinations panel.||This panel helps you to move between	True
bg_title_frame_Tooltip_5a0073	This panel helps you to move between theatres quickly and easily.||This is triggered when you move into one of the transition zones between theatres.||Use the map below to select your destination and when you are happy click the tick button.||To cancel a move select the cancel button - this will return you to the map.	True
total_Tooltip_220049	Total growth this turn||This is the amount that your total region wealth will increase next turn.||This number is the result of the negative and positive factors to the left.||Move your cursor over the icons to the left for more information.	True
dy_sum_debit_Tooltip_670027	This is the total of your outgoings. This will be taken from your incomings to create your total income for the next turn.||Your army, naval and town watch upkeep costs make up this total.	True
dy_funds_Tooltip_6e0037	You can change the available funds on the previous screen.||Funds are used for recruitment and adding experience.||Each unit has their recruitment cost displayed on their cards.	True
bar_Tooltip_610068	The amount of hull strength determines how much damage this unit will receive when hit.||You can strengthen a hull by researching seasoning in naval technology.	True
TX_Theatre_DY_Tooltip_7f004d	This is your currently selected theatre.||Each theatre has its own tax settings.||Use the arrows to the left and right to switch through the theatres.	True
treaties_title_Tooltip_3f0073	These are the current treaties you have with their faction.||Before making any offers or demands, you may want to check this section.||If you already hold treaties with this faction it may affect your choices in negotiations.||For example, if they have granted you military access you do not want to do anything that would cause them to distrust you, or you could lose it.	True
ok_payments_Tooltip_720052	Accept	True
TX_Theatre_DY_Tooltip_100021	Currently selected theatre||Each theatre has its own tax settings.||Use the arrows to the left and right to switch through the theatres.	True
bar_Tooltip_120017	Speed of this unit.||You can improve the speed of this unit by researching copper bottoms in the naval technology.	True
tab_title_Tooltip_14005c	Select this tab to show the unit statistics.||Information such as recruitment and upkeep costs, experience and the number of men in each unit will be held here.||Units that fight on land will have charge bonus, melee attack, defence and morale statistics.||Naval units will include statistics such as speed, hull strength and maneuverability.	True
popularity_arrow_Tooltip_6a0017	This shows whether your popularity is on the rise or dropping!	True
status_icon_closed_Tooltip_600050	Game closed||You cannot join this game as it has already started.	True
fac arrow L_Tooltip_60004b	Move your cursor over this arrow to scroll through the minor faction buttons.	True
fac arrow R_Tooltip_60004b	Move your cursor over this arrow to scroll through the minor faction buttons.	True
tx_Filters_Tooltip_180006	This is the filter panel for the prestige tracker.||Use this to select which details you wish to view on the graph above	True
end_trade_tx_NewState_Text_7f000d	Do you want to end your trade agreement with this country?	True
visit_Tooltip_690071	Select this if you wish to visit without performing a specific action.||Your agent can always perform an action on the next turn.	True
heading_txt_1_Text_28001b	Battle Deployment	True
r_arrow_amount_Tooltip_50075	Select the arrow icons on the right to increase the money by 1000 each time.	True
label_txt_NewState_Text_1a0016	Game Type:	True
power_NewState_Text_300055	Power:	True
"Population"_NewState_Text_7c0057	Population	True
pip_status_protectorate_Tooltip_e0028	Protectorate	True
button_family_roll_Tooltip_6f005c	Show Family Tree	True
button_melee_Tooltip_55	Toggle melee mode	True
arrow_L_Tooltip_5d0013	Shuffle army towards front of reinforcement queue	True
title_NewState_Text_4a001e	User Interface	True
label_txt_NewState_Text_7b0071	Time Period:	True
dy_value_Tooltip_60001c	Range level for this unit.	True
dy_value_Tooltip_6f0015	This is the amount of guns this unit has.||If these guns are destroyed during battle they will become unusable.||They will be repaired for the next battle as long as you have enough troops to man left in the unit to man the artillery.	True
title_NewState_Text_7d002c	Agriculture	True
dy_title_tx_ally_declares_war_Text_560020	Ally Declares War!	True
label_txt_NewState_Text_1c0012	SSAO	True
button_assassinate_Tooltip_170049	Assassinate||Click here once you have chosen your target.||You will then receive the result of the assassination attempt.||Skilled assassins can get away with a stealthy kill and escape with their identity secret.||If this happens, the victim's nation will place the blame at the feet of their most hated enemy, and your nation will be overlooked.||This is a great way to escalate tension between two nations and play them off against each other.||However, if you are discovered it will affect your diplomatic relationship.	True
TX_Battle deployment_Tooltip_2003f	This panel contains details on the battle about to take place.||It shows the size of both armies or navies, information on the location of the battle and any reinforcements either side may have.||Move your cursor over the areas below for more information.	True
dy_value_Tooltip_69001e	Accuracy level for this unit.||This is how likely it is fired shots will hit the enemy.||Gaining experience in battle will improve this value.	True
