encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_01a The fate of your clan is decided on the battlefield.<br />You'll need a strong command of your troops, along with True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_01b a mastery of their strengths, weaknesses and special abilities.<br />In this tutorial we will cover the fundamentals of managing True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_01c an army on the battlefield, providing the foundations for victory. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_02a An initial survey of the battlefield is crucial to planning tactics,<br />so let's get familiar with the camera first. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_02b We can change our view of the battlefield by using<br />the WASD keys, with the Q and E keys rotating our view. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_02c Scroll the mouse wheel and we can zoom in on our forces.<br />Double clicking a unit or its unit card, centres and True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_02d zooms the camera on its field of view. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_03a We’re in the opening stage of a battle right now – the deployment phase.<br />At this point, we can tweak the position of our army by moving True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_03b our units to locations within the outlined deployment zone. This planning<br />stage is a feature of every battle, unless we’re surprised True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_03c by an enemy ambush on the campaign map. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_04a We need to select a unit before we can change its position. <br />We can either left-click on the unit itself, or on its unit card. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_04b Now we can instantly place it by right-clicking on a new location. <br />Once the battle starts, we'll use this same method to issue move orders. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_05a Let's widen the line of this unit. With the unit selected, <br />we hold down the right-mouse button and drag the mouse. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_05b We can also alter the depth of a unit and its facing in the same way. <br />The manoeuvre compass allows us to fine tune unit positioning that little bit more. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_06a Let's start the battle and look to seize the initiative. <br />As the attacker, we need to defeat our enemy; True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_06b the defending army can merely hold their ground and repel our attacks.<br />We're the aggressor here, so we should quickly move our units to engage. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_07a Let's pick up the pace! By double right-clicking a location, we can order our<br />units to run and make up the ground at double speed. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_07b We need to be wary however - running units too often,<br />particularly uphill, will tire them out. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_08a If we want to give multiple movement orders for a unit,<br />we can use waypoints to set a path. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_08b We'll hold down shift and right-click on several points on the battlefield.<br />Now our selected unit will follow that route, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_08c moving to each location in turn. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_09a Enough posturing, it's time to engage! The enemy have a unit of Yari Kachi<br />split away from their main army - let's pick them off. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_09b We’ll send in our Katana Kachi to face them, their swords<br />and superior melee skills should overwhelm the enemy. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_09c We'll select our unit and right-click on our target to order the attack. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_10a If we charge an enemy at speed, our attack will be more devastating.<br />That’s particularly true when attacking with cavalry units. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_10b Let’s round up our Yari Ki cavalry and look to smash the enemy line. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_11a By double right-clicking on an enemy, we'll order our cavalry to charge<br />and the impact will inflict more damage. Charging spear units True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_11b with cavalry is never a good idea, but if we attack the enemy's flank or rear,<br />it will be far more effective than engaging them head-on. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_12a Our cavalry charge was devastating! The white bar above<br />the enemy banner indicates that the unit has routed. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_12b This occurs when the morale of a unit is broken. <br />Heavy casualties, exposure to an enemy on the flank or rear, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_12c or the untimely death of their General, can all damage a unit's morale. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_13a Morale can be maintained in a number of ways. Proximity to friendly<br />units is important, while a nearby General can also be a major factor. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_13b A General has a number of special abilities that can quickly boost <br />the morale of a unit, even when the odds are stacked against them. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_14a Other units also have special abilities – their controls are always<br />located near the manoeuvre compass. Some abilities can only be used sparingly; True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_14b they have “cooldown" times which will limit how often you can<br />bring them into play. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_15a Groups and formations can really help to organsie our troops efficiently. <br />They also enable us to issue orders to multiple units. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_16a Let's create a group now. We can left-click and drag a box around our units,<br />or hold down the Control key and select units one by one. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_16b With our units selected, we'll press the “G” key or click the Group button,<br />to set up the group. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_17a We can now issue orders to our group and place it in one of several<br />formations.With our group locked in our chosen formation, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_17b they'll now attempt to hold their shape and spacing whilst carrying out<br />move orders. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_18a We’ve engaged the enemy hand-to-hand, but we also have a variety of<br />western-inspired firepower at our disposal, capable of cutting down an True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_18b enemy from range. Let’s select our Line Infantry and start to use some of<br />that firepower now. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_19a Our Line Infantry carry rifles. They are a direct fire unit that need<br />a clear line of sight on their enemy to be effective. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_19b While bowmen can fire over obstacles, rifle units need to be positioned <br />carefully to give them a clear field of fire. That arc drawn True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_19c in front of our unit shows their firing range. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_20a Artillery units offer us even more firepower.Our guns can be<br />attached or “limbered” to horses and pulled around the battlefield. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_20b Once unlimbered, they can be used to inflict heavy casualties on <br />approaching enemies. They're also very handy when it comes to True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_20c destroying wall defences in sieges. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_21a These Gatling guns are our most fearsome artillery weapon. <br />Let’s use them on the advancing enemy! True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_21b With the unit selected, we can choose to either target enemy troops directly,<br />or focus fire on any area of the battlefield, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_land_sub_21c creating a kill zone that will help block a would-be advance. <br />Either way, any unit who ventures within range will be quickly shot to pieces! True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_01a In this tutorial we’ll cover the basics of the camera, the<br />deployment and movement of ships and the knowledge you True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_01b need to sink the enemy. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_02a Let's scan the battle area first. We can change our view by<br />using the WASD keys, with the Q and E keys rotating the camera. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_02b If we scroll the mouse-wheel, we can zoom closer to our ships.<br />Double clicking a ship or its card, centres and zooms the camera True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_02c on its field of view. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_03a Before a battle we must deploy our fleet. At this point, we can<br />position our ships anywhere within the outlined zone. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_03b Placing and positioning ships is simple – just left-click on a ship<br />to select, then right-click a location to drop it down. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_04a We can also change a ship's heading. With a ship selected <br />and the right mouse button held down, we move the the mouse right True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_04b and left until we get the angle we’re after. Release the<br />mouse button to set the new heading. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_05a Let's click "Start Battle" to end the deployment and reveal<br />the enemy fleet. They’re already closing on us, so we should start positioning True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_05b our ships to engage. To maneuvere a ship we just left-click to select,<br />then right-click on our chosen location. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_07a We need to keep one step ahead of the enemy. Let's take a<br />look at the movement controls availalble. Using these, we can True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_07b increase this ship’s speed, rotate the direction and back<br />our ship out of trouble. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_08a Engaging with the enemy is simple, we'll select our ship and<br />right-click on our target. It will then manoeuvre towards them True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_08b and, once in range, will open fire. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_09a Using the fire-at-will button, we can also set a ship to attack<br />any enemy that comes within range. This arc represents the True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_09b targeting range of our ship's guns. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_10a Get a broadside on the enemy and we can quickly turn<br />the tide of battle. If our guns can get a clear sight of the True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_10b enemy hull, we can deal some serious damage. Let’s get in close<br />and manoeuvre to give our gunners the best possible angle of attack. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_11a Here’s our chance! With full guns on the enemy, we'll take manual<br />control by selecting the broadside button. Our firing arc is True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_11b smaller now – indicating that we need to be at close range for<br />a broadside to be effective. Closing on the enemy is risky, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_11c but a devastating broadside makes it worthwhile! True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_12a Our guns are fully loaded! Let's click the broadside button<br />again to open fire. The enemy have suffered the full True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_12b force of our firepower; we've ripped through their hull! True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_13a Our ship is carrying an array of shell types, effective against<br />a variety of enemies. We change shell types for the selected True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_13b ship using these buttons. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_14a Up until now we’ve been firing solid cast iron shells, they’re<br />effective enough, but let's change to explosive shells so we can True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_14b deal more damage to wooden hulls. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_15a We need to change our strategy again for ironclads. A well<br />aimed broadside with armour piercing shells will do the trick! True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_16a Our direct hit has cut through that ship's hull! It's also made a<br />serious dent on the crew's morale. They've taken heavy casualties True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_16b and are badly shaken. If we can inflict further damage, they<br />may flee or surrender; either way, that would take them out of True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_16c the battle. That’s the key to victory - we don’t need to sink every<br />ship to win this engagement. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_17a The enemy are fighting back! One of our ships has taken<br />damage and we should look to repair it. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_18a We'll double left-click on the ship to zoom the camera and<br />assess matters. With the ship selected, we can use the repair True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_18b button to issue the order. This ship needs protection while<br />our crew are at work. It won't be able move or retaliate, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_18c so it’s an easy target. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_19a Let's bring more of our forces into battle. By using groups, we<br />can issue commands to more than one ship and place them True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_19b in formation to maximise firepower. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_20a To group some ships, we simply left-click and drag a box<br />around them, then click the "Group button". Let's group our True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_20b entire fleet. Now we can order our fleet to close<br />and overwhelm the enemy. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_naval_sub_22a Victory is ours! The enemy have been broken and sunk.<br />We're free to plunder the spoils. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_01a Victory on the open battlefields will keep our enemies in<br />check, but we'll need to master the art of siege battles before we can True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_01b take their lands. Sieges demand new strategies from the<br />attacker and the defending force. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_02a In this encounter, we’re charged with taking the enemy castle;<br />a fiercely defended stronghold that will test our men and our tactics. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_03a As we learned in the land battle essentials tutorial, we'll<br />spend the deployment phase setting up our army, forming groups True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_03b and setting formations for the assault on the walls. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_04a Our objective, as the attacker, is to capture the keep or “tenshu”<br />located in the centre of the castle. We can also win by True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_04b annihilating the defending force. Our troops need to battle<br />their way through the defences to get to the enemy, so True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_04c we'll need to breach those castle walls. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_05a Artillery is crucial. With cannon in our ranks, we can target the<br />outer walls and have our men break through their defences. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_05b With our cannon selected and in range, we'll right-click a<br />wall area to target fire. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_06a There's another way we can overcome the walls: our Ninja and<br />infantry units can be ordered to scale them. We'll also order True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_06b our cavalry units to dismount and make the climb. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_07a With a unit selected, we'll choose an area of the outer wall to<br />attack. Notice that our cursor changes; this tells us that this unit True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_07b can climb here. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_08a Any infantry unit can climb a wall but heavily armoured troops<br />are slower. They're more likely to suffer casualties as a result. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_09a Ninjas come into their own here. Their agility and light armour make<br />short work of scaling the wall and they're equipped with True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_09b climbing claws, designed for the task at hand. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_10a The enemy are well positioned. We're taking heavy causalities<br />before our men can get a foothold on the battlements! True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_10b Let's try to split the enemy forces by ordering our men to climb<br />some undefended areas. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_11a Our men are under fire from those towers! Once we're inside the<br />walls, we should move quickly to capture them. If we order True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_11b a unit into the marked area surrounding a tower, it will eventually<br />fall under our control. We can then turn that hail of fire on the enemy. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_12a We can capture and gain control of the gatehouse in<br />the same way. Now we've seized the main gate, we'll order True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_12b our cavalry to flood into the castle and slaughter the<br />remaining defenders! True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_13a With the outer defences breached, let's edge our men towards<br />the inner wall and head for the tenshu. Capture that, and the True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_battle_siege_sub_13b battle will be won. The castle and the campaign province will<br />be ours for the taking! True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_01a The objective in the campaign is to banish our enemies<br />from the map by defeating their forces and capturing their lands. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_01b To achieve this, we'll need to manage our provinces wisely,<br />build our economy and recruit powerful armies. The campaign is True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_01c turn-based, with each turn the equivalent of two weeks in<br />the game. When we’ve made all our moves, we click True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_01d the End Turn button to progress. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_02a Our armies are crucial to our success – we'll use them<br />to defend our lands, defeat our enemies and capture provinces. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_02b An army is made up of individual units of troops<br />that we recruit. They cost money to build and maintain, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_02c so we need to keep them busy to justify their upkeep. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_03a Let's add some more units to our army.