battles_description_AI_Test_Land_01 AI test land battle True
battles_description_AI_Test_Land_02 AI test land battle True
battles_description_Aizu The domain of Aizu resisted the Imperialists, even after the fall of Edo. The Imperial army eventually forced Matsudaira Katamori, the lord of Aizu, to capitulate. But his people fought long and hard. At the end, believing that all was lost, the Aizu White Tiger troops followed tradition and committed suicide. True
battles_description_All_Castle_01_Pieces Test Map True
battles_description_All_Castle_02_Pieces Test Map True
battles_description_All_Castle_03_Pieces Test Map True
battles_description_Anegawa Wary of Oda Nobunaga's growing influence in Kyoto, Asai Nagamasa lent his support to the Asakura clan in a war between the two rivals. Enraged, Oda Nobunaga summoned his ally Tokugawa Ieyasu and marched north once more to confront the Asai on their own territory. The two armies would meet across the Anegawa river in 1570, in the shadow of Odani castle. True
battles_description_Castle_Coastal_Level_01 Small coastal fort with several approaches for the attacker. The defender may consider pushing out to defend the natural ridges beyond the castle walls. True
battles_description_Castle_Coastal_Level_02 Moderately-sized castle on the edge of the ocean. Defensible terrain gives the attacker an extra obstacle to overcome. True
battles_description_Castle_Coastal_Level_03 Castle on multiple levels that causes the defender to spread out thinly. True
battles_description_Castle_Coastal_Level_04 Large castle of several tiers requiring a concerted effort from both attackers and defenders. True
battles_description_Castle_Coastal_Level_05 Huge coastal fortress that creates the atmosphere of an epic siege. True
battles_description_Castle_Coastal_Level_06 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Coastal_Level_01 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Coastal_Level_02 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Coastal_Level_03 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Coastal_Level_04 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Hilly_Plane_Level_01 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Hilly_Plane_Level_02 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Hilly_Plane_Level_03 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Hilly_Plane_Level_04 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Mountain_Level_01 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Mountain_Level_02 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Mountain_Level_03 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Mountain_Level_04 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Plane_Level_01 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Plane_Level_02 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Plane_Level_03 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_FS_Plane_Level_04 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Hilly_Coast_Level_01 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Hilly_Coast_Level_02 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Hilly_Coast_Level_03 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Hilly_Coast_Level_04 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Hilly_Coast_Level_05 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Hilly_Coast_Level_06 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Hilly_Plane_Level_01 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Hilly_Plane_Level_02 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Hilly_Plane_Level_03 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Hilly_Plane_Level_04 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Hilly_Plane_Level_05 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Hilly_Plane_Level_06 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Kyoto Kyoto True
battles_description_Castle_Kyoto_Level_06 Kyoto Level 06 True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Level_01 Small fort with steep approach paths. True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Level_02 Castle surrounded by vast and imposing mountainsides. True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Level_03 Average-sized castle on multiple levels atop a large mountain. True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Level_04 Sprawling castle spread across an impressive mountain range. True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Level_05 Vast castle defended by steep mountain approaches and cliffs. True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Level_06 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Version_02_Level_01 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Version_02_Level_02 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Version_02_Level_03 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Version_02_Level_04 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Version_02_Level_05 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Version_02_Level_06 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Version_03_Level_01 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Version_03_Level_02 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Version_03_Level_03 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Version_03_Level_04 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Version_03_Level_05 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_Mountain_Version_03_Level_06 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Castle_MP_Buatsui Epic-scale fortress favouring massive armies with organised attack and defence plans. True
