unit_class_onscreen_artillery_fixed Siege Units True
unit_class_onscreen_artillery_foot Artillery Units True
unit_class_onscreen_cavalry_lancers Spear Cavalry True
unit_class_onscreen_cavalry_missile Missile Cavalry True
unit_class_onscreen_cavalry_sword Sword Cavalry True
unit_class_onscreen_general General True
unit_class_onscreen_infantry_bow Bow Infantry True
unit_class_onscreen_infantry_elite Elite Infantry True
unit_class_onscreen_infantry_heavy Heavy Infantry True
unit_class_onscreen_infantry_light Light Infantry True
unit_class_onscreen_infantry_line Line Infantry True
unit_class_onscreen_infantry_matchlock Matchlock Infantry True
unit_class_onscreen_infantry_militia Militia Infantry True
unit_class_onscreen_infantry_spearman Spear Infantry True
unit_class_onscreen_infantry_special Special Infantry True
unit_class_onscreen_infantry_sword Sword Infantry True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_admiral Admiral True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_cannon_ship Cannon Ship True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_corvette Corvette True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_frigate Frigate True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_galleon Galleon True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_gunboat Gunboat True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_heavy_ship Heavy Ship True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_ironclad Ironclad True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_light_ship Light Ship True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_medium_ship Medium Ship True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_torpedoboat Torpedo Boat True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_trade_ship Trade Ship True
unit_class_onscreen_naval_xebec Xebec True
unit_class_onscreen_siege Siege Units True
unit_class_tooltip_artillery_fixed Armed with weapons designed for dealing with castles and buildings, siege units are vulnerable in melee and to cavalry. True
unit_class_tooltip_artillery_foot Artillery is devastating long range weaponry, but vulnerable in melee and to cavalry. True
unit_class_tooltip_cavalry_lancers Spear cavalry have a deadly charge but are weak in prolonged melee. They are good versus cavalry, but vulnerable to spear infantry. True
unit_class_tooltip_cavalry_missile Missile cavalry can harass enemies from a distance but are poor in melee. Able to fire then reposition, they are difficult to pin down, but should avoid concentrations of enemy missile units. True
unit_class_tooltip_cavalry_sword Sword cavalry are very effective in melee and strong against non-spear infantry. They are vulnerable to spear cavalry and missile units. True
unit_class_tooltip_general The general gives a big morale boost to nearby friendly troops, but his army will suffer morale penalty if he is killed. Generals are best kept near frontlines to boost nearby troops, but should be protected by other units. True
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_bow Bow infantry are fast-firing and long range infantry who can fill the sky with arrows, although they are not as damaging. They are very vulnerable to cavalry and weak in melee. True
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_elite Elite infantry are crack troops and provide a morale boost to nearby friendly units. Veterans of many hard battles, they can be relied upon to hold their position come what may. True
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_heavy Heavy infantry are versatile units that are good against cavalry and in melee. However, sword infantry and spear infantry are stronger in both situations. True
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_light Light infantry are sharpshooters and very good at screening the main battle line, although weak in melee. Their role involves advancing before the main body of the army to flush out enemy ambushes and thin their ranks, then withdrawing behind the main line when threatened. True
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_line Line infantry are excellent all-round units who form the main battle line. Thinner lines maximise firepower but are vulnerable to charges. The primary function of line infantry is to present as great a concentration of musket fire as possible. The rest of the army can then operate around this stable platform. True
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_matchlock Armed with slow-firing but high-damage matchlocks, matchlock infantry are vulnerable to cavalry and melee infantry. True
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_militia Militia infantry are cheap units but are of variable quality. Ideal for garrison duties, they can also bolster an army's numbers if needs be and, if well led, may surprise a complacent enemy. True
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_spearman Spear infantry are excellent anti-cavalry infantry. Vulnerable to sword-armed infantry, they are also weak against missile troops. True
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_special Special infantry who perform specific tasks on the battlefield. They are vulnerable to units who perform broader roles. True
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_sword Sword infantry excel when in close-quarters melee. They are vulnerable to cavalry and missile troops. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_admiral The admiral's flagship houses the leader of the fleet. "Castles of the sea", their large crew sizes make them ideal for performing boarding actions. They are slow and vulnerable to cannons and the outbreak of fires. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_cannon_ship Cannon ships are of average speed but are also armed with deadly cannons. They are vulnerable to smaller, faster ships. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_corvette Lightly-armed warships with a single gun deck. Relatively fast but with a weak hull when compared to frigates and ironclads. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_frigate Strongest non-ironclad ships, principal armament mounted on a single deck. Slow, heavy vessels. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_galleon Galleons are powerful European ships armed with many large cannons. They are vulnerable to being surrounded by many smaller Japanese ships. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_gunboat Small, lightly-armed vessels with only a few guns, used for coastal patrols. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_heavy_ship Heavy ships are "castles of the sea". Their large crew sizes make them ideal for conducting boarding actions, but they are slow and vulnerable to fire and cannons. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_ironclad Heavy warships with armour plates to protect against explosive shells. Strong, slow vessels only vulnerable to piercing shells. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_light_ship Light ships are fast-moving with missile-armed crews. Their small crew sizes make them vulnerable to boarding actions. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_medium_ship Medium ships are good, all-round vessels with decent crew sizes, speed and manouverability. Their crew size still makes them vulnerable to boarding actions. They are slower than light ships. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_torpedoboat Upgraded version of gunboat. Can use torpedoes against heavy, slow ships. Excellent at coastal defence. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_trade_ship Trade ships are weak in combat but provide bountiful profit for a clan. True
unit_class_tooltip_naval_xebec Xebecs are boarding specialists that sacrifice firepower for increased boarding abilities. Fast and agile, the xebec can catch up with most opponents quite quickly. However, a weak hull and light armaments means that the trading of broadsides is not recommended. True
unit_class_tooltip_siege Armed with weapons designed for dealing with castles and buildings, siege units are vulnerable in melee and to cavalry. True