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{Indifferent_Commander} 凡庸な指揮官

This man is definitely not developing his skills as a general. If anything, he seems less competent than before his first fight!


{Incompetent_Commander} 非力な指揮官

This man shows signs of real uselessness whencommanding armies in the field.


{Poor_Commander} 貧相な指揮官

This man has an inferior grasp of the tactics needed to fight any kind of battle, and this worries his men.


{Pathetic_Commander} 無惨な指揮官

This man has an almost unsurpassed ability to mess up when in指揮 and this instills despair in his troops.


{Confident_Attacker} 自信のある攻撃者

This man shows signs of greatness whencommanding attacks.


{Good_Attacker} 良い攻撃者

This man is definitely developing his skills as an aggressive general.


{Superior_Attacker} 優秀な攻撃者

This man has a superior grasp of the tactics needed to mount a successful attack which inspires his men.


{Great_Attacker} 偉大な攻撃者

This man has an almost unsurpassed ability to attack in battle and this confidence is passed down to his troops.


{Indifferent_Attacker} 凡庸な指揮官

This man lacks confidence when leading an attack.


{Incompetent_Attacker} 非力な攻撃者

When leading an attack this man has some problems organising his forces.


{Poor_Attacker} 貧相な攻撃者

This man shows little ability to attack and his troops are disheartened.


{Pathetic_Attacker} 無惨な攻撃者

This man has a talent for turning even a moderate chance of victory,(攻撃時), into an almost-certain defeat!

{Pathetic_Attacker_epithet_desc} 「愚か者」


{Confident_in_Defence} 防御に自信がある

This man has learnt that a clear head and a calm hand can be assets beyond price(防御時).


{Good_Defender} 良い防御者

This man's defensive experience gives his men confidence in their eventual victory.


{Superior_Defender} 優秀な防御者

The superior skill this man displays, when fighting in a defensive situation, can often get the better of aggressive enemies.


{Great_Defender} 偉大な防御者

Few are better than this man(防御時). The士気 of his men shows their confidence in his skill.


{Indifferent_Defender} 凡庸な防御者

This man lacks confidence when he is in a strategically defensive position.


{Incompetent_Defender} 非力な防御者

This man is starting to look like a loser when he defends, even before the enemy attacks!


{Poor_Defender} 貧相な防御者

Defence is not part of the art of war for this man, but a mystery the Gods have not revealed!


{Pathetic_Defender} 無惨な防御者

This man shows no talent forcommanding a defence at all, and this has disheartened his soldiers.


{Drunkard} 大酒飲み

Often drunk by noon, this man's duties are secondary to his thirst.


{Drunken_Lout} 酔った無骨者

This man's drinking makes him an abusive drunkard who gesticulates wildly at everyone he meets.


{Sot} 飲んだくれ

This man's habit of drinking until he soils himself provokes disgust and pity in all who are unfortunate enough to know him.


{Strong_Language} 荒い言葉遣い

Colourful swearing and strong oaths pepper this man's conversation, making him something of a 'character'.


{Foul_Mouthed} 口が軽い

The colourful language of the rank-and-file endears this man to his troops, but causes vague disquiet amongst his peers.


{Swears_Like_A_Trooper} 下品な言葉遣い

Unable to utter a single sentence that isn't laced with the foulest curses, even this man's friends avoid long conversations where possible.


{Irredeemably_Foul-mouthed} 救いようのないほど口が軽い

Foulness constantly spills from this man's lips. This is a serious handicap in a political career, or in any situation where some decorum is needed.

This man's swearing is so profuse that it has become the stuff of legend!

{Irredeemably_Foul-mouthed_epithet_desc} 「不敬」


{Minion} 従属者

This man is developing an unsavoury reputation as a servile cur, as he has been willing to submit to the amorous advances of other men.


{Catamite} 稚児

This man's desires have turned along dark paths, much to the unease of his underlings.


{Aggressively_Perverse} 強情

Consent is no longer something that this man considers when slaking his lusts for other men.


{Casual_Adulterer} 姦通者

Fidelity in marriage is not a concept that this man considers important. He has already committed adultery with the wife of a so-called friend.


{Blatant_Adulterer} 露骨な姦通者

Faithfulness means nothing to this man. He regularly commits adultery with the wives of his close associates and underlings.


{Womaniser} 色男

This man's lecherous habits are well known. The unfortunate female slaves of his household are only the first targets for his lusts.


{Won't_Take_No_For_An_Answer} 断れない男

Women have become mere objects to this man. The possibility of rejection never crosses his resolutely one-track mind.


{Sober} 素面

This man realises that all things are best in moderation, never allowing wine to get in the way of work.


{Abstemious} 禁欲的

Choosing not to indulge in even the smallest of alcoholic pleasures, every move this man makes is sober and considered.


{Teetotal} 絶対禁酒

This man disapproves of both strong drink and drinkers, making him conscientious, tedious and dull, as well as something of a party-pooper.


{Good_Ambusher} 良い奇襲者

This man has a natural gift for the surprise attack. His men strike hard and fast leaving few to tell of the defeat.


{Sneaky_Ambusher} 隠密な奇襲者

This man is a cunning attacker. The first (and last) thing his enemies know of his plans is that they are dead!


{Poor_Ambusher} 貧相な奇襲者

The element of surprise tends to come as a bit of a surprise to this man when it really counts, such as when setting up an ambush.


{Rotten_Ambusher} 腐った奇襲者

Seldom has this man triumphed during an ambush. His hamfisted attempts at cunning plans rarely come to fruition.


{Pathetic_Ambusher} 無惨な 奇襲者

This man couldn't organise the proverbial "nosh-up in a vomitorium", let alone a surprise attack under cover of darkness.


{Obsessional_Trainer} Obsessional Trainer

This man knows that hard training means easier battles for his men. His strictness is seen as an unwelcome necessity.


{Drillmaster} 鬼教官

This man likes to drill his troops incessantly. This drive for efficiency is not entirely popular.


{Martinet} 厳格な軍人

Iron discipline is the measure of this man. His men may hate his guts, but they do exactly what he tells them!


{Poor_Disciplinarian} 軍規を守らない

A kind word and a smile do not win battles. This man would do well to learn this simple fact.


{Too_Considerate} 優しすぎる男

This man puts his personal popularity with the rank and file above getting the job done properly. Discipline suffers.


{Kills_With_Kindness} 躊躇がある

Too concerned for the comfort of his soldiers, this man is a popular but ineffectual leader.


{Gate_Breaker} 門の破砕者

This man has an eye for weakness when he looks at an enemy city wall, and a talent for exploiting it.