battles_description_Castle_Plane_Level_01 Small-scale, intimate castle; poor defensive terrain but with a few exposed gateways. True
battles_description_Castle_Plane_Level_02 Walled town amid the exposed plains. True
battles_description_Castle_Plane_Level_03 Large castle surrounded by rolling terrain. True
battles_description_Castle_Plane_Level_04 Sprawling castle on multiple levels with numerous approaches and avenues of attack. True
battles_description_Castle_Plane_Level_05 Epic-scale fortress favouring massive armies with organised attack and defence plans. True
battles_description_Castle_Plane_Level_06 Campaign Castle Map True
battles_description_Compound_Test Compound_Test True
battles_description_Hakodate In late 1868 what was left of the Shogun’s forces went north to Hokkaido and the “Ezo Republic”. They gathered at the massive and supposedly impregnable fortress of Goryokaku. The Imperial Army attacked, and the fighting in and around the fort was fierce. With their French advisor gone and half the defenders dead, the Ezo Republicans surrendered. True
battles_description_Kawagoe The Battle of Kawagoe (1545) saw the Hojo clan launch a successful night time counter-attack against the besieging Uesugi, eschewing heavy armour and the collection of heads in favour of speed and stealth. True
battles_description_Kawanakajima The 4th Battle of Kawanakajima (1561) was the greatest of five battles between legendary rivals Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin. Despite heavy losses on both sides, there was no decisive victor and the feud remained unresolved. True
battles_description_Key_Buildings This level is a testbed for key buildings, DO NOT TRANSLATE. True
battles_description_Kizugawaguchi The Battle of Kizugawaguchi (1578) was Oda Nobunaga’s second attempt to break the Mori clan’s naval supply lines to the Ikko-Ikki, who were besieged at Ishiyama Hongan-Ji. The Mori were in possession of an extremely powerful fleet and had already thwarted Oda two years before. For this battle, he commissioned six massive battleships partially covered in iron plating, enabling him to beat the Mori and cut off the Ikko-Ikki from their supplies and allies, eventually leading to their surrender in 1580. True
battles_description_Miyako_Bay Ex-Shogunate rebels of the “Ezo Republic” sailed from Hokkaido Island in several ships to intercept the Imperial Navy. Two vessels suffered engine trouble, but the Kaiten, the Ezo flagship, attacked anyway. Even samurai bravado could do little against Imperial Gatling guns, and the Imperial Army’s landing on Hokkaido was not prevented. True
battles_description_Nagashima After two disastrous attempts to end the Ikko-Ikki threat, Oda Nobunaga finally succeeded at the Battle of Nagashima (1574). With the aid of Kuki Yoshitaka’s naval forces, he cut the Ikko-ikki off from their supplies and forced them back to a small area on the island. Once surrounded, Nobunaga built a large palisade to trap them and proceeded to burn all 20,000 people inside, regardless of whether they were soldiers, women or children. True
battles_description_Nagashino The Battle of Nagashino (1575) saw the defeat of Takeda Katsuyori’s fearsome cavalry by Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga, the latter defeating the mighty Takeda cavalry charge by unleashing a volley of matchlock fire from behind stockades. True
battles_description_Naval_AI_Test_01 Test battle for naval AI DO NOT TRANSLATE True
battles_description_Naval_AI_Test_02 Test battle for naval AI DO NOT TRANSLATE True
battles_description_Naval_Test_01 Test map for naval battles DO NOT TRANSLATE True
battles_description_Naval_Test_02 Test map for naval battles DO NOT TRANSLATE True
battles_description_Naval_Test_03 Test map for naval battles DO NOT TRANSLATE True
battles_description_Okehazama The Battle of Okehazama (1560) is where Oda Nobunaga demonstrated his skill as a master tactician and his courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Outnumbered by Imagawa Yoshimoto’s army, he led his force to the rear of their camp and launched a surprise attack whilst the Imagawa were celebrating, scattering their army and leaving Imagawa Yoshimoto himself vulnerable. This victory made Oda Nobunaga’s reputation, and he would go on to become one of the greatest warlords of the Sengoku Jidai. True
battles_description_Operation_santa . True
battles_description_Operation_santa_no_kbs . True
battles_description_Osaka Defeat by the Satsuma and Choshu left the Shogun reeling. Rather than lead his army, Tokugawa Yoshinobu fled after seeing the Emperor’s banner flying above his enemies’ ranks. His men were braver, and took a stand at Osaka, ready to fight to the last man if necessary. True
battles_description_range_test_map This level is a testbed, DO NOT TRANSLATE. True
battles_description_scs_enemystate_a03 TEST MAP DO NOT TRANSLATE True
battles_description_Sekigahara The Battle of Sekigahara (1600) ended the civil war between the supporters of Tokugawa Ieyasu and those of Ishida Mitsunari, leading to the establishment of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The outcome hinged on the supporting armies of Kobayakawa Hideaki and other daimyo, whose loyalties were torn between both leaders; their eventual defection to Tokugawa’s cause tipping the scales in his favour. True
battles_description_SHO_E3_Battle The Battle that will be used at E3 True
battles_description_SHO_E3_Naval The Naval Battle that will be used at E3 True
battles_description_sho_mp_aki . True
battles_description_sho_mp_aki_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_alpine_ridge A low ridge occupies the centre of this otherwise flat map, creating a key objective to battle over. True
