diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_acknowledge_marriage This marriage honours you and strengthens the Chosokabe! True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_acknowledge_war Honest, open war is better than mealy-mouthed peace. We will erect a monument to you, afterwards. True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_cancel_trade The Chosokabe no longer need your trade goods. Our arrangement is ended. True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_not_interested_in_further_discussion I see little point in talking further. Your ways are too subtle for me to comprehend their meaning. True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_offer_demand_peace Perhaps it is time to talk of peace. There is honour in peace made with strength. True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_offer_demand_trade You can surely see that trade brings both profit and friendship. True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_offer_marriage We offer the hand of a Chosokabe in marriage. What more could anyone want for his family? True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_receive_friendly Welcome! And what would you ask of the Chosokabe? True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_reject_angry_demand_hostage We do not give up our children to men such as you! The Chosokabe still believe in honour! True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_reject_angry_demand_single_payment So, you think the Chosokabe so stupid that they will agree to any theft, no matter how prettily phrased? True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_reject_angry_offer_demand_peace We are not stupid. Why have peace when you still have breath to ask for it? True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_reject_demand_protectorate We will not be ruled by other men. Chosokabe honour has meaning, or it is nothing. True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_reject_offer_demand_peace No, we are not so simple as to want peace just yet. True
diplomacy_strings_string_chosokabe_reject_offer_single_payment Your gold could not buy a Chosokabe nail paring, let alone our good opinion. True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_alliance Military alliance True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_alliance_honour_turns Prematurely ending this alliance will lower your daimyo's honour (turns remaining: %d) True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_at_war At War True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_embargoing_trade Your trade embargo against them (turns remaining: %d) True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_giving_military_access_indefinite Grants military access (indefinite) True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_giving_military_access_turns Grants military access (turns remaining: %d) True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_has_military_access_indefinite Has military access to your lands (indefinite) True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_has_military_access_turns Has military access to your lands (turns remaining: %d) True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_payments_paying Regular payment, giving: %d (turns remaining: %d) True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_payments_receiving Regular payment, receiving: %d (turns remaining: %d) True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_protectorate_of_non_player Vassal of : True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_protectorate_of_player Vassal True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_trade_agreement Trade agreement True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_trade_embargoed Their trade embargo against you (turns remaining: %d) True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_war_would_be_dishonourable Declaring war on this clan will harm all other diplomatic relations (turns remaining: %d) True
diplomacy_strings_string_current_treaty_war_would_be_dishonourable_continuous Declaring war on this clan will harm all other diplomatic relations True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_acknowledge_marriage You gain much from our bloodline! Fortunately, the Date clan is also stronger as a result of this marriage. True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_offer_demand_peace An end to fighting does not diminish us, or you. It shows prudence and honour. True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_reject_angry_demand_military_access Never! Date lands are not your drill grounds! True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_reject_angry_demand_protectorate We are our own masters! Do not be foolish and confuse negotiating with weakness. True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_reject_angry_demand_single_payment Not one single coin will leave the Date treasury. Continue, and much blood will flow! True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_reject_angry_offer_demand_peace There can be no peace. We are fighters, not old women! True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_reject_demand_hostage No. There are no members of the Date clan who would be suitable for such an honour. True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_reject_demand_military_access We cannot allow that. Our warriors would, rightly, not suffer such shame in silence. True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_reject_demand_protectorate We are warriors. The Date do not bow to any unworthy men. True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_reject_demand_single_payment Ha! So you would rob us and call it diplomacy? True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_reject_offer_demand_peace No. You still live. True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_reject_offer_marriage A well-intentioned offer, but such a marriage is not possible for we Date. True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_reject_offer_single_payment Date honour is not bought with a handful of coins. True
diplomacy_strings_string_date_war We welcome war. Our warriors yearn for it, as you will shortly discover. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_accept_friendly The Fujiwara are honoured and pleased to accept this offer. May fortune favour our future dealings. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_accept_very_friendly You are a blessing to your family, and to the Fujiwara. We accept whole-heartedly. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_acknowledge_marriage A marriage between your family and the Fujiwara brings many advantages. Let it be done. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_approach_friendly We would have dealings with you, as your honesty and worth mirror that of the Fujiwara clan. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_cancel_trade My heart is heavy, but the Fujiwara no longer see any profit in trading with you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_generic_reject_1 This is unfortunate. We Fujiwara could not accept such an offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_generic_reject_2 While what you suggest has merits, we Fujiwara cannout accept it. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_not_interested_in_further_discussion I must take my leave. Other family duties demand my attention if the interests of the Fujiwara are to be properly served. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_receive_friendly Welcome! The Fujiwara pride themselves on remembering friends, and on honouring them. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_receive_very_friendly It is good to see an honourable friend of the Fujiwara in these times! What shall we talk of? True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_reject_demand_hostage The Fujiwara do not sell their children into bondage. You will have no hostage today. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_reject_demand_military_access Our Fujiwara ancestors would not sleep peacefully with your troops tramping across our hallowed lands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_reject_demand_protectorate You are mistaken. Fujiwara pride, and history, would never allow such a thing. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Fujiwara_reject_offer_demand_peace This is not the time to speak of peace. The sword of the Fujiwara has been drawn and it will not rest! True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_acknowledge_war Very well, let it be war. My profound condolences to your widows-to-be. True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_approach_friendly Let us build from strong foundations, and thrive together. True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_cancel_military_access Our lands have been unquiet with your troops in them. We cannot allow this to continue. True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_demand_hostage Let us put matters on a firm footing: provide us with a hostage, as guarantee of your good behaviour. True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_offer_demand_peace It is time to end the fighting, before both our houses lie entirely ruined. True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_reject_angry_demand_hostage We will not give even one of our people into your tender care. You must think us foolish indeed! True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_reject_angry_demand_marriage No Hojo marriage bed will ever be soiled by one of your whelps! True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_reject_angry_demand_military_access Never! Hojo lands and honour are not yours to trample as you see fit! True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_reject_angry_offer_regular_payment We do not need your money. Our lands are quite wealthy enough without taking payments from peasants. True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_reject_angry_offer_single_payment We may be known as builders, but we are not tradesmen to be bought in this fashion! True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_reject_demand_protectorate We cannot do such a thing. The very stones of our land would cry out against it. True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_reject_offer_demand_alliance Such an alliance would be built without foundations. It would collapse in the merest breeze. True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_reject_offer_single_payment No. Gifts honour the giver, but not in this case. True
diplomacy_strings_string_hojo_war The Hojo have nevered feared war. They will not start now. True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_accept_hostile I would as soon drive a tanto into your heart, but this agreement must be accepted. True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_acknowledge_hostage The Hattori understand such things. The matter will be arranged. True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_acknowledge_war So be it! Now you will learn to fear the shadows! True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_demand_single_payment There is much to be said for turning aside the resentment of others with golden blossoms. True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_generic_reject_angry_1 Ah! If only good manners allowed me to carve this rejection into your skull! True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_generic_reject_angry_2 We Hattori are not fools. This will be remembered. True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_not_interested_in_further_discussion Even now the clouds gather around the mountain tops, and sensible men go home. True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_receive_hostile What do you want? Speak, if you value your tongue! True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_receive_unfriendly Why have you come? Why should the Hattori listen to your words? True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_reject_angry_demand_marriage No Hattori could be persuaded to bed one of your creatures! True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_reject_angry_demand_military_access Hattori lands are not some pleasure garden for you to wander in as you see fit! True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_reject_angry_demand_single_payment We do not give others gold, only steel. And in darkness. True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_reject_angry_offer_demand_alliance To what end would the Hattori want you as allies? Target practice, perhaps? True
diplomacy_strings_string_iga_ninja_war When next you wake, if you wake, you will regret the decision to fight us, the Hattori! True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_accept_friendly A proposal as straight and true as an arrow's shaft! We accept. May good fortune favour us all. True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_accept_hostile We accept, even though you are lower than a snake's belly. True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_acknowledge_marriage May this marriage further strengthen the bond between us. True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_acknowledge_war War it is, then! You will be cast into the mud and trampled under our feet! True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_cancel_military_access Your armies must never enter our lands again. They offend the people, the spirits and the heavens! True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_not_interested_in_further_discussion Like all nobles, you have talked and said nothing. This is ended. True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_receive_hostile Speak carefully, for you walk along the edge of a volcano! True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_reject_angry_demand_hostage Our people are not traded like cattle! There will be no hostage! True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_reject_angry_demand_marriage Marriage? To one of yours? Oh, no, no, no. True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_reject_angry_demand_protectorate A rotten fish still stinks, even when dressed in the finest silk. Why would we want to be your slaves? True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_reject_demand_protectorate We will never be your slaves and servants. Find others to bow to you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_reject_offer_demand_hostage No. Our children are precious. True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_reject_offer_demand_peace Peace? It is peace you want? We do not see the need for your peace! True