{Wall_Breaker} 壁の破砕者

His remarkable skills when judging how and where to assault a city, make this man an expert in siege warfare.


{Into_The_Breach!} あの突破口へ!

This man's skills in the art of siege warfare are exceptional, and inspire confidence in his troops.


{Dislikes_Attacking_Walls} 攻城を嫌う

Preferring an open field of combat, this man is not at his best when in指揮 of a siege.


{Useless_Besieger} 救いようのない包囲者

This man's generally incompetent performance when trying to take a town disheartens all his men.


{Pathetic_Besieger} 無惨な包囲者

This man is not skilled when it comes to siege warfare. As a result his battles often end in ignomy rather than glory.


{Gate_Keeper} 門番

This man has an elementary grasp of how to hold a town against an enemy.


{Strong_As_Stone} 石のように堅固

This man has a good understanding of how to defend a settlement.


{None_Shall_Pass!} 誰一人通させはせん!

This man's defensive skills whencommanding a garrison is worth an epic poem or two!


{Cowers_Behind_Walls} 壁の後ろで縮こまる

There are few signs this man understands how to defend even a small settlement.


{Pathetic_Defender_of_Cities} 無惨な町の防御者

Woe betide any settlement left in this man's care! His defensive skills are sadly lacking.


{Liability_In_Defence} ディフェンスに定評のある

This man's incompetence(防御時) a town is well known, and disheartens the whole garrison.


{Untouched_By_Fear} 恐怖とは無縁

This man never feels uneasy when going into battle. Battle is an old friend to be greeted and enjoyed!


{Brave} 勇敢

This man is developing a reputation for performing heroic deeds on the battlefield.


{Famously_Courageous} 著名な勇猛さをもつ

Tales of this man's courage have spread to all corners of the world and his brave deeds inspire many to similar feats of arms.


{Utterly_Fearless} 全く恐れない

This man is a fearless warrior, and his men will often follow him into any situation, no matter how great the risk.

{Utterly_Fearless_epithet_desc} the Brave


{Doubtful_Courage} 貸倒勇気

A concern for personal safety has given this man the habit of running from battle before it is strictly necessary.

This man has finally - and accurately - been accused of running away from the enemy!

Although this man has run from battle, his courage is now no longer doubted.


{Morbidly_Fearful} 病的に恐怖する

The fear of physical hurt hinders this man's performance in battle.


{Craven_Coward} 臆病な臆病者

This man's timidity in combat is well known. He has lost the respect of most men.

{Craven_Coward_epithet_desc} the Lily-livered


{Ruled_By_Fear} 恐怖に支配された

This man's girlish screeching in the face of an enemy provokes amused horror and utter contempt in equal measure.

{Ruled_By_Fear_epithet_desc} 「臆病者」


{Rather_Lazy} 少し怠け癖がある

Inactivity would be this man's favourite pastime, if he could find the energy.


{Lazy} 怠け者

Why lift a finger when you have slaves standing idle who could do it for you?


{Indolent} 怠惰な

Bodily exertion is for slaves and plebeians, a leader must preserve himself only for the rigours of battle.


{Lively} 活発な

This man is not one to rest on his laurels, or rest at all.


{Very_Lively} 非常に活発な

This man detests laziness amongst his staff, and cannot abide sloth.


{Energetic} エネルギッシュな

This man rarely stops working, even taking his meals on the move!


{Blessed_With_Vitality} 活力に恵まれた

This man's "get-up-and-go" can only be a gift from the capricious Gods!


{Axebitten} 斧叩師

This man is best pointed towards the enemy and unleashed. His untamed axe-rage will do the rest!

This man is beginning to frighten people just by his menacing presence.


{Shieldbiter} 盾持ち

This man can always be found where the enemies' screams are loudest! Their pleas for mercy drive him to a higher pitch of frothing anger!


{Berserker} 狂戦士

This man's berserk rages are the stuff of legend! His almost-suicidal savagery is unmatched and fearsome!

This man's berserk rages are now talked about with amazement and fear!

{Berserker_epithet_desc} 「血塗れ」


{Distrusts_Outsiders} 余所者を信用しない

This man is suspicious of outsiders. After all, he simply doesn't know where they've been or what they might be up to!


{Hates_Strangers} 余所者を嫌う

This man insists that his servants and slaves keep outsiders far away, for outsiders are not to be trusted under any circumstances.


{Loathes_Foreigners} 外国人を嫌う

Anything foreign or that smacks of outsider影響力s is hated by this man to an almost irrational level.


{Welcoming_To_Foreigners} 余所者を歓迎する

Friendly and open to all that is new, this man welcomes strangers to his home with open arms.


{Likes_Strangers} 余所者を歓迎する

This man loves to be regaled with tales of foreign lands and strange customers. Outlanders are warmly welcomed at his table.


{Fascinated_By_Outsiders} 外国人に興味がある

This man is fascinated by the strange and exotic ways of other lands and people, sometimes to the detriment of his duties and true loyalties!


{Faithless} 不実

Unlike many, this man holds the rather odd opinion that he is the master of his own destiny, not the Gods.


{Atheist} 無神論者

This man openly doubts the Gods as not being real, perhaps a dangerous position to adopt.


{Despises_The_Gods} 神々を嫌う

This man is openly scornful of religious urges in others, and priests of all kinds. Perhaps the Gods feel the same way about him.


{Religious} 信仰深い

As an overtly religious man, this individual believes that the will of the Gods影響力s every aspect of his life.


{Honours_The_Gods} 神々を崇拝する

This man reveres the Gods and makes a point of honouring them daily, never making a move without first considering what they would want.


{War_Chief} 戦首長

Beyond brave, this man has the ability to inspire similar virtue in his followers.


{Mighty_War_Chief} 勇ましい戦首長

A formidable warrior and leader, this man is respected by his people and feared by his enemies.


{Warlord} 将軍

A fearsome enemy, this man can lead others to their deaths, to glory, and to victory!


{Bureaucrat} 官僚

The day to day running of a settlement is food and drink to this man. He can be trusted not to slip up over matters of state.


{Skilled_Bureaucrat} 有能な官僚

This man shows great skill at managing settlements, and is not easily fazed by administrative hiccups.


{Superb_Administrator} 優れた官僚

This man has an effortless talent for government. His inferiors are aware of this, and strive to do their best as well.


{Jobsworth} 「お堅い」官僚

This man is a stickler for the rules, having little imagination where paperwork is concerned.


{Administratively_Inept} 行政無能

This man lacks skill in every possible area of government. His lack of talent doesn't trouble him in the slightest, even though others find it frustrating.


