pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Chosokabe_01	Our Chosokabe foes are famed not for their cunning, only courage. This is good! When we defeat brave men, how much more honourable is victory?	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Chosokabe_02	I see the Chosokabe are ready for death, like beasts awaiting slaughter. But farm animals have the wit to run from the butcher's knife!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Chosokabe_03	So, the Chosokabe have wits enough to form a battle line, of sorts. Let us end their miserable stupidity by granting them death! Make ready!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Chosokabe_04	Behold, your Chosokabe foes are ready. We would be rude to keep them waiting much longer, even though I wish death on them all! Prepare!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Chosokabe_05	Do not expect much that is subtle or clever in this battle. That is not the way of the Chosokabe. This is to our advantage!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Chosokabe_06	Our foes are ready, but perhaps Chosokabe stupidity will make them cut off their own heads by accident! If not, let us take them!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Chosokabe_07	Over there are the Chosokabe, proof that honour and quick wits are not necessarily found together. But do not underestimate them! Kill them!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Chosokabe_08	Now, brave warriors, stand ready! There is no point trying to frighten our Chosokabe enemies. They are too stupid to flee. They can die, though!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Chosokabe_09	Our brave foes, the Chosokabe, await our attention. Warriors! Do not let them bite you, for their stupidity might be infectious! Now, to arms!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Chosokabe_10	Cheer, men, and startle the slack-witted fools yonder! Let us go to meet them happily, because we are a thousand times better than the Chosokabe!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Date_01	I am sure that the Date expect us to be quaking and fearful! Why? Because they are the Date? Bah! 	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Date_02	The Date have raised their banner! It has a dark shadow, but stands for nothing except treachery and cruelty! Now we shall drag it down!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Date_03	The Date hate everyone not of their clan! If they win, your wives and children will never know a moment's safety! Now, stand to!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Date_04	Hold onto your courage, warriors, for the Date are leeches, feeding on the fear of men. If you do not fear them, they weaken!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Date_05	Warriors, take up your arms, and prepare. My apologies: your Date foes are not worthy of your blades, but our imminent glorious victory is necessary!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Date_06	As I speak to you, so the Date commander does the same to his men. But he can offer only lies! I offer you glory and victory!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Date_07	Now, set your minds to the task at hand. When we are done here, only the carrion birds and their full bellies will remember these Date vermin!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Date_08	For all their fierce reputation, I see little to fear in these Date soldiers. But then, I command some exceptional warriors! 	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Date_09	Over there are the mighty, the fearsome, the dreaded Date! Soon, when we are done, they will be the gutted, decapitated, and dead Date!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Date_10	Fighting the Date is a nasty business, men, for they have little honour. But do not worry about it. Sometimes warrior must be executioners! Prepare yourselves!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hattori_01	Over there are the Hattori clan. I use the word "clan" but "mob", "rabble" and "murderous gang of cutthroats" are equally accurate. They need to die!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hattori_02	Now, men, prepare! Our Hattori enemies are notorious for preferring the knife in the dark to an honest sword in battle, so expect trouble!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hattori_03	Men, I will not lie: today we face a gang of murderous bandits and ninja-loving, dishonest mountain monkeys. They are the Hattori, and they are shameless!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hattori_04	Now comes the hour of battle, but I fear our enemies cannot match our manly virtues. They are the Hattori! Trust nothing you see!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hattori_05	If honour lives in a single heart in the Hattori ranks, I will faint dead away from the surprise! They are cunning liars to a man!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hattori_06	Ha! So we face the Hattori! This is good, for when we are done there will be fewer living Hattori in the world!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hattori_07	Warriors! Stand to! Hold to your courage, and beware of everything! These Hattori are as cunning as foxes schooled in cunning by the Chinese!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hattori_08	So now we must make ready, and then slaughter those Hattori fiends yonder. The world will thank us for our efforts, I assure you!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hattori_09	Whatever happens in this battle, keep your wits about you! These Hattori are notorious tricksters, and have an unnatural fondness for ninjas! Expect falsehood!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hattori_10	I see a Hattori banner over there. That is a great pity, as it spoils an otherwise fine view. Now, shall we go and cut it down?	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hojo_01	These Hojo fools are experts at hiding behind walls, and digging like peasants. Let us show them how honest warriors fight and win.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hojo_02	These Hojo surprise me! They behave almost like soldiers. I did not think they had it in them. We must cut out this false boldness!