pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Shimazu_Here_Adequate_01 We must thank the respected Shimazu for their aid. We are honoured by their support. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Shimazu_Here_Adequate_02 It is good that we have the Shimazu with us. They are a worthy clan, and clever fighters. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Shimazu_Here_Adequate_03 I give my thanks to the Shimazu commander, our ally today! His men are a most welcome addition to our strength! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Shimazu_Here_Strong_01 The respected Shimazu are here in great strength. Their commitment to this battle does us great honour. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Shimazu_Here_Strong_02 It is a blessing that the Shimazu have sent so many warriors. We shall now show them how we can fight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Shimazu_Here_Strong_03 It is good to see so many Shimazu banners floating on the breeze. They are a worthy addition to our strength! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Shimazu_Here_Token_01 Our respected allies, the Shimazu clan, have sent only a few warriors to aid us. No matter, their worth lies not in simple numbers. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Shimazu_Here_Token_02 I thank our Shimazu allies for their aid. They are the bravest and truest of their clan. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Shimazu_Here_Token_03 My thanks to the Shimazu for coming to our aid! Their numbers are few, it is true, but their spirits are mighty! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Shimazu_Near_Maybe_01 I have reports that our respected Shimazu allies are coming. Take strength from that, and look for their banners! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Shimazu_Near_Maybe_02 With good fortune, a Shimazu army should reach us. I can promise no more, but our allies are men of their word. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Shimazu_Near_Maybe_03 If we are favoured by the spirits, then a Shimazu army will come. If not, we must fight on without help. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Takeda_Here_Adequate_01 We should thank our Takeda allies for their aid. They have sent a generous force to help us. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Takeda_Here_Adequate_02 It is good that the Takeda have sent soldiers to aid us. Their strength is welcome here. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Takeda_Here_Adequate_03 The Takeda are steadfast allies. I welcome their warriors, and wish them well in the battle, for they deserve their share of glory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Takeda_Here_Strong_01 The mighty lords of the Takeda have sent many men to aid us. I thank them for their efforts. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Takeda_Here_Strong_02 I offer thanks to the Takeda clan for their forces. Their help is not counted in numbers alone, although the count is impressive! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Takeda_Here_Strong_03 We are honoured to have so many Takeda warriors stand with us. Their numbers are matched only by their skills in war! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Takeda_Here_Token_01 It is good to see that the Takeda clan has honoured its obligation to us. I only wish they were here in greater numbers! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Takeda_Here_Token_02 I offer my thanks to our Takeda allies. I am glad to see that so many brave Takeda warriors could be persuaded to come here. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Takeda_Here_Token_03 We are honoured to have the Takeda stand beside us. Their numbers are few, but their skills in war are not measured by counting! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Takeda_Near_Maybe_01 I have word that a Takeda army is approaching. Perhaps they will arrive in time, but for now we look to our own strength. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Takeda_Near_Maybe_02 I have heard that the Takeda could reach this battle, if they march hard. Let us hope that they do come to our aid, then. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Takeda_Near_Maybe_03 There is a chance that we will see a Takeda army on this field. They may yet come to our aid, the spirits willing! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Tokugawa_Here_Adequate_01 Our Tokugawa allies have honoured the treaty, and I thank them for their presence beside you, our brave warriors. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Tokugawa_Here_Adequate_02 And now I thank our Tokugawa allies. Their banners fly besides ours, and our enemies must feel some disquiet at the sight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Tokugawa_Here_Adequate_03 I salute the Tokugawa, and thank them for their aid. Our cause is strengthened by their presence here. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Tokugawa_Here_Strong_01 My thanks to our Tokugawa allies, for they have honoured the treaty most handsomely. Theirs is a noble contribution to our ranks. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Tokugawa_Here_Strong_02 I thank the Tokugawa clan for its large army. It is heartening to see so many brawny warriors at our side! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Tokugawa_Here_Strong_03 I salute our Tokugawa allies. They have sent a mighty force to our aid, and only a fool refuses help in a battle. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Tokugawa_Here_Token_01 I thank the Tokugawa for their obvious and deep commitment to our cause. I am surprised they could spare so many men! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Tokugawa_Here_Token_02 It is a noble thing for the Tokugawa to support us. I only wish that nobility was in greater supply today! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Tokugawa_Here_Token_03 My respects to the Tokugawa commander. His support is valuable, although I wish he had brought more men with him! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Tokugawa_Near_Maybe_01 Before this battle is done, I hope to see Tokugawa banners flying over this field. Let our allies come, even if they are late! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Tokugawa_Near_Maybe_02 If the gods will it, a Tokugawa army may come to our aid. I do not promise it, but the signs are hopeful. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Tokugawa_Near_Maybe_03 I hope that we will be joined by a Tokugawa army before too long. But I cannot do more than hope for now. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Uesugi_Here_Adequate_01 I am heartened that the Uesugi clan have sent warriors to our aid. They do us honour, and we should show them our worth! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Uesugi_Here_Adequate_02 My thanks to the Uesugi commander for bringing such a brave army to our aid. It is a fine and inspiring sight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Uesugi_Here_Adequate_03 I am happy to see the Uesugi clan here in such numbers. They are true allies in war. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Uesugi_Here_Strong_01 I am glad that we are honoured to have a strong Uesugi army stand alongside us. Their strength is great, and welcome. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Uesugi_Here_Strong_02 It is indeed a pleasure to see so many Uesugi warriors standing ready to fight along us. I salute them all! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Uesugi_Here_Strong_03 The Uesugi clan are worthy of every honour. They have turned out in great strength to support us! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Uesugi_Here_Token_01 I am glad that the Uesugi sent soldiers to our aid, but saddened that they are so few, but aid from worthy men is welcome. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Uesugi_Here_Token_02 It is a fine thing that Uesugi do: they support us in this fight even though it must be a strain on their clan. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Uesugi_Here_Token_03 I thank the Uesugi for their efforts here. I can see they have strained every sinew to put a few men into the field. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Uesugi_Near_Maybe_01 I am pleased, for I have been told an Uesugi army is on the march. Let us hope that they are swift and strong! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Uesugi_Near_Maybe_02 I have word of an Uesugi army. It marches to us, and may yet arrive before this matter is decided. If not, we fight anyway! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Uesugi_Near_Maybe_03 We can hope for an Uesugi army at some point. As to when, I cannot say. Let us hope they march as well as fight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Wee_Faction_Here_Adequate_01 I am heartened to see our allies on the field. Their clan may be few in number, but their honour is without measure! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Wee_Faction_Here_Adequate_02 It is good to have allies on such a day. They have proved their worth and their valour already. Let us show them ours! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Wee_Faction_Here_Adequate_03 I thank our allies for their support. Their warriors make a fine show, and must dishearten the foe. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Wee_Faction_Here_Strong_01 I am greatly heartened to see so many allies on the field. Their numbers and honour are welcome additions to our own strength. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Wee_Faction_Here_Strong_02 It is good to have so many extra soldiers. Our allies have been unstinting in their support. I thank them for it! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Wee_Faction_Here_Strong_03 Our allies make an excellent contribution to our strength. Our foes will grow tired of counting their banners! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Wee_Faction_Here_Token_01 I am grateful for the aid sent by our allies. Their numbers are few, it is true. So: their share of glory will be great. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Wee_Faction_Here_Token_02 I salute our allies. Their clan has sent what men it could spare, and for that I am grateful. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Wee_Faction_Here_Token_03 Our allies have done their best. Their men are welcome: doubly so because they are few. Their share of glory will be great indeed! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Wee_Faction_Near_Maybe_01 I have reports to hand that our allies are coming to our aid! Until they arrive, we must rely on our own efforts. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Wee_Faction_Near_Maybe_02 There is a chance that we will have allies before the day is done! I promise nothing, save that they are marching! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Clan_Wee_Faction_Near_Maybe_03 Our allies are marching to our aid. Unless they are unlucky or go astray, we can expect their help soon, I hope. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Ashikaga_Shogunate_Here_Adequate_01 I see the Ashikaga have sent aid to our enemies. Their numbers are superficially impressive, but they are only Ashikaga and so less than other men. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Ashikaga_Shogunate_Here_Adequate_02 I am disappointed that the Ashikaga stand alongside our foes. They are a clan who should have more sense of decency, and honour. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Ashikaga_Shogunate_Here_Adequate_03 I do not like to see Ashikaga banners alongside those of our enemies. But there is nothing to be done about it: they must die as well! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Ashikaga_Shogunate_Here_Strong_01 I see that the treacherous Ashikaga have chosen to support our enemies, and in great numbers. They are carrion birds, looking to feast! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Ashikaga_Shogunate_Here_Strong_02 I curse the Ashikaga lord who decided to interfere in our affairs! They dare send troops to support our enemies! The impudence of these men! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Ashikaga_Shogunate_Here_Strong_03 It is extremely vexing of the Ashikaga to make such a show of support for our enemies! Their numbers are excessively insolent, to say the least! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Ashikaga_Shogunate_Here_Token_01 Our foes have Ashikaga allies for this fight! The Ashikaga show unexpected wisdom to send but a few warriors to the coming slaughter! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Ashikaga_Shogunate_Here_Token_02 I am glad to see that the Ashikaga show restraint in their support for our enemies. I think, perhaps, they must have doubts about their allies. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Ashikaga_Shogunate_Here_Token_03 I see, then, that our foes have a contingent of Ashikaga warriors with them: enough, perhaps, to make a few wives and mothers weep. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Ashikaga_Shogunate_Near_Maybe_01 I have reports that the enemy await an Ashikaga army! I hope that Bishamon and all the spirits under his mastery will hinder their every step! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Ashikaga_Shogunate_Near_Maybe_02 Our enemies, I am sure, have hopes that an Ashikaga army will soon appear! Let them hope for rescue! It is a womanly thing to do! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Ashikaga_Shogunate_Near_Maybe_03 I am told that an Ashikaga army is coming to help our enemies. If they manage to find the battle, the Ashikaga can be witnesses to our victory. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Chosokabe_Here_Adequate_01 I see that the Chosokabe support our enemy, and in goodly numbers too. This is a pity. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Chosokabe_Here_Adequate_02 So, the Chosokabe, the trusting, easily-fooled Chosokabe, have chosen to support our enemies. This is a pity. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Chosokabe_Here_Adequate_03 I see the Chosokabe are in the field. They are a simple folk, and probably do not understand that they are aiding fools. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Chosokabe_Here_Strong_01 Our enemies include many Chosokabe warriors. They are brave fighters, but fools in their choice of friends. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Chosokabe_Here_Strong_02 I am disappointed in the Chosokabe. They stand with our enemies, and in surprising numbers. I had thought them honest men. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Chosokabe_Here_Strong_03 I am tired out counting Chosokabe banners! Our enemies have far too many allies for my liking! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Chosokabe_Here_Token_01 I see that the Chosokabe have satisfied their honour by sending but a few warriors to support our foes. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Chosokabe_Here_Token_02 I see the Chosokabe are with our foes. Perhaps it is shame or embarrassment, but I do not count many Chosokabe banners. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Chosokabe_Here_Token_03 Are those Chosokabe banners I see? Are they not ashamed to offer our foes such desultory aid? I would be, in their position! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Chosokabe_Near_Maybe_01 According to reports, the Chosokabe are marching here to join our enemies. I had hoped for better wisdom from them. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Chosokabe_Near_Maybe_02 A Chosokabe army is marching here, to support our enemies. Hopefully, they will go astray, like a carelessly shot arrow. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Chosokabe_Near_Maybe_03 I have reports that our foes expect support from the Chosokabe. I also hear that the Chosokabe get lost on their way to the privy! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Date_Here_Adequate_01 Besides our enemies you will see a Date army. They have honour enough to meet their obligations, then, even to the unworthy. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Date_Here_Adequate_02 I see that our foes have fierce friends, if the Date can be trusted as friends. They are a clan loyal to themselves alone! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Date_Here_Adequate_03 So then, our enemies have the support of the Date. I suppose I should be scared, but why should I bother to fear the Date? True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Date_Here_Strong_01 I see many Date banners over there. I had not realised our foes thought themselves so weak, to need so many allies. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Date_Here_Strong_02 You will see that the Date have joined our enemy in great numbers. What of it? Their reputation is overblown. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Date_Here_Strong_03 The Date clan, then, value their alliance with our enemies. It is not like them to risk their own men in such numbers. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Date_Here_Token_01 So, the Date support our enemies. But they are half-hearted, I see: I do not count many of them on the field. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Date_Here_Token_02 You will see that the Date have honoured their obligations, but without enthusiasm. They are a gesture of support, not an army. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Date_Here_Token_03 I see that Date show their true colours as merchants. They set the value their alliance with our foes at only a few men. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Date_Near_Maybe_01 You may have heard that a Date army is marching towards us. They mean to aid our enemies, the swines. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Date_Near_Maybe_02 Our foes are praying that their allies come in time, but I have never heard of the Date over-exerting themselves for others! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Date_Near_Maybe_03 I am sure our foes are praying for help. A Date army is supposedly marching to their support. Perhaps the Date will come. Perhaps. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Hattori_Here_Adequate_01 I see that our enemies have Hattori allies. I am surprised: I thought the Hattori favoured the tanto used in the shadows, not an honest fight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Hattori_Here_Adequate_02 So, our enemies have Hattori allies. I knew our enemies had dubious morals, but I did not realise they would sink so low. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Hattori_Here_Adequate_03 Over there, you can see Hattori banners. I am surprised. The Hattori have grown impudent, for they normally prefer skulking in the shadows. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Hattori_Here_Strong_01 Our foes have friends, then: I see Hattori banners over there! And far too many of them for my liking. No matter! They are scum. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Hattori_Here_Strong_02 I am saddened to see so many Hattori warriors alongside our foes. I had hoped that our enemies had some care for their honour. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Hattori_Here_Strong_03 Over there you will see many Hattori banners. So our enemies have allies: think nothing of it! They are worthless mountain bandits, not warriors! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Hattori_Here_Token_01 I see our foes have allies, if such creatures as the Hattori can be called "friends". They are treacherous beasts, not honourable warriors. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Hattori_Here_Token_02 So, I see a few Hattori aid our enemies. This is strange: usually they come only to pick over the dead, like stinking carrion birds. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Hattori_Here_Token_03 I see the Hattori have sent some warriors to aid our foes. And with typical Hattori generosity, they have sent as few as they could! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Hattori_Near_Maybe_01 I hear the Hattori march to support our enemies. If the Hattori are involved, who can say what is really happening? Will they come? True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Hattori_Near_Maybe_02 Those notorious murderers, the Hattori, are coming to aid our foes. I will believe that when I see it, for the Hattori only help themselves! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_Allies_Enemy_Hattori_Near_Maybe_03 I have reports that the Hattori are marching to help our enemies. Let them come! If they arrive, what use are such dishonourable men? True