battles_description_sho_mp_alpine_ridge_no_kbs A low ridge occupies the centre of this otherwise flat map, creating a key objective to battle over. True
battles_description_sho_mp_bay_of_many_faces A picturesque sandy bay at the foot of forest-laden hills. True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_gifu . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_gifu_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_happo_ridge . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_happo_ridge_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_ishiyama_ruins . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_ishiyama_ruins_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_iwaki_foothills . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_iwaki_foothills_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_jigokudani_valley . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_jigokudani_valley_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_kawabe_river . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_kawabe_river_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_kurobe_gorge . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_kurobe_gorge_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_naval_hokuriki_coast . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_naval_hokuriki_coast_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_naval_sea_of_japan . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_naval_seto_inland_sea . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_naval_seto_inland_sea_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_naval_tohoku_sea . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_naval_tohoku_sea_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_naval_tokai_coast . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_naval_tokai_coast_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_naval_tsugaru_straits . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_naval_tsugaru_straits_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_nishizawa_valley . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_nishizawa_valley_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_osaka_plain . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_osaka_plain_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_ridge_pass . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_ridge_pass_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_ubayu_onsen . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_ubayu_onsen_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_usui_pass . True
battles_description_sho_mp_boshin_usui_pass_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_caldera The hollow basin of an extinct volcano creates a unique and tactically challenging battlefield. True
battles_description_sho_mp_chikugo_river The longest river in Kyushu, running from Mount Aso down to the Ariake sea. This map is set on the small delta at the river mouth. True
battles_description_sho_mp_chikugo_river_no_kbs The longest river in Kyushu, running from Mount Aso down to the Ariake sea. This map is set on the small delta at the river mouth. True
battles_description_sho_mp_crossroads Battle revolving around a series of villages lying within fertile flatlands. True
battles_description_sho_mp_crossroads_no_kbs Battle revolving around a series of villages lying within fertile flatlands. True
battles_description_sho_mp_daisetsuzan_basin A mountain range set amid the remains of a volcano. A flat ridge runs across the centre of this map, affording several important firing points. True
battles_description_sho_mp_daisetsuzan_basin_no_kbs A mountain range set amid the remains of a volcano. A flat ridge runs across the centre of this map, affording several important firing points. True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_chubu PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_chubu_no_kbs PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_chugoku PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_chugoku_no_kbs PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_ehime PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_ehime_no_kbs PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_gunma PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_gunma_no_kbs PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_hokuriku PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_hokuriku_no_kbs PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_kansai PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_kansai_no_kbs PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_kanto PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_kanto_no_kbs PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_koshinetsu PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_koshinetsu_no_kbs PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_saga PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_saga_no_kbs PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_tohoku PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_tohoku_no_kbs PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_tokai PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_dlc_tokai_no_kbs PLACEHOLDER - TEXT NEEDED True
battles_description_sho_mp_flood_plain . True
battles_description_sho_mp_flood_plain_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_foothills Gently rolling hills and wooded areas reward stealthy and aggressive tactics. True
battles_description_sho_mp_foothills_no_kbs Gently rolling hills and wooded areas reward stealthy and aggressive tactics. True
battles_description_sho_mp_forest_gully Battlefield characterised by the distinctive dramatic, hilly terrain of Japan. Securing the high ridges is key, and a heavy covering of trees creates ample ambush opportunities. True