diplomacy_strings_string_ikko_ikki_war War it is, then. Now you will feel the people's righteous fury! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_accept_friendly_01 A proposal as straight and true as an arrow's shaft! The Emperor will accept. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_accept_friendly_02 Your words are entirely sensible. I gladly accept on the Emperor's behalf. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_accept_hostile_01 The Imperial Court will accept these terms, even though you are lower than a snake's belly. I will bear the dishonour. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_accept_hostile_02 I will carry the shame of our acceptance. The Emperor's reputation will remain intact. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_accept_hostile_03 I am sure court will be angered, but we must agree with your proposal. For now. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_accept_hostile_08 Your proposal is, at best, disrespectful to His Majesty, but I will accept it. Abide your given word! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_accept_neutral_07 I accept on behalf of the Imperial Court. There: it is done. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_02 I do not care for you or yours, but I will persuade the court to agree. That must be enough. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_03 I still have reservations, but I will tell His Majesty that we have reached agreement here today. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_accept_very_friendly_02 Ah! Men like you should be serving His Majesty! We have an agreement, and honest friendship! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_acknowledge_accept_01 A most satisfactory end to our discussions. I express His Majesty's thanks for him. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_alliance_01 Our alliance is ended. The next time we meet may be with guns and swords rather than tea cups. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_trade_03 Very well. Trade is beneath Imperial dignity anyway. It is over. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_reject_02 This is unfortunate. And I have know ladies discussing kimonos act with more decisiveness. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_reject_06 So we are done, then. So much for talking. I expressed concerns to His Majesty about just this outcome… True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_01 May this marriage further strengthen the bonds of loyalty to the Emperor. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_02 Marriage should be a time of happiness. Let this one increase the happiness and trust in all our hearts. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_03 A marriage is a sign of the sincerity in all our hearts. We agree. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_04 This marriage should do much to ease any difficulties between you and the Imperial Court. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_05 A marriage is a welcome sign of better times to come. I wish the couple much joy. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_06 Politics and the marriage bed: they are a start towards better things, I trust. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_acknowledge_reject_03 Your decision is a courageous one, but I will carry word back to the Imperial Court. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_approach_friendly_02 Greetings, noble friend. I have come with a proposal from His Majesty that should also meet with your approval. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_approach_hostile_03 His Majesty commands me speak, and I obey, although I would sooner treat with ice-hearted demons. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_approach_neutral_07 The Emperor would know your mind on some trifling matters. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_approach_neutral_09 My words today carry the weight of Imperial authority. Listen with care. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_approach_neutral_10 My words are an offer from His Majesty's generous heart. Listen, and consider it with care. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_04 His Majesty sends greetings. He also sends a noble proposal. You should listen. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_05 I have come in search of wisdom in response to His Majesty's proposal. I hope this is not a vain exercise. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_08 I speak at the court's behest. Its honour is indeed great, to send a proposal to such as you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_02 Recognising your worth, the Emperor sends gracious felicitations, and instructs me to make you an offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_08 I bear greetings, and His Majesty's offer. Perhaps you will listen with wisdom and proper respect. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_09 His Majesty sends his best wishes, and hopes that we may reach further harmony. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_cancel_military_access_01 The spirits of Japan are unquiet. We can no longer allow your armies to disturb our tranquility. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_cancel_trade_02 Regretfully, Imperial edicts now forbid your merchants from further trade. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_counter_accept_02 Your words have merit, as His Majesty will surely see. I accept your counter-proposal. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_counter_reject_02 Your words lack substance, and I will risk Imperial displeasure by rejecting them immediately. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_demand_player_must_become_vassal_02 I will be plain: your future is bleak without a protector. Become an Imperial vassal, and secure your future. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_generic_reject_1_02 I will not trouble the Emperor with the decision to reject this offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_generic_reject_1_07 Your offer does little for the dignity of the Chrysanthemum Throne. Harmony would be lessened by our agreement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_generic_reject_2_02 Such an offer would not be acceptable within Imperial circles. I will not raise the matter with the Court. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_03 This proposal is quite interesting, but completely out of the question as far as His Majesty is concerned. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_04 All your words are a disguised insult to the Chrysanthemum Throne, not a sincere offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_05 You must think His Majesty's servants are simple. I will only reply: "no". True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_offer_demand_trade_02 Trade is beneath Imperial dignity, but allowing our merchants to work would be sensible. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_offer_marriage_02 A marriage into the Imperial family would benefit all, for it would be a sign of trust between us. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_offer_marriage_05 Perhaps you would consider a marriage into the Imperial family. Such a thing would do much to foster good relations. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_receive_unfriendly_02 I have other court duties, you know. Speak quickly, so that I may be about something useful today. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_receive_unfriendly_06 Speak, then, and do so with despatch. I have other pressing business with court officials. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_hostage_01 Imperial flesh and blood are not traded like cattle! There will be no hostage! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_marriage_01 I cannot think of any rational reason why one of your family should be allowed to marry so far above their station. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_marriage_03 Why on earth would we link the Imperial family to anyone so far beneath them in blood and honour? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_marriage_06 Ha! Never. The Imperial children will marry dung collectors before we consider any of your whelps! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_single_payment_02 Ah! You are a clan of merchants then! Well, the Emperor does not deal with merchants, ever! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_reject_demand_military_access_02 Sadly, I do not think the Emperor would want his peace disturbed by the marching of your men. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_reject_offer_marriage_02 An arranged marriage. I do not think this would work. The Emperor must maintain Imperial dignity. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_imperial_monarchy_reject_offer_regular_payment_02 No. I do not think the Emperor would sell his dignity, like some tradesman. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_accept_friendly_01 A proposal as straight and true as an arrow's shaft! The Shogunate accepts your offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_accept_friendly_02 Your words are entirely sensible. I gladly accept on the Shogunate's behalf. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_accept_hostile_01 Even though you are lower than a snake's belly we accept this offer. The dishonour is mine alone. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_accept_hostile_02 I will carry the shame of our acceptance. The Shogun's reputation will remain intact. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_accept_hostile_03 The Shogunate must agree with your proposal. For now. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_accept_neutral_07 I accept on behalf of my Shogun. There: it is done. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_02 I do not care for you or yours, but I will persuade the Shogun to agree. That must be enough. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_03 I still have reservations, but I will tell the Shogun that we have an agreement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_accept_very_friendly_02 Your people are blessed to be served by you. We have an agreement, and honest friendship! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_alliance_01 Our alliance is ended. The next time we meet may be with guns and swords rather than tea cups. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_01 May this marriage further strengthen the bond between us. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_02 Marriage should be a time of happiness. Let this one increase the happiness and trust between us. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_03 A marriage is a sign of the sincerity in all our hearts. We agree. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_04 This marriage should do much to ease any difficulties between us. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_acknowledge_reject_03 Your decision is a courageous one, but I will carry word of it to the Shogun. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_approach_friendly_02 Greetings, noble friend. I have come with a proposal from the Shogun that should also meet with your approval. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_approach_hostile_03 The Shogun commands me speak, and I obey, although I would sooner speak with barbarous foreigners. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_approach_neutral_07 The Shogun sends me to deal with you on some trifling matters. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_approach_neutral_09 My words today carry the weight of the Shogunate's authority. Listen with care. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_approach_neutral_10 My words are an offer from the Shogun's noble heart. Listen, and consider it with care. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_04 The Shogun sends greetings. In this he is too generous. He also sends a proposal. You should listen. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_05 I have come in search of wisdom in response to this proposal. I hope this is not a vain exercise. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_08 I speak on the Shogunate's behalf, an honour indeed. So perhaps you should listen. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_02 Recognising your worth, the Shogun sends greetings, and instructs me to make you an offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_08 I bear greetings, and the Shogun's offer. Perhaps you will listen with wisdom and friendship. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_09 The Shogun sends his best wishes, and hopes that we may reach further agreement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_cancel_military_access_02 Your troops disturb the dignity of the Shogunate. It is time for them to leave our lands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_cancel_trade_02 Regretfully, the Shogun now forbids his merchants from trading with your merchants. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_counter_accept_02 Your words have merit, and I am sure the Shogun will approve. I accept your counter-proposal. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_demand_player_must_become_vassal_02 I will be plain: your future is bleak without a protector. Become a vassal of the Shogunate, and secure your well-being. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_generic_reject_1_02 On the Shogun's behalf, I will decline this offer. I will not trouble him with the decision. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_generic_reject_1_07 Your offer does little for the Shogunate. Our harmony would be lessened by accepting. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_generic_reject_2_02 Such an offer would not be acceptable to the Shogun. I will not bring the matter to his attention. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_04 All your words disguised only an insult to the Shogunate, not a sincere offer. And insulted, we refuse you anything. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_offer_marriage_05 Perhaps you would consider a marriage. Such a thing would do much to foster good relations. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_marriage_01 I must tell you that the Shogun would sooner see a leatherworker wed to one of his own. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_marriage_06 Ha! Never. The Shogun's children will marry dung collectors before they consider any of your whelps! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_single_payment_02 Ah! You are a clan of merchants then! Well, the Shogunate does not deal with merchants, or pay them without reason! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_reject_demand_military_access_02 Sadly, I do not think the Shogun would want his peace disturbed by the marching of your men. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_reject_offer_marriage_02 An arranged marriage. I do not think this would work. The Shogun is quite particular about his relatives. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_reject_offer_regular_payment_02 No. I do not think the Shogun would accept payment, like some tradesman. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_fots_shogun_monarchy_reject_offer_regular_payment_04 We do not care to be thought of as cheap foreigners, to be bought off for a handful of coins. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_friendly A proposal as straight and true as an arrow's shaft! My lord will accept. May good fortune favour us all. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_friendly_02 Your words are entirely sensible. I gladly accept on my lord's behalf. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_friendly_03 We can agree to such a sensible and correct proposal. Our thanks for your wisdom. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_friendly_04 A wise proposal, and one that favours us all. We accept! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_friendly_05 The good sense of your words cannot be denied. We accept, my friend. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_friendly_06 Ah! This is a good end to our negotiations. We are in friendly agreement and all is well. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_friendly_07 So we have agreement then! It is good when friends treat each other with respect! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_friendly_08 An excellent suggestion. I agree. Wisdom and respect have prevailed. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_friendly_09 So we are done, and we have a most acceptable agreement - and all in the spirit of friendship! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_friendly_10 You have shown friendship and respect here today. How can I do less? I agree. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_hostile My lord will accept, even though you are lower than a snake's belly. I will carry the dishonour of this decision for him. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_hostile_02 I will carry the shame of our acceptance. My lord's reputation will remain intact. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_hostile_03 I am sure my lord will be angry, but we must agree with your proposal. For now. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_hostile_04 My stomach troubles me. I… I… I agree. See that you keep your word! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_hostile_05 I can see vile treachery in your heart even as I say this: we agree. Bah! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_hostile_06 I see that we have no choice but to accept, though it makes my heart ache to do it. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_hostile_07 We have reached agreement. Let us speak no more. I would bathe and get your stink off my flesh. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_hostile_08 Your proposal is, at best, disrespectful, but I will accept it. See that you abide by what you have said! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_hostile_09 Any shame for accepting this agreement will be on my head. Any shame for breaking it, on yours! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_hostile_10 I would sooner take the word of a fox, but I must agree. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_neutral We have reached agreement, then, although the sake has unfortunately run out and we cannot celebrate. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_neutral_02 So, we are in agreement then. Honesty and respect have informed our dealings. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_neutral_03 This is acceptable. When honest men deal honestly with each other, we can reach agreement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_neutral_04 An acceptable offer. It is good to speak plainly, is it not? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_neutral_05 Your words are acceptable, and we are in agreement. There is no more. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_neutral_06 No more talk! The deal is done. Let us leave matters here, and go our separate ways. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_neutral_07 I accept on behalf of my clan. There: it is done. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_neutral_08 Your terms are acceptable. Let us see what the future brings. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_neutral_09 Talk no more. Your offer will be accepted. Be glad of what you have achieved today. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_neutral_10 No more. No more. There is nothing more to say. We accept. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_unfriendly Against all reason, we agree. We are not friends, but we are not enemies. That will have to suffice. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_02 I do not care for you or yours, but I will persuade my lord to agree. That must be enough. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_03 I still have reservations, but I will tell my lord that we have reached agreement here today. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_04 My heart is full of foreboding that this will be an evil thing, but I accept. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_05 I accept your terms, although it is an ill-done act. I hope no further ill comes of it. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_06 An end to this tittle-tattle! The deal is done. Do not look for anything more. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_07 Enough! Your words are wearisome, but I accept your proposal. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_08 I would prefer the word of a gentleman, but I must take yours. I will agree to your terms. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_09 I will accept your terms. My heart tells me that you are false, but we shall see. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_unfriendly_10 I accept your offer. See to it that you honour your side of the bargain! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_very_friendly It is heartening to see honour still exists in these treacherous times: you are a blessing to your clan. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_very_friendly_02 Your lord is blessed to be served by men like you. We have an agreement, and honest friendship! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_very_friendly_03 And so we have an agreement! When friendship and statecraft meet, how could it be otherwise? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_very_friendly_04 Let me be the first to express agreement with what is proposed. This is an auspicious day! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_very_friendly_05 I accept! Your terms are even-handed and fair, your words respectful and becoming to your honour. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_very_friendly_06 So, the deal is done. Excellent! We march on in friendship, to the consternation of our rivals! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_very_friendly_07 Our rivals will tremble when they hear of this agreement, my friend! Excellent! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_very_friendly_08 How could I refuse such an offer from a friend such as you? I cannot! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_very_friendly_09 Ah, your diplomatic skills match your worth in friendship! We gladly accept. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_accept_very_friendly_10 Truly, my friend, your arguments have won the day! I accept your offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_accept A most satisfactory end to our discussions. Our thanks. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_accept_02 This is a good end to an honourable meeting of warriors. My thanks for your sincerity. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_accept_03 A good ending for our talk, then. Diplomacy can, and has, achieved much! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_accept_04 We have an agreement then. Honourable men can always find a way. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_accept_05 Good. We are in agreement. Such is the way of the world when honest men speak. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_accept_06 Excellent. Your good sense does your clan credit. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_accept_07 Your skills as a diplomat do your clan much credit. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_accept_08 It is good to talk to a respectful and respected man, and to reach agreement in that fashion. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_accept_09 My thanks for your words, and for your agreement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_accept_10 My thanks for your wisdom, and for this agreement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_alliance Our alliance is ended. The next time we meet may be with swords rather than tea cups. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_alliance_02 So our alliance is over. We are not enemies, perhaps, but we are no longer friends. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_alliance_03 Our alliance has served its purpose, and now we are done. There is little more to say. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_alliance_04 Sometimes the blossom falls on a still lake, and sometimes on a grave. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_alliance_05 All things have a season, and winter has come to our alliance. It is ended as you say. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_alliance_06 It will be as you say. Our alliance will no longer cause fear in our rivals. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_military_access Very well, we will no longer march across your lands. We hope your safety will not suffer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_military_access_02 Very well. Our troops will have to march further. They will be toughened by the experience. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_military_access_03 I am sure you have your reasons for this refusal. I hope they are worth our inconvenience. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_military_access_04 This is an unfortunate day. Our troops much enjoyed the beauty of your lands. They will be saddened. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_military_access_05 I appreciate candour. It is honest to say that you no longer wish friends to visit. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_military_access_06 We will respect your decision. Our soldiers will be sad. They enjoyed many pleasures in your lands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_trade Very well, you trade goods were not what our people wanted anyway. I am sure your cheap geegaws will sell elsewhere. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_trade_02 The trade was welcomed by our people, but so be it. Your merchants were largely unwashed and will not be missed. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_cancel_trade_03 Very well. Trade is not a fit subject for warriors to discuss anyway. It is over. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_accept There is much wisdom in your decision, and in your long deliberations. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_accept_02 Careful deliberation has brought welcome agreement after all. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_accept_03 It is good to reach an accord. Let us hope it does not melt away like winter's snows. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_accept_04 We have talked long, and discussed many things. In the end, wisdom has prevailed, as it should. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_accept_05 So we are agreed, then. Your final offer has brought us to a good conclusion. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_accept_06 We accept. Your offer is not what we looked for, but it is an acceptable arrangement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_reject It seems little is pleasing to you, then. Our talks must now conclude. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_reject_02 This is unfortunate. And I have known fish-wives make up their minds with more despatch! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_reject_03 So we have failed to reach accord. This is honest, at least. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_reject_04 We have talked, and know each others' hearts better. For now then, we go our separate ways. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_reject_05 So we have failed. Much talking has done little, save allow the tea to grow cold. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_counter_reject_06 So we are done, then. So much for talking. I warned my lord that this might be the outcome… True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_hostage A hostage. Yes. We will agree to such an arrangement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_hostage_02 Very well, we will give a home to one of your family. As long as treaties are honoured, of course… True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_hostage_03 Your offer of a hostage shows a realistic grasp of ideas. This will do much to avoid unpleasantness. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_hostage_04 To give up one of your own shows much sincerity. It is a good thing. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_hostage_05 You recognise the reality of your position. Good. The hostage will be treated with respect. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_hostage_06 Very well. We will take a hostage, and you will remember that their life is in your hands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage May this marriage further strengthen the bond between the clans. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_02 Marriage should be a time of happiness. Let this one increase the happiness and trust in both our lands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_03 A marriage is a sign of the sincerity in all our hearts. We agree. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_04 This marriage should do much to ease any difficulties between our clans. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_05 A marriage is a welcome sign of better times to come. I wish the couple much joy. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_marriage_06 Politics and the marriage bed: they are a start towards better things, I trust. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_reject This is most unfortunate. I hope that you will have no cause to regret this decision. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_reject_02 Very well. I shall report your rejection. You are honest in your decision, and we respect that. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_reject_03 Your decision is a courageous one, but I will carry word of it to my clan. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_reject_04 Long have we talked, and with honesty. Your decision demonstrates sincerity. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_reject_05 So we cannot reach agreement. At least you have spoken with commendable honesty. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_reject_06 Very well. We finish on a note of disagreement. Sometimes such things are meant to be. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_state_gift A proposal as straight and true as an arrow's shaft! My lord will accept. May good fortune favour us all. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_war Ah! It is good to have open disagreement! We will put words aside: war it is! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_war_02 Good! I had grown weary of talking when there is work for proper men. I look forward to taking your life! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_war_03 War it is then. Many men will die because of the words spoken here. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_war_04 I hope you live long enough to recognise your foolishness, but not long after that. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_war_05 Your widows and orphans will soon be weeping at your foolishness today. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_war_06 So, you have decided to die in battle. We shall do our very best to give you an honourable death. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_war_07 Wives and children will curse your name for what you have decided to do today. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_war_08 War, then, is your decision. I trust you will be among the first to die! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_war_09 If we are to have war, then so be it. I look forward to saying prayers for your soul. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_acknowledge_war_10 So war has come. It is better this way. Japan will be better when you are safely dead. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_friendly Please consider this offer carefully, so we may prosper together in friendship. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_friendly_02 Greetings, noble friend. I have come with a proposal from my lord that should also meet with your approval. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_friendly_03 My honoured friend, I bring a proposal that should meet with your approval. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_friendly_04 It is always an honour to speak with you, and I anticipate your wise agreement today. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_friendly_05 I have come with a proposal and, sure of your reasonable response, wish to put it to you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_friendly_06 Our greetings to you. In a spirit of friendship, we are keen to know your mind concerning this proposal. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_friendly_07 I come bearing friendly greetings, and a friendly proposal. Will you listen to my words? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_friendly_08 My duty here is born of friendship, my words of the perilous times we live in. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_friendly_09 I offer only further friendship, made plain in the words that I speak here today. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_friendly_10 It is good to speak with you, my friend. I have a proposal that may profit us both greatly! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_hostile You would be wise to consider this offer, as the world is a hostile place to those without friends. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_hostile_02 A wise man would listen to my words. Of course, wisdom may be in short supply among your kind. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_hostile_03 My lord commands me to speak, and I obey, although I would sooner treat with ice-hearted demons. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_hostile_04 I speak to you today with reluctance. Try to listen carefully, and I will try to forget who you are. Truediplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_hostile_05 I am here to put a proposal to you, rather than take your head. Would that it were the latter… True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_hostile_06 Do you notice a peculiar smell? No? Ah… I am here to put a proposal to you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_hostile_07 I would normally be happier treating with a leper, but I am ordered to put a proposal to you… True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_hostile_08 Is this the best you can do for an envoy? Pah! Very well, listen to my words, and think before you reply! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_hostile_09 I did not come here to bandy pleasantries. I came, as ordered, to make you an offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_hostile_10 You are known to be without honour, but these times make for strange meetings. Listen, then. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_neutral Perhaps you could consider this offer: agreement between us could prove fruitful. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_neutral_02 I have come to make an open and honest offer. You will either accept it or not. What say you? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_neutral_03 I have a proposal. If you listen, you may profit. If you do not, well, we will not suffer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_neutral_04 I bear greetings, and a proposal. A wise man might listen to both. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_neutral_05 I come with greetings, and would know your mind on a matter of some importance. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_neutral_06 Greetings. I am sent today to carry a proposal to you and to carry away your hopefully wise response. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_neutral_07 My lord sends me to know your mind on some trifling matters. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_neutral_08 I am sent so that we may avoid unfortunate misunderstandings. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_neutral_09 My words today carry the weight of my lord's honour. Listen with care. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_neutral_10 My words are an offer from my lord's generous heart. Listen, and consider it with care. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_unfriendly Let us speak together. We will pretend that you are honest men, and deal with you as such. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_02 Let us speak briefly, so that I may be gone. There is a peculiar smell around here… True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_03 I will start with honesty: I would not choose to be here. But here I am, and I will speak. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_04 My lord sends greetings. In this he is too generous. He also sends a proposal. You should listen. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_05 I have come in search of wisdom in response to my lord's proposal. I hope this is not a vain exercise. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_06 I doubt that we can reach agreement with such as you, but I must try. Listen carefully. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_07 I will say what I must, and then listen to your reply. But no more than that. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_08 I speak on my lord's part. His honour is indeed deep, to send a proposal to such as you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_09 Despite your reputation, I have come with an offer. Listen, then, and consider. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_unfriendly_10 We have heard that you have-- native cunning. Perhaps this will serve in place of wisdom as you listen to my words. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_very_friendly Let us speak together in honour and friendship, as honest men do. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_02 Recognising your worth, my lord sends greetings, and instructs me to make you an offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_03 It is always good to speak with friends, and for friends to do well by each other. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_04 When honest men speak together in open friendship, let their unworthy rivals cringe in fear! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_05 I bear greetings to you, noble friend. I am sent with a proposal I am sure will meet with your approval! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_06 I am sent with a proposal that I think will be most pleasing to you, my friend. Listen, and decide for yourself… True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_07 It is an honourable thing to speak with the honourable. I have come with a proposal for you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_08 I bear greetings, and my lord's offer. Perhaps you will listen with wisdom and friendship. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_09 My lord sends his best wishes, and hopes that we may reach further agreement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_approach_very_friendly_10 I am sure our talks today will be friendly and bring further harmony to our lives. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_cancel_alliance In time, all friendships fade. The time has come to end our alliance. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_cancel_alliance_02 So then, we have come to the end of our way together. Let us part, and go our separate ways. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_cancel_alliance_03 Our alliance should now end. Not in bitterness, but simply because all things have a season. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_cancel_alliance_04 Every cherry blossom fades and falls. Our alliance has run its course. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_cancel_alliance_05 Our alliance must be considered over. The time has come to follow separate paths to glory. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_cancel_alliance_06 Our alliance no longer serves an honest purpose. It is ended. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_cancel_military_access The spirits of our lands are unquiet. We can no longer allow your armies to disturb their tranquillity. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_cancel_military_access_02 Your troops disturb the peace of our people, and have few manners. It is time for them to leave our lands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_cancel_military_access_03 We can no longer let your troops wander where they will in our lands. There: it is said. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_cancel_trade The time has come to put an end to trade between our peoples. It now serves no real purpose. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_cancel_trade_02 Regretfully, my lord must now forbid his merchants from trading with your merchants. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_cancel_trade_03 We no longer see a need for our merchants to trade with you, that is the sum of my message. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_counter_accept We must accept, however heavy our hearts. Such is the path of life. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_counter_accept_02 Your words have merit, and I am sure my lord will approve. I accept your counter-proposal. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_counter_accept_03 You have spoken well, and I am persuaded. I will accept your offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_counter_accept_04 Your proposal has much to commend it. Yes… Yes. We agree to your terms. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_counter_accept_05 Your words are wise. We accept your proposal gladly. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_counter_accept_06 Your proposed settlement is wise and fair. We accept. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_counter_reject All our words have been wasted. Our talks have been barren: we cannot agree. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_counter_reject_02 Your words lack substance, and I will risk the wrath of heaven by rejecting them immediately. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_counter_reject_03 You have spoken poorly and done your clan no service today. I must reject your proposal. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_counter_reject_04 Your proposal was not what we wished to hear. I cannot, in all truth, accept it. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_counter_reject_05 Your words have been without number, but also without wisdom. We cannot accept your offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_counter_reject_06 Your proposal is interesting, but it would be unwise for us to accept it. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_hostage Trust can be earned: if your family provides a hostage, further unpleasantness can be avoided. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_hostage_02 A member of your family would, I think, make a most excellent guarantee against future misunderstandings. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_hostage_03 Today, I suggest this: give us a hostage, that we can know your behaviour is honest. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_hostage_04 I will speak simply and clearly: we require a hostage, so that your actions will not be unwise. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_hostage_05 We require a guarantee of your future prudence. One of your own, as a hostage, would be adequate. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_hostage_06 We must be prudent, and have some guarantee of your behaviour. We need a hostage. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_military_access It would demonstrate wisdom and strength if you allowed our armies passage. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_military_access_02 Our armies march where they will, but there is nothing wrong with asking, politely, if they may enter your lands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_military_access_03 It would show wisdom and self-confidence if you allowed our armies to march across your lands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_player_must_become_vassal It is time to show your inner strength, and recognise truth: you cannot go on alone. Now is the time to accept you must be our vassal. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_player_must_become_vassal_02 I will be plain: your future is bleak without a protector. Become a vassal of my lord, and secure your well-being. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_player_must_become_vassal_03 Understand this: times are changing, and you would be well advised to seek a protector. We could be your protectors. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_regular_payment It would, perhaps, show your wisdom if you gave us gold. Repeated gifts would surely further illustrate your prudence. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_regular_payment_02 Trifling regular contributions to our treasury would significantly increase the respect for you that we hold in our hearts. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_regular_payment_03 I am sure that you will understand the wisdom of making regular "contributions" to our treasury… True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_single_payment A gift of gold would prove your wise generosity and ensure the security of your lands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_single_payment_02 I hesitate to mention it, but a gift of gold - a substantial gift - would do much to ease tensions between us. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_demand_single_payment_03 I will speak plainly: you have it within your grasp to gain our favourable opinion. It will cost you only a modest amount of gold. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_offer_demand We should discuss matters of mutual interest, so that all may profit and flourish as a result. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_offer_demand_02 Let us speak, like sensible men, of many things, and so reach some accord here today. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_offer_demand_03 We should speak openly of matters that concern us both, and so avoid unfortunate misunderstanding. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_offer_demand_04 Let us speak, then, of matters of import. I have a proposal to make. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_offer_demand_05 Consider this, our offer, and do so with all your undoubted wisdom. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_offer_demand_06 Consider my words with care, and likewise your response. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_offer_demand_07 Consider my offer, and see the deeper harmony that it brings to the world. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_offer_demand_08 I would have you listen to my offer. You may find it interesting. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_offer_demand_09 Perhaps, if you listen to my offer, you will find some merit in the idea. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_offer_demand_10 When you consider my offer, do not consider only the blossom. Look to the whole tree. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_1 My heart is heavy. Such an offer cannot be accepted. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_1_02 On my lord's behalf, I will decline this offer. I will not trouble him with the decision. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_1_03 I am sure your offer is sincere, and so my rejection must be equally sincere. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_1_04 Our talk has been interesting but we cannot agree to anything at this time. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_1_05 I have considered your words. I must tell you that your proposal is rejected. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_1_06 Your offer is not acceptable, in principle or in detail. My apologies for such bluntness. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_1_07 Your offer does little for my clan. Our harmony would be lessened by accepting. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_1_08 Your words are indeed persuasive, but not quite enough to sway my heart and mind. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_1_09 Some blossoms are treasured and remembered forever. Others simply fall. Your offer is one of the latter. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_1_10 I am saddened that I must refuse your offer. I had hoped for agreement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_2 Your offer is worthy, but that does not make it acceptable. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_2_02 Such an offer would not be acceptable to my lord. I will not bring the matter to his attention. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_2_03 This proposal is quite interesting, but it is not right for me to accept it at this time. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_2_04 Our talk has been largely… pointless. I will not say wasted, even though it ends with no agreement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_2_05 I will speak plainly. You offer is not acceptable. Our response, then, is a simple "no". True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_2_06 I do not need to think on your words for long. No. Your offer is not what we want. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_2_07 This offer is interesting but, in honesty, I cannot accept it. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_2_08 Perhaps I am at fault, but I do not think your offer is acceptable. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_2_09 I will speak in plain, soldier's terms: I do not accept your proposal. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_2_10 Ah! The blossom withers on the tree. I cannot agree to this. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1 This offer would be an affront to a mountain monkey. Bah! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_02 Such words would normally cost you your head. Be grateful for my restraint. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_03 This proposal is quite interesting, but only in the way that a dunghill is interesting. So, no. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_04 All your words disguised only an insult to our clan, not a sincere offer. And insulted, we refuse you anything. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_05 You must think us simple. I will not bother to dignify your offer with anything except a "no". True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_06 So you think us no better than fools. I reject your offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_07 Your words are an insult to our honour! Oh! I yearn to cut off your arrogant head! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_08 Is this some kind of joke that only dishonourable men laugh about? Your offer is worthless! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_09 You think me simple, then. Well, I reject your proposal, and your arrogant idiocy! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1_10 I will not stain my sword with the blood of a fool! That is all that keeps you alive! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_2 We may be honest folk, but we are not to be treated as fools! This is completely outrageous! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_2_02 Ha! You jest then. Your humour is poor indeed, as I would expect from the uncouth. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_2_03 You are a brave man to make such a proposal. Brave, or touched by madness. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_2_04 Your talk was no more than the tittle-tattle of peasantry. Your offer insults my intelligence. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_2_05 My swordarm aches with the strain of not taking your head. No, no, no. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_2_06 Truly, your clan is touched with foolishness if you thought such an offer could ever be acceptable. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_2_07 Have you taken a blow to the head recently? No? Ah, then you are a naturally born idiot! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_2_08 Surely you do not expect such a silly, womanish, insulting proposal to be accepted? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_2_09 You are a fool. Nothing else explains why you would make such an offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_2_10 Your father must know little but disappointment in his children. No. You offer is foolish. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_not_interested_in_further_discussion Your words are clouds on the wind: pretty, but soon gone. Further talk is pointless now. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_not_interested_in_further_discussion_02 We have talked and talked, and decided nothing, save that these talks are now concluded. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_not_interested_in_further_discussion_03 I grow weary with talk. Perhaps on another occasion we may speak with better results. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_not_interested_in_further_discussion_04 Your talk wearies me. Perhaps after a few months of rest I might feel like listening again. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_not_interested_in_further_discussion_05 The day grows old, and I would be at supper. We have talked enough. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_not_interested_in_further_discussion_06 Enough of talk! It is obvious that, for now, we cannot reach agreement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_not_interested_in_further_discussion_07 We have talked the day away. We will not agree, and an end to discussions seems a wise move. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_not_interested_in_further_discussion_08 We have talked too long! Anyone would think us peasant women, bartering over fish! Enough! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_not_interested_in_further_discussion_09 My mind is dulled with words. We will stop now. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_not_interested_in_further_discussion_10 Even the chattering tengu eventually stops talking! We should do the same, and end our discussion. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_demand_alliance We have thought deeply. Do you not think that our enemies would shake with fear if we were openly allied? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_demand_alliance_02 Can you not see it? Our enemies would die of fear alone if we were allies! It would be glorious! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_demand_alliance_03 I offer an alliance! Think of the glory that could be ours, and accept this proposal! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_demand_peace Enough brave men have died. It is time to discuss an end to the fighting. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_demand_peace_02 An honourable peace. That is all I offer. It is a good offer, honestly made. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_demand_peace_03 I offer this: peace, a simple end to war before our peoples are gone, like blossom on the breeze. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_demand_trade Trade would surely bring benefits to both our clans. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_demand_trade_02 Trade is beneath a warrior's dignity, but allowing our merchants to work would be sensible. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_demand_trade_03 Townsmen have their uses, but only when they are allowed to trade. What say you? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_marriage We offer a marriage. Let this be a sign of better times to come. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_marriage_02 A marriage between our families would benefit us all, for it would be a sign of trust between us. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_marriage_03 I suggest a suitable marriage is possible. It would do much to improve attitudes on both sides. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_marriage_04 There is merit in one idea, that could bind us closer: what say you to an arranged marriage? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_marriage_05 Perhaps you would consider a marriage between our clans. Such a thing would do much to foster good relations. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_marriage_06 I propose a marriage. It is a simple thing, an honest thing, and could do much good for us all. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_regular_payment Please accept our gifts: they reflect your honour and worth. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_regular_payment_02 I offer you a regular stipend, paid directly into your lord's treasury. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_regular_payment_03 A gift is always welcome, so let our repeated gifts to you be doubly, even triply, welcome! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_single_payment Please accept this gift. It is a mark of the esteem in which you are held. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_single_payment_02 I can offer you a substantial sum, in the hope it will achieve a better understanding between us. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_offer_single_payment_03 Perhaps a substantial amount of money might help you to understand that we are your friends. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_friendly Welcome, noble friend! There is much to discuss for our mutual benefit! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_friendly_02 Greetings! It is always good to see honest friends, come to take tea and talk of many things. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_friendly_03 There is always a welcome for you, and a receptive audience for your ideas. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_friendly_04 A friend is always welcome, especially in these times of trouble. Come, let us talk. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_friendly_05 So, my friend, of what do you wish to talk? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_friendly_06 My friend, welcome. Come, speak your wisdom, and I will give your words due consideration. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_friendly_07 Welcome. Be seated, and tell me of the concerns that bring you here. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_friendly_08 Let me listen to your offer, and answer as best I may. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_friendly_09 Speak, and I will listen. If I can help, I will try to do so. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_friendly_10 In a spirit of friendship, speak of your terms, and I will answer presently. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_hostile Speak carefully, for my sword is ready to take your head! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_hostile_02 So then, what have you to say today? Will my ears be shamed by the hearing? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_hostile_03 Speak if you must, but speak carefully if you value your tongue. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_hostile_04 I have better things to do than listen to an old woman's prattle. Speak, and try to make sense! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_hostile_05 You are here like an honest man at the front gate. Better that, I suppose, than an assassin over the wall. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_hostile_06 Speak plainly. Speak quickly. Your presence is not entirely welcome. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_hostile_07 Do not expect tea. That is for friends. Speak your piece. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_hostile_08 I do not wish to listen to you, but politics makes for strange and sometimes unwelcome encounters. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_hostile_09 Speak your insolence, then I will reply. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_hostile_10 I did not think you had the courage to come before me, but speak now that you are here. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_neutral Welcome! I am here to listen and to seek a worthy outcome to our discussions. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_neutral_02 An unexpected meeting may, with hindsight, turn out to be welcome. Let us see what happens here. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_neutral_03 Sometimes travellers meet, and profit by it. Shall we see what our journeys have in store for us? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_neutral_04 Well, I will listen to your words for a time. Do not waste this chance I give to you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_neutral_05 Speak, and do not mumble. Honesty and clarity march forwards together in negotiations. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_neutral_06 I will listen attentively, and then give you a fair response. Now, speak your part. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_neutral_07 Please, speak honestly, and I will give you good attention. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_neutral_08 Let us hope that today ends well. Now, speak of your wishes and intentions. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_neutral_09 I am here to listen. When you have spoken, and spoken in honesty, I will give a proper response. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_neutral_10 I will listen, as politeness dictates. As to the response you receive: that depends on what you offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_unfriendly Time and honour are both being wasted. What do you want? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_unfriendly_02 I have weapons that need polishing. Speak quickly, so that I may be about something useful today. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_unfriendly_03 When a tiger growls at your door you listen, but you do not invite it to take tea. Speak. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_unfriendly_04 Speak your pretty speech, but do not imagine for one moment that words alone will sway our opinions. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_unfriendly_05 I will listen, but my heart tells me that your words may not be entirely helpful to our cause. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_unfriendly_06 Speak, then, and do so with despatch. I have other pressing business with my stewards. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_unfriendly_07 I will listen to what you say, but it had better be good! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_unfriendly_08 Say what you must, but my heart tells me not to listen with hope. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_unfriendly_09 I will hear your words, although I do not expect to profit from them. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_unfriendly_10 Cast your words upon the breeze. Perhaps they will drift past my ears. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_very_friendly Welcome indeed, my honourable friend! What shall we discuss, in the hope of mutual profit? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_very_friendly_02 Come, let us take tea and talk. Then, after we have agreed, what other pleasures will we enjoy? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_very_friendly_03 Be welcome, my friend. I have ordered sake prepared to whet our wits and warm our hearts. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_very_friendly_04 This is a good day! A friendly visit! Good conversation! And perhaps a profitable outcome for all? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_very_friendly_05 It is good to see a friendly face. Come, let us talk, and take tea perhaps. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_very_friendly_06 I am honoured to receive you. It is always a good day when friends come to talk. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_very_friendly_07 Come, be seated. I will order tea, and we will have agreement before sunset! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_very_friendly_08 My good friend! Tell me what concerns you, and together we will resolve your problems! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_very_friendly_09 Meetings with friends are always a pleasant diversion. What has brought you here today? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_receive_very_friendly_10 My friend, I am ready to listen to your every word. What I can do for you, I will do for you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_hostage Our flesh and blood are not traded like cattle! There will be no hostage! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_hostage_02 No. No. No. Our sons and daughters would die of shame if housed in your hovels. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_hostage_03 I do not think so. It is well known that you can barely bring up your own whelps, let alone look after the children of others! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_hostage_04 Do not be a fool. Why would I trust a child of ours near the beasts in your household? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_hostage_05 A hostage? You think our situation that bad? Well, it is not. You cannot have a hostage! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_hostage_06 I would sooner cut off my swordarm and give you that than see you take a hostage! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_marriage I must tell you that our clan would sooner have the lowest leatherworker as a marriage partner! So: no. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_marriage_02 This is unacceptable. For a start, it is well known that your people are not blessed by a surfeit of good looks. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_marriage_03 Why on earth would we want to marry into a family of pigs? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_marriage_04 A kind offer, but I am sure we wanted our children to marry someone - well, cleaner for a start! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_marriage_05 What spirit of madness makes you suggest such a thing? Your mind and soul are truly ill. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_marriage_06 Ha! Never. My lord's children will marry dung collectors before they consider any of your whelps! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_military_access You must think we are stupid, or blind. Your armies will never pollute our lands! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_military_access_02 Such a thing will never happen! March elsewhere-- to Hell, preferably-- but not into our lands! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_military_access_03 No! The very stones of our land would hurl themselves at your unwashed and uncouth soldiers! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_protectorate There is no honour in your offer. There is little honour in you. We will never be your slaves! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_protectorate_02 Expecting us to lay bare our necks to your blade is insulting. This we will never do! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_protectorate_03 No, no, no. We are not so foolish as to let wild dogs guard our children. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_regular_payment Do you think us simple, or under the rule of moon rabbits? Why would we fill your treasury? No. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_regular_payment_02 If all the demons in Hell came to our gates they would not see a single coin from us, so why should you? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_regular_payment_03 You are a clan of leeches then, content to suck any lifeblood! It will not happen today. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_single_payment Stuffing a pig's mouth once only makes it return for another meal. You will have no gold. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_single_payment_02 Ah! You are a clan of merchants then! Well, my lord does not deal with merchants, or pay them without reason! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_single_payment_03 A fool leaves meat outside his door in the hope the wolves will go away. You think us fools, then. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_alliance An alliance! I see foaming madness has not entirely left your clan, then! But, no. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_alliance_02 I would sooner cast myself into the sea to be eaten by crabs than agree to an alliance with you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_alliance_03 An alliance? A thousand years of laughter are not enough for that idea! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_peace Peace? Are you so tired and womanly that you need peace? Bah! No! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_peace_02 Peace? We shall have peace when you are in the grave, and not a moment before! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_peace_03 Peace is not for the likes of you. Peace is for honourable, honest men. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_peace_04 You may want peace, Heaven may want peace. But the land will have peace when your corpses feed the crows! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_peace_05 Peace will not come while your heart beats! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_peace_06 Peace! With you and yours? Never, as long as I can draw a sword and ride a horse! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_trade No. We will not trade. I doubt that even foreign devils would willingly trade with your kind. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_trade_02 Why would we want anything that you or your unwashed kind have touched? There will be no trade! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_trade_03 Trade? Trade? No warrior speaks of trade! And with the likes of you? Even merchants go elsewhere! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_regular_payment So! You think us whores, then, to be bought by your gold. No, that is not the way of things. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_regular_payment_02 You may measure honour in gold, but we do not. We are not your servants, paid to do your bidding. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_regular_payment_03 We will not be paid off like common labourers! We still have honour! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_single_payment Do not presume so much! Your gold is dishonourable, and we will not take it. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_single_payment_02 Your money would be a stain on our honour, and we will not take it. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_single_payment_03 Your money? No. The stolen wealth of others is best returned to its rightful owners! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_hostage A hostage? No. Some arrangements are not acceptable. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_hostage_02 We do not give our children over to the likes of you. Ever. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_hostage_03 A hostage? No. You will have no one, no beast, no rock, not even a grain of rice to hold. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_marriage Unfortunately, marriage to one of your, ah, brood would not be appropriate. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_marriage_02 I can answer this immediately: a marriage between our families would not be appropriate. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_marriage_03 I will answer: no. Our sons and daughters are not traded for petty advantage with you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_marriage_04 A marriage, you say? Perhaps not. I fear none of our eligible youngsters would be entirely happy with the idea. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_marriage_05 I must respectfully decline the offer. Marriage to one of your family does not sit well with our plans. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_marriage_06 I do not think a suitable partner could be found, so: no. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_military_access No. Our lands would be dishonoured by your heavy tread. The spirits would be much disturbed. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_military_access_02 Sadly, I do not think my lord would want his peace disturbed by the marching of your men. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_military_access_03 No. Your troops would shatter the harmony of our lands, just by their presence! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_military_access_04 You wish to march across our lands? I do not think so. Soldiers do not always depart after they arrive. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_military_access_05 Your troops would frighten peasants and make them stop work, so you cannot march across our lands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_military_access_06 I can see no sensible reason why you need to do that. You cannot march where you will. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_protectorate The open hand of friendship can quickly grasp the sword of oppression: we must refuse your offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_protectorate_02 No, we cannot. The friend who will not leave is soon regarded as no friend at all. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_protectorate_03 Sadly, we must decline the honour of sheltering behind your warriors. We have weapons of our own. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_regular_payment You are mistaken: we are not cheap merchants to be taxed by you! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_regular_payment_02 I had not realised you were short of money, but we cannot help. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_regular_payment_03 Ah! So you are brigands then, demanding money! Hmm. Brigands are crucified in our lands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_single_payment Gold given dishonourably would not bring you honour. We cannot do this. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_single_payment_02 We will not pay you. Perhaps if you curb your expenditures, all will be well with your treasury. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_demand_single_payment_03 No. Remember, the squirrel that saves for winter does not need to beg for food. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_alliance An alliance would not bring honour to you or us at this time. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_alliance_02 I do not think an alliance with you would be in everyone's best interests at this time. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_alliance_03 An alliance? It is interesting that you think that way, but we do not. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_alliance_04 No, no. An alliance with you would be entirely unthinkable... unsuitable… un… un… unbecoming. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_alliance_05 While an alliance is undoubtedly in your interests, I judge it not to be so for us. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_alliance_06 With all possible respect: no. We will not be allies. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_hostage No. Our children are not bred so that they may be sent away to learn common manners from strangers. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_hostage_02 Sadly, none of our children would be suitable to be part of your household. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_hostage_03 I am afraid I must refuse. Our children are not rice sacks to be shipped hither and thither. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_hostage_04 A hostage, is that what you ask. Well, you cannot have one. There, it is said. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_hostage_05 I will not countenance such an act. You cannot have a hostage. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_hostage_06 I will not agree to giving up one of our own to your tender care. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_peace Peace? You talk of peace? This is not a time of peace, but of war! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_peace_02 Peace is indeed a thing to be cherished, but not just yet. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_peace_03 We shall have peace, but not today. Perhaps in a hundred years, or when we are all dead. But not now. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_peace_04 The war goes on. There can be no peace with you. Why should we want it? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_peace_05 Peace is difficult to grasp when one's hands are slippery with blood. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_peace_06 There can be no peace. Not yet. I do not say "never", but I do say "not now". True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_trade We cannot do this: you have nothing that our people could possibly desire. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_trade_02 Trade with your merchants might well offend our merchants, so we decline your offer. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_trade_03 No. Our townsfolk are, sadly, quite set in their ways, and unlikely to buy your shoddy goods. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_trade_04 I have seen your lands' goods. I have heard of your markets. We want nothing of either. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_trade_05 I have heard that your goods are not of the finest quality. So, no, there will be no trade. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_trade_06 Perhaps trade would benefit you, but it is not in our interests at the moment. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_hostage You offer a hostage? Have you anything of true value instead? True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_hostage_02 One of yours as a hostage? Is it housetrained? I think not, on balance. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_hostage_03 No, I do not think we want anyone from your family in our house. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_marriage A generous and sincere offer, but matters must be otherwise. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_marriage_02 An arranged marriage. I do not think this would work. My lord is quite particular about his relatives. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_marriage_03 I do not think this is appropriate. Marriages work best when they are between equals. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_marriage_04 A marriage offer? Now there is an interesting idea, but a completely impractical one. No. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_marriage_05 While such a marriage would undoubtedly reflect well on your clan, it is not suitable. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_marriage_06 No. I think not. We prefer that our children marry well. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_regular_payment We are not merchants or tradesmen, to be bought in this fashion. We are warriors! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_regular_payment_02 No. I do not think my lord would accept payment, like some tradesman. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_regular_payment_03 While gold has its uses, paying us off like common brigands is not one of them. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_regular_payment_04 We do not care to be thought of as cheap ashigaru, to be bought off for a handful of coins. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_regular_payment_05 We will not be your kept women, paid off in coin to suit your whims. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_regular_payment_06 Ah! You mistake us for men of greed, not honour. We will not take your money. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_single_payment Gold does not buy our honour. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_single_payment_02 Nothing of ours is for sale. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_single_payment_03 No. Your gold would be better spent on buying a lesson in good manners. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_single_payment_04 A magnificent sum, to be sure, but my lord prizes his honour above all monetary gain. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_single_payment_05 Our honour does not have a price. Yours… may have. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_reject_offer_single_payment_06 Within your breasts beat the hearts of merchants, not warriors. But you cannot buy us. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_too_many_counters You have offered much, but with little sense to your proposals. We have no more time now. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_too_many_counters_02 You have talked and talked, and now it is my turn: no. To all your proposals. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_too_many_counters_03 I have listened patiently, so I will be brief now: no, no and no. Your thoughts have no clarity. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_too_many_counters_04 And now I have listened for long enough. You have talked and talked, and said very little of worth. We are done. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_too_many_counters_05 Your arguments have been weak and confused, your offers likewise, and I am finished here. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_too_many_counters_06 It is time to end these discussions. You have talked and talked, but without real meaning. We are done. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_war War it is, then. Now you will feel the tiger's claws! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_war_02 We are at war. Good! An honest battle is always better than polite chit-chat! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_war_03 We are done with talk. The next time we meet the clash of swords will be our eloquent arguments. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_war_04 Today the talking ends. Words will be stillborn in your dead mouth. There is war between us. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_war_05 Talking is done. The sword is now drawn. We will have war! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_war_06 The time for meaningless talk is done! The time for action is upon us. War has come! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_war_07 I say this: say your farewells. Death is coming. We are now at war. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_war_08 Enough talk! War is now the only way. I wish you an honourable death! True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_war_09 We are now at war. I say one thing more: die. Die soon. Die at our hands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_japanese_generic_monarchy_war_10 We are at war, and there is an end to our talk. You may go now, and prepare your soul. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_acknowledge_war Good! The House of Minamoto welcomes open, honest war with you! True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_cancel_military_access The Minamoto ancestors resent your soldiers disturbing their peace. Our lands are closed to you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_demand_military_access You would be wise to allow Minamoto armies to march across your lands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_generic_reject_angry_1 No! Such scant fare would not sit well in Minamoto stomachs. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_receive_hostile I will listen, but my Minamoto heart aches to see your blood spilled. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_reject_angry_demand_hostage Minamoto flesh is not bought and sold in the market! There will be no hostage for you! True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_reject_angry_demand_marriage The Minamoto do not pimp their sons and daughters to the likes of you. There will be no marriage. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_reject_angry_demand_protectorate The House of Minamoto does not bow to anyone, except the Emperor! True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_reject_angry_demand_regular_payment Ha! You are a court fool to ask this! You will not have one rusty nail from Minamoto lands! True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_reject_angry_demand_single_payment You will have nothing. We Minamoto do not pay for peace. Our swords guarantee our peace. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_reject_angry_offer_single_payment We Minamoto are not court lackeys! We cannot be bought like cheap dancing girls! True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_reject_demand_single_payment Minamoto gold will stay in Minamoto strongrooms. We do not meekly hand it to robbers. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_reject_offer_hostage Thank you, but no: we do not want your whelp cluttering up a Minamoto palace. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Minamoto_too_many_counters Be silent now. You have babbled your nonsense into Minamoto ears until we are weary. We are done. True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_acknowledge_cancel_alliance Very well, our clans will be blown by different winds. True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_acknowledge_war Good. War is a worthy pursuit for Mori men, even against such as you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_cancel_alliance The tide and winds have changed. We can no longer be allies. True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_offer_demand_alliance At sea, all men learn the value of friends. True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_receive_hostile Speak, but with care. Mori tolerance is not famous. True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_receive_unfriendly I would prefer to feed you to crabs, but speak. True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_reject_angry_demand_protectorate You must think us simple fisherfolk, to ask such a thing. We Mori are not noted for our even tempers. True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_reject_angry_offer_demand_trade We Mori have better things to do than act as your shipping agents! True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_reject_angry_offer_regular_payment And fools call us pirates! We will not do this! True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_reject_angry_offer_single_payment Ha! Mori gold is not surrendered to passing bandits! Do not expect riches here. True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_reject_offer_demand_peace You are wise to seek peace, but unfortunate in seeking it from us. We Mori see no need for peace. True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_reject_offer_marriage That particular ship will remain unlaunched. True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_reject_offer_regular_payment We are not pirates, who can be bought off with gold and shiny gifts. True
diplomacy_strings_string_mori_war You will wish you had drowned rather than have a war against the Mori! True
diplomacy_strings_string_negotiation_temp_generic_accept_1 I believe we can agree to your proposal. True
diplomacy_strings_string_negotiation_temp_generic_reject_1 I regret that we cannot agree to such terms. True