government_screens_Tooltip_2b006b	This is your Government details scroll.||All the various aspects of government management are available here.||The scroll itself is divided into four different tabs: National Summary, Taxes, Ministers and Trade.||Each of these tabs focuses on a specific area of government. You can change settings in some of these, whereas others are purely to provide you with information.||Move your cursor over the different sections below for more information.	True
dy_sum_credit_Tooltip_780014	This is the sum that will be added to your treasury next turn.||This is calculated from your incomings and outgoings as detailed above.	True
kills_tx_NewState_Text_50054	Kills	True
button_tx_trade_Tooltip_2e0041	A trade agreement will open up a trade route between the two nations.||The goods you export along trade routes will contribute towards your trade income.	True
pip_gov_type_constitutional_monarchy_Tooltip_520063	Constitutional Monarchy	True
button_zoom_Tooltip_670062	Locate item	True
tx_automanage_NewState_Text_7f006b	Automanage:	True
button_close_Tooltip_7c0011	Click this button to close this panel.	True
demand_regions_tx_Tooltip_7c001a	Their regions for the selected theatre are listed below and in red on the region map above.||Select regions to demand by checking the box to the right of the region's name||Selected regions will be highlighted on the map to give you an idea of their strategic value.||Switch theatre views on the region map to list the regions for that theatre.||When you return to the offers and demands panel the selected regions will be listed in your demands.	True
title_frame_AccessDenied_Text_5e0077	Agent Options	True
reloading_Tooltip_210058	This is the speed this unit can reload and the chance it has of misfires.||The higher this skill, the faster the reloading speed and less likely the chance of misfires.||Gaining experience and researching sheet lead cartridges in naval technology will improve this skill.	True
title_frame_Tooltip_8000f	This panel provides you with information about the selected unit.||Here you can see a unit's statistics, abilities and historical background.	True
firepower_Tooltip_550022	This determines the amount of damage your guns will inflict on an enemy target.	True
button_threat_of_force_Tooltip_b0006	Threaten||Some nations may need a little extra persuasion to accept your generous offers.||Use this to impress upon them the dangers of turning you down, but be aware this may sour relations with them.||Bigger is better.||The more powerful you are, the more weight your threats will carry.	True
hyphen_NewState_Text_3a	:	True
ok_end_alliance_Tooltip_450050	Click this button when you have made your choice and wish to proceed.	True
icon_historical_Tooltip_640054	These are battles with specific set ups and unique challenges.	True
tx_state-religion_Tooltip_60023	State religion is determined by your nation's leader.||Individual regions have their own religion and their happiness may be affected if it differs from the state's.||Nations with the same religion will find common ground together and are more likely to get on.||This is an important factor when engaging in diplomacy.	True
tx_Naval_NewState_Text_4b002c	Textile industry	True
title_frame_AccessDenied_Text_3a0019	Access Denied	True
tx_nation_Tooltip_200063	This column lists all your trade partners.||You have made trade agreements with these factions and have established trade routes with them.||Gain more trade partners by broking trade agreements in the diplomacy panel.	True
button_group_Tooltip_18007d	Toggle ship grouping||This will group any currently selected ships.||When grouped, the ships will keep their respective positions when moving.	True
arrow L_Tooltip_24006f	Click this to scroll to the next theatre view.||As is the case on the campaign map, the world is divided between three theatre views: Europe, America and India.||This map will show you only the theatres where you own regions.	True
dy_chance_Tooltip_370007	This shows the chance of successfully killing your target as a percentage.||If this is too low it may be prudent to either pick another target or cancel the assassination altogether.||Failure can result in discovery, capture or death. If it is discovered that your faction is behind an assassination attempt it could serious consequences - possibly war!	True
reloading_Tooltip_3b004c	This is the speed this artillery can reload and the chance it has of misfires.||The higher this skill, the faster your reload speed will become and your guns will be less likely to misfire.||This will be raised by gaining experience in battle.||To reduce the chance of misfires you could research the percussion cap in military technology.	True
build_demolish_Tooltip_210006	This is the dismantle button. Select a structure or building you want to get rid of and then click this button.||Dismantling is useful if you want to develop a new building chain in a slot that has already been allocated.||Demolishing the existing structure means you are free to reassign the slot to the structure type you wish and develop as you see fit.||This technique may be needed if you conquer a region whose cultural differences are so much that you cannot develop  the exisitng buildings.||Sometimes devastation is its own reward - you may wish to adopt a scorched earth policy.||Raze buildings to the ground and then abandon the settlement, leaving any would-be-conquerors no resources to develop on!||Beware! Dismantling will get rid of the entire building chain. It will not simply drop back to the previous building on the chain.	True
dy_title_NewState_Text_610035	Duel Challenge Received	True
heading_tx_NewState_Text_390046	Games list	True
tx_appointees_opposition_Tooltip_78	If there is an election the opposition could replace your current cabinet.||This could be beneficial, as they may have stronger managerial skills and add more bonuses to their various areas.||Elections are held regularly, or you can click on the hold instant election button in the top-right.	True