battles_description_sho_mp_grassy_flatlands This level is a test map, DO NOT TRANSLATE. True
battles_description_sho_mp_hida_mountains . True
battles_description_sho_mp_hida_mountains_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_ikenoura_village A fishing village on the coastline of Shikoku. Two narrow valleys join to form a wide bay that opens onto the sea. True
battles_description_sho_mp_koyasan_temple A temple complex on the side of Mount Koya, surrounded by thick woodland. True
battles_description_sho_mp_lowlands A large, open plain divided by a river with limited crossing points. True
battles_description_sho_mp_lowlands_no_kbs A large, open plain divided by a river with limited crossing points. True
battles_description_sho_mp_naval_akai_cove A sheltered cove creates a tight arena for some destructive naval combat. True
battles_description_sho_mp_naval_aodaisho_sea An open body of water between two large land masses. True
battles_description_sho_mp_naval_archipelago An archipelago of many small islands to manoeuvre around. True
battles_description_sho_mp_naval_cape_nosappu The straits off Cape Nosappu create a challenging battleground for any admiral. True
battles_description_sho_mp_naval_island_chain Larger island chain with four small land masses surrounding a central island. True
battles_description_sho_mp_naval_monkey_bay Inlet with a small island towards the mouth. True
battles_description_sho_mp_naval_strait_of_shimonoseki One of Japan’s busiest waterways separating the main islands of Honshu and Kyushu. True
battles_description_sho_mp_naval_suruga_bay Flat, calm stretch of open sea, emphasising pure tactical movement. True
battles_description_sho_mp_numazawa A central lake with vital strategic locations on the banks and on an island. True
battles_description_sho_mp_numazawa_no_kbs A central lake with vital strategic locations on the banks and on an island. True
battles_description_sho_mp_oboke_gorge A gorge in the Shikoku mountains, carved by the Yoshino river. True
battles_description_sho_mp_rice_fields The normally tranquil rice fields of rural Japan create a fairly flat battlefield. True
battles_description_sho_mp_rice_fields_no_kbs The normally tranquil rice fields of rural Japan create a fairly flat battlefield. True
battles_description_sho_mp_river_town A distant town becomes the focus of this battlefield, enabling commanders to surprise and flank their enemies. True
battles_description_sho_mp_sakura_ridge A ridge on the coast, near the volcanic peak Sakura-jima at the southern end of Kyushu. A high ridge runs across the centre of this map. True
battles_description_sho_mp_sakura_ridge_no_kbs A ridge on the coast, near the volcanic peak Sakura-jima at the southern end of Kyushu. A high ridge runs across the centre of this map. True
battles_description_sho_mp_sanriku_ria . True
battles_description_sho_mp_sanriku_ria_no_kbs . True
battles_description_sho_mp_shinano_river Flowing from Mount Kobushi and across the Niigata plains, this is the longest river in Japan. True
battles_description_sho_mp_shinano_river_no_kbs Flowing from Mount Kobushi and across the Niigata plains, this is the longest river in Japan. True
battles_description_sho_mp_slumbering_settlement Under the peaks of an impressive mountain range lies a sleepy village crossroads of vital strategic importance. True
battles_description_sho_mp_slumbering_settlement_no_kbs Under the peaks of an impressive mountain range lies a sleepy village crossroads of vital strategic importance. True
battles_description_sho_mp_tranquil_streams The rivers running down the length of this battlefield serve to split up and divide armies. Successful commanders will capture the crossings that allow them to unite their forces. True
battles_description_sho_mp_waterfalls A cliff face splits this battlefield between two levels, and creates numerous excellent firing positions. True
battles_description_sho_mp_yamasaki_choke_point This hilly landscape channels armies and necessitates the creation of kill zones. True
battles_description_Toba_Fushimi Following intrigues by the Satsuma and Choshu domains, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the Shogun, sent his army to Kyoto to “report” to the Emperor and remove radicals from the Imperial Court. As his army approached Kyoto, a Satsuma force blocked the way. Armed with Western artillery, the Satsuma and their Choshu allies intended to keep the Shogun’s army out of the city. After two bloody days of fighting the Shogun’s army retreated to Osaka Castle. True
battles_description_Tower_Test Tower_Test True
battles_description_tree_test_v2 test map DO NOT TRANSLATE True
battles_description_TUTORIAL_Battle_Ashigaru PLACEHOLDER True
battles_description_TUTORIAL_Battle_Samurai PLACEHOLDER True
battles_description_TUTORIAL_Battle_Shogun PLACEHOLDER True
battles_description_TUTORIAL_Naval_Ashigaru PLACEHOLDER True
battles_description_TUTORIAL_Naval_Shogun PLACEHOLDER True
battles_description_Ueno Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the last Shogun, retired to the Kan’ei-ji Temple at Ueno. The Shogitai, men still loyal to the Shogunate, carried on the fight in Edo, and the Satsuma clan attacked Kan’ei-ji. Although outnumbered, the Satsuma and their allies used modern guns, and the Shogotai leaders only just escaped by sea. The temple’s abbot, imperial Prince Yoshihisa, went with them. True
battles_localised_name_AI_Test_Land_01 AI Test Land 01 True
battles_localised_name_AI_Test_Land_02 AI Test Land 02 True
battles_localised_name_Aizu Battle of Aizu True