diplomacy_strings_string_negotiation_temp_placeholder placeholder True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_accept_unfriendly Very well. Do you want the door opening, or will you slither under it? True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_acknowledge_cancel_alliance The alliance is ended. In future, we will rely on Oda generals! True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_acknowledge_reject So, a "no", then, even to us, the famed Oda. Interesting… True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_approach_hostile You would be wise to listen, for our generals ache to send you a different message! True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_cancel_military_access We must ask you not to send your armies across Oda lands. Their presence interferes in the work of our own glorious generals. True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_counter_accept Our ancestors are undoubted concerned, but we agree. True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_demand_player_must_become_vassal The Oda offer you strength, and protection. You need do only one thing: bow your head and become a vassal. True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_demand_regular_payment Consider this a guarantee of the good will of the Oda clan, nothing more. True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_offer_marriage We honour you with the offer of marriage. It is a great thing, to be part of the Oda family. True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_reject_angry_demand_military_access Our forebears took these lands with their courage and blood. You do not get to stroll around in them! True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_reject_angry_offer_demand_alliance The Oda clan has not fallen so low as to need you as allies! True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_reject_demand_protectorate Our warriors are not yet so weak that we must give in to your demands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_reject_offer_demand_alliance Our generals would rightly question such a state of affairs. True
diplomacy_strings_string_oda_reject_offer_demand_hostage No, we do not send Oda sons and daughters into captivity. True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_alliance Military alliance True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_break_alliance Break Alliance: True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_break_trade Break Trade Agreement: True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_hostage Hostages: True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_join_war Join War Against: True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_marriage Marriage: True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_military_access_10_turns Military access: 10 turns True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_military_access_20_turns Military access: 20 turns True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_military_access_5_turns Military access: 5 turns True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_military_access_indefinite Military access: indefinite True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_peace Peace treaty True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_protectorate Become Vassal True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_regular_payment Regular payment: %d. Turns: %d True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_single_payment Single payment: %d True
diplomacy_strings_string_offer_or_demand_trade_access Trade agreement True
diplomacy_strings_string_relationship_friendly Friendly True
diplomacy_strings_string_relationship_hostile Hostile True
diplomacy_strings_string_relationship_neutral Indifferent True
diplomacy_strings_string_relationship_unfriendly Unfriendly True
diplomacy_strings_string_relationship_very_friendly Very friendly True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_acknowledge_cancel_military_access That is a pity. Your lands were honoured by the mere presence of Shimazu armies. True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_acknowledge_war Very well. I will drink to a Shimazu victory, then! True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_cancel_alliance It is time for our alliance to end. You must recognise that you were never the equals of the Shimazu in honour or blood. True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_demand_military_access What clan would not be honoured to have Shimazu warriors in their lands? True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_generic_reject_angry_1 You insult Shimazu honour! True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_not_interested_in_further_discussion Your clan may encourage mindless gossip, but we Shimazu have better things to do. True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_offer_demand_alliance We offer you an alliance, a great honour for any lesser clan. True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_reject_angry_demand_hostage A single Shimazu hostage? Not even so much as a single drop of Shimazu blood! No! True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_reject_angry_demand_protectorate Never! The very suggestion is enough to bring the wrath of the Shimazu down upon your head! True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_reject_angry_offer_regular_payment Shimazu blood and honour are not bought and sold. Be careful what you say next! True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_reject_demand_marriage For centuries, the Shimazu have married appropriately. Why would that change 2012-04-09 (月) 08:21:19 True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_reject_demand_protectorate You ask that the Shimazu prostrate themselves? Begone! True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_reject_demand_single_payment We Shimazu are not merchants or peasants. Take your greed elsewhere. True
diplomacy_strings_string_shimazu_reject_offer_hostage We Shimazu are choosy about our guests. We do not want your whelps. True
diplomacy_strings_string_state_gift May this gift strengthen relations between us. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_accept_very_friendly There is much to celebrate here. The Taira always appreciate honest dealings! True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_acknowledge_accept Our discussions are complete, and most satisfactory. And now, court business requires my attention… True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_acknowledge_counter_accept We Taira welcome your decision, and the wisdom that lies behind your choice. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_acknowledge_counter_reject The House of Taira has better things to occupy its attention than you. Our talks are done. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_acknowledge_marriage A marriage can bring only honour to both our families. The House of Taira welcomes you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_acknowledge_reject I see. The House of Taira truly hopes that you will not live to regret this decision. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_demand_player_must_become_vassal Be wise: accept the truth. You need a powerful protector, and the Lord of the Taira is that man. Be his vassal. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_demand_regular_payment A regular contribution to the treasury of the House of Taira would show that intelligence is not lacking in your family. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_generic_reject_angry_1 This offer is a bad joke! Do you think the Taira have are weak scribes to be so insulted? True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_offer_demand_alliance Surely your enemies would quake to know you are an ally of the Taira. Accept our formal friendship and all will be well. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_offer_marriage We offer you marriage, a union with the House of Taira: such an elevation should not be lightly refused. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_offer_single_payment The wise courtier knows that a gift can often smooth the way between friends. Please, accept this measure of Taira esteem. True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_receive_unfriendly There are matters of state that need attention. What inconvenience do you bring to the House of Taira? True
diplomacy_strings_string_Taira_reject_offer_demand_alliance An alliance may seem worthy to you, but the House of Taira sees little profit in such an arrangement. True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_acknowledge_cancel_alliance So we have come to a parting of the ways, as all men do. True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_acknowledge_reject This is a sad turn of events. We Takeda do not like failure. True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_acknowledge_war Excellent! Our warriors have long prepared for the day when they would ride you down! True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_cancel_alliance It is time for us to ride along our own roads, and leave you to your path. True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_cancel_trade Trade is not an honourable way to live. Therefore our arrangements must come to an end. True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_demand_military_access Perhaps our warriors can be allowed free passage. You may keep the manure from our cavalry. True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_generic_reject_2 The Takeda must say no to such a thing. True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_generic_reject_angry_1 You think us simple then? Idiots, because we are from the mountains? Ha! True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_generic_reject_angry_2 I would sooner live in a stables than agree to such a thing. True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_receive_unfriendly My horse needs exercise, so be quick about your business here! True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_reject_angry_offer_demand_alliance Why should the Takeda clan lose strength and honour by shackling themselves to you? True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_reject_demand_military_access Sadly, we must refuse. The presence of your men, strangers, would frighten our horses. True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_reject_offer_demand_peace Horse dung. My profound apologies! Surprise makes me too honest on occasion! True
diplomacy_strings_string_takeda_war We will have war. You will soon be trampled into the dust. True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_acknowledge_cancel_trade Your wisdom is deep indeed, if you cast aside any link with the Tokugawa clan. True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_acknowledge_counter_reject We Tokugawa can talk all day, if needs must. But this is pointless. I will withdraw. True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_acknowledge_marriage Marriage and links of blood are the surest ways to improve understanding. True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_acknowledge_war So, diplomacy has failed. Very well, swords will make our arguments most eloquently! True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_generic_reject_2 On behalf of the Tokugawa, I must regretfully decline. True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_generic_reject_angry_2 Diplomacy does not mean agreeing to every outrageous proposal! No! True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_offer_demand_alliance There is much honour in recognising friendship and trust when it is offered. True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_offer_demand_peace The sword must be sheathed. The voices of reasonable men should be heard. True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_receive_neutral Let us speak, then, as near-equals. This pleasing fiction will ease our talks! True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_reject_angry_demand_military_access The needs of diplomacy prevent me from expressing my disdain for this idea with the proper force. True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_reject_angry_offer_demand_peace The warriors of the Tokugawa see no need to stop slaughtering you now or in the near future. True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_reject_offer_hostage A guest, no matter how gracious, would not be welcome at the moment. True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_reject_offer_marriage A traditional way of improving relations between two families, to be sure, but in this case inappropriate. True
diplomacy_strings_string_tokugawa_too_many_counters I am ashamed that I have been unable to comprehend your intentions, as you have been so confused in your diplomacy. True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_acknowledge_accept Our prayers have been answered. This is good. True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_acknowledge_reject Our prayers go unanswered then. Such is the will of heaven. True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_acknowledge_war We will pray for your dead. For your many dead. True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_approach_hostile We have long prayed for your overthrow, but we will talk to you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_approach_very_friendly Greetings, friend. Long have you been in our prayers. True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_cancel_military_access The spirits cry out and we can no longer silence them. Your armies are no longer welcome in our lands. True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_not_interested_in_further_discussion If you will forgive me, I must withdraw. It is time to pray, not bandy further words with you. True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_offer_demand_alliance The deepest roots are the strongest. An alliance would surely strengthen us both. True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_reject_angry_demand_military_access The spirits would be most displeased by such an intrusion. True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_reject_angry_demand_protectorate The spirits of our lands would die of shame if such a thing came to pass. We cannot agree. True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_reject_angry_offer_regular_payment You insult us! We are not merchants, or peasants to be paid in scraps from your bowl! True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_reject_offer_demand_alliance Such an thing would be built on insecure and weak foundations. It would not stand long against the wind. True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_reject_offer_regular_payment Piety and honour are not bought and sold at the marketplace! True
diplomacy_strings_string_uesugi_war Many will have cause to rue this day. We will pray for your souls for what you have done. True