battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0001_TUT_Welcome This a time of war: the Sengoku Jidai. Great lords battle for the soul of Japan. You must learn the arts of the warrior if you are to thrive. For now, you command Chosokabe Motochika's fiercest warriors. You must defeat the odious rebels. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0002_TUT_Select_Unit We will start with the units in your army. Select the yari ashigaru by left-clicking on them or on the flashing unit card at the bottom of the screen. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0003_TUT_Yari_Ashigaru_Info Yari ashigaru are useful in any army. They carry spears - yari - and protect valuable units in battle, such as archers and other missile units. They also defend well against cavalry. Click on the tick button to continue. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0003a_TUT_Advisor_Arrows If you want to listen again to what I said, click on my portrait. Use the back and forward arrows to select advice. Now, when you are ready to continue click the tick button. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0004_TUT_Move_Yari_Ashigaru There is a Chosokabe village further down the hillside. Select your yari ashigaru, and move there by right-clicking on the terrain. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0005_TUT_Walk_To_Run Once you have ordered a unit to move, you can make it run or walk by pressing the R key. You can also click on the movement speed button. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0006_TUT_Fatigue_Effects All units are "fresh" when battle starts, but they will tire as they fight or move around the field. Running will tire a unit more than walking. It's important to keep units fresh. Being tired makes units fight poorly. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0007_TUT_Unit_Halt If you want to stop a unit carrying out its orders, click on the halt button. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0008_TUT_Reminder_Move Excellent! You cancelled your unit's orders. Now, order the yari ashigaru towards the village again by right-clicking on the ground. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0009_TUT_Camera_WASD The village has been overrun, and the attackers may still be nearby. Move the camera back to the yari ashigaru with the W, A, S and D keys, or double left-click on the unit card. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0010_TUT_Camera_QEZX The camera can be moved up or down with the Z and X keys, or with your mouse roller button. Rotate the camera with Q and E. When you're ready, click on the new advice button. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0011_TUT_Camera_CV You can also use the C and V keys to pivot the camera. Again, when you're ready click on the new advice button. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0012_TUT_Radar_Map To help you defeat the enemy the radar map shows you the terrain and each army's troops. Your soldiers are yellow; your allies blue; and the enemy red. Your selected units are white. Be sure to watch out for enemy moves and tricks! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0013_TUT_Unit_Rotation A unit of katana cavalry are coming to attack your position. Turn and face them by selecting your yari ashigaru, then either clicking on the rotation arrows, or by holding down the right mouse button and dragging the unit out on the terrain in the direction you wish to face. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0015_TUT_Unit_Abilities To improve your chances of withstanding the lethal charge of the katana cavalry, select the spear wall ability button. Your unit will adopt a special formation to inflict maximum casualties on the enemy. All battlefield units have their own abilities, so be sure to take advantage of them in battle. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0016_TUT_Morale_Effects As a unit takes casualties their morale will start to drop, indicated by the coloured banner above them. Over time, this banner will change in colour from green to red. Once red, units are highly likely to rout and must be reinforced by more confident troops to prevent them fleeing the battlefield. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0017_TUT_Cavalry_Success Excellent! You have beaten the katana cavalry, and taken few casualties! Click the spear formation button again to turn it off. Use this tactic again when your spearmen face cavalry charges. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0018_TUT_Power_Balance The balance of power bar is above the radar map. It shows who is winning the battle. As units are destroyed or run away, the red and yellow displays change. With the enemy cavalry defeated, the red side is slightly smaller. Defeat all the rebels and all the bar will turn yellow. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0019_TUT_Reveal_Samurai_Archers Now that the rebel cavalry are gone, some samurai archers have come out of hiding. Some units, like these archers, can hide in cover and then make surprise attacks. Move your yari ashigaru up behind your new archers. They will be useful in defeating the rebels. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0020_TUT_Samurai_Archers_Info Archers allow you to inflict casualties from a distance. Archers should skirmish to keep their losses low, so click on the highlighted button. Skirmishing means that the archers will retreat to safety when enemies come too close. Once safe, they will fire again. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0021_TUT_Unit_Formation Keep your yari ashigaru near your archers to protect them and improve morale. Your position on the hill gives your men an advantage. Charging downhill will improve their attack. It can give an edge over highly trained enemies. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0022_TUT_Firing_Arc When selected all missile troops, including archers, have a firing arc shown to their front. Enemy units in this arc are targets as long as your warriors have ammunition. Now: watch as the enemy samurai advance on your archers! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0023_TUT_Fire_At_Will Your samurai archers can use different kinds of arrows. Select the fire arrow button to launch a devastating flaming attack! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0024_TUT_Ammo_Bar Good! The rebels are hurt! Your archers have a limited supply of ammunition, so finish the rebels with the yari ashigaru. Select them now, and double right-click on the enemy samurai to charge! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0025_TUT_Charge_Bonus Now order your units to move down towards the remaining enemy. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0026_TUT_Multi_Selection Let the enemy flee! Now, select both your units by holding down the left mouse button and dragging a box around them. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0027_TUT_Unit_Deselection Don't forget the hill. Use this, and order your troops to run into position. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0028_TUT_Heavy_Cavalry_Info You now have some heavy cavalry. They are powerful, armoured, highly skilled and suited to hit-and-run fights. They can break the enemy's morale, and cause heavy casualties by bursting through their lines. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0029_TUT_Cavalry_Charge Select your heavy cavalry. Order them to attack the enemy archers. They are close, so charge the archers by double right-clicking. This will minimise your losses and inflict maximum casualties on impact! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0030_TUT_Speed_Settings You can adjust the game speed to make battles quicker. This is very useful if you need to march a long way, and you want your troops to walk and stay fresh. You can also slow everything down and get a better look at the enemy. Experiment with the game speed as your troops move towards the village. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0031_TUT_Fleeing_Troops See! The rebels run for their lives! Finish off any stragglers! If they manage to escape routing units can sometimes regroup or reform as an army on the campaign map. Why leave a threat? True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0032_TUT_Victory Most satisfactory! The rebels are defeated: a good start to the conquest of Shikoku! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0033_TUT_Wedge Before your cavalry reach the archers, click on the unit ability button and put them in wedge formation. This allows cavalry to cut through the enemies' ranks, and damages their morale. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0034_TUT_Select_Archers Left click on your archers, or their unit card, to select them. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0101_TUT_Welcome This is Sanuki province, the lands of the Sogo clan. They are powerful, but not to be feared! Here you will learn to use terrain correctly; deploy and use advanced units; outflank enemies; and inspire your men to win! Click on the tick button when you are ready. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0102_TUT_Deployment_Phase Before battle, you deploy your army. You can use an attacking or defensive formation, and change the position of units within the deployment zone. You can also set up defences before battle starts. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0103_TUT_Deployment_Zones The yellow box around your army on the ground, and the radar map, is its deployment zone. It is a good idea to place cavalry on the flanks, and put infantry in the centre. Lesser units, like ashigaru, should be in front so they can be the first casualties. Keep your general out of immediate danger. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0104_TUT_Deployment_Generals During deployment, the defender gets to see his enemy deploy before committing his own troops. As you are defending, carefully study how they have deployed and arrange your own units to confer maximum advantage. When ready, select the gong button to start the battle. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0105_TUT_Generals_Abilities Your general is the focal point of the army: he directs and inspires his men. Your general automatically gives a small morale boost to troops inside his circle of influence. But he also has special abilities with greater effects too. Select your general now to learn more about these abilities. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0106_TUT_Generals_Abilities Your general has an "Inspire" ability. This will increase a unit's morale, melee skills and missile accuracy, for a short period of time. He can also use the "Rally" ability, to stop troops from fleeing and boost the morale of nearby men. Be careful when you use these abilities: they cannot be used constantly, and you must wait before using them again. Picking the best time is part of being a skilful commander! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0107_TUT_Advance_Army The Sogo clan are defending the far side of the river. We must control the nearby village, cross the river and attack! Move the army towards the village. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0108a_TUT_Move_Army Your army can use predefined formations. To group them select all your units, then click on the group button followed by the lock button. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0109_TUT_Village_Buildings Scouting has revealed that the Sogo are in the village. Their troops are using the buildings for cover! Now, select your siege weapon. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0110_TUT_Artillery_Units Siege weapons are powerful, but don't move. They can attack targets from a distance, and have a firing arc that shows where they can fire. Siege weapons are inaccurate and easily routed, if left to look after themselves. Select the siege weapon and right click on the enemy to attack. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0110a_TUT_Move_Artillery Ha! The village is yours! Only the Sogo general and his best troops remain! They are on the distant hill. Use the cover of the forest to approach and attack the Sogo army. The trees will hide your men! Soon the Sogo lands will be yours! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0110b_TUT_Move_Archers Units such as matchlock ashigaru can fire on enemy buildings. They will cause less damage than a siege weapon, but might stop the enemy escaping. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0110c_TUT_Artillery_Unlimber Moveable siege weapons can only fire if they have been first been unlimbered. Select your siege weapon and then the limber/unlimber button. Its crew will set up it up to fire upon the building being used for cover by the Sogo. If, at a later time, you wish to move the siege weapon to a new position, you must first limber your guns before issuing a move order. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0111_TUT_No_Dachi_Samurai_Info The enemy are weakened! It is time to assault the buildings with your no-dachi samurai! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0112_TUT_Assault_Building Elite no-dachi samurai carry two-handed swords. They are deadly in melee and have high morale, so they can fight away from your general. Select the no-dachi unit and right-click on the building to attack! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0114_TUT_Musket_Ashigaru_Info Matchlock ashigaru are peasants trained to use fire arms. They can decimate units when used en-masse. Forming them into wide rows ensures a large number of guns are presented in the direction they are facing, but their extremely poor melee capabilities and morale means matchlock ashigaru can be easily routed. Adverse weather conditions also cause major problems for them, as gunpowder weapons often malfunction in bad weather. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0114b_TUT_Continue_Attack Continue attacking the enemy building with your siege and missile units. Keep your cavalry and infantry units further back to avoid casualties. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0115_TUT_River_Crossing Now you control much of the village, cross the river and finish off the enemy. Order your men to wade at the ford or use the narrow bridge. Terrain plays an important part in battle, and sometimes the quickest route may not always be the best route to defeat the enemy! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0116_TUT_Enemy_Forest Enemy matchlock units are in the trees! Keep your cavalry back, as forests hinder them in a fight. So, select your naginata samurai units. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0117_TUT_Naginata_Samurai_Info Your fearsome naginata samurai carry polearms and wear impressive armour. They can protect your flanks and rear from cavalry. Their heavy armour means they can attack enemy missile units and not take many casualties. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0118_TUT_Group_Cavalry While your infantry fight in the woods, select your yari cavalry. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0119_TUT_Groups Your army has been formed into a group. Notice that their unit cards have been re-arranged under a group tab. Selecting the group tab will enable your army to move and attack whilst staying in formation. You can create as many groups as you like, but a unit can only be part of one group at any one time. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0120_TUT_Formations Select the formation button and choose the formation that suits your needs. When ready, click the gong button to start the battle. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0122_TUT_Yari_Cavalry_Info Yari cavalry are the fastest units, used for scouting, outflanking and diversions. In wedge formation, they are good at hunting down unprotected missile units. Move your yari cavalry into position, ready to outflank the enemy! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0123_TUT_Hill_Advance Excellent! The enemy matchlocks are no longer a problem! Finish the Sogo now: use the terrain and try to outflank the enemy! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0124_TUT_Finish_Enemy Now! Use your yari cavalry to charge the enemy matchlocks from behind. This should hurt morale, so that they rout from the battlefield. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0125_TUT_Victory Congratulations, you have beaten the Sogo clan, and completed this tutorial. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0127_TUT_Naginata_Attack Charge the enemy units with your naginata samurai. Give them covering fire from your missile units! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0201_TUT_Welcome Welcome to Total War: Shogun 2! This tutorial shows you how to use some of the new battlefield features in the game: castle capture points, hero units and key buildings. To start the tutorial, and siege the Miyoshi clan's castle, click on the "tick" button. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0202_TUT_Castles When attacking a castle you must capture its keep, the "tenshu". Capture that, and victory is automatic! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0203_TUT_Capture_Points Now, use your army's specialist units to help capture the castle. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0204_TUT_Siege_Camp Defenders must protect the tenshu at all costs: their castle towers can fend off an enemy attack. Total War: Shogun 2 contains many new units with new abilities. Some of these are in your army. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0205_TUT_Towers The castle towers are still a threat to your troops. Towers can be captured by placing a unit next to them for a while. They are vital to controlling a castle: once yours, a tower will automatically fire arrows at the enemy! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0205a_TUT_Gates You do not have to breach the castle walls. Order your kisho ninja and other infantry to climb the walls and take control of the gatehouses. That done, assault the enemy tenshu! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0206a_TUT_Monk_Info Warrior monks are fearsome in hand-to-hand combat. They have high morale, a charge bonus and fighting skills fuelled by religious fervour. Often, they will stand their ground despite casualties. Poor armour makes warrior monks vulnerable to missile attacks. Keep them away from archers when possible. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0206b_TUT_Ninja_Info Kisho ninja may assassinate an enemy general. They can hide on the battlefield and use blinding grenades to escape combat with better-armoured foes. Kisho ninja can also infiltrate castles. Their climbing claws make it easy to climb any wall and capture a gatehouse. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0206c_TUT_Hero_Info Heroes are few in number, but can quickly cause heavy casualties. There are bow, katana and yari hero units. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0206d_TUT_Cavalry_Info Cavalry units can dismount during battles. They can assault buildings and enter forests without the penalty of being mounted. Choosing to dismount at the right time is important, as the decision cannot be changed for a short time. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0206e_TUT_Infantry_Info Infantry units can use climbing claws to scale castle walls and infiltrate enemy tenshu. This ability works in the same way as the kisho ninja climbing ability, but at a much slower speed. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0207_TUT_Key_Buildings One of your units is near a key building, which would be useful if captured. Cavalry will need to dismount before trying to take the building. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0207a_TUT_Key_Buildings Although mostly found in multiplayer battles, key buildings give bonuses to nearby friendly units. They can replenish ammunition or restore morale. Any army can use key buildings and get their bonuses: just order a unit to enter, and then wait for the building to fall into your favour! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0208f_TUT_Buildings Use key buildings to give bonuses to your troops before mounting an attack on the enemy castle. It is important to retain control of them, they are as useful to the enemy as to you. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0209_TUT_Zones Inside a building there are zones where you can place units. The coloured markers show where units can stand, so you can select where to protect if attacked. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0210_TUT_Outro The Myoshi are defeated! This tutorial is done. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0301_TUT_Welcome Welcome to Japan's Inland Sea. You have control of the Chosokabe fleet: these men are some of the finest sailors in Japan. Your task is to protect the Chosokabe trade routes from pirates and rival clans. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0302_TUT_Select_Ship Left click on the bow ship to select it, or click on the flashing ship card at the bottom of the screen. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0303_TUT_Bow_Ship_Info This is a bow ship, a small, fast moving vessel, essential to a balanced fleet. Its archers are best when they shoot fire arrows and set enemy ships alight. Many small ships used like this can stop heavier ships dead in the water, but they are vulnerable to boarding attacks. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0304b_TUT_Move_Bow_Ship There is a ship on fire out to sea! This must be investigated! Move your bow ship: select it, and then right-click on the sea near the burning vessel. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0305b_TUT_Movement_Speeds Your ship will now move at maximum speed to investigate. You can adjust the speed of the battle by using the game speed buttons above the radar. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0306b_TUT_Ship_Halt If you go too close to the burning vessel the fire might spread to your ship. Click the drop anchor button to stop at a safe distance. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0307b_TUT_Waypoints Excellent! The ship has stopped. It looks like the burning ship has hit a mine, and there are more floating around. You must avoid hitting them if the ship is to reach the open sea. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0307c_TUT_Waypoints Waypoints can safely guide the ship past the mines. Hold down the Shift key and then right-click on the sea away from the mines to create the first waypoint. Repeat this to make more waypoints and a route to safety. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0308_TUT_Camera_WASD You can reposition the camera by using the W, A, S and D keys now that your ship passed the mines. Or you can double click on the ship card to centre the camera on it. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0309_TUT_Camera_QEZX The camera can be raised or lowered by using the Z and X keys or by the mouse wheel. It can be rotated using Q and E. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0310_TUT_Camera_CV Finally, to pivot the camera to get a better battle view, use C and V. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0311_TUT_Radar_Map The radar map shows the waters where you are fighting, including nearby land, shallows and the position of each fleet's ships. Your ships are shown in yellow; enemy ships are red. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0312_TUT_Enemy_Ship An enemy ship! Check its position on the radar map and prepare for battle! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0313_TUT_Firing_Arcs The coloured circle around your ship is your firing radius. It shows the maximum range of the ship's weapons. Try to position your ship so that the enemy moves into your firing radius. Keep at a safe distance: they could board if they get too close. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0314_TUT_Ship_Rotation The rotation buttons let you turn a ship on the spot, so that many of your archers can fire at the enemy. You can also right-click on the enemy ship. Your ship will continue to fire on the enemy until you give it a new order. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0315_TUT_Fire_Arrows Ships can cause extra damage by using their abilities: this bow ship can use the fire arrows. They cause more damage than ordinary arrows, and can set an enemy on fire. Now: select the fire arrow button to use them. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0316_TUT_Health_Bars The enemy ship is damaged and it has crew casualties: the sashimono flags above the ship are now tattered and worn. They show the strength of the ship's hull and the damage you have caused. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0317_TUT_Morale Crew morale begins to fail when their ship is damaged. As the coloured banner above a ship changes from green to red it will eventually try to flee. To stop this, keep your ships together; repair their hulls when they are damaged. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0317a_TUT_Attack_Enemy Keep attacking the enemy ship. Right-click on it to issue attack orders; keep it within your firing arc to cause maximum damage! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0317b_TUT_Enemy_Destroyed Thank the sea-spirits! The enemy is defeated! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0318_TUT_New_Course With the enemy beaten, head out to sea and look for other vessels along the coast. Right-click on the sea to set a new course. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0319_TUT_Assistance A stranded allied ship has been spotted. Head towards it to give assistance. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0320_TUT_Ship_Added Good! The stranded ship has joined your fleet, but it is damaged. To repair it, left-click the ship or select the medium bune ship card. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0321_TUT_Repair_Button Now click on the repair ship button. The crew will begin work. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0322_TUT_Repair_Process Your ship cannot do anything else while it is being repaired, unless you cancel the work. Once the repairs are completed the ship is ready for combat. Let the crew finish the repairs; we will look at the bune's strengths and weaknesses. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0323_TUT_Med_Bune_Info Bunes come in medium and large sizes. This is a medium bune, a good all-rounder. It has excellent speed, manoeuvrability and hull strength. It protects smaller vessels, like the bow ship, and can board and capture equivalent enemy vessels. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0324_TUT_Grouping It is easier to protect a fleet when the ships are grouped. Select all your ships: left click and drag a box around them; you can also hold down the control key and left-click on their ship cards. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0324a_TUT_Grouping Now click on the group button to form them into a group. You can create as many groups as you wish if you have enough ships. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0325_TUT_Group_Formed Look: your ship cards have been grouped under a single tab. Single ships can still be selected and given orders, but you can click on the tab and give orders to all the ships at once. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0326_TUT_Formations You can put grouped ships into formations. Click on the group tab of the group you wish to arrange. Formations are shown at the edge of the screen. Picking one orders the ships to arrange themselves into that chosen formation. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0327_TUT_Hev_Bune_info Help has arrived: a heavy bune has joined your fleet. This is a slow-moving ship with a large crew, containing a few missile troops. A heavy bune is very effective in boarding attacks, but not very manoeuvrable. It is also vulnerable to fire damage. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0328_TUT_Enemy_Ships There are enemy ships further up the coast! Move to intercept them! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0329_TUT_Boarding You have a heavy bune in your fleet while the enemy only have medium-sized ships. A boarding attack would be good! Select your heavy bune. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0329a_TUT_Boarding Click on the boarding button and then right-click on one of the enemy ships to issue a boarding attack! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0330_TUT_Boarding_Started Your heavy bune will move to within boarding range of its target. Once alongside, troops from your vessel will board and attempt to take the ship! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0331_TUT_Boarding_BOP As crew and boarders are killed, the morale of the living falls until one side surrenders. If you are losing, select your bune, and then click on the "war cry" ability. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0331b_TUT_Warcry "War cry" boosts your crew's morale and fighting skills. Now, the enemy will soon be feeding the fishes! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0332_TUT_Enemy_Surrendered Good! The enemy crew have surrendered! Their vessel is yours! Finish off the other enemy ships! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0333_TUT_Outro Most excellent! You have completed the tutorial, and protected the clan's valuable trade! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0401_TUT_Welcome Welcome to Total War: Shogun 2. This tutorial will show you some of the exciting new naval features in the game: shallow waters, cannon ships and mines! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0402_TUT_Deployables You can use deployable weapons in naval battles. Mines are small wooden platforms carrying explosives that damage unsuspecting ships. Your fire bomb ship can place mines anywhere during deployment, but not in the enemy deployment zone. Select the fire bomb ship. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0403_TUT_Deployables Now, right-click on the sea where you want your ship to deploy a mine. Once battle starts, mines are not under your control, so position them for maximum destructive effect! When you are happy click on the place mine button. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0404_TUT_Sea_Mine Ha! Your first mine is ready! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0405_TUT_Place_Deployables Before the battle begins you can change your mines' positions. Click on the remove mines button and then place them again. Finish placing your mines before starting the battle. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0406_TUT_Ship_Types Before the fighting starts, we'll look at some of the ships in Total War: Shogun2. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0406a_TUT_Cannon_Bune The cannon bune is fast-moving for hit-and-run attacks against larger vessels. It should be kept away from medium and large ships to avoid boarding actions. If boarding is likely, a cannon bune can use its "fast rowing" to make a quick escape. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0406b_TUT_Matchlock_Ship Matchlock ships are small and fast-moving. They are deadly to enemy crews. Keep them safely away from larger ships; they are vulnerable to boarding. Matchlocks will also suffer if attacked by siege tower ships because their upper decks lack cover. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0406c_TUT_Fire_Bomb_Ship Fire bomb ships use horoku bombs to cause serious damage at close range, but are easily boarded and taken. Speed and crew numbers mean that they are best used to hit-and-run. They have little cover on the deck, and will suffer if attacked by missiles. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0406d_TUT_Siege_Tower_Ship Siege tower ships use superior height to rain down terror! The top deck tower allows them to kill enemy crews easily. Despite their speed and manoeuvrability, siege tower ships are weak in boarding actions, or if they take too much fire damage. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0406e_TUT_Sengoku_Bune The sengoku bune is the only Japanese sailing ship, making it the fastest in the fleet. It is ideal for catching and boarding small vessels. The sengoku bune carries fewer crew than other medium-sized ships, leaving them vulnerable to near-equals. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0406f_TUT_O_Ataka_Bune The o ataka bune is a bigger, better ataka bune! It has the largest crew of any ship, and it attacks by boarding. However, it is slow and manoeuvres badly, so can be sunk by missile ships. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0406g_TUT_Nihon_Maru The Nihon Maru is the shogun's flagship, and the jewel of any fleet. You can only have it once your daimyo is shogun. It boosts the morale of all nearby ships and has a large crew, but the Nihon Maru is slow, cumbersome and susceptible to fire damage. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0406h_TUT_Caravel The caravel uses eastern and western design ideas, its European cannons make it lethal when firing from afar. But its crew is susceptible to boarding attacks. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0406i_TUT_Set_Sail So, you have a magnificent fleet! Destroy the approaching Myoshi! True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0407_TUT_Sea_Terrain For the first time in Total War, sea battles include terrain. As the map shows, there are islands, coasts and shallow waters: all of these can be used tactically with your ships' capabilities. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0408_TUT_Land_Mass Land, the islands and coastline, is impassable for ships. Land can be useful for trapping enemies or shielding your vessels. Land masses are shown the radar map as green areas. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0409_TUT_Shallow_Water Shallow waters, highlighted by the sea's light blue colour, give missile ships the advantage over their larger enemies. Shallow waters are impassable to ships, but missile fire can cross them. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0411_TUT_Weather The time and weather also make a difference in naval battles. Rain affects missiles; boarding attacks are more important in the rain. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0412_TUT_Boarding Boarding actions are now possible on either or both sides of an enemy ship, giving the boarders potentially twice the crew of the defenders. A ship defending against boarders can also reinforce themselves with another friendly vessel and crew. A maximum of three ships can be locked together at any time during a boarding action. True