{Stunningly_Incompetent} 驚くほど非力

This man's assistants don't even pretend to involve him in administrative work anymore. His inability to grasp simple ideas is an embarrassment.


{Outstanding_Speaker} 優れた演説家

When this fellow speaks those around are mesmerised, rallying about his chosen cause.


{Famous_Orator} 有名な雄弁家

This man's talent for public speaking can hold many people spellbound, even if they don't always agree with his arguments.


{Tedious_Speaker} 面倒な演説家

Dull doesn't even begin to describe this man's speaking skills.


{Boring_Speaker} 退屈な演説家

Some people should not be allowed to speak in public. This is just such a man.


{Boring_Beyond_Belief} 神々すら恐れる退屈性

No matter how superb his logic, this man's tedious speechifying puts all his listeners into a coma!


{Boring_Little_Tit} 退屈拷問を行う演説家(乳首責めをうんざりさせる!?)

This man's speeches are so boring that his audiences would probably prefer death to more hours of torture!


{Fluent_Speaker} 流暢な演説家

This man speaks well, influencing many of his listeners with his well-reasoned arguments.


{Skilled_Debater} 優れた討論者

熟練した in the arts of debate and rhetoric, this man is rarely bested when arguing the important issues of the day.


{Rhetorical_Expert} 修辞の達人

Although skilled in public debate, this man's arguments are often abstract and over-blown for common tastes.


{Fond_of_Ribald_Rhymes} 下品な韻を好む

This man's poetic education produces rhymes and quips that enliven his conversation and show a ready wit and keen intelligence.


{Poet} 詩人

A poet of some standing, this man can regale his friends with his own great epics on almost any subject.


{Epic_Poet} 叙事詩の詩人

This man cannot resist quoting his own extravagant verses at every opportunity. As far as his listeners are concerned this is a mixed blessing.


{Understanding_of_Strategy} 戦略家

This man has a basic grasp of strategy but his studies have only just begun.


{Strategic_Expert} 戦略の専門家

This man can claim some expertise in strategy, thanks to his extensive studies of the many histories of warfare.


{Understanding_of_Tactics} 戦術家

This man has read widely, and has an intellectual understanding of the theory behind battlefield指揮.


{Tactical_Expert} 戦術の専門家

This man has read widely on tactical theory, argued long and hard with experts and developed a good technical grasp of his subject.


{Understanding_of_Mathematics} 数学をたしなむ

Education has given this man a good understanding of numbers and their uses.


{Mathematics_Expert} 数学の専門家

This man's use of numbers is more than an abstract pursuit. He is also able to apply his arithmetical skills to the business of government.


{Mathematician} 優れた数学者

The world of numbers and geometry is an open book to this man. His intelligence makes him slightly intimidating to some.


{Understanding_of_Natural_Philosophy} 自然科学をたしなむ

This man has a good understanding of the natural world, giving him the intellectual tools for many tasks.


{Expert_on_Natural_Philosophy} 自然科学の専門家

This man is widely read and well educated, giving him the ability to apply his learning skills to administrative tasks.


{Political_Animal} 政治動物

This man is an aspiring politician, although his education in the art of politics has only just begun.


{Politician} 政治家

This man has studied the skills needed to be a politician and has developed the proper ruthless manner for the job.


{Consummate_Politician} 優れた政治家

This man has complete指揮 of the political arts, and has mastered the sincerity needed to use them to full effect.


{Understanding_of_Logistics} 補給の理解

This man has a basic grasp of the detailed administration needed to keep an army in the field.


{Logistics_Expert} 補給の専門家

Few can match this man's superior ability to keep troops supplied and in the field.


{Agitator} 扇動者

This man has a taste for public speaking, as he has a way of saying things that make people listen.


{Tub-Thumper} 大嘘つき

Many are roused to action by his words, even if his speeches are coarse and unpolished to some ears.


{Rabblerouser} 暴徒の扇動家

This man has a true talent for argument and debate, but done in such a way that common folk can understand his speeches.


{Demagogue} 扇動政治家

His 'feel' for the audience and use of words can whip any crowd into a frenzy, if it suits his whim.


{Draughtsman} 製図者

This man's interest in architecture stands him in good stead when construction work is needed.


{Architect} 建築家

This man is an enviable authority on architectural matters.


{Conqueror} 征服者

If you kill a man you're a murderer. Kill many and you're a hero. Kill them all and you're favoured by the Gods - or dangerously unbalanced!

{Conqueror_epithet_desc} 「勝利者」


{Victor} 勝利者

This man's many victories have made him popular among the masses.


{Famous_Victor} 有名なビクター

This man is adored by the people for his many victories.


{Conquering_Hero} 征服の英雄

If you kill a man you're a murderer. Kill many and you're a hero. Kill them all and you're a conqueror!

{Conquering_Hero_epithet_desc} 征服者


{Gourmet_of_Life} 生涯グルメ

This man appreciates the better things in life.


{Refined_Tastes} 洗練された味

This man's tastes are honed to a fine pitch and often very expensive to satisfy.


{Rarified_Tastes} 稀薄な味

良いtaste in all things has become an end in itself for this man.


{Restrained} 拘束する

A person who seldom allows his emotions to surface, making him seem aloof and distant.


{Cold_Manner} 冷たい

This man's cold manner can be an asset to a leader, as he allows little to disturb his composure.


{Stoic} ストイック

Although usually unruffled in a crisis, no matter what the nature of the problem, this can often make this man appear uncaring.


{Spartan} スパルタ

This man has chosen to live without any luxuries, save the luxury of self-restraint.


{Austere} 禁欲的

This man has taken self-restraint and frugality to new heights, something that many find admirable and off-putting at the same time.


{Lover_of_Beauty} 美を愛す

This man surrounds himself with beautiful possessions - and hang the expense!


{Connoisseur} 目利き

This man only enjoys the finest things in life regardless of the expense, for beauty has no price, only value!


{Aesthete} 唯美主義者.

Ugliness is something that this man cannot abide in any part of his life - something of a problem when it can be part of his work!


{Gourmand} 大食家

When the question is asked, "Who ate all the pies?", this man has just enough decency left to look guilty.


{Ignorant} 無知

This man's ignorance is largely forgivable, if a little annoying for those around him.


{Pig_Ignorant} 豚みたいに無知

While ignorance is usually the absence of learning, this man has made it a point of pride.


{Willfully_Ignorant} 故意に無知

This man has spent many years cultivating his ignorant ways and he takes a positive pride in knowing less than nothing.


{Likes_a_Flutter} 激動を好む

A battle, a race, the fall of a leaf is nothing to this man unless he can spice things up with a small wager!