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hojo_03	The Hojo are not warriors, but common labourers! They are suited to chopping building timbers but not swordplay. Let us teach them a bloody lesson!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hojo_04	I see the Hojo have come for a fight! Good! I mean to give them one! But how many will live to appreciate my generosity?	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hojo_05	I will not lie: in the coming hours some of us may fall. But death is not dishonour when battling the Hojo, as long as we win! 	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hojo_06	My apologies, warriors, that I could not find you a better enemy than the Hojo for today. Do not look too disappointed when killing them!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hojo_07	The Hojo are worthy fighters, men of honour, and loyal to their daimyo. And so we are about to kill as many of them as possible!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hojo_08	Men, guard your comrades in the fight! Guard yourselves and strike down your Hojo enemy without mercy! Do these things and you will have victory!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hojo_09	Now comes the hour when we test ourselves against Hojo courage and honour! I know we will prove the better men! So, take heart!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Hojo_10	So, we face the Hojo in open battle. After today Hojo widows will weep and frighten their children with your names! Fortune favour your efforts!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Ikko-Ikki_01	PLACEHOLDER. Ikko-Ikki remark. Do not translate. Remove before shipping.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Ikko-Ikki_02	PLACEHOLDER. Ikko-Ikki remark. Do not translate. Remove before shipping.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Ikko-Ikki_03	PLACEHOLDER. Ikko-Ikki remark. Do not translate. Remove before shipping.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Ikko-Ikki_04	PLACEHOLDER. Ikko-Ikki remark. Do not translate. Remove before shipping.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Ikko-Ikki_05	PLACEHOLDER. Ikko-Ikki remark. Do not translate. Remove before shipping.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Ikko-Ikki_06	PLACEHOLDER. Ikko-Ikki remark. Do not translate. Remove before shipping.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Ikko-Ikki_07	PLACEHOLDER. Ikko-Ikki remark. Do not translate. Remove before shipping.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Ikko-Ikki_08	PLACEHOLDER. Ikko-Ikki remark. Do not translate. Remove before shipping.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Ikko-Ikki_09	PLACEHOLDER. Ikko-Ikki remark. Do not translate. Remove before shipping.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Ikko-Ikki_10	PLACEHOLDER. Ikko-Ikki remark. Do not translate. Remove before shipping.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Mori_01	To see the Mori in the open is most unusual! Are they up to some scarecrow trickery? No matter, we will march over their corpses.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Mori_02	I did not think the Mori had the courage for honest battle. The hidden knife, the sneak attack and lies are more to their taste!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Mori_03	We must take care! The Mori are tricksters, liars and wicked beyond the understanding of honest men! And now you are warned, arm yourselves!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Mori_04	The Mori are almost spirits of lies and falsehood! How will they fair against honest warriors such as you? I think they will die!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Mori_05	The Mori, my warriors, take in lies with their mothers' milk. We do the world a favour by killing even a few of them! Prepare!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Mori_06	Warriors, you face the Mori. They are a clan given to lies, but we will show them what proud, honest warriors can do!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Mori_07	Here are the Mori, and they are not be feared, only pitied for their lack of honour. They are pirates and contemptible liars. Kill them!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Mori_08	Looking at the Mori, I feel confident of victory! They prefer a knife in the dark to honest battle. So: we shall cut them down!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Mori_09	The Mori we face are not honest warriors. They are tricksters, pirates, and liars. We are not here for a battle, but to deliver righteous punishment!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Mori_10	Among the Mori yonder are rogues unflogged, pirates, deviants, traitors and worse. Today, we must act as executioners, not soldiers! My apologies for this!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Oda_01	Our foes have arranged themselves precisely, I see! Let us not keep them waiting! See to it these Oda fools die in the same neat pattern!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Oda_02	The Oda have a fierce reputation, but it is built on lies. Warriors such as we should disdain them, then kill them all! Make ready!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Oda_03	The Oda think themselves better than everyone. I say that they are better in one thing only: they die well. Shall we help them die?	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Oda_04	Warriors! Stand to! The Oda have come against us, and they are dangerous foes! We shall have a hard fight, but we shall triumph!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Oda_05	So, the Oda have not had the wits to flee! That is a pity: many will die here for their callous lord and his worthless cause!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Oda_06	That miserable horde are some of the Oda clan. I too would look sour if I served so base a lord! They will be happier dead!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Oda_07	So you will face the Oda clan in battle! So what? They are peasants and follow a lord filled with false pride! You, however, are warriors!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Oda_08	The scum over there are the Oda clan. Their stench will be gone from Japan if we fight  like the warriors I know us to be!