<br />We can recruit and reinforce armies from any of our cities. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_03b The buildings present in a city decide the type and<br />quality of units available and can include cavalry, artillery and infantry. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_03c Left-clicking a unit type, adds it to our recruitment queue.<br />It may take a number of turns before the unit becomes available. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_04a Let's mobilise our new recruits. By holding shift we can<br />select our units by using left-click, then we can True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_04b right-click outside of the city to form a new army. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_05a Without a General in charge, this army will lack leadership<br />and organisation. Let’s merge them with our existing army True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_05b and bring them under the command of its General. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_06a An enemy army has formed nearby. We must protect our<br />provinces from any threat; if all our regions should fall, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_06b our campaign comes to an end. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_07a Let’s push them back with the General’s army.<br />Notice that when we mouse over, a circular border is drawn True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_07b out on the map; this is the army’s “zone of control”.<br />Enemies are unable to enter this zone without first attacking our army. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_07c That’s useful to remember when selecting strategic locations on the map. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_08a Let’s approach the enemy. With our army selected, we simply<br />right-click a location on the map to issue the True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_08b order to move. We can press spacebar to speed up movement on the campaign<br />map. Right-clicking on an opposing army will move our forces to True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_08c engage and instigate a battle. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_09a This pre-battle panel offers an overview of the two armies involved.<br />The balance of power meter shows how we compare to True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_09b the enemy so we can make a decision on our next move. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_10a We’ve got several options here. We can choose to command our<br />forces on the 3D battlemap, withdraw our army and regroup, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_10b or fight out this encounter using the auto-resolve function.<br />We’ll choose the latter. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_11a The enemy are crushed and here we’re presented with the<br />full glory of our victory. This panel shows our True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_11b casualties and the enemy's losses. Notice that, having survived<br />the battle, our units have gained experience; they will now True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_11c be more effective in the field. Experienced units should be nurtured.<br />They will become precious as our campaign develops. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_12a The enemy have a city nearby that looks relatively undefended, if we can seize it,<br />we'll gain a valuable province. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_13a Right-clicking on the enemy city presents us with some<br />pre-battle options. A siege offers a new choice: True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_13b we can look to starve out the population, maintaining the siege<br />for a number of turns until we gain a peaceful surrender. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_13c But we’ll choose to put our enemy out of their misery here;<br />let’s auto-resolve. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_14a Their resistance was futile! The enemy city is ours for<br />the taking. Now we can choose to ruthlessly loot the True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_14b city of its wealth, request that it becomes our vassal,<br />or occupy it peacefully. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_15a Let’s get a better view of our prize. Double left-clicking<br />on the city opens the province details panel. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_15b Here we can check on the wealth and growth it's currently<br />generating. Right now however, we’ve a small matter of public unrest True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_15c to deal with. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_16a When we capture a province, particularly if we choose to loot it's wealth,<br />we will often need to calm the dissent created by our arrival True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_16b before we can reap the rewards. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_17a Money talks. If we choose to exempt this province from taxation,<br />its people will soon forgive their new masters and public order True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_17b will be restored – at least for now. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_18a A strong military presence can also help matters. If we<br />recruit some further units and leave them garrisoned here, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_18b they will help stamp out protests and stave off rebellions. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_19a We need to stay wary – if public order declines again,<br />we will risk a full-scale rebellion and that True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_19b could threaten to bring production in this province to a halt. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_20a There's more we can do more to improve public order.<br />We can construct buildings that offer services to keep True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_20b the population appeased. We also need to consider developing our<br />city to bolster our coffers and advance our armies. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_21a Building an Inn will help earn us more income and<br />boost growth in the province. Selecting the Inn True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_21b from the building panel, let's issue the construction order. Like<br />recruitment, we may have to wait a number of turns True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_21c before the building is available. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_22a Finances improved, we now need to build up our forces.