battle_script_advice_strings_string_CreativeAssembly.0414_TUT_Outro Now, feel free to try out your new ships, and their special capabilities, against the enemy fleet. True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0001_TUT_Welcome Welcome True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0002_TUT_Select_Unit Yari Ashigaru True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0003_TUT_Yari_Ashigaru_Info Yari Ashigaru True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0003a_TUT_Advisor_Arrows Advisor True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0004_TUT_Move_Yari_Ashigaru Movement True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0005_TUT_Walk_To_Run Movement Speeds True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0006_TUT_Fatigue_Effects Fatigue True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0007_TUT_Unit_Halt Movement True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0008_TUT_Reminder_Move Movement True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0009_TUT_Camera_WASD Camera Controls True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0010_TUT_Camera_QEZX Camera Controls True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0011_TUT_Camera_CV Camera Controls True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0012_TUT_Radar_Map Radar Map True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0013_TUT_Unit_Rotation Movement True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0015_TUT_Unit_Abilities Abilities True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0016_TUT_Morale_Effects Morale True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0017_TUT_Cavalry_Success Combat Success True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0018_TUT_Power_Balance Balance of Power True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0019_TUT_Reveal_Samurai_Archers Movement True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0020_TUT_Samurai_Archers_Info Samurai Archers True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0021_TUT_Unit_Formation Formations True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0022_TUT_Firing_Arc Samurai Archers True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0023_TUT_Fire_At_Will Abilities True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0024_TUT_Ammo_Bar Missile Resources True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0025_TUT_Charge_Bonus Movement True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0026_TUT_Multi_Selection Combat Success True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0027_TUT_Unit_Deselection Movement Speeds True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0028_TUT_Heavy_Cavalry_Info Heavy Cavalry True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0029_TUT_Cavalry_Charge Charging True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0030_TUT_Speed_Settings Game Speed True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0031_TUT_Fleeing_Troops Routing True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0032_TUT_Victory Victory True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0033_TUT_Wedge Formations True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0034_TUT_Select_Archers Samurai Archers True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0101_TUT_Welcome Welcome True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0102_TUT_Deployment_Phase Deployment True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0103_TUT_Deployment_Zones Deployment Zones True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0104_TUT_Deployment_Generals Generals True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0105_TUT_Generals_Abilities Generals True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0106_TUT_Generals_Abilities Generals True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0107_TUT_Advance_Army Movement True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0108a_TUT_Move_Army Army Selection True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0109_TUT_Village_Buildings Siege Weapons True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0110_TUT_Artillery_Units Siege Weapons True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0110a_TUT_Move_Artillery Combat Success True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0110b_TUT_Move_Archers Matchlock Ashigaru True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0110c_TUT_Artillery_Unlimber Siege Weapons True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0111_TUT_No_Dachi_Samurai_Info No-dachi Samurai True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0112_TUT_Assault_Building No-dachi Samurai True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0114_TUT_Musket_Ashigaru_Info Matchlock Ashigaru True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0114b_TUT_Continue_Attack Continue the Attack True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0115_TUT_River_Crossing River Crossings True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0116_TUT_Enemy_Forest Forests True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0117_TUT_Naginata_Samurai_Info Naginata Samurai True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0118_TUT_Group_Cavalry Yari Cavalry True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0119_TUT_Groups Groups True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0120_TUT_Formations Army Formations True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0122_TUT_Yari_Cavalry_Info Yari Cavalry True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0123_TUT_Hill_Advance Combat Success True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0124_TUT_Finish_Enemy Flank Attack True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0125_TUT_Victory Victory True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0127_TUT_Naginata_Attack Naginata Samurai True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0201_TUT_Welcome Welcome True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0202_TUT_Castles Castle Battles True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0203_TUT_Capture_Points Castle Battles True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0204_TUT_Siege_Camp Castle Battles True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0205_TUT_Towers Castle Towers True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0205a_TUT_Gates Castle Walls True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0206a_TUT_Monk_Info Warrior Monks True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0206b_TUT_Ninja_Info Kisho