encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_attack An army can attack another army, a castle town or any building on the map. Buildings will be raided and damaged, but cannot be occupied or garrisoned. An attack on a castle town will result in a [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/028_enc_manual_army_attack.html#enc_text_manual_army_attack_siege"]]siege/url? taking place. If the target is further away than your army's movement extent will allow, it will take more than one turn to reach it and launch an attack. Once an army has reached its target the [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/032_enc_manual_ui_battle.html"]]battle panel/url? will be displayed, prompting you to fight on the battlefield, [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/032_enc_manual_ui_battle.html# enc_text_manual_ui_battle_auto"]]resolve the battle automatically/url?, withdraw or lay siege (when appropriate). True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_attack_ambush An army positioned in a forest can sometimes launch an ambush against a passing enemy. If you choose to attack the opposing force will be deployed in marching, rather than battle, order. If you decide not to launch an ambush, the army will pass without being alerted to your presence. NB - If you are playing battles on hard or very hard difficulty and are ambushed it will not be possible to issue orders when the battle is paused. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_attack_siege In order to gain control of a garrisoned and fortified castle town it is often necessary to lay siege. During a siege your troops surround the castle town and can either attempt to starve the defenders into capitulation or launch a direct assault. The besieged force may also choose to sally out to meet you on the battlefield, but be aware that defeating them will not automatically result in the surrender of the castle to you. Victory in a siege turns ownership of the province over to your clan. You then have the option to occupy peacefully or loot the castle town. Looting provides a cash lump sum but carries a greater penalty to [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/020_enc_manual_public_order.html"]]public order/url? than occupation alone. There will also be public order issues if the new owners of a [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/002b_enc_glossary.html#enc_glossary_province"]]province/url? are of a different religion to that of the populace. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_attrition Attrition is the loss of men due to desertion, disease, etc. A unit will suffer attrition if it ends turn away from a castle town during the winter months. Ships are not designed as ocean-going vessels, so ship crews and armies transported by sea will suffer attrition if kept away from the coastline for any length of time. A force that has been affected by attrition will have a flashing skull graphic on its banner and can be replenished when in friendly territory or merged with another depleted army or fleet. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience As a unit fights and survives battles, it gains experience points that improve its ability to deal with future combat situations. Their first experience level is gained by taking 25% casualties, regardless of the number of kills made. Amongst other things, experience increases [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/052_enc_manual_battle_conflict_morale.html"]]morale/url?, so an experienced unit is then less likely to break and run from battle when under stress and [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/053_enc_manual_battle_conflict_fatigue.html"]]fatigue/url?. Generals also gain experience points upon successful conclusion of a battle that can be used to choose useful military [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/042_enc_manual_skills.html"]]skills/url? for them. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_sea Experience for ship crews works in the same way as it does for units, except that when a ship is unable to continue fighting - either due to surrender, routing or its destruction - all remaining experience points that its crew might have earned are instead split between the ships it was in combat against. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_sea_stats_1 船舶の経験値レベル1を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+1 近接防御、<p>+5 装填、<p>+2 精度、<p>+1 士気 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_sea_stats_2 船舶の経験値レベル2を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+2 近接防御、<p>+10 装填、<p>+4 精度、<p>+1 士気 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_sea_stats_3 船舶の経験値レベル3を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+3 近接防御、<p>+10 装填、<p>+6 精度、<p>+2 士気 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_sea_stats_4 船舶の経験値レベル4を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+4 近接防御、<p>+15 装填、<p>+8 精度、<p>+2 士気 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_sea_stats_5 船舶の経験値レベル5を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+5 近接防御、<p>+15 装填、<p>+10 精度、<p>+3 士気 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_sea_stats_6 船舶の経験値レベル6を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+6 近接防御、<p>+20 装填、<p>+12 精度、<p>+3 士気 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_sea_stats_7 船舶の経験値レベル7を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+7 近接防御、<p>+20 装填、<p>+14 精度、<p>+4 士気 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_sea_stats_8 船舶の経験値レベル8を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+8 近接防御、<p>+25 装填、<p>+16 精度、<p>+4 士気 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_sea_stats_9 船舶の経験値レベル9を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+9 近接防御、<p>+25 装填、<p>+18 精度、<p>+5 士気 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_stats_1 ユニットの経験値レベル1を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+1 近接攻撃、<p>+1 近接防御、<p>+2 装填、<p>+1 士気<p>+2 精度、 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_stats_2 ユニットの経験値レベル2を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+2 近接攻撃、<p>+2 近接防御、<p>+4 装填、<p>+1 士気<p>+4 精度、 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_stats_3 ユニットの経験値レベル3を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+3 近接攻撃、<p>+2 近接防御、<p>+6 装填、<p>+2 士気<p>+6 精度、 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_stats_4 ユニットの経験値レベル4を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+4 