pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_01 And now, heroes: kill them all! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_02 Let the heroes step forward, and show them death! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_03 Draw your swords, heroes, and give them death! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_04 And now, heroes of our clan, fight with honour! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_05 Heroes! Show them what honour truly means! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_06 And now, worthy heroes, your moment has come! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_07 Now, prove yourselves worthy of our clan! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_08 Now is the time! Do not dishonour the clan! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_09 Take up your weapons, and do your worst! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_10 Now, heroes, show our foes the meaning of duty! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_11 Take your places in line! Fight well, my heroes! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_12 Heroes of our clan! As always, fight bravely! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_13 Now, heroes, send your foes to Hell! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_14 Spirits! Grant our heroes a victory here! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_15 Mighty heroes: my prayers go with you! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_16 You have my prayers, brave heroes! Now fight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_17 Fight with honour, heroes of our clan! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_18 Strike them down, heroes! We will have victory here! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_19 Now, heroes of our people, advance with resolute hearts! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_20 Fight! For your families and your honour! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_21 And now, heroes, let duty guide your hearts! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_22 Now, let glory and honour find champions among us! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_23 Now, heroes, show you are worthy of that name! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_24 Strength to you, heroes, as you face your challenges! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_25 I pray for your victories, heroes! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_26 This the moment for heroes to step forth and claim honour! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_27 My prayers go with you as you seek honour today! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_28 Seek out a worthy foe, and prove your courage! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_29 Seek out a man worth fighting, and cut him down! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_30 Spirits of the air! Cool the brows of these, my worthy heroes! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_31 Mighty heroes! Destiny awaits you! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_32 Mighty heroes! Let your deeds today live for ten thousand years! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_33 Great heroes, I pray you find truly worth opponents! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_34 Heroes of our clan! May you find glory and victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_35 Live long in honour, worthy heroes! I wish you success! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_36 I pray you find brave and noble foes, so that your honour is proved! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_37 Heroes, this is your moment of glory, when all men can see your worth! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_38 Fight well, noble heroes, for all our clan watches you! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_39 Noble heroes, show your ancestors that you are worthy of them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_heroic_land_40 Your ancestors are watching, heroes! Make sure they are not ashamed! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_01 And remember: your ancestors are watching! Do not shame them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_02 Now, let the crows feast! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_03 The crows will feast on their flesh when we are done here! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_04 The kami will expect bravery! Do not disappoint them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_05 And now: fight for the clan and your own honour! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_06 And now let the spirits decide our fate, but fight hard! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_07 The crows circle! Let us give them meat! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_08 Let their dying screams terrify the wind and clouds! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_09 Let the carrion beasts feed on our dead foes! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_10 The crows are hungry! Let us make sure they are well fed! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_11 Brave warriors, do not disappoint your ancestors today! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_12 Now send them to unmarked, dishonoured graves! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_13 Send them to Hell, my brave warriors! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_14 And now let us fill a lake with orphans' tears! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_15 Make ready! And act with honour today! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_16 And think of this: honour does not seek out timid men! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_17 And now draw your swords, and pray for victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_18 Let every blow you give be honourable! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_19 I pray that you fight with honour in your hearts! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_20 And now, put aside all tender thoughts! Show no mercy! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_21 Honour is worthy, but so too is victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_22 Noble kami! Forgive us as we spill enemy blood on your lands! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_23 Now, leave no man alive, my warriors! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_24 If you should fall, make sure your wounds are to your front! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_25 No quarter! No mercy! No weakness! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_26 And now, courage! Our ancestors expect nothing else! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_27 Courage, warriors, courage! Our clan's honour demands it! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_28 Now, draw your sword! Take up your spear! Fight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_29 Do not fear your enemies. Their spirit is weak! To battle! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_30 The spirits hate our enemies! What have we to fear, then? True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_31 And now, our foes must be trampled in the dirt! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_32 Now, send them to Hell! No mercy! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_33 Do not dance about like geisha! Fight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_34 Look to duty, honour and family. Now, fight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_35 And may demons drag their screeching souls to Hell! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_36 Demons of Hell! I call on thee to smite our foes! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_37 And now, look to your armour and your blades! Onwards! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_38 Now send our enemies screaming down to Hell! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_39 Do not fear them! Let them fear you! Now: cheer! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_land_40 May our glory live for ten thousand years! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_01 Now send them to the deeps! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_02 Let the crabs feast on their flesh! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_03 And I hope our foes do not poison the fish! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_04 We will walk to shore on their floating corpses! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_05 May the spirits drown them, and save us the trouble! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_06 And I wish you all well of the day! Fight with courage! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_07 And when we are done, the waves will wash away their stench! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_08 Only the fish will remember them when we are done! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_09 May they feed the fishes for a thousand years! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_10 May the waves overwhelm and swallow them all! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_11 May their sea-graves be forgotten by all! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_12 I ask the wave-spirits bring them to despair and death! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_13 Spirits of these waters: dash their ships to pieces! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_14 Now, let us see them all drowned and dead! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_15 To your posts, warriors! Send them to Hell! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_16 Now, wave-spirits! Curse them, and bring them death! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_17 And remember that even the wave-spirits hate them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_18 Now, let wind, wave and the deeps take their foul dead! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_19 Nothing can now save the enemy from a watery death! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_20 Now, let their flesh poison the crawling beasts of the seas! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_21 And now, let the last thing they see be our victorious faces! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_22 Their widows will wail, louder than any storm, when we are done! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_23 For a thousand years, the crab spirits will give thanks for today's feast! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_24 Warriors! Imitate the actions of the waves, and dash them to pieces! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_25 And now, wave-spirits, claw at their hearts! Onwards, my warriors! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_26 Gull-spirits, take the wind from their sails! Grant us easy victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_27 Sailors! Do your duty! Warriors: do yours, and give us victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_28 Let us cast them into the depths, with our curses weighing them down! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_29 And now, let the gulls choke on their guts! To victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_30 Do your duty as honest warriors! The waves will look after their dead! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_31 Do not fear the spirits of the deep! They will overwhelm our foes! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_32 And now: kill them! Let the sea take their flesh! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_33 And now, pray for victory! The sea gods favour the brave! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_34 The sharks await their feast! Let them dine on our foes! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_35 Victory at sea is just as worthy as on land! Take heart! Fight well! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_36 And now, we sail to victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_37 Remember: your courage today will make a fine sea-tale! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_38 Raise the battle flags! Harden your hearts! Now: fight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_39 I am honoured to lead such brave seafarers! Let us have victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Hoorah_stock_sea_40 And any man who drowns without permission answers to me! Ha! True