Ninja True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0206c_TUT_Hero_Info Heroes True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0206d_TUT_Cavalry_Info Cavalry True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0206e_TUT_Infantry_Info Infantry True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0207_TUT_Key_Buildings Key Buildings True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0207a_TUT_Key_Buildings Key Buildings True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0208f_TUT_Buildings Key Buildings True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0209_TUT_Zones Buildings True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0210_TUT_Outro Victory True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0301_TUT_Welcome Welcome True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0302_TUT_Select_Ship Bow Ship True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0303_TUT_Bow_Ship_Info Bow Ship True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0304b_TUT_Move_Bow_Ship Movement True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0305b_TUT_Movement_Speeds Battle Speed True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0306b_TUT_Ship_Halt Movement True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0307b_TUT_Waypoints Mines True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0307c_TUT_Waypoints Waypoints True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0308_TUT_Camera_WASD Camera Controls True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0309_TUT_Camera_QEZX Camera Controls True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0310_TUT_Camera_CV Camera Controls True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0311_TUT_Radar_Map Radar Map True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0312_TUT_Enemy_Ship Combat True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0313_TUT_Firing_Arcs Combat True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0314_TUT_Ship_Rotation Combat True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0315_TUT_Fire_Arrows Abilities True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0316_TUT_Health_Bars Damage True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0317_TUT_Morale Morale True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0317a_TUT_Attack_Enemy Combat True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0317b_TUT_Enemy_Destroyed Combat Success True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0318_TUT_New_Course Movement True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0319_TUT_Assistance Movement True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0320_TUT_Ship_Added Medium Bune True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0321_TUT_Repair_Button Repairs True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0322_TUT_Repair_Process Repairs True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0323_TUT_Med_Bune_Info Medium Bune True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0324_TUT_Grouping Groups True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0324a_TUT_Grouping Groups True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0325_TUT_Group_Formed Groups True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0326_TUT_Formations Formations True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0327_TUT_Hev_Bune_info Heavy Bune True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0328_TUT_Enemy_Ships Combat True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0329_TUT_Boarding Heavy Bune True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0329a_TUT_Boarding Combat True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0330_TUT_Boarding_Started Boarding True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0331_TUT_Boarding_BOP Boarding True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0331b_TUT_Warcry Abilities True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0332_TUT_Enemy_Surrendered Combat Success True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0333_TUT_Outro Victory True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0401_TUT_Welcome Welcome True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0402_TUT_Deployables Mines True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0403_TUT_Deployables Mines True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0404_TUT_Sea_Mine Mines True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0405_TUT_Place_Deployables Mines True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0406_TUT_Ship_Types Ships True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0406a_TUT_Cannon_Bune Cannon Bune True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0406b_TUT_Matchlock_Ship Matchlock Ship True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0406c_TUT_Fire_Bomb_Ship Fire Bomb Ship True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0406d_TUT_Siege_Tower_Ship Siege Tower Ship True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0406e_TUT_Sengoku_Bune Sengoku Bune True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0406f_TUT_O_Ataka_Bune O Ataka Bune True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0406g_TUT_Nihon_Maru Nihon Maru True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0406h_TUT_Caravel Caravel True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0406i_TUT_Set_Sail Naval Combat True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0407_TUT_Sea_Terrain Sea Terrain True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0408_TUT_Land_Mass Sea Terrain True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0409_TUT_Shallow_Water Sea Terrain True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0411_TUT_Weather Weather True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0412_TUT_Boarding Boarding True
battle_script_advice_strings_title_CreativeAssembly.0414_TUT_Outro Naval Combat True