近接攻撃、<p>+3 近接防御、<p>+8 装填、<p>+3 士気<p>+8 精度、 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_stats_5 ユニットの経験値レベル5を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+4 近接攻撃、<p>+5 近接防御、<p>+10 装填、<p>+3 士気<p>+10 精度、<p>-1 疲労 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_stats_6 ユニットの経験値レベル6を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+5 近接攻撃、<p>+5 近接防御、<p>+12 装填、<p>+4 士気<p>+12 精度、<p>-1 疲労 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_stats_7 ユニットの経験値レベル7を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+6 近接攻撃、<p>+6 近接防御、<p>+14 装填、<p>+4 士気<p>+14 精度、<p>-2 疲労 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_stats_8 ユニットの経験値レベル8を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+6 近接攻撃、<p>+7 近接防御、<p>+16 装填、<p>+5 士気<p>+16 精度、<p>-2 疲労 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_experience_stats_9 ユニットの経験値レベル9を達成することは以下の数値を改善します:<p>+7 近接攻撃、<p>+7 近接防御、<p>+18 装填、<p>+6 士気<p>+18 精度、<p>-3 疲労 True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_fragments_merge It is possible to merge two friendly armies together when neither is at full strength (a full strength army is twenty units in size). Merge by left-clicking on your first army and then right-clicking on the second. The first army will then walk over to the second and the two will merge together. If there are twenty units or more in either army the merge scroll will appear, so you can choose which units to merge into a single force and which to leave behind. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_fragments_replenish An army that has suffered casualties or [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/030_enc_manual_army_attrition.html"]]attrition/url? requires fresh recruits to replenish troop numbers. If an army contains a general and is on friendly territory, unit replenishment will occur automatically. Without a general, an army can only replenish within a castle town belonging to its own clan. The closer an army is to a province with fresh recruits in it, the faster the rate of replenishment will be. If no replenishment occurs it may be because the army is in an enemy province or an area of attrition. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_generals Generals are used to command armies and fleets in battle. Their command rating influences the effectiveness with which their army or fleet fights. Forces not led by a general fight at a severe disadvantage, with no-one to [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/051_enc_manual_battle_conflict_modes.html#enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_modes_rallying"]]rally/url? the troops. A general’s loyalty to his [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/002b_enc_glossary.html#enc_glossary_daimyo"]]daimyo/url?, if low, can lead him to defect to an enemy [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/002b_enc_glossary.html#enc_glossary_clan"]]clan/url?. The daimyo is also a general, although in his case personal [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/026_enc_manual_clan_honour.html"]]honour/url? replaces [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/025_enc_manual_clan_loyalty.html"]]loyalty/url?. The daimyo’s sons all become generals when they come of age. Generals can be assigned useful [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/042_enc_manual_skills.html"]]skills/url? and [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/043_enc_manual_traits.html#enc_text_manual_retainers"]]retainers/url? as they gain [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/031_enc_manual_army_experience.html"]]experience/url? in battle and increase in rank. They can also be assigned [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/016_enc_manual_hud_management.html#enc_text_manual_hud_management_commissioners"]]commissions/url? to convey additional bonuses. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_moves Left-click to select an army and then right-click to move it to any part of the highlighted area - this is the extent of its movement capability during a single turn. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_army_moves_blocked Positioning an army in front of a bridge, in a narrow mountain pass - anywhere that movement is restricted - enables that army to block other armies or [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/044_enc_manual_agents_subterfuge.html"]]agents/url? from using that route. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict The conflict phase is the period after deployment when the actual fighting of the battle occurs. At this point it is possible to select your units or ships and give them orders, either by clicking on the appropriate unit card on the battle review panel or the unit or ship itself. NB - If playing a battle on very hard difficulty level all tooltips on enemy units will be switched off in order to prevent easy identification. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities There are a number of helpful abilities that can only be utilised by a unit or ship during a battle. Some are enabled by the presence of an [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/060z8_enc_manual_battle_conflict_attributes.html"]]attribute/url?. When a unit or ship is selected, the abilities available to it appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. You can mouse over each button to see what it does. Simply click on the appropriate button to activate it. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_arrow_land All bow units, including those attached to ships, are able to use fire arrows. All flammable objects targeted within the archers' firing arc - including men - catch fire when struck by them, and the damage caused to buildings is accordingly much greater than that caused by regular arrows. Once activated, only a single volley of fire arrows is allowed before the ability burns out. It is then unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting its exploitability. They cannot be used in [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/046_enc_manual_battle_deployment.html#enc_text_manual_battle_deployment_weather"]]wet weather/url? for obvious reasons. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_arrows_sea Fire arrows can also be used by bow ships to fire on a specifically-targeted enemy vessel. When available, a dedicated button will appear. Once activated, only a single volley of fire arrows is allowed before the ability burns out. It is then unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting its exploitability. Fire arrows do more damage than regular arrows and any flammable objects will catch fire if hit. They cannot be used in [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/046_enc_manual_battle_deployment.html#enc_text_manual_battle_deployment_weather"]]wet weather/url? for obvious reasons. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_arrows_whistling The ability to fire whistling arrows is used by [[url="encyclopedia/units/inf_missile_bow_warrior_monks.html"]]bow warrior monks/url? and [[url="encyclopedia/units/inf_missile_bow_hero.html"]]bow heroes/url?. Once activated, a target unit is selected and a volley of arrows is fired at them. The sound of whistling arrows has a detrimental effect on the [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/052_enc_manual_battle_conflict_morale.html"]]morale/url?, melee attack and reload rate of anyone the arrows fly over - including friendly units. After the volley has been fired the ability burns out, at which point it is unavailable for a fixed period of time, thereby limiting its exploitability. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_assassination This ability is used by [[url="encyclopedia/units/inf_special_kisho_ninjas.html"]]kisho ninja/url? to get very close to their chosen targets without being spotted, enabling them to run whilst hidden and deliver a more violent charge and melee attack, regardless of whether they are seen. Once activated, there is only a short time available to strike before the ability burns out. It is then unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting its exploitability. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_bamboo A bamboo wall can be erected during the deployment phase, providing vital protection for gunners against cavalry charges. Although they cannot be traversed by units, bamboo walls allow gunners to fire through, by the same token failing to stop any matchlock balls fired at them. It is not possible to string sections of bamboo wall together. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_banzai "Banzai!" is a battle cry used by [[url="encyclopedia/units/inf_sword_nodachi_samurai.html"]]no-dachi samurai/url? that increases the speed and violence of their charge and melee attack, whilst active. Banzai also freezes the attacking unit's [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/052_enc_manual_battle_conflict_morale.html"]]morale/url? for the duration of the effect. Once banzai is activated, there is only a short time available to strike before the ability burns out. It is then unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting its exploitability. Literally meaning "ten thousand years", a more accurate translation is "long life" - a sincere and respectful wish that the emperor remains healthy and lives for a long time. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_burn All units automatically use this ability when walls and [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/054_enc_manual_battle_conflict_buildings.html"]]buildings/url? on the battlefield are targeted; moving to and setting fire to them with flaming torches. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_crane "Swooping Crane" is a skirmishing tactic used by [[url="encyclopedia/units/cav_missile_bow_cavalry.html"]]horse archer units/url? to harass their targets with a constant barrage of arrows; it is essentially the same as the "Cantabrian Circle" used in Europe and the middle east. If the attacking unit is positioned within range of more than one unit the ability will result in a firing arc of 360 degrees. Swooping Crane can be used in conjunction with [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/051_enc_manual_battle_conflict_modes.html#enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_modes_skirmish"]]skirmish mode/url? to keep horse archers away from melee situations. The downside of this ability is a drain on their stamina due to the constant movement involved. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_firm The ability to hold firm is used by [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/018g_enc_manual_actions_campaign_construction_legendary.html#enc_text_manual_actions_campaign_construction_legendary_heroes"]]heroes/url? to freeze [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/052_enc_manual_battle_conflict_morale.html"]]morale/url? and greatly increase defensive capabilities, not only for themselves but also the three units closest to them. Once activated, this ability works for a short time only before burning out. It is then unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting its exploitability. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_grenades Blinding grenades are used by [[url="encyclopedia/units/inf_special_kisho_ninjas.html"]]kisho ninja/url? to cause disorientation that affects the enemy's movement speed, missile accuracy and ability to fight in melee. Once activated, there is only a short time available to strike before the ability burns out. It is then unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting its exploitability. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_inspire_land Generals can inspire a single unit to increase the violence of their melee attack, improve missile accuracy and ensure that the unit's [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/052_enc_manual_battle_conflict_morale.html"]]morale/url? increases for the duration of the effect. Select your general and then right-click on a unit. If the unit is not standing within the radius of his influence, your general will move closer until it is. Once targeted, the unit will be inspired for a short time before the ability burns out. Inspire can only be used a few times before becoming unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting its exploitability. As a general gains experience in the field, the ability to inspire improves and the cooling down time required between activations is reduced. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_inspire_sea This ability can only be used by the [[url="encyclopedia/units/heavy_ship_o_ataka_bune.html"]]o ataka bune/url? and the flagship named [[url="encyclopedia/units/heavy_ship_nihon_maru.html"]]“Nihon Maru"/url?. These command ships can encourage the crews of friendly ships within a certain range to increase the violence of their melee attack and defence, improve their reload skill and accuracy. Once used, the ships will be encouraged for a short time before the ability burns out. It is then unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting exploitability. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_kisho All kisho ninja units have the ability to deploy outside their army's [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/046_enc_manual_battle_deployment.html#enc_text_manual_battle_deployment_zones"]]deployment zone/url?, in fact almost anywhere on the battlefield except inside the enemy deployment zone or directly in front of the enemy general. Their positions will remain hidden from the enemy – including when moving – until they open fire, when they will instantly become visible. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_mines The primitive but effective naval mines used at this time consist of a bomb strapped to a wooden board. They will explode when a ship hits them. Mines can be positioned and primed during the [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/046_enc_manual_battle_deployment.html"]]deployment phase/url? (remaining in place once the battle starts) or be dropped during the battle. They will only become visible to the enemy at close range when it may already be too late to do anything about them. Since it is not possible to adjust the position of mines after the [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/046_enc_manual_battle_deployment.html"]]deployment phase/url?, it is vital that care is taken in their placement - mines will destroy friendly ships too! True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_rally Generals can use their regroup position ability to raise the [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/052_enc_manual_battle_conflict_morale.html"]]morale/url? of any unit and stop [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/051_enc_manual_battle_conflict_modes.html#enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_modes_routing"]]routing/url? troops running from the field - except those who are completely shattered, who will ignore the call to rally and regroup. Once the ability is activated, the cursor can be placed anywhere within the radius of the selected general's influence by left-clicking on the terrain. Rallied units will then gather close to that position. Any reinforcements due to arrive will move to and assemble at the regrouping position. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_range Increased range is used by [[url="encyclopedia/units/inf_missile_matchlock_warrior_monks.html"]]matchlock warrior monks/url? and [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/018g_enc_manual_actions_campaign_construction_legendary.html#enc_text_manual_actions_campaign_construction_legendary_heroes"]]heroes/url?, enabling them to increase their melee attack and the range and accuracy of their weapons for a limited time, after which the ability burns out. It is then unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting its exploitability. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_ranked Ranked fire is used by all units armed with guns. As the first row of gunners kneels to reload their weapons, the second row stands and fires, and vice versa. This ability can be toggled on and off in the same way as other abilities. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_rowing When faster rowing is used, the crews of [[url="encyclopedia/units/cannon_ship_cannon_bune.html"]]cannon bune/url? are able to row faster in order to facilitate the hit and run tactics they employ. A dedicated button will appear when faster rowing is available. Once activated, there is only a short time to use it before the ability burns out. It is then unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting its exploitability. When faster rowing is activated the crew will row faster than [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/060d_enc_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_speed.html"]]battle speed/url?. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_screens Screens are large wooden shields erected during the [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/046_enc_manual_battle_deployment.html"]]deployment phase/url? and used to protect archers in between volleys. They cannot be traversed by units and will stop any missiles fired directly at them - although arrows will tend to arch over the top of them due to their angle of fire. It is not possible to string screens together into a continuous wall. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_speed Battle speed is an ability that can be used by all ships to give them a burst of speed for a short time during a battle. It is not as powerful as [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/060h_enc_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_rowing.html"]]faster rowing/url?. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_sprint The rapid advance ability is used by [[url="encyclopedia/units/inf_spear_yari_samurai.html"]]yari samurai/url?, enabling a burst of speed and increasing the violence of their charge, along with immunity to [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/053_enc_manual_battle_conflict_fatigue.html"]]fatigue/url? whilst the effect lasts. Once activated, the unit will be able to advance rapidly for a short time only before the ability burns out. It is then unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting its exploitability. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_square The yari square is an ability used by yari [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/018g_enc_manual_actions_campaign_construction_legendary.html#enc_text_manual_actions_campaign_construction_legendary_heroes"]]heroes/url? to deflect attacks by cavalry units. Once activated, the unit forms a tight, immobile square formation with their spears presented - like a human porcupine. Although the [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/052_enc_manual_battle_conflict_morale.html"]]morale/url? of such a tightly-packed unit is very high, they are extremely vulnerable to missile attacks. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_stand This ability is available to experienced generals, giving them an increased radius of influence that improves the melee attack and rate of fire of any of his own units caught within it. Allied troops do not benefit from the effects. The general sets up a command post with his bodyguard clustered around him, indicating that he will not consider retreat or surrender. This takes a while to set up and take down again, so instant toggling on or off is not possible. The general cannot use any other abilities whilst stand & fight is activated. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_volley The rapid volley ability is used by [[url="encyclopedia/units/inf_missile_matchlock_samurai.html"]]matchlock-armed samurai/url?, enabling them to greatly increase their rate of missile fire against a single target. Once activated, there is only a short time available to strike before the ability burns out. It is then unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting its exploitability. Rapid volleys are not available at the very start of a battle. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_wall The yari wall is a technique employed by [[url="encyclopedia/units/inf_spear_yari_ashigaru.html"]]yari ashigaru/url?, enabling them to lock together and present their weapons in a single direction. Whilst the ability is active the unit moves and turns slower. Attacks made to the front of a yari wall are far less effective; cavalry charges made against them are practically useless. Attacks made to the rear or flanks of a unit are far more damaging whilst the yari wall is presented, so the ability is best used when several units are close together and protected by cavalry. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_warcry_land The war cry is used by all [[url="encyclopedia/units/inf_heavy_naginata_warrior_monks.html"]]warrior monk units/url? and [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/018g_enc_manual_actions_campaign_construction_legendary.html#enc_text_manual_actions_campaign_construction_legendary_heroes"]]heroes/url? to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. When activated, the war cry greatly lowers the [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/052_enc_manual_battle_conflict_morale.html"]]morale/url?, movement speed and defensive capabilities of nearby enemy units - even [[url="encyclopedia/units/inf_special_kisho_ninjas.html"]]kisho ninja/url?, who may be hidden due to their use of the [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/060a_enc_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_assassination.html"]]stealth/url? ability. The war cry ability works for a short time only before burning out, at which point it is unavailable for a fixed period to limit its exploitability. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_warcry_sea The crews of [[url="encyclopedia/units/medium_ship_medium_bune.html"]]medium/url? and [[url="encyclopedia/units/heavy_ship_heavy_bune.html"]]heavy/url? ships can utter a war cry to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. When activated, the war cry lowers [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/052_enc_manual_battle_conflict_morale.html"]]morale/url? and reduces both the attack and the defence ability of the ship they are about to board. The war cry ability works for a short time only before burning out, at which point it is unavailable for a fixed period to limit its exploitability. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_abilities_wind The second wind ability is used by [[url="encyclopedia/units/cav_spear_great_guard.html"]]great guard cavalry/url? units, also affecting the three friendly units nearest to them. A second wind inspires them to put every last effort into the battle, restoring a degree of stamina when the unit is already very tired from combat. Once activated, the ability works for a limited time only before burning out. It is then unavailable for a fixed period, thereby limiting its exploitability. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes Attributes are the innate, "passive" abilities that units can use. As such, they do not generally have to be activated, although they may bestow an [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/060_enc_manual_battle_conflict_abilities.html"]]ability/url? that can be activated: True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes_attrition Units with this attribute will not suffer from [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/030_enc_manual_army_attrition.html"]]attrition/url? on the campaign map. This tends to be reserved for highly-disciplined elite units. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes_climb Units that have this attribute can use climbing claws to scale walls quickly. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes_disciplined A disciplined unit has high [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/052_enc_manual_battle_conflict_morale.html"]]morale/url? that cannot easily be shaken. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes_dismount Some cavalry units can dismount and remount during battle. If their horses subsequently take casualties they will all run from the field. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes_fatigue A unit that is resistant to [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/053_enc_manual_battle_conflict_fatigue.html"]]fatigue/url? will take longer to tire battle. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes_grass Some units can hide in long grass only. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes_impetuous An impetuous unit may break formation and attack without orders. The more disciplined or elite a unit is, the less likely this is to happen. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes_inspire Some units can boost the [[url="encyclopedia/how_to_play/052_enc_manual_battle_conflict_morale.html"]]morale/url? of other units positioned close to them. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes_scrub Units that have the hide (scrub) attribute can hide in scrubland and deep vegetation. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes_snipe Units that have the snipe attribute can fire whilst hidden. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes_stalk Units that have the stalk attribute can walk whilst hidden on any terrain. True
encyclopedia_blocks_content_enc_text_manual_battle_conflict_attributes_woods Units that have the hide (woodland) attribute can hide in woods and forests. True