{Gambler} ギャンブラー

The thrill of uncertainty is a drug for this man. If he loses, he'll win back his money and more on the next bet!


{Inveterate_Gambler} 根っからのギャンブラー

Luck has not smiled upon this man, save to provide him with access to the money he needs for his gambling.


{Self_Publicist} 自己の広報担当者

This man has proven willing to tart himself about in return for modest financial reward.


{Spin_Doctor} 無免許医師

There are no shallows to which this man will not sink in his attempts at attracting the public's attention.


{Narcissist} ナルシスト

Always ready for some column inches, there is nothing that this man will not take on for cheap publicity.


{Espionage} スパイ育成家

This man understands the need for spies, having sent them against his enemies many times.


{Espionage_Expert} スパイの専門家

This man has a superior understanding of the power of facts, of half-truths and of lies, and is able to see through them.


{Spy_Master} スパイマスター

This man is an artist with information, able to sift the whole truth from convincing falsehoods with the merest scraps of evidence.

{Spy_Master_epithet_desc} 「狡猾」


{Clean_Hands} きれいな手

This man understands the need to keep his own hands clean, even as he sends out assassins to do his killing.


{Killer_From_Necessity} 必要性からの殺人家

This man understands that a certain amount of killing is always necessary in politics.


{Master_of_Assassins} 暗殺者のマスター

This man has the skills and inclination to use assassins without compunction to achieve his ends.

This man's reputation as an employer of killers now strikes fear into many.

{Master_of_Assassins_epithet_desc} 「殺人鬼」


{Counter-Spy} 二重スパイ

This man has had some success in unmasking spies and ending their nefarious networks.


{Counter-Espionage} 防諜

This man is adept at spotting enemy agents and terminating their activities.


{Spycatcher} スパイを見つける

This man is an expert at spotting the small details that betray the true loyalties of an enemy spy.


{Survivor} 生存者

This man has seen his survival of assassination attempts as a 'learning experience'!


{Expert_Survivor} 生存の専門家

Failed assassination attempts on this man have given him a sixth sense, warning him of impending dangers.


{Poor_Spy} 貧相なスパイ

It's all part of a quest for knowledge, not actual spying, as such, honest…


{Inferior_Spy} 二流のスパイ

The arts of spying are far from being this man's forte. He might as well carry a big sign with "I'm aスパイ!" written on it.


{Useless_Spy} 使えないスパイ

The attempts of this man to be a spy are pathetic, almost embarrassing, which may be the only thing that saves him from death at the hands of his 'victims'.


{Inept_Poisoner} 不適切な毒殺

This man shows little appetite for the business of assassination as his victims show little inclination to die!


{Ham-fisted_Murderer} 不器用な殺人者

This man would like to think he helps people into the afterlife. He's lying to himself.


{Useless_Assassin} 使えない暗殺者

A greater danger to himself than any target, this man shouldn't be allowed to play with sharp objects.


{Careless} 不注意

This man pays little attention to his personal security.


{Careless_of_Security} セキュリティに不注意

Personal security is not a high priority for this man.


{Trusting_Fool} 不用心な信頼

This man puts his trust in his own loveliness to protect him from an assassin's knife.


{Watchful} 用心深い

An innate watchfulness makes this man a difficult target for an assassin's blade.


{Security_Conscious} セキュリティに配慮する

Near death experiences have made this man very careful of his personal safety.


{Obsessed_by_Security} セキュリティに取り付かれた

This man has had enough nasty experiences to be obsessed by a need for security at all times.


{No_Enemies} 敵がいない

This man holds the belief that he has few enemies. Perhaps he is right.


{Ingenuous} 無邪気

This man has an inherently trusting nature that makes him both endearing and worryingly vulnerable.


{Trusting} 信頼しすぎる

This man cannot conceive that anyone would ever have any malice towards him.


{Scant_Trust} 信用しない

This man finds it difficult to trust strangers and, for that matter, his friends.


{Suspicious} 疑わしい

This man suspects that there are people who dream of his downfall. He may be right.


{A_Bit_Paranoid} 被害妄想がある

Trust is not a word in this man's vocabulary. He likes the word "fruitbasket", mostly.


{Paranoid} 重度の被害妄想

This man has no doubts that "they" are out to get him, and that most of "us" aren't his friends either.


{Tactful} 気が利く

Diplomacy is a strength of this man's character.


{Courteous} 礼儀正しい

This man shows every sign of maturing into a shrewd and competent diplomatic negotiator.


{Diplomatic} 外交的

There are few diplomatic niceties that elude this man.


{Polished_Diplomat} 精錬された外交官

This man is the consummate diplomat, urbane and assured in all circumstances.


{Tactless} 機転の利かない

This man has an unfortunate manner when dealing with foreigners.


{Discourteous} 失礼

Foreign manners and customs are not to this man's taste, and he lets foreigners know this in no uncertain terms.


{Undiplomatic} 外交的でない

This man has a talent for saying exactly the wrong thing when negotiating even the most delicate of treaties.


{Untruthful} 信じない

While the small-minded agree truth is a good thing, this man sees the bigger picture.


{Economical_with_the_Truth} 真実に経済的

To this man truth is merely a wrapper for more palatable 'facts'.


{Liar} 嘘つき

Some people say the truth is out there. Not if this man has anything to do with it!


{Financially_Irregular} 財政的に不規則

When cash flows through this man's hands, some sticks to his fingers.


{Fiscally_Flexible} 財政的柔軟性

This man has a flexible attitude towards the issue of ownership, especially where money is concerned.


{Embezzler} 横領犯

When cash goes anywhere near this man very little of it ever reaches the proper treasury.


{Sly} 狡い

Falsehood is part of this man's stock in trade, although sometimes his lies are spotted as such.


{Deceiver} 詐欺師

This man uses lies to achieve his ends, skillfully weaving them into the truth to create a new fabric of reality.


{Great_Deceiver} 偉大な詐欺師

Falsehood is a weapon in this man's armoury, one that he deploys with consummate skill to baffle enemies and rivals.

{Great_Deceiver_epithet_desc} 「詐欺師」


{Trusty} 信頼できる

This man is regarded as trustworthy and fair by all who know him.


{Honest} 正直

This man is blessed with a reputation for honesty and straightforwardness in all his dealings.


{Flexible} 柔軟

This man is regarded as morally flexible. Somehow, doing the right thing does not come naturally to him.


{Dubious} 怪しげ

This man has a growing reputation for dishonesty and suspect dealings.


{Corrupt} 腐敗した

Conscience means nothing to this man; no act that enriches him is unworthy.