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Oda_09	Yonder, the Oda commander is telling his men not to be scared! He is wrong in this, for we are his foes! He understands nothing of battle!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Oda_10	Now, warriors, is the hour to measure your skills against the Oda. Do not fear! Do your duty when ordered, and all will be well. 	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Shimazu_01	The Shimazu warriors are very loyal fellows! Even when they are going to die and be forgotten, they still come to battle! Let's to it!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Shimazu_02	So, the venerable Shimazu have sent their warriors against us! Bah! Fools blinded by loyalty to a worthless lord! Make ready, then slay them!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Shimazu_03	Stand ready, warriors! The Shimazu warriors await us, and it would be most impolite to keep them out of the grave any longer!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Shimazu_04	So, we must battle the mighty Shimazu clan. I do not fear these men, and neither should you. They will die easily at our hands!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Shimazu_05	Warriors! Ignore the Shimazu pomp and ceremony! They are tricks to make lesser men feel weak. We are the stronger here, and we will triumph!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Shimazu_06	Over there, the Shimazu commander is telling jokes about you! You, brave warriors! He dares to make mock of you! Perhaps we should correct him!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Shimazu_07	Shimazu loyalty holds good, I see. They have loyalty enough to stand ready for their slaughter: mindless beasts pretending to be men!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Shimazu_08	I do not care for those Shimazu banners! I will richly reward any man who hacks one down and, better yet, the impudent wretch holdling it!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Shimazu_09	The Shimazu value loyalty, as I do. And I value something else: skill in battle. This quality you have in abundance, and they do not!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Shimazu_10	When this fight is done, the only use for those Shimazu banners will be as shrouds for their dead! See to it that every flag is filled!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Takeda_01	It is difficult to tell with the Takeda clan who among them has any brains. I, however, will always maintain it is their horses!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Takeda_02	These Takeda make a brave show for stable boys, grooms and mountain monkeys! Their warrior posturing will not save them from our wrath!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Takeda_03	Sometimes the Takeda annoy me! They hide in their mountains and cause trouble when it suits them. But today it pleases me to give them trouble!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Takeda_04	It is difficult to know if the Takeda or their horses are the more dangerous. Both are bad tempered and both, I understand, bite and kick!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Takeda_05	Look, men, to your foes! The Takeda have some small notoriety: I cannot call it fame. They are known for their, ah, love of horses.	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Takeda_06	Aghh, these Takeda fools reek of the stables. I had hoped to give you cleaner foes, so my apologies! However, they must still be slain!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Takeda_07	My nose tells me that the Takeda have, at least, washed recently. I would not want our blades to stick in their filthy flesh!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Takeda_08	Do not fear our Takeda foes! They make a brave show, but their hearts are empty and weak. We have the advantage! Make ready!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Takeda_09	The Takeda yonder are honourable men, but do not confuse honour with prowess. They will die here at our hands, nothing more! Prepare yourselves!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Takeda_10	Stand ready! When these Takeda monkeys come, they will be cruel! We must be ready, and worthy of the lord we serve?	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Tokugawa_01	If the Tokugawa are ready for us, shall we show them how honest warriors fight? Shall we show them the meaning of courage? To arms!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Tokugawa_02	Beware of Tokugawa tricks! They are not plain, honest warriors. For this, and for much else, when we kill them we do Japan a service!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Tokugawa_03	Men, we face the Tokugawa clan. They will stop at nothing to gain power. I swear, however, that our swords will give them pause today!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Tokugawa_04	These Tokugawa warriors are cunning, but we have courage and battle-skill to counter their wiles. Good honest steel will always defeat trickery!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Tokugawa_05	The Tokugawa are not a clan renowned for honour, I think, but they have a certain low cunning. We must show them what honest steel can do!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Tokugawa_06	Do not measure your worth against the Tokugawa, men! How much more than a pig is a man? How vulnerable is the pig to the butcher's knife?	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Tokugawa_07	I have no use for the Tokugawa. They cannot be taught manners, write poetry or even till the fields like honest folk. It is their lot to die!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Tokugawa_08	Men, prepare yourselves for the disgusting task of fighting the Tokugawa. I do not like asking you to demean yourselves, but your duty is clear: fight!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Tokugawa_09	Those Tokugawa flags are gaudy rags and they spoil my sky. I trust we shall tear them to pieces before long!	True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Quip_vs_Clan_Tokugawa_10	Now is the calm before the storm! Now is the moment the Tokugawa look at us, and fear fills their hearts! Give them reason to fear!	True