avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_armour_piercing_arrows Armour-Piercing Arrows. \n \n Your avatar and his bodyguard shoot bodkin-style arrows designed to penetrate armour. \n True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_armour_piercing_melee Armour Penetration. \n \n Melee attacks penetrate armour. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_assassinate Stealth Ability. \n \n When activated, this ability allows the unit to remain hidden whilst running for a short period. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_bamboo_wall Bamboo Wall. \n \n During the deployment phase, the unit can deploy a fixed barrier to shelter from cavalry behind. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_banzai Banzai Ability. \n \n When activated, boosts the unit's melee attack and charge bonus, and gives them unbreakable morale for a short time. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_blind_grenades Blinding Grenades. \n \n Blinding grenades temporarily disable the target unit. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_cantabrian_circle Swooping Crane Ability. \n \n When this ability is activated, the unit will wheel in a circular formation maintaining a steady fire on the target unit. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_fire_arrows Enable Fire Arrows. \n \n When activated, fire arrows increase the lethality of this unit's shots and can also ignite wooden buildings. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_fire_by_rank Fire By Rank Ability. \n \n A more efficient firing drill. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_guerilla_deployment Kisho Training. \n \n During the deployment phase, this unit is able to deploy outside of the deployment area. \n \n May not deploy too close to a key building. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_inspire Inspire Ability. \n \n When activated, allows the unit to boost the morale, melee attack and accuracy of a single unit. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_pavise Pavise. \n \n During the deployment phase, the unit can deploy a fixed barrier to shelter behind. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_rally Rally Ability. \n \n When activated, the rally ability will restore nearby routing units to order (shattered units are not affected). \n \n Units nearby which aren't routing will receive a morale bonus whilst rally is active. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_rapid_volley Rapid Volley Ability. \n \n When active, greatly increases reload rate for a short period. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_scare_enemies Scare Nearby Enemies. \n \n Enemies close to the unit will suffer a morale penalty. \n \n This effect is always active. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_snipe Snipe Ability. \n \n If hidden already, the unit can shoot without betraying its position. \n \n Only works whilst stationary. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_stand_and_fight Stand and Fight Ability. \n \n When activated, your avatar will dismount to encourage units near to him, boosting their morale, melee attack and reload speed. \n \n The ability will remain active until cancelled. \n \n Your avatar is unable to move whilst Stand and Fight is active. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_warcry Enable Warcry Ability. \n \n When activated, reduces the morale, melee defence and movement speed of enemy units close to the unit. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_ability_whistling_arrows Whistling Arrows. \n \n When activated, whistling arrows reduce the morale, melee attack and reload speed of enemy units targeted by them. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_avatar_bow Avatar Bow. \n \n Your avatar and his bodyguard can shoot bows from horseback. \n True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_enable_avatar_increased_bodyguard_unit Increased Avatar Bodyguard Unit Size. \n \n The number of men in your avatar's personal guard is increased. \n True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_mod_distance_to_spot_enemies Improved Spotting Range. \n \n The range at which this unit spot hidden enemies is increased. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_mod_melee_penalty_vs_spears No Penalty Versus Spears. \n \n Your avatar and his bodyguard ignore the penalty suffered by all other cavalry units when attacking enemies armed with spears. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_mod_missile_damage Increased Damage \n \n The amount of damage inflicted by this unit's missiles is increased. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_mod_replenishment_rate Replenish Unit Between Battles. \n \n Any casualties suffered in a previous battle will be restored before the next battle. \n True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_mod_stamina Increased Fatigue Resistance. \n \n Reduces the rate at which the unit becomes fatigued. \n \n Fatigue impairs speed, morale and fighting ability. True
avatar_unit_info_card_abilites_strings_localised_string_mod_unit_speed Improved Speed. \n \n Increased unit movement speed. True