pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Mori_01 And at the last, remember you are Mori! Our cunning will serve us well! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Mori_02 Now, warriors of the Mori, stand fast! Remember your duty, and we will triumph! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Mori_03 And now, proud Mori, shout out, and turn the enemies' guts to water! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Mori_04 And remember, my Mori warriors, that we are cunning as well as brave. We will win, because of that! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Mori_05 And now, worthy soldiers of the Mori, make ready! We must show the enemy the true meaning of courage! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Mori_06 And now, let us show courage, and Mori courage at that! We are better than our foes in every respect! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Mori_07 Now, let us show these fools that the Mori do not fight with swords alone, but with cunning! Let us crush them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Mori_08 Now, men, cheer, and raise up our Mori banners! Stand proudly in their shadow, and then fight like demons! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Mori_09 And remember: they do not have one tenth of our Mori cunning, nor one tenth of our Mori courage! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Mori_10 And so shortly we will fight! We will fight for our great Mori clan and, even if we die, we will serve our daimyo well! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Oda_01 And finally, be strong and fierce! We Oda put fear in men's hearts! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Oda_02 And finally, brave warriors of the Oda clan, do your best! That is enough for victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Oda_03 And now, my fierce Oda soldiers, shout your hatred at the enemy, and let them know that destruction is at hand! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Oda_04 And at the last, remember you are Oda warriors! That alone scares your foes more than any demon! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Oda_05 And remember, my brothers, that we are the stuff of nightmares to our foes! We are the Oda, and we have come for them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Oda_06 And now look into your hearts and see Oda courage there. That will sustain you! Victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Oda_07 And now, cheer, and show those idiots that they face the Oda in all their might and glory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Oda_08 Now, brave Oda, shout your defiance at the enemy! Show them who comes to do slaughter today! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Oda_09 And now, brave Oda, cheer! Let your shouted hatred be the last thing your enemies hear in this life! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Oda_10 And now we go to it! We Oda have never feared battle! Why should we? We are the Oda! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Shimazu_01 And at the last, be proud you Shimazu warriors! You defend the honour of a great clan! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Shimazu_02 And now, sons of the Shimazu, look to your duty and your weapons! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Shimazu_03 And now, proud sons of the Shimazu, shout out, and let the enemy realise that they face great men today! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Shimazu_04 And now look into your hearts and see Shimazu loyalty there. That strength will bring us victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Shimazu_05 And now let every man act like a hero! You all have it in you, you brave Shimazu warriors! Let us fight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Shimazu_06 And now, cheer and show those fools what great hearts beat in every Shimazu breast! Now we fight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Shimazu_07 And now we go to battle! Remember that you are Shimazu! There is no prouder boast for a man to make! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Shimazu_08 And remember: mothers will frighten naughty children a hundred years from now with the name "Shimazu" because of what we do here! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Shimazu_09 And so now is the hour when we prove Shimazu virtue once more! It is no great test against such a foe! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Shimazu_10 And now battle comes upon us! We Shimazu are no strangers to the blade! We are born with weapons to hand! Let us use them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Takeda_01 And finally, remember that we are the Takeda! We fight, we die, but we are always Takeda! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Takeda_02 And now, sons of the Takeda, stand and fight. Be as immovable in spirit as a mountain! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Takeda_03 Now, my Takeda brothers, give a cheer. Let the enemy hear that you do not count them much of a threat! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Takeda_04 Now, my Takeda warriors, give them a lusty, mountain cheer! Show them that we are ready and waiting to kill them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Takeda_05 Now, my fine Takeda soldiers, we must kill and kill again. Their deaths are necessary, if regretable. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Takeda_06 And now hold aloft the banners of our Takeda clan! Let the foe see who comes, and let them hear your courage! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Takeda_07 And now cheer, let the foe know doubt and fear! Deafen the fools with Takeda courage! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Takeda_08 And now we fight! Think only of your Takeda honour, kill your foe, and all will be well! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Takeda_09 And so to battle, my Takeda brothers! Now we prove our worth! I know that none of us will be found wanting! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Takeda_10 And remember: what we do here will echo for a thousand years in the legends of the Takeda clan! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Tokugawa_01 And at the last, remember honour, you brave sons of the Tokugawa! That is more than enough for any man! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Tokugawa_02 And now, Tokugawa warriors, remember your own strength! It is the strength of our clan! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Tokugawa_03 Now, my honourable Tokugawa brothers, cheer for our clan, and for their defeat! Onwards! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Tokugawa_04 And at the last think carefully about what it means to be Tokugawa. We do not retreat. We do not fail! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Tokugawa_05 Now, lift up our proud Tokugawa banners! Let the foe see them! Let him hear your voices, shouting in triumph! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Tokugawa_06 And now to the fight! My brave Tokugawa, I will be proud to drink sake with any of you, once all our foes are dead! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Tokugawa_07 And remember: enemy widows and orphans will weep when they hear the name of Tokugawa. We will prevail! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Tokugawa_08 And remember: our clan will tell the story of how we Tokugawa fought for a hundred years! Give them a tale worth telling! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Tokugawa_09 And now, let our foes feel terror at your battle cry! Let them never have peace as long as one Tokugawa lives this day! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Tokugawa_10 And so to battle! Cheer, and give your enemy a taste of Tokugawa fury! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Uesugi_01 And remember, you sons of Uesugi, that you fight for a great and noble cause! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Uesugi_02 And now, soldiers of the Uesugi, remember that you alone are worthy to fight and die for our great clan! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Uesugi_03 And now, let them hear what angry warriors sound like! Cheer, my Uesugi warriors, and give them a fright! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Uesugi_04 And remember that we Uesugi are people with faith! That will sustain you in this battle, and give us victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Uesugi_05 And now cheer, and puts fear in the hearts of yonder fools! And then we Uesugi will show them how to fight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Uesugi_06 And so the the fight! Hold on to your faith, and your honour as Uesugi! All will go well for us! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Uesugi_07 And now, let us give the storytellers and poets a tale worth the telling: how we Uesugi crushed our foes utterly! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Uesugi_08 And remember: when we are done, demons in Hell will only dare speak the name of "Uesugi" with fear! Let us have victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Uesugi_09 And now let your battle cry shake the heavens! Let our foes quake at the righteous fury of the Uesugi! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Clan_Uesugi_10 And now, let your cheers un-man our enemies! Let them shake in their armour at very word "Uesugi"! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Brother_01 And now, my brother has trusted me to win this battle! I say his trust is not misplaced, and we will win! Victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Brother_02 And finally, I know that when I speak to my brother, my voice will grow hoarse in describing all your brave deeds today. Onwards! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Brother_03 And I know my brother is proud of us all! Let us make him even prouder as we gain a victory here! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Brother_04 And finally, I dedicate this, our coming victory, to my beloved brother! I draw strength from his inspiring leadership! Onwards, to our triumph! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Brother_05 And now, give a cheer so loud that even my brother will hear it! Shake his cherry trees at home! Shake the enemy in their armour! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Grandson_01 And think of this: my grandfather has trusted us to win this battle! I say his trust is not misplaced, and we will win! Victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Grandson_02 And I know that when I tell my grandfather of this day, my voice will grow hoarse telling of your brave deeds. Onwards! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Grandson_03 And I know Grandfather is proud of us all! He will be even prouder when we gain him a victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Grandson_04 And finally, I would like to dedicate our coming victory to my Grandfather! We draw our strength from his inspiring leadership! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Grandson_05 And now, give a cheer so loud that even my Grandfather will hear it! Shake the enemy in their armour! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Heir_01 And, at the last, think of this: one day I will lead our clan. And then I will remember brave warriors who fought today. To our victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Heir_02 And know this: I will remember those who fight with honour, and reward them in the years to come! Do your duty! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Heir_03 And I know that my father expects us all to fight with courage! How can we do anything else, if we call ourselves men? True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Heir_04 And remember, I will be daimyo! When I am, I will hold a banquet, and celebrate today with pride because we will be victorious! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Heir_05 Remember: one day I will rule! The men who support me now should anticipate a rich future. This is the first step on a long road! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Leader_01 And remember: I have the honour to lead you, the finest warriors in the land. Do your duty now, and leave all else to fate! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Leader_02 And now, we go forth! It is a privilege to lead men such as you! Keep honour in your hearts and we will have victory here! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Leader_03 As your lord, I know that you will fight to your utmost. Your devotion to duty is matchless, and I am honoured to lead you today. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Leader_04 I can think of nothing better than to command you in battle. You are all that is good and noble about our clan! My blessings! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Leader_05 And when I look on your ranks, I am proud to be your daimyo. We are a great clan, worthy of the victory we shall win here. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Son_01 And remember that my father expects good news! I know his heart will swell with pride when he hears of your deeds today! To victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Son_02 And lastly, I know my father. He has every confidence in me, you, me, to win here today. I will not let him down! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Son_03 And now I am eager for the fray! Today I will make my father proud that I am a warrior! To our victory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Son_04 And now, hold to your duty and all will be well! We will give my father the gift of a victory here today! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Family_Son_05 And remember: if we win today, my father will be most generous with his rewards! Loyalty will be remembered! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Prestige_Honour_High_01 And remember: we are honourable warriors, with noble spirits and pure hearts! Our victory today will uphold that honour, and add to it! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Prestige_Honour_High_02 I know that today you will do nothing dishonourable. I know that today you will only add to the noble history of our clan. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Prestige_Honour_High_03 And remember this: we can only win more honour for our clan here today! We will fight! We will die well! We will triumph! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Prestige_Honour_High_04 And remember: victory is important, but not at the cost of honour! We stand, we fight, we die if needs be for that honour! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Prestige_Honour_High_05 And remember: our honour is our armour and the swords in our hands! Without it, we are nothing! With it, we cannot be defeated! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Prestige_Honour_Low_01 And now we shall prove to all that we are an honourable clan. Our worthy victory will add lustre and glory to our name! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Prestige_Honour_Low_02 And now, all is said. This is a day where we will win much honour for our clan, and our names will be forever remembered! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Prestige_Honour_Low_03 And remember: today the fight is about more than simple victory! We will show the world that we are men of honour! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Prestige_Honour_Low_04 And now, be steadfast and hold to your duties. That way is the road to honour, regardless of victory or defeat! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Ending_Prestige_Honour_Low_05 And think of this: there is honour in duty. Whether we live or die, our names will live if we acquit ourselves well! True