battles_localised_name_All_Castle_01_Pieces All_Castle_01_Pieces (Test Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_All_Castle_02_Pieces All_Castle_02_Pieces (Test Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_All_Castle_03_Pieces All_Castle_03_Pieces (Test Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Anegawa Battle of Anegawa True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Coastal_Level_01 Coastal Level 01 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Coastal_Level_02 Yaizu Castle True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Coastal_Level_03 Coastal Level 03 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Coastal_Level_04 Coastal Level 04 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Coastal_Level_05 Arai Castle True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Coastal_Level_06 [NEW] Satsuma Castle True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Coastal_Level_01 Chihaya Castle True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Coastal_Level_02 FS Coastal Level 02 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Coastal_Level_03 Yashima Castle True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Coastal_Level_04 FS Coastal Level 04 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Hilly_Plane_Level_01 Cape Irago True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Hilly_Plane_Level_02 FS Hilly Plane Level 02 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Hilly_Plane_Level_03 Fushimi Castle True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Hilly_Plane_Level_04 FS Hilly Plane Level 04 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Mountain_Level_01 Outlands Castle True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Mountain_Level_02 FS Mountain Level 02 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Mountain_Level_03 Awazu Castle True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Mountain_Level_04 FS Mountain Level 04 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Plane_Level_01 Plains Garrison True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Plane_Level_02 FS Plane Level 02 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Plane_Level_03 Hiuchiyama Castle True
battles_localised_name_Castle_FS_Plane_Level_04 FS Plane Level 04 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Hilly_Coast_Level_01 Hilly Coastal Level 01 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Hilly_Coast_Level_02 Bay Castle True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Hilly_Coast_Level_03 Hilly Coastal Level 03 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Hilly_Coast_Level_04 Hilly Coastal Level 04 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Hilly_Coast_Level_05 Coastal Fort True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Hilly_Coast_Level_06 Hilly Coastal Level 06 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Hilly_Plane_Level_01 Hilly Plane Level 01 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Hilly_Plane_Level_02 Hilltop Settlement True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Hilly_Plane_Level_03 Hilly Plane Level 03 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Hilly_Plane_Level_04 Hilly Plane Level 04 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Hilly_Plane_Level_05 Towering Citadel True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Hilly_Plane_Level_06 [NEW] Uzen Fortress True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Kyoto Kyoto True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Kyoto_Level_06 Kyoto Level 06 True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Level_01 Mountain Level 01 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Level_02 Tarajo True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Level_03 Mountain Level 03 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Level_04 Mountain Level 04 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Level_05 Mountaintop Fortress True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Level_06 [NEW] Wakasa Fortress True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Version_02_Level_01 Mountain Version 02 Level 01 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Version_02_Level_02 Mountain Version 02 Level 02 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Version_02_Level_03 Mountain Version 02 Level 03 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Version_02_Level_04 Mountain Version 02 Level 04 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Version_02_Level_05 Mountain Version 02 Level 05 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Version_02_Level_06 Mountain Version 02 Level 06 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Version_03_Level_01 Mountain Version 03 Level 01 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Version_03_Level_02 Mountain Version 03 Level 02 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Version_03_Level_03 Mountain Version 03 Level 03 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Version_03_Level_04 Mountain Version 03 Level 04 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Version_03_Level_05 Mountain Version 03 Level 05 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Mountain_Version_03_Level_06 Mountain Version 03 Level 06 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_MP_Buatsui Buatsui True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Plane_Level_01 Plane Level 01 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Plane_Level_02 Shinjo True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Plane_Level_03 Plane Level 03 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Plane_Level_04 Plane Level 04 (Campaign Castle Map, DO NOT LOCALISE) True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Plane_Level_05 Plains Fortress True