{Strict_Governor} 厳格な領主

This man believes in the smack of firm government.


{Harsh_Governor} 過酷な領主

Law and order are words that this man lives and指揮s by. He will brook no dissent.


{Considerate_Governor} 思いやりのある領主

This man has little belief in firm government for its own sake.


{Benevolent_Governor} 優しい領主

This man believes that kindness is the road to good government.


{Doubtful_Loyalties} 疑いのある忠誠

Doubts as to this man's true loyalties are sometimes voiced.


{Disloyal} 不忠実

This man understands the concept of loyalty - he just doesn't believe it should影響力 him.


{Publicly_Loyal} 忠実とされる

This man's loyalty is quietly admired, mostly by others.


{Proven_Loyalties} 実証済みの忠誠

There are no real doubts as to this man's loyalties.


{Loyal} 忠実

This man instinctively understands the concept of loyalty.


{Fanatically_Loyal} 熱狂的に忠実

This man's watchword is loyalty.


{Plausible} もっともらしい

This man can make many outrageous proposals seem perfectly reasonable.


{Slick} 弁が立つ

This man could talk the hind legs off a wild ass and make it believe he was the beast's best friend.


{Smooth_Talker} 口先のうまい

This man could talk the hind legs off a wild ass, and then convince the poor legless beast to slither another ten miles.


{Subject_of_Rumours} うわさの人

Rumours are circulating about this man and his wife, particularly his wife and her supposed lovers…


{Cuckold} 妻を寝取られた男

There are stories told about this man's wife, stories that reflect no credit on his abilities as a man…


{Cuckold's_Cuckold} 妻を寝取られた男に妻を寝取られた男

This man has become a laughing stock thanks to his wife's numerous and very public infidelities.


{Wife_Above_Reproach} 非の打ちどころのない妻

This man is blessed with a wife who is an ornament to his family and home.


{Grower} 栽培者

This man has a fondness for the simple life of a gentleman farmer.


{Farmer} 畑に立つ

This man takes an active interest in farming and rural matters.


{Agriculturalist} 農学者

This man spends many hours happily engaged in matters to do with farming, even at cost to his other duties.


{Poor_Farmer} 貧相な農民

The countryside and farming have no appeal for this man.


{Dislikes_Farming} 農業が嫌い

To this man farming and the countryside are not important - it all smells rather horrid, after all!


{Loathes_Farmers} 農業を嫌う

As far as this man is concerned, farmers are no better than the pigs and goats they tend, and need be given no consideration.


{Miner} 採鉱者

This man takes an active interest in mining operations, and has a 'feel' for the business.


{Superior_Miner} 優秀な採鉱者

This man has a natural aptitude for mining works, and can increase the profits made as a result.


{Indifferent_Miner} 凡庸な採鉱者

This man simply cannot see the point of mining: a horrible, dirty business at best.


{Poor_Miner} 貧相な採鉱者

This man has little interest in mining, and cannot be bothered with the business of digging muddy little holes.


{Bad_Mine_Manager} 悪い鉱山経営者

This man has an active aversion to the business of mining, and such works suffer under his mismanagement.


{Engineer} 技術者

This man has demonstrated a good grasp of the tactics of military engineering.


{Superior_Engineer} 優秀な技術者

This man has an eye for engineering and the tactical sense to apply his skills during sieges.


{Inferior_Engineer} 二流の技術者

This man's name is a joke among competent military engineers.


{Bad_Engineer} 悪い技術者

This man's military engineering skills lack a certain something - ability, perhaps.


{Appalling_Engineer} 酷い技術者

This man is supremely incompetent when it comes to the field of military engineering.


{Trader} 商人

This man shows every sign of having been swapped at birth with a merchant's son. Nothing pleases him more than discussing prices in the market.


{Superior_Trader} 優秀な商人

There's nothing this man enjoys more than haggling over the price of goods. His interest helps trade to flourish.


{Master_Trader} 熟練した商人

This man has a keen interest in mercantile matters and actively encourages trade.


{Poor_Trader} 貧相な商人

This man has no real interest in trade, and the creation of wealth suffers as a result.


{Inferior_Trader} 二流の商人

To this man trade is a matter for the lower classes, and he cannot be bothered to sully his hands with it.


{Appalling_Trader} 酷い商人

This man has an aversion to the filthy matter of trade, and does much to discourage merchants.


{Even-handed} 公平

This man has a fine legal mind, and a good sense of what constitutes a just decision.


{Just} 正当

This man has a talent for finding a just answer in a legal quagmire, satisfying most people in the process.


{Absolutely_Just} 絶対に正しい

This man's name has become a byword for justice and fairness in legal matters.

{Absolutely_Just_epithet_desc} 「正義」


{Judgemental} 判断を急ぎがち

Decisions made by this man do not always seem entirely fair to the people.


{Wrong-headed} 不公平

This man makes decisions that are neither fair nor just, and yet he has no shame as a result.


{Unjust} 不当

This man's name has become a byword for injustice, and he almost revels in his ability to be wrong-headed.


{Punisher} 処罰者

In this man's opinion true justice is about proper punishment of all the guilty.


{Severe} 厳しい

Justice and mercy are mutually exclusive in this man's eyes, regardless of the facts.


{Harsh_Judge} 判断が厳しい

True justice is blind, in this man's opinion. Seeing any mitigating facts that interfere with punishment is not justice.


{Lenient} 寛大

This man tends to be a touch too reasonable in reaching a judgement.


{Merciful_Judge} 慈悲深い

This man believes that justice is best tempered by mercy to perpetrators as well as victims.


{Kind_Judge} 優しい決断

Justice and mercy are finely balanced qualities in this man, although somehow mercy always seems the weightier.


{Heartless_Ruler} 冷酷な支配者

This man uses his power to keep those below in their proper stations in life.


{Harsh_Ruler} 過酷な支配者

This man delights in using his power for his own ends, and to humiliate those beneath him.


{Cruel_Ruler} 残酷な支配者

This man not only enjoys using his power, he enjoys seeing others suffer as a result.

{Cruel_Ruler_epithet_desc} 「残酷」


{Benevolent_Ruler} 仁君

This man likes to see himself as being well-meaning and considerate of his social inferiors.


{Benign_Ruler} 良性な支配者

This man has a reputation as a kind and reasonable leader and governor.


{Humane_Ruler} 人道的な支配者

This man sees power as a means of improving the lot of others, almost regardless of the final consequences.

{Humane_Ruler_epithet_desc} 「寛大」


{Superior_Builder} 優秀な建築家

This man enjoys the planning and building of settlements almost for their own sake.


{Excellent_Builder} 優れた建築家

The chance to create a new building is something that this man relishes, enthusing the workforce in the process.


{Indifferent_Builder} 凡庸な建築家

A building is just a pile of timber, bricks and stone to this man, not something worthy of thought.


{Inferior_Builder} 二流の建築家

This man manages to depress his building workforce with his cack-handed interference in any construction project.


{Appalling_Builder} 酷い建築家

Few things bore this man more than discussing detailed plans for new buildings. Construction suffers greatly under his内政.


{Positive} 積極的

This man has a positive attitude that makes him a pleasure to work under.


{Optimistic} 楽観視

This man exudes confidence that things will turn out for the best, making others feel the same.


{Sanguine} 楽観的

This man's easy air and apparent lack of concern when faced with crises makes some people uneasy.


{Calm} 穏やか

This man seldom allows emotion影響力his decisions or his pursuit of duty.


{Composed} 沈着

This man rarely lets his heart rule his head, making him seem cold and distant.


{Gloomy} 悲観的

This man has never had a joyous outburst in his life. A smile would hurt his face.


{Morose} 不機嫌

This man's main thought on waking each morning is: what is the point?


{Testy} 不機嫌そう

This man suffers from irrational bouts of irritation at the shortcomings of his underlings. They suffer as a result.


{Cantankerous} 怒りっぽい

Age is not a sufficient excuse for this man's niggling aggressiveness.


{Gladiatorial_Fan} 剣闘士のファン

This man's fondness for the Games makes him a popular figure among the plebs.


{Gladiator_Obsessed} 剣闘士に熱中

This man's love of the Games and Gladiators makes him a well-loved figure among the common folk.

This man is famed for his love of the Games.

{Gladiator_Obsessed_epithet_desc} 「演出家」


{Hero-Worships_Gladiators} 剣闘士を崇拝

This man's excessive interest in gladiators and bloodsports is widely regarded as unhealthy, as is his habit of dressing as a gladiator.

This man is now seen as tasteless and gauche for his undue obsession with the Games.

{Hero-Worships_Gladiators_epithet_desc} 「演出家」


{No_Taste_for_Blood} 血の味を知らない

This man apparently has little interest in proper Roman traditions, like the Games.


{Quietly_Dislikes_the_Games} 剣闘士を嫌う

This man has shown a marked aversion to wasting his time at the Games - hardly the behaviour of a true Roman!


{Publicly_Despises_the_Games} 剣闘試合を憎む

This man has publicly condemned the Games as wasteful and unnecessary, earning him the contempt of the plebs!


{Race_Goer} レース好き

This man enjoys racing and all the events of a race day, making him a popular figure with the masses.


{Charioteer} 戦車手

This man is fanatical in his support for his chariot racing faction, which makes him popular in some quarters and hated in others.


{Bored_by_Races} レースに秋田

This man has made no secret of the fact that he finds chariot racing a crashing bore.


{Reads_During_Races} レースを見ない

This man's boredom with the spectacle of chariot racing can no longer be concealed.


{Works_During_Races} レース中に仕事をする

This man's contempt for the sport of chariot racing is such that he answers letters instead of watching. This has earned him the disfavour of the crowd.


{Open-handed} 気前の良い

This man is generous with his wealth, seeing it as a tool to help others.


{Unstinting} 物惜しみしない

This man has no hesitation in giving out money to help people, making him popular, or a soft touch.


{Generous} 太っ腹

This man has a reputation for being almost too generous with his money.


{Careful_With_Money} お金に慎重

Money rarely goes astray in this man's keeping. Indeed, it rarely leaves this man's keeping!


{Tight-fisted} けち

Daylight rarely lights up the inside of this man's purse.


{Foreign_Interests} 外国に興味

This man's interest in unpleasant non-Roman culture has been noted, and is disapproved of by many.


{Dresses_Like_A_Foreigner} 外国人のように着飾る

This man's effeminate taste for foreign culture and lifestyle is seen as unpleasant and not "Roman".


{Vulgar_Foreign_Tastes} 外国を嫌う

This man's delight in a wide range of non-Roman and undoubtedly dubious activities is seen as deeply unhealthy and... wrong.


{True_Roman} 真のローマ人

This man is widely seen as having some of the best qualities of an ideal Roman, including a healthy scepticism about foreigners!


{Good_Honest_Roman} 正直なローマ人

This man is a good representative of Roman rectitude and moral superiority.


{Alone_in_the_Dark} 暗闇の中でひとり

In the dark, there were always strange noises, and as a child this man heard them.


{Night_Terrors} 夜を怖がる

Darkness is not a friend. Darkness is where bad things happen.


{Noctophobic} 夜間狭心症

Whatever his reasons, this man is terrified by darkness and the long, long hours of the lonely night.


{Likes_the_Dark} 暗闇を好む

In the dark people get scared. But not this man.


{Night_Owl} みみずくのような男

The cloak of night is a friend to this man. He uses the dark, he is strong in the dark.


{Immoral} 不道徳

Rumours are beginning to circulate of this man's unpleasant practices.


{Degenerate} 退廃した

This man's degenerate tastes are now a matter of public knowledge, and few approve of them.


{Foul_Practices} 間違った行為

The pleasures found in the depths of depravity have left unpleasant stains on this man's character.


{Debauched} 堕落した

There are no depths to which this man will not sink in his quest for physical satisfaction.


{Perverse} ひねくれた

This man allows nothing to stand in the way when he wishes to slake his foul and unnatural appetites.


{Scout} 斥候

This man is adept at 'reading the ground' and finding the enemy.


{Expert_Scout} 斥候の専門家

Few enemies can hide from the keen gaze and expertise of this man.


{Reconnaissance_Specialist} 偵察の達人

This man has a true talent for organising military scouts and finding the enemy.


{Good_Sailor} 良い船乗り

This man has a taste for the salt air and the wind at his back, making him a natural sailor.


{Nautical_Expert} 航海の専門家

This man has a good grasp of naval tactics and ship-handling, making him a superior naval 指揮官.


{Old_Sea_Dog} 老いた海の男

This man has many years experience(海戦) and a firm grasp of sailing and sea tactics.


{Seasickness} 船酔い

This man is not a natural sailor, and prefers good solid land beneath his feet.


{Poor_Sailor} 貧相な船乗り

Water is something to drink or for washing. It is not right that people would want to float about on it!


{Wretched_Landlubber} 悲惨な新米の船員

Battles(海戦) - or even looking out at the sea - can give this man severe nausea.


{Been_in_the_Wars} 戦争に居た

This man carries the scars of his battles with pride.


{Scarred} 怖がり

This man carries many great scars, all honourably earned in battle.


{Horribly_Scarred} 恐ろしく怖がり

This man has so many battle scars that children and pets shy away from him in horror.


{Plotter} 陰謀者

Plots and schemes come naturally to this man.


{Schemer} 策士

This man indulges his conspiratorial urges, even when there is no need!


{Conspirator} 共謀者

This man's right hand would scheme against his left - if he ever let either hand know that it had an opposing twin!


{Foolish_Conspirator} 愚かな共謀者

This man believes that he has a talent for plotting. He deceives even himself!


{Inept_Plotter} 無能な陰謀者

This man readily indulges his conspiratorial urges, although his scheming is completely incompetent.


{Pathetic_Schemer} 無惨な策士

This man's left hand would readily plot against his right, but would he notice? His skills as a conspirator are worthless.


{Loose-lipped} 軽口

Careless talk is something that this man enjoys, regardless of the cost to his reputation.


{Talkative} おしゃべり

This man finds it almost impossible to keep a confidence, and inspires little trust as a result.


{Discreet} 控えめ

Secrets known to this man have a habit of staying secret. He hoards secrets, and keeps his tongue locked behind his teeth.


{Close-mouthed} 口の堅い

This man is well-known for saying little about the less he claims to know.


{Secretive} 秘密主義

This man would shave his head if his hair had even an inkling about his thoughts.


{Expert_Infantry_Commander} 歩兵の専門家

This man has a superior understanding of infantry deployments and tactics, and this gives his men confidence.


{Poor_Infantry_Commander} 貧相な歩兵指揮官

This man shows little aptitude when placed in指揮 of infantry.


{Inferior_Infantry_Commander} 二流の歩兵指揮官

This man has avoided gaining even rudimentary knowledge about the tactical deployment of infantry.


{Useless_Infantry_Commander} 使えない歩兵指揮官

This man's lack of talent when given指揮 of foot soldiers is scary and disheartening.


{Expert_Cavalry_Commander} 騎兵の専門家

This man has a superior grasp of cavalry tactics, and his skills inspire confidence in all his followers.


{Poor_Cavalry_Commander} 貧相な騎兵指揮官

This man shows little skill when placed in指揮 of cavalry.


{Inferior_Cavalry_Commander} 二流の騎兵指揮官

This man lacks even rudimentary knowledge about cavalry tactics, making him a risk to all.


{Useless_Cavalry_Commander} 使えない騎兵指揮官

This man's lack of talent when given指揮 of cavalry soldiers is disheartening and potentially lethal!


{Uncomfortable_Near_Romans} ローマ人を嫌う

Although the truth is unknown to his friends, this man fears Rome and all its works, and he is unwilling to face the cause of his fear.


{Fears_Romans} ローマ人に恐怖する

This man's fear of Romans is now public knowledge, and makes soldiers under his指揮 uneasy.


{Despises_Roman_Ways} ローマ流を嫌う

Romans, with their straight roads and aqueducts and nasty lawmaking ways and big bent noses, really annoy this man. And have you ever noticed that they all smell of fish?


{Hates_Romans} ローマを憎む

This man finds Romans to be despicable creatures, except for the dead ones. The dead ones are disgusting, but acceptable.


{Loathes_Vile_Romans} 悪辣なローマ嫌い

The only good Roman is a dead Roman. Would that all Romans could be good…


{Uncomfortable_Near_Barbarians} 蛮族を嫌う

This man is deeply uneasy whenever barbarians are near - what might they do?


{Fears_Barbarians} 蛮族に恐怖する

Barbarians and their fearsome ways scare this man, and his fears are obvious to his men!


{Despises_Trouser-wearers} 蛮族流を嫌う

Barbaric, trouser-wearing, ignorant, thugs who reek of the pig-pen bring out the worst in this man.


{Hates_Smelly_Barbarians} 蛮族を憎む

Barbarians are good for three things: being killed, slavery and being killed.


{Loathes_Disgusting_Barbarians} 悪辣な蛮族嫌い

A barbarian can be civilized. He's very civilized when he's dead, and being eaten by crows.


{Uncomfortable_Near_Carthaginians} カルタゴ人を嫌う

As far as this man is concerned there's something not quite right about Carthaginians and other desert-dwellers.


{Fears_Carthaginians} カルタゴ人に恐怖する

This man has a morbid dread of Carthaginians and other folk from their lands. This is not rational.


{Despises_Carthaginians} カルタゴ流を嫌う

Carthaginians and the like are not worthy of consideration in this man's eyes.


{Hates_Grasping_Carthaginians} カルタゴを憎む

The only good thing to come out of Carthage is the road to somewhere else.


{Loathes_Avaricious_Carthaginians} 悪辣なカルタゴ嫌い

Carthaginians and their ilk are greedy, rapacious, miserly, cheating, baby-murdering scum. And that's just the nice ones.


{Uncomfortable_Around_Greeks} ギリシャ人を嫌う

Greeks and all their works prey on this man's mind. He fears them, although he tries to hide the fact.


{Fears_Greeks} ギリシャ人に恐怖する

All that knowledge! All that power! Those Greeks are up to something! Something unpleasant and very, very wrong…


{Despises_Greeks} ギリシャ流を嫌う

Greeks are effeminate fops of the worst kind! True, their soldiers are quite tough…


{Hates_Clever-clever_Greeks} ギリシャを憎む

If only there was enough hemlock to go round…!


{Loathes_Conniving_Greeks} 悪辣なギリシャ嫌い

Greeks? Gifts!? There's only one worthwhile gift for a Greek and that's a spearpoint up the - !


{Nervous_About_Egyptians} エジプト人を嫌う

Egyptians and their unhealthy obsession with the dead give this man the willies.


{Fears_Egyptians} エジプト人に恐怖する

This man has an unhealthy fear of Egyptians and what he sees as their morbid and disturbing rites.


{Despises_Egyptians} エジプト流を嫌う

Egyptians are too fond of death to be worthy opponents, but they should be given the chance to experience death!


{Hates_Egyptians} エジプトを憎む

This man has a deep and abiding loathing of Egyptians and their death-worshipping ways!


{Loathes_Egyptians} 悪辣なエジプト嫌い

Even the perfumed, putrefied smell of an Egyptian is enough to send this man into a towering rage!


{Uncomfortable_Near_Easterners} 東方人を嫌う

Easterners and their mysterious plotting worry this man to the point where he doesn't quite think rationally about the subject.


{Fears_Easterners} 東方人に恐怖する

This man is scared of the base cunning shown by Easterners and this worries his followers.


{Despises_Easterners} 東方流を嫌う

Easterners? The sword's edge is the only gift this man would give them.


{Hates_Easterners} 東方を憎む

Eastern treachery is too much for this man, and he can think of nothing finer than seeing his enemies dead on the field.


{Loathes_Easterners} 悪辣な東方嫌い

Easterners and their foul ways drive this man into a controlled, focused rage.


{Nervous_Near_Slaves} 奴隷を嫌う

Rebellious slaves cause this man deep unease. If slaves can turn on their masters, then no-one is safe!


{Fears_Slaves} 奴隷に恐怖する

Slaves are everywhere - and when they revolt, what's to stop them from doing almost anything?


{Despises_Slaves} 奴隷流を嫌う

Slaves are weaklings and inferior, otherwise they wouldn't be slaves. They die easily, too.


{Hates_Revolting_Slaves} 奴隷を憎む

Any slaves who dare rise against their masters must be slaughtered. Rivers should run red with rebel blood!


{Loathes_Rebellious_Slaves} 悪辣な奴隷嫌い

Rebellious slaves are pestilential scum that must be punished without mercy! This man's hatred will make it happen!


{Swivel-Eyed} 斜視

This man's eyes are given to random twitching and sometimes wander in different directions. Many find this disturbing.


{Feeble_of_Brain} 微弱した脳

This man is cursed with an inherited weakness of the intellect that goes beyond simple stupidity.


{Thin-Skulled} 薄い頭蓋

The Gods have looked upon this man's ancestors and found them wanting... and too closely related.


{Bad_Bloodline} 悪い血統

Cursed by the Gods and the seed of his feeble ancestors, this man is walking proof that exposure at birth is a good idea.


{Good_Looking} 良い容姿

This man is blessed by the Gods with good looks.


{Handsome} イケメン

This man's good looks and easy manner are a tool he is ready to exploit.


{Noble_Aspect} 高貴な側面

This man's good looks are enough to turn the heads of many he meets, and win him instant approval.


{Plain} 地味

This man's looks are not his greatest asset, but he has personality.


{Homely} 家庭的

While many would regard this man as ugly, he prefers to think of himself as "rugged."


{Ugly} 醜い

This man would like to think of himself as "rugged", but "as ugly as the north end of a pig going south" would be closer to the truth.


{Repellent} 反発的

There are some physical defects that even a winning personality cannot hope to rescue!


{Fruitful} 実りの多い

A discreet silence about this matter is in order.


{Fertile} 肥えた

A discreet silence about this matter is in order.


{Prolific} 多作

A discreet silence about this matter is in order.


{Flaccid} たるんだ

A discreet silence about this matter is in order.


{Infertile} 不妊

A discreet silence about this matter is in order.


{Barren} 不毛

A discreet silence about this matter is in order.


{Astute_Wife} 賢明な妻

This man's wife can use her影響力 to his benefit, thanks to her family and education.


{Well_Mannered_Wife} 礼儀が良い妻

This man's wife makes full use of her影響力, but does so with a winning smile.


{Motivated_Wife} 意欲的な妻

This man's wife actively uses her影響力 and ready wit for his benefit, but she is clever and never appears 'pushy'.


{Tax_Assessor} 税評価人

This man has a talent for collecting taxes, and is honest enough to make sure that the money reaches the treasury.


{Efficient_Taxman} 効率的な税収集者

This man can accurately weigh a merchant's purse with a glance. He then ruthlessly takes it to pay taxes!


{Cruelly_Efficient_Taxman} 残酷なほど効率的な税収集者

This man has an ability to sniff out every spare coin in a city and put it in his treasury. He is far from popular as a result.


{Useless_Assessor} 使えない評価人

This man is sadly lacking when it comes to collecting taxes, preferring to believe every sob story of hardship rather than just take the money…


{Inefficient_Taxman} 非効率的な税収集者

Whether it's simple incompetence or diversion of funds to his own purse, this man lacks the talent to gather taxes.


{Tax_Farmer} 税を育てる人

This man has no talent for collecting taxes, and those he does collect have a nasty habit of ending up in the wrong (well, his) strongbox!


{Divorced} 離婚済み

Hidden VnV to turn off marriage effects.


{Intelligent_Risk_Taker} 賢い勝負人

This man is a skilled or very lucky attacker - either way, he can produce a victory even when the odds are against him.


{Risk_Taker} 勝負人

This man has a habit of taking risks(攻撃時). Unfortunately, he rarely makes an accurate risk assessment.


{Stupid_Risk_Taker} 馬鹿な勝負人

This man's taste for launching risky attacks has not paid off in the past, and shows little signs of starting to now…


{Over-Optimistic} 楽観的過ぎる

This man can turn almost suicidal attacks into certain mass suicides. His men, or the survivors, are certain that he lacks any real ability to lead.


{Poor_When_Outnumbered} 数に怯む

This man has no grasp of defensive tactics, and when outnumbered he would do better to stick his head in a sack rather than exercise指揮.


{To_the_Last_Gasp} 最後ノ一息マデ

This man has a self-belief in his defensive talents that could not be further removed from reality. When facing overwhelming odds he would be less dangerous fighting for the enemy!


{Rational_Concerns} 合理的な思想

This rational man takes sensible precautions against the unseen and unknown, the things that natural philosophers dismiss.


{Superstitious} 迷信を信じる

Unless the heavens are right and the signs propitious, this man will do little of significance.


{Hugely_Superstitious} 非常に迷信を信じる

This man cannot rise from his bed without checking his horoscope, consulting a soothsayer, taking an augury, and seeing that the wild birds are flying in a propitious direction…


{Rational_Beliefs} 合理的な信念

The stars are just lights in the sky for this man. They do not rule his destiny.


{Pragmatic} 現実的

This man has a severely practical turn of mind, and brooks no superstitious maunderings in his followers.


{Utterly_Pragmatic} 非常に実用的

This man's world holds no mysteries, and there is no room for magic or superstition. Some believe that he is tempting the Gods with his beliefs…


{Mildly_Extravagant} 軽度の贅沢

Money is only as much use as the things it is spent on, in this man's opinion.


{Extravagant} 贅沢

Money flows through this man's treasury like water, but his acquaintances are willing to grant that you can at least see where he spent it…


{Wildly_Extravagant} 非常に贅沢

Nice things cost money according to this man's philosophy, and where that money comes from matters not a jot!


{Frugal} 質素

Money is best not wasted, in this man's opinion. And his definition of waste is wide ranging…


{Downright_Miserly} しみったれた

Once in this man's strongbox money