town_wealth_growth_factors_negative_tooltip_bankruptcy Bankruptcy: %S ||To replenish your wealth you could disband units or try conquering new regions.||Alternatively you could make valuable trade agreements with economically powerful nations. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_negative_tooltip_discontent Discontent: %S ||Protests and dissatisfaction are harming economic growth. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_negative_tooltip_events (placeholder) True
town_wealth_growth_factors_negative_tooltip_global_food Global Food Supply: %S ||Upgrade your farms to supply your castle towns with food True
town_wealth_growth_factors_negative_tooltip_government Government: %S ||Your government type can harm economic growth. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_negative_tooltip_ministers Government: %S ||Your corrupt ministers harm economic growth. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_negative_tooltip_modernisation (PLACEHOLDER Underdevelopment: %S ||You are modernising too slow. The populace is craving for it. Try to build modern buildings. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_negative_tooltip_tax Tax: %S ||Tax rates are slowing economic growth.||Reduce this by lowering tax rates. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_negative_tooltip_technologies (placeholder) True
town_wealth_growth_factors_negative_tooltip_traditionalism (PLACEHOLDER) Overdevelopment: %S ||You are modernising too fast. The populace is not ready for it. Try to accumulate more modernisation. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_positive_tooltip_bankruptcy s True
town_wealth_growth_factors_positive_tooltip_education Education: %S ||Increase this by developing your educational buildings such as universities and schools. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_positive_tooltip_events Enlightenment: %S ||Researching certain technologies increases economic growth. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_positive_tooltip_global_food Global Food Supply: %S ||Ensure you have enough farms to supply your upgraded castles True
town_wealth_growth_factors_positive_tooltip_government Government: %S||Your government type encourages economic growth. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_positive_tooltip_industry Industry: %S ||Increase this by developing your industrial buildings such as workshops and factories. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_positive_tooltip_ministers Ministers: %S||Your ministers encourage economic growth. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_positive_tooltip_modernisation (PLACEHOLDER) Stable Development: %S ||Maintain the balance of traditions and modernisation. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_positive_tooltip_port Ports: %S ||Increase this by developing your trading ports and fisheries. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_positive_tooltip_roads Roads: %S ||Increase this by developing your roads, which will improve trading.||Upgrade roads on the infrastructure tab at your region capital. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_positive_tooltip_technologies Enlightenment: %S ||Researching certain technologies increases economic growth. True
town_wealth_growth_factors_positive_tooltip_traditionalism (PLACEHOLDER) Stable Development: %S ||Maintain the balance of traditions and modernisation. True