battles_localised_name_Castle_Plane_Level_06 [NEW] Iburi Castle True
battles_localised_name_Compound_Test Compound_Test True
battles_localised_name_Hakodate Battle of Hakodate True
battles_localised_name_Kawagoe Battle of Kawagoe True
battles_localised_name_Kawanakajima 4th Battle of Kawanakajima True
battles_localised_name_Key_Buildings Key Buildings True
battles_localised_name_Kizugawaguchi Battle of Kizugawaguchi True
battles_localised_name_Miyako_Bay Battle of Miyako Bay True
battles_localised_name_Nagashima Battle of Nagashima True
battles_localised_name_Nagashino Battle of Nagashino True
battles_localised_name_Naval_AI_Test_01 Naval AI Test 01 True
battles_localised_name_Naval_AI_Test_02 Naval AI Test 02 True
battles_localised_name_Naval_Test_01 Naval Test Map 01 True
battles_localised_name_Naval_Test_02 Naval Test Map 02 True
battles_localised_name_Naval_Test_03 Naval Test Map 03 True
battles_localised_name_Okehazama Battle of Okehazama True
battles_localised_name_Operation_santa Operation Santa True
battles_localised_name_Operation_santa_no_kbs Operation Santa True
battles_localised_name_Osaka Siege of Osaka Castle True
battles_localised_name_range_test_map Range Test Map True
battles_localised_name_scs_enemystate_a03 Front End Castle True
battles_localised_name_Sekigahara Battle of Sekigahara True
battles_localised_name_SHO_E3_Battle E3 Battle True
battles_localised_name_SHO_E3_Naval E3 Naval Battle True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_aki Aki True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_aki_no_kbs Aki True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_alpine_ridge Alpine Ridge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_alpine_ridge_no_kbs Alpine Ridge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_bay_of_many_faces Bay of Many Faces True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_gifu [NEW] Gifu Crossing True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_gifu_no_kbs [NEW] Gifu Crossing True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_happo_ridge [NEW] Happo Ridge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_happo_ridge_no_kbs [NEW] Happo Ridge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_ishiyama_ruins [NEW] Ishiyama Ruins True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_ishiyama_ruins_no_kbs [NEW] Ishiyama Ruins True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_iwaki_foothills [NEW] Iwaki Foothills True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_iwaki_foothills_no_kbs [NEW] Iwaki Foothills True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_jigokudani_valley [NEW] Jigokudani Valley True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_jigokudani_valley_no_kbs [NEW] Jigokudani Valley True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_kawabe_river [NEW] Kawabe River True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_kawabe_river_no_kbs [NEW] Kawabe River True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_kurobe_gorge [NEW] Kurobe Gorge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_kurobe_gorge_no_kbs [NEW] Kurobe Gorge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_naval_hokuriki_coast [NEW] Hokuriki Coast True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_naval_hokuriki_coast_no_kbs [NEW] Hokuriki Coast True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_naval_sea_of_japan [NEW] Sea of Japan True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_naval_seto_inland_sea [NEW] Seto Inland Sea True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_naval_seto_inland_sea_no_kbs [NEW] Seto Inland Sea True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_naval_tohoku_sea [NEW] Tohoku Sea True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_naval_tohoku_sea_no_kbs [NEW] Tohoku Sea True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_naval_tokai_coast [NEW] Tokai Coast True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_naval_tokai_coast_no_kbs [NEW] Tokai Coast True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_naval_tsugaru_straits [NEW] Tsugaru Straits True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_naval_tsugaru_straits_no_kbs [NEW] Tsugaru Straits True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_nishizawa_valley [NEW] Nishizawa Valley True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_nishizawa_valley_no_kbs [NEW] Nishizawa Valley True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_osaka_plain [NEW] Osaka Plain True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_osaka_plain_no_kbs [NEW] Osaka Plain True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_ridge_pass [NEW] Awa Ridge Pass True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_ridge_pass_no_kbs [NEW] Awa Ridge Pass True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_ubayu_onsen [NEW] Ubayu Onsen True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_ubayu_onsen_no_kbs [NEW] Ubayu Onsen True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_usui_pass [NEW] Usui Pass True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_boshin_usui_pass_no_kbs [NEW] Usui Pass True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_caldera Caldera True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_chikugo_river Chikugo River True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_chikugo_river_no_kbs Chikugo River True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_crossroads Crossroads True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_crossroads_no_kbs Crossroads True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_daisetsuzan_basin