<br />We have armed citizenry in the city, but they'll True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_22b only provide limited protection and can't be used to help us conquer new lands. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_23a Improving military buildings will enable us to recruit more advanced<br />units. We need to remember that, as our armies are reinforced, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_23b they become more expensive to maintain. We need to balance<br />economic growth with military expansion, whilst also keeping public order in check. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_24a It’s a delicate balance but when we manage and develop<br />each of these elements, our provinces will enjoy growth, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_24b our armies will become more powerful and we can then<br />look to expand our borders further. Achieve this, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_camp_essentials_sub_24c and we can walk the path to victory. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_01a In this second campaign tutorial, we’ll look at expanding our naval<br />capabilities, modernising our clan to advance technologies, recruiting agents and True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_01b building relationships with rival clans through diplomacy. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_02a Armies are vital to our clan’s expansion, but if we can<br />also build a strong navy, we can control profitable trade routes True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_02b and provide military support to our ground forces. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_03a Ships and their crews are recruited at ports, in much the same<br />way as units from cities. Left-clicking on a port displays True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_03b the recruitment tab. From here, we simply left-click to add<br />a ship to the queue. Like units, it may take a number True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_03c of turns before the ship is available. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_04a We can use ships to help us transport our armies and characters.<br />With an army selected, we'll right-click on our ship True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_04b to order them aboard. Once we’ve sailed to our destination,<br />we right-click again on a location on the map to disembark. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_05a We can use fleets of ships to cripple enemy trade by raiding<br />their routes and blockading their ports. With our fleet selected, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_05b let's right-click on this enemy port and choose to attack.<br />Our fleet will now sail into the port, halting the profitable trade True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_05c running through it. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_06a A strong navy can also offer substantial military support. If we can<br />get our fleet positioned close to an enemy settlement or army, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_06b they can lend their firepower to assist our land forces. Here we<br />can see our ship’s bombardment radius; any enemy within this True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_06c is vulnerable to our guns. Let's right-click the enemy city<br />to issue the attack order. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_07a We need to be wary of coastal defences. If an enemy develops<br />their ports, they can build gun batteries to protect against naval invasion. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_07b Move a fleet within range of these guns and we’ll suffer damage.<br />Of course, we can also upgrade our ports and construct similar True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_07c defences to protect our own coastlines. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_08a Clicking the Clan Development button opens a panel showing all the<br />technologies we can research to further our clan. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_08b This shows our current level of modernisation. Improving our civic buildings<br />and infrastructure throughout our provinces, will increase True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_08c modernisation further, opening up new technologies. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_10a There are two branches of technology available: civil policy and military<br />technologies. The latter can unlock new weapons, troop types and special abilities. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_10b Researching civil policy will improve our clan’s infrastructure and economy.<br />Let's left-click a technology to begin. Technologies take a number True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_10c of turns to research. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_11a The Clan Management panel offers us a view of our progress.<br />Here we can check on our victory conditions, assess our True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_11b reputation and relationships with other clans and manage our family and council. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_12a The Family and Council Panel allows us to assign positions of<br />responsibility to family members, handing them commissions to help our war effort True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_12b and civic development. When sons come of age, they automatically become<br />Generals. Daughters meanwhile, can be married off, helping to extend True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_12c our bloodline. Their hand in marriage can also be offered to help improve<br />diplomatic relations. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_13a We can also switch our clan's allegiance on this panel. At the<br />beginning of the campaign, our clan is allied to either the True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_13b Emperor or the Shogun, but this can be changed once during<br />a Daimyo’s lifetime. This decision can't be taken lightly. Switching allegiance True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_13c can disrupt public order and damage our Daimyo’s reputation. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_14a Our clan's fame level increses as we win battles and conquer<br />provinces. As we become stronger and more renowned, we’ll be given a True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_14b title to represent our new status. We need to monitor our<br />reputation carefully. Once our clan is perceived to be too powerful, True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_14c we’ll be forced to declare our intentions. At this stage we must<br />either swear our allegiance to the Emperor or Shogun, or look to True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_14d unify Japan under our own rule. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_15a There's other ways we can interact with rival clans on the campaign<br />map. Agents allow us to undermine our enemies with guile and cunning. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_15b They can also be recruited at our cities in the same way as units.<br />The buildings present in a city dictate the type of agent True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_15c we can recruit. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_16a Agents earn experience as the campaign progresses, enabling us to upgrade<br />their talents and abilities. Each Agent type has their own unique True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_16b skill tree, so we can nurture them and create specialists in a<br />particular role. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_17a Let's use an agent now. With our Geisha selected,<br />right-clicking on an enemy army, character or city, presents us True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_17b with a variety of actions. Agents also offer bonuses to our<br />own clan. The charms of our Geisha are helping to boost True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_17c public order in this province. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_18a While we're looking to destroy rival clans, maintaining<br />relations to gain allies and trade partners, also works in our favour. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_18b This map on the Diplomacy Panel displays the current attitude<br />of surrounding provinces to our clan. Red indicates hostility; True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_18c provinces in green view us more favourably. We can get the same<br />view for any of the clans we’ve met by selecting them to change True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_18d the map display. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_19a Let's open negotiations with a rival clan. Note our current<br />relationship status; this will have a major bearing on our talks. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_19b Once negotiations begin, we can then build offers and demands<br />and counter any offers made to us via this panel. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_21a Establishing trade agreements can be particularly lucrative<br />and help us build buoyant economy. We can view our True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_21b current trading partners via the Finance Panel. Here we see the<br />current prices for resources, together with our trade True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_21c partners and the goods being imported and exported. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_22a The control of resources can be crucial. Some buildings and<br />units require a specific resource before they can be True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_22b obtained. We can look to conquer lands to gain control of resources,<br />but we can use trade to collect them without spilling blood. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_23a By upgrading our ports, we can open up lucrative trade<br />routes with western powers, providing a huge boost True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_23b to our coffers. These precious trade routes will be prime targets<br />for enemy raids. We'll need to build and maintain a military True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_23c presence to guard them. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_24a You now have the knowledge you need to begin conquering your<br />enemies in the campaign. For futher guidance, look to use the True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_campaign_advanced_sub_24b tooltips, the advisors and the in-game encyclopaedia. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_01a Fall of the Samurai’s campaign can be played in multiplayer against<br />an opponent. There’s also an “Avatar Conquest” mode that provides True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_01b a backdrop for multiplayer battles. In this tutorial we’ll explore<br />this mode, join an online clan and fight for supremacy under True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_01c their banner. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_02a We'll start by creating our own General to lead our men in battle.<br />We can modify this “Avatar” as we play. Our avatar will level up, earn True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_02b new skills, armour sets, and powerful followers and objects called “Retainers”. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_03a We'll name our avatar and customise his look. On this screen we can<br />assign armour and equipment pieces that are collected True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_03b as we play. We can change the colour scheme of all these pieces. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_04a Our Avatar also needs a banner. There are multiple designs of “Mon”<br />to choose from, and a full range of colours for us to play with. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_04b We'll also choose a starting province here. Each province has its<br />own unique benefits; we can click on each one to view the details. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_05a On the avatar screen we can choose to edit our banner, customise<br />our avatar and equipment and get a view on current progress True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_05b towards our next level. We can also see the traits we’ve gained and<br />our chosen retainers for the next battle. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_06a The Army Management screen is where we build our army. As the<br />game progresses, we’ll collect a roster of regular and veteran True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_06b units. Right now, we've limited unit types available, but a few victories<br />will quickly improve our options . True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_07a Units have costs assigned to them and, initially, we have a limited budget<br />to spend. Let’s use this now to create our starting army. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_07b We simply drag a unit from our roster to add it to our army. Once<br />we’re done, we can save the army setup so we can True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_07c keep it for future battles. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_08a The Avatar Conquest map provides the backdrop for all our battles.<br />Here we’ll fight for ownership of provinces and sea regions. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_08b As we contest and win battles, we’ll gain rewards and upgrades for our<br />avatar and our armies. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_09a Let's choose our first province. Holding the left mouse button<br /> with our avatar piece selected, we'll drag it into one of the highlighted provinces. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_09b This province now becomes the prize for victory in our next battle. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_10a Let’s fight our first multiplayer battle. We can choose to join<br />any of the existing battles out there, or host our own. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_10b We can access these options via the Battle List button. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_11a When we host our own battle, we can use this screen to specify<br />the battle type, the map and the funds allowed. The funds True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_11b available dictate the size of the armies that players can take into battle. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_12a By clicking the Match Made battle option, we can quickly be paired<br />up with an opponent of equal skill. We can tailor the True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_12b setup here but, for now, let’s find a 1v1 battle opponent by clicking<br />the Find Match button. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_13a This pre-battle setup screen tells us more about the battle we’re<br />about to fight. Here we can make last minute tweaks to our True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_13b army setup. When we’re done, we’ll click this button to inform<br />our opponent that we’re ready to go. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_14a Win or lose, our avatar will gain some experience points and eventually<br />we'll be able to level them up. Having won our previous True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_14b battle, we’ve already gained a level, so now we’ve got our first<br />skill point to spend. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_15a This screen hosts the Avatar skill tree, offering a variety of<br />upgrades each with unique bonuses. We can roll over a skill to True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_15b find out more and left-click to apply it. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_16a The retainer panel displays all the characters and objects available<br />to us. Retainers can boost our army’s abilities in battle and True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_16b also inflict penalties on our enemy. To take a retainer into our<br />next battle, we simply drag it into one of our empty slots. Right now True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_16c we have two slots available, we'll earn more as our Avatar gains levels. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_17a As we win battles, we capture more of the map. Win a province<br />with a Dojo and we will unlock a new unit type for our army. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_17b There are different Dojo’s available, each offering a specific unit type,<br />indicated by their icon. Unit’s unlocked get added to our True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_17c roster in the army management panel. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_18a During a battle our units can gain experience. If a unit gains enough<br />in a single battle, they may reach veteran status. Accepting a True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_18b veteran into our army adds them to the veteran unit roster. These<br />units can then be called into future battles, earn more True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_18c experience and be upgraded with new skills. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_19a Veteran units can be customised via the tab on the army management<br />panel. With our veteran selected, we'll click the customise button. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_19b Now we can name them and play around with their colours. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_20a Clicking the veteran upgrade button will open this panel. Here we<br />can spend veteran skill points on improving this unit’s abilities. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_20b We left-click an upgrade to apply it. This unit is now more powerful<br />but will cost us more should we decide to take it into our next battle. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_21a We can continue fighting battles, conquering provinces and<br />progressing our avatar but let's take things further by playing the True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_21b clan competition. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_22a To join a clan we first need to be a member of a Steam Group.<br />The Clan Page lists all the public Steam Groups open to us and those True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_22b we’ve already joined. We simply choose one of our Groups and<br />label this as our clan. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_23a Clans compete in worlds with 23 others, fighting over possession<br />of provinces on the Avatar Conquest map. Clans are ranked True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_23b according to the number of provinces they control. Owned provinces<br />are displayed via colour coding on the map. We can view True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_23c more details on this province via the tooltips. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_24a Provinces are won by earning Clan Influence. This influence is<br />increased as clan members earn victories in a province. The control True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_24b of surrounding provinces also contributes influence. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_25a The clan leader can mark a province as a priority target for their<br />members. By winning battles for our clan, we can earn tokens. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_25b These clan tokens can be used to upgrade our veteran units<br />with new abilities and to reset our avatar skills. True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_26a Worlds are arranged in a pyramid system. At the end of a season,<br />normally a two-week period, the top clans are promoted up the True
encyclopedia_tutorial_video_subtitle_texts_text_s2_bosh_tut_multiplayer_sub_26b pyramid. The bottom clans are also relegated down a level before<br />the next season begins. True