button_txt_NewState_Text_22000a Turn Time True
button_txt_NewState_Text_22006c Start Game True
button_txt_NewState_Text_23007d Game Options True
button_txt_NewState_Text_23007e Show Credits True
button_txt_NewState_Text_260009 Sabotage Army True
button_txt_NewState_Text_260068 Classic Battle True
button_txt_NewState_Text_260074 Player Stats True
button_txt_NewState_Text_270006 Load Army True
button_txt_NewState_Text_28000e Save Army True
button_txt_NewState_Text_2a006a Grand Campaign True
button_txt_NewState_Text_2e0063 View Replays True
button_txt_NewState_Text_2f0024 Resume as Host True
button_txt_NewState_Text_2f0079 Steal Research True
button_txt_NewState_Text_300065 Battle Tutorials True
button_txt_NewState_Text_3003b Quick Sea Battle True
button_txt_NewState_Text_31001f Host Game True
button_txt_NewState_Text_330005 Very High True
button_txt_NewState_Text_33000d Host Campaign True
button_txt_NewState_Text_350068 Sea Battle True
button_txt_NewState_Text_36006c Gameplay Options True
button_txt_NewState_Text_380007 Continue Campaign True
button_txt_NewState_Text_3a000c Historical Battle True
button_txt_NewState_Text_3e005b End battle True
button_txt_NewState_Text_3f0016 Single Player True
button_txt_NewState_Text_40023 Name True
button_txt_NewState_Text_41006b Host Battle True
button_txt_NewState_Text_45003e Map name True
button_txt_NewState_Text_480009 Change Old True
button_txt_NewState_Text_4a001e User Interface True
button_txt_NewState_Text_4a003c WASD Style True
button_txt_NewState_Text_4e007d Local Network True
button_txt_NewState_Text_4f0061 Play Battle True
button_txt_NewState_Text_50022 Land True
button_txt_NewState_Text_50054 Kills True
button_txt_NewState_Text_51 Visit True
button_txt_NewState_Text_52007c Save battle settings True
button_txt_NewState_Text_530004 Warpath Campaign True
button_txt_NewState_Text_540068 Saved Battles True
button_txt_NewState_Text_550062 Cancel Move True
button_txt_NewState_Text_590023 Add AI Player True
button_txt_NewState_Text_590076 Battle Settings True
button_txt_NewState_Text_5a0000 Change New True
button_txt_NewState_Text_5b0073 Join Battle True
button_txt_NewState_Text_5b007e Player Rank True
button_txt_NewState_Text_5e0009 Siege Battle True
button_txt_NewState_Text_5e0049 Road to Independence True
button_txt_NewState_Text_61002a Load Battle Setup True
button_txt_NewState_Text_61003d Map True
button_txt_NewState_Text_61005c Medium True
button_txt_NewState_Text_650032 Sea True
button_txt_NewState_Text_650053 Connection True
button_txt_NewState_Text_670027 Players True
button_txt_NewState_Text_67002f Latency True
button_txt_NewState_Text_690021 Quick Land Battle True
button_txt_NewState_Text_6c002d All True
button_txt_NewState_Text_6c005f Custom True
button_txt_NewState_Text_6e0040 Counterspy True
button_txt_NewState_Text_6e0048 Cancel True
button_txt_NewState_Text_6f003b Low True
button_txt_NewState_Text_70033 Controls True
button_txt_NewState_Text_70058 Native American Nations True
button_txt_NewState_Text_72005c Save Battle Settings True
button_txt_NewState_Text_75002f Multiplayer True
button_txt_NewState_Text_770026 Total War Style True
button_txt_NewState_Text_770027 Options True
button_txt_NewState_Text_770045 Infiltrate True
button_txt_NewState_Text_7b002c Assassinate True
button_txt_NewState_Text_7f0041 Experience True
button_txt_NewState_Text_7f0051 Search True
button_txt_NewState_Text_80035 Team True
button_txt_NewState_Text_a0022 Sabotage True
button_txt_NewState_Text_a003c Rank True
button_txt_NewState_Text_a0040 Request Military Access True
button_txt_NewState_Text_b002d Load True
button_txt_NewState_Text_c0029 Settings True
button_txt_NewState_Text_d0024 Total War Online True
button_txt_NewState_Text_e0053 Siege True
button_txt_not ready_Text_4e0050 Not ready True
button_txt_ready_Text_1004a Ready True
button_txt_save_Text_6e0022 Save Battle Setup True
button_txt_Tooltip_43001e Select this option if you want to request military access.||If granted, this will allow you access to the other faction's region without declaring war.||Military access is a risky thing to allow as it can leave a faction open to surprise attack. As such, it is not guaranteed you will be successful.||If your request is turned down you can always try to using the diplomacy panel to negotiate. You may fare better if you can offer something in return. True
button_txt_Tooltip_610031 Click this button if you wish to cancel your move.||If you choose this you will not continue your path into the other faction's territory.||This option can be used if you have made a mistake or if you want to wait before choosing one of the other options. True
button_txt_Tooltip_620026 Click this button to declare war on the faction blocking your path.||Choose this option if you want to go to war with this faction.||Do not plunge your faction into war simply because you have the option!||Consider the implications first - there are plenty of battles to be fought, battles you can plan for.||If you only meant to move through this region, you should request military access.||Of course, you could request military access and then spring a surprise attack! This will affect your faction's prestige though. True
button_txt_Tooltip_7e0061 Once saved, you can reload this by selecting the saved battles option from the previous screen. True
button_txt_Tooltip_8004c Select this button to take you to the gameplay options panel.||You can change these settings at any time during the campaign. True
button_txt_tx_Text_43001e Swap Sides True
button_txt_tx_Text_670023 Rematch True
button_txt_tx_Text_c002c Exit True
button_txt_unready_Text_4e0070 Not Ready True
button_unit_downgrade_Tooltip_2c0012 Remove unit experience True
button_unit_downgrade_Tooltip_2c0032 remove unit experience True
button_unit_downgrade_Tooltip_d007f Select to downgrade unit True
button_unit_remove_Tooltip_54004a Select to delete card True
button_unit_remove_Tooltip_d0054 Clear True
button_unit_upgrade_Tooltip_3f0066 Add unit experience True
button_unit_upgrade_Tooltip_7c0019 Select to upgrade unit True
button_view_research_Tooltip_1d0009 View research True
button_withdraw_Tooltip_120023 Withdraw||If defeat looks inevitable it may be better to withdraw your ships and regroup than to lost them in a battle you can't win.||You can cancel this at any time by giving new orders to the selected ships. True
button_withdraw_Tooltip_120032 Withdraw||If defeat looks inevitable it may be better to withdraw your ships and regroup than to lose them in a battle you can't win.||You can cancel this at any time by giving new orders to the selected ships. True
button_withdraw_Tooltip_40003d Toggle withdraw||Use this to withdraw selected units temporarily from an encounter, or retreat from a battle to fight another day.||When using this your troops are simply withdrawing rather than routing, so toggling the button on will stop the withdraw order.||You can also stop the withdraw order by giving them new orders. True