Daisetsuzan Basin True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_daisetsuzan_basin_no_kbs Daisetsuzan Basin True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_chubu Chubu Pass True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_chubu_no_kbs Chubu Pass True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_chugoku Chugoku River True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_chugoku_no_kbs Chugoku River True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_ehime Ehime Gorge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_ehime_no_kbs Ehime Gorge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_gunma Gunma Field True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_gunma_no_kbs Gunma Field True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_hokuriku Hokuriku Crossing True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_hokuriku_no_kbs Hokuriku Crossing True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_kansai Kansai Wood True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_kansai_no_kbs Kansai Wood True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_kanto Kanto Plains True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_kanto_no_kbs Kanto Plains True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_koshinetsu Koshinetsu Ridge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_koshinetsu_no_kbs Koshinetsu Ridge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_saga Saga River True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_saga_no_kbs Saga River True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_tohoku Tohoku Forest True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_tohoku_no_kbs Tohoku Forest True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_tokai Tokai Valley True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_dlc_tokai_no_kbs Tokai Valley True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_flood_plain Flood Plain True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_flood_plain_no_kbs Flood Plain True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_foothills Foothills True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_foothills_no_kbs Foothills True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_forest_gully Forest Gully True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_grassy_flatlands COMPLETELY FLAT MAP True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_hida_mountains Hida Mountains True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_hida_mountains_no_kbs Hida Mountains True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_ikenoura_village Ikenoura Village True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_koyasan_temple Koyasan Temple True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_lowlands Lowlands True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_lowlands_no_kbs Lowlands True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_naval_akai_cove Akai Cove True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_naval_aodaisho_sea Aodaisho Sea True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_naval_archipelago Archipelago True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_naval_cape_nosappu Cape Nosappu True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_naval_island_chain Island Chain True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_naval_monkey_bay Monkey Bay True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_naval_strait_of_shimonoseki Strait of Shimonoseki True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_naval_suruga_bay Suruga Bay True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_numazawa Numazawa True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_numazawa_no_kbs Numazawa True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_oboke_gorge Oboke Gorge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_rice_fields Rice Fields True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_rice_fields_no_kbs Rice Fields True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_river_town River Town True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_sakura_ridge Sakura Ridge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_sakura_ridge_no_kbs Sakura Ridge True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_sanriku_ria Sanriku Ria True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_sanriku_ria_no_kbs Sanriku Ria True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_shinano_river Shinano River True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_shinano_river_no_kbs Shinano River True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_slumbering_settlement Slumbering Settlement True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_slumbering_settlement_no_kbs Slumbering Settlement True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_tranquil_streams Tranquil Streams True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_waterfalls Waterfalls True
battles_localised_name_sho_mp_yamasaki_choke_point Yamasaki Choke Point True
battles_localised_name_Toba_Fushimi Battle of Toba-Fushimi True
battles_localised_name_Tower_Test Tower_Test True
battles_localised_name_tree_test_v2 tree_test_v2 True
battles_localised_name_TUTORIAL_Battle_Ashigaru Beginners Battle Tutorial True
battles_localised_name_TUTORIAL_Battle_Samurai Intermediate Battle Tutorial True
battles_localised_name_TUTORIAL_Battle_Shogun Advanced Battle Tutorial True
battles_localised_name_TUTORIAL_Naval_Ashigaru Beginners Naval Tutorial True
battles_localised_name_TUTORIAL_Naval_Shogun Advanced Naval Tutorial True
battles_localised_name_Ueno Battle of Ueno True