pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Hated_01 The Mori like to think that they are masters of the sea, lords of the ocean. In fact, they are slightly less valuable than crabs, washed up by a winter storm! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Hated_02 Over there our foes are waiting. They are waiting, as the Mori always do, to rob and loot, for at heart they are thieves not warriors! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Hated_03 I am surprised that the Mori have managed to gather so many fighters. Perhaps they were expecting boundless sake and numberless whores! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Hated_04 I assume so many Mori have come because they have been promised loot! Usually, it is the only thing that makes them leave their drinking dens! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Hated_05 The Mori call themselves the lords of the sea. To lesser men, this sounds impressive, I admit. They claim lordship over fish. Hhhhhmmmmmm. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Hated_06 The Mori are sea-creatures, every one! Perhaps, like other fish, they need to be gutted before they are acceptable at dinner! Shall we be about them? True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Hated_07 These Mori are hateful, piratical beasts! Would that Ebisu had drowned them all in a seastorm! But he has not, so we must execute them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Hated_08 When we are done with these Mori fools, Ebisu will give thanks to us, I trust! His fishermen will be a little safer from pirates! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Hated_09 These Mori are not men, merely sharks! They are cruel, greedy and insatiable. My humble apologies, but there is little honour in killing them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Hated_10 Even the crabs, crawling on the bottom of the sea, have heard of the Mori and dislike them. And crabs make infinitely better eating! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Respected_01 The Mori call themselves the lords of the sea. They are fine seamasters, but are they fine fighters? I do not think it so! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Respected_02 Some call the Mori pirates, some call them thieves. This dismisses them too easily. They are dangerous people, and should be respected. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Respected_03 Although the Mori are, given the chance, pirates and sea-thieves, they are also cunning fighters. They have a certain bravery, so be careful! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Respected_04 Our swords may be soaked in Mori blood when we are done, but our enemies are worthy of the honour of dying at our hands! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Respected_05 Ebisu himself must favour the Mori! What other god would bother protecting them? Try not to offend him, even as you kill the Mori! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Respected_06 Ah! These Mori are cunning fighters, at home on land and sea. How much greater is our honour when we beat them in an honest fight? True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Respected_07 I do not like the Mori, but I respect their skills! I suggest you do the same, unless you want to be lacking a head! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Respected_08 To many, the Mori are a clan of pirates, thieves, ruffians, brigands and worse. Do not think of them in that way. They have honour, of a kind. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Respected_09 The Mori yonder make a brave sight! But that does not mean we should do anything other than defeat them. They are the lesser men here! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Mori_Respected_10 We are here to fight the Mori! They are a brave clan, masters of the seas, and skilled in strategy. We must show proper respect! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Hated_01 The Oda over there put much faith in their common troopers, and in their generalship. Today we shall show that faith is sadly misplaced! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Hated_02 The Oda like to think that they are the consumate warriors, unmatched by any lesser men. Their stupidity in thinking this is certainly unique! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Hated_03 These are the Oda. I think they are the stupidest creatures the Gods put on earth. The Oda might disagree if anyone could explain this to them. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Hated_04 The Seven Lucky Gods be thanked! Here is a foe worth hating! These Oda are not fit to dig latrines, let alone call themselves soldiers! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Hated_05 There is a darkness in the hearts of the Oda clan. They are not truly honourable men: they love victory for its own sake. We must best them. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Hated_06 The Oda are tricksters. If they move right, expect an attack to the left! Nothing is as it seems with them, for they are dishonest to the bone! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Hated_07 Do not consider the Oda strong! They are weaklings, reliant on commanders who browbeat their men and allow no individual to show proper courage! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Hated_08 I do not like those Oda banners! The men who hold them high should die of shame! They are the flags of dishonour! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Hated_09 These Oda warriors have a most peculiar smell to them! I do not believe they are cultured men, but peasants dragged from a dungheap! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Hated_10 I give thanks to Bishamon that we have a foe who needs killing! Some men are unlucky in their clan, but these Oda fools relish their wicked ill-luck! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Respected_01 The Oda, it is said, have common soldiers the equal of any in Japan. This may be true, but they have yet to be measured against you! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Respected_02 The Oda over there are a disciplined and skilled army. They should never be underestimated. That said, they are also quite mortal, and bleed well! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Respected_03 Over there the Oda are waiting. They are not to be underestimated, for they produce fearsome armies. This will be a battle worth recounting! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Respected_04 It is a foolish general who underestimates the power of the Oda clan! In war they are disciplined and clever! We will treat them with caution! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Respected_05 These Oda warriors carry themselves well! It would be foolish indeed to dismiss them as slaves to their daimyo. They have strong spirits! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Respected_06 My heart is heavy! Those Oda soldiers do not deserve death at our hands. They are unfortunate indeed to serve that clan! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Respected_07 The Oda are serious men, and well versed in the ways of war. We owe it to them to be serious in our attitudes to this battle! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Respected_08 Bishamon give us strength! We will need it against these Oda soldiers! They are a mighty host, made mightier by their warlike ways! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Respected_09 My soul is saddened, that we must now kill so many fine warriors. The Oda clan bear a heavy burden of guilt for killing so many to so little purpose! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Oda_Respected_10 These Oda are mighty warriors indeed. Any student of strategy would look at their ranks and see strength and resolution! I, however, see dead men! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Hated_01 The Shimazu yonder think themselves better than other men, that their bloodline is more than ours. I say they are wrong! And we will prove it! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Hated_02 The Shimazu account themselves noble, better than lesser men. I think they are misguided; that dung wrapped in a silk kimono is still dung! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Hated_03 The Shimazu are no better than grave-robbers, stealing glory from their long-dead ancestors. Once they were noble, but 2011-03-19 (土) 00:32:16 Bah! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Hated_04 Our Shimazu enemies have a high opinion of themselves, and their ancestors. It must irk them constantly that everyone else thinks differently! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Hated_05 Let us consider our Shimazu foes for a moment. They are a sorry collection of ne'er-do-wells and ruffians, the worthless heirs to a worthless clan! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Hated_06 Over there the Shimazu are waiting. They are long bred to evil and corruption, for that is their heritage. Their banners are marks of dishonour! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Hated_07 These Shimazu spoil what would otherwise be a pleasing view. Despite their pretensions, they lack any appreciation of beauty. They deserve death a thousand times over. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Hated_08 Over there, the Shimazu general is reminding his men of their lineage: a long tale of thievery and deceit, of which he will say nothing. Bah! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Hated_09 The Shimazu have a long history. It is a history befouled by tales of friends betrayed, women violated, and unspeakable sin! And we face them today! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Hated_10 If there is a Shimazu fool over there more noble than the pigs in a peasant's hut, I will eat my helmet, crest and all! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Respected_01 The Shimazu over there have a proud lineage. Their ancestors were mighty men. How they must weep to see their sons' folly today. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Respected_02 Over there the Shimazu banners fly proudly, as well they might. They were once carried by mighty men. Today, their sons are somewhat lesser creatures. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Respected_03 Our Shimazu foes are the heirs to a noble tradition of service and duty. I am sure that they will acquit themselves with honour as they die! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Respected_04 Over there the Shimazu await us. They are an ancient clan, well founded in honour and skilled in war. This will be worthy of a tale or two! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Respected_05 By the Seven Lucky Gods, I count myself fortunate to face the Shimazu, a noble clan indeed. How much sweeter is victory over such an enemy? True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Respected_06 The Shimazu clan have fought many wars. They are experienced in strategy, and this makes them dangerous. We shall fight them with prudence! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Respected_07 These Shimazu descend from mighty ancestors. I hope, though, that their blood is not that of yesterday, but of an altogether weaker degree! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Respected_08 I weep at the slaughter we must now do! These Shimazu are the proud children of a great clan but, like children, they have been led astray! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Respected_09 These Shimazu have been forged in war, like a sword in the furnace! We must take care, lest they cut us to the bone! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Shimazu_Respected_10 I am moved to see the Shimazu warriors yonder. It is their part to die here, if I have my way. But I do not like killing worthy men. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Hated_01 I smell the reek of stables, so here we must be fighting the Takeda! I think they take their love of horses just a little too far! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Hated_02 The Takeda think themselves better than others, although I cannot understand why! Living in a stables does not confer nobility on ordinary men! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Hated_03 I could never decide who commanded in a Takeda army. Then I realised it did not matter! When everyone is an idiot, why have any leadership? True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Hated_04 I can hazard a guess that the Takeda general is, right now, telling his men that they are clever and brave. They, being stupid, believe every word! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Hated_05 Over there the Takeda are waiting for us. They are not to be trusted: men bred in mountains count brigands and worse among their ancestors! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Hated_06 I see the Takeda have hoisted their horse blankets to use as foul-smelling banners for their flea-bitten army. Bah! One day, perhaps they will wash! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Hated_07 I would pray to Fūjin to send a breeze to keep the Takeda stench from us, but I fear that even the gods cannot help! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Hated_08 The Takeda have come down from their mountains and out of their dungheaps, then! We do Japan a service by slaying them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Hated_09 By the Seven Lucky Gods, why are the Takeda here? Have these mountain monkeys no shame? Surely they see they are entirely foolish to face us? True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Hated_10 Here we fight the odious Takeda! I swear by my sword that I shall not rest while one of them remains alive! They pollute this place! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Respected_01 The Takeda over there are famed as horse-masters, and rightly so. Being able to ride, however, does not makes them unbeatable. This we will prove. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Respected_02 There is much to admire in the Takeda clan! Their mountains breed fierce men and fierce loyalties. Yet, measured against you, they are still wanting! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Respected_03 Over there, the Takeda warriors wait for you. Do not think they are unworthy, or cowards, or fools because they march beneath a different banner. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Respected_04 The Takeda clan are not fools! Their soldiers are tough and resourceful, and their generals are cultured and clever. Caution should be our watchword! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Respected_05 These Takeda are resourceful and hardy men, bred in their mountains from generations of warriors. We would do well to respect their strength! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Respected_06 Even as I speak to you, our Takeda foes are listening to their general. He is telling them they are fine warriors. I agree, but they need killing! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Respected_07 See: the Takeda have raised their banners! They are a proud clan, and with good reason. It will be a pleasure to defeat such men! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Respected_08 Now, look to your enemies, the Takeda! Mark them well, and understand that each of them is a righteous man. We will kill them with decorum! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Respected_09 I am saddened to fight the Takeda! They would be worthy allies in our cause, if only their leaders had the wit to see it! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Takeda_Respected_10 Sometimes the gods must weep to see great men fight and die uselessly. The gods will weep today for the Takeda dead when we are done! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Hated_01 The Tokugawa are masters of falsehood and lies. They call themselves "diplomats", but their nice manners are the mask of evil! I know of what I speak! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Hated_02 The only word from a lying Tokugawa throat that we expect to hear is "Mercy!" The only correct response from you is the sword! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Hated_03 Over there, the Tokugawa are wishing that they were whoring and drinking rather than waiting for battle. They are not, at heart, honest warriors! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Hated_04 Even now, the Tokugawa general is praising his men! He thinks he need do nothing but fill them with words and the battle is won! What a fool! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Hated_05 I do not care for those Tokugawa banners. They are lacking in many respects, but chiefly I am offended by the men holding them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Hated_06 The Tokugawa yonder are great talkers. Unfortunately, their fine words are likely to be a little muffled today because their arses are encased in armour! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Hated_07 Over there, the Tokugawa general is telling his men that you are demons, women, and dishonoured weaklings. But remember: he is a talker, not a fighter! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Hated_08 The Tokugawa like to talk while they plunge a knife into an man's guts! They are not honourable! Remember that as you face them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Hated_09 The Tokugawa are not warriors! They are old women, full of years and gossip! Do not fear them! Instead, pity them as you collect their heads! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Hated_10 I cannot bring myself to trust the Tokugawa! I respect them, of course: it is prudent to respect the snake and its venom! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Respected_01 The Tokugawa we face here are great talkers. They could talk the blossom off cherry trees! We shall see how their words fare against our swords! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Respected_02 When we are done, I want the Tokugawa to talk of this day for a hundred years! We must leave one alive to tell of our deeds! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Respected_03 I am sure that the Tokugawa general is giving his troops a rousing speech, as is his duty. Let him! They are gossips! We are fighters! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Respected_04 The Tokugawa yonder have done well for themselves: they have clawed their way out of obscurity. Therefore, be wary of them in battle! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Respected_05 Do not despise our foes! The Tokugawa cannot boast mighty ancestors, as some clans do. But they can boast cunning warriors today! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Respected_06 There is much honour to be gained in fighting an honourable foe. These Tokugawa soldiers understand honour, and what it means! This is most satisfactory! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Respected_07 The Tokugawa banners are a noble sight! Beneath them, their warriors are honourable and worthy opponents. We are blessed by Bishamon to face such men! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Respected_08 There is much to admire about the Tokugawa clan. But we must not let admiration blind us to their most important fault: they are our enemies! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Respected_09 I am saddened that we must fight the Tokugawa. Men of such quality should be our allies, but fate has decreed otherwise. Let us behave honourably, then! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Tokugawa_Respected_10 We must cast down those Tokugawa banners! The men who will defend them are honourable, and deserve honourable deaths at our hands! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Hated_01 I see our Uesugi foes waste time before the fight by bleating prayers to the uncaring sky. Do they not know they are hated in heaven and on earth? True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Hated_02 So then, we shall allow our esteemed Uesugi foes a moment to pray. Even if we gave them a hundred years, their sins would still weigh them down! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Hated_03 Over there, the Uesugi commander is callling on Heaven to aid his cause. I hope Raiden is listening! A thunderclap into his skull would be just! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Hated_04 I wish that Fūjin would blow the Uesugi back to their foul nest! Answer that prayer, gods, and my gratitude will last a lifetime! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Hated_05 Bishamon protect us from pious men! Or better still, from the false, preening piety of the Uesugi. The sword's edge will punctuate their godly muttering! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Hated_06 Those Uesugi banners are spoiling my view. You may not think that important but, for me, they disturb the beauty of the clouds. I want them down! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Hated_07 How the gods must be bored by the wailing of the Uesugi! Even now, they will be grovelling away, asking for help! Bah! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Hated_08 I despise our Uesugi foes, not because they are poor fighters, but because they constantly proclaim their piety! It is false pride, dressed in religious robes! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Hated_09 Gods! Do not listen to the Uesugi fools we face! Their piety is a mask, covering up their corrupt and dishonoured hearts! Support us instead! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Hated_10 The Uesugi yonder think themselves pious and godly. Perhaps, perhaps, but they are also unprincipled, vicious and deceitful in war! Be wary of them! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Respected_01 Our foes are pious men. We should give the Uesugi enough time for prayer and contemplation. When they are done, we will kill them. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Respected_02 The Uesugi banners make a proud display, and the clan has some claim to virtue. I think, though, that in opposing us they confuse wisdom with folly. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Respected_03 I trust that the Uesugi over there are being polite and praying for our souls. It would be a respectful act, and they are honourable men. True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Respected_04 By Bishamon, I do believe our Uesugi enemies are praying for our souls! That is most polite of them, but a wasted effort. Today, they die! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Respected_05 I think Bishamon must look down on the Uesugi yonder with some pride. They are a fine sight! When we are done, matters will be otherwise! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Respected_06 I see the Uesugi banners make a brave sight, thanks to the winds of Fūjin. Appearance, however, is not reality! The Uesugi can pray, but we can fight! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Respected_07 Over there, the Uesugi general offers up prayers for his success and our souls! If I have any say in this battle, his prayers will not be answered! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Respected_08 Men, we must give the Uesugi enough time to prepare their souls for the afterlife! They are honourable, and deserve that much from us! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Respected_09 Other than prayer, there is little the Uesugi can do here. Let them ask heaven for aid! We, on the other hand, will fight like demons from Hell! True
pre_battle_speeches_text_S2_PBS_ID_Enemy_Clan_Uesugi_Respected_10 The Uesugi yonder are honourable people, but their prayers for aid must weary the gods! Can these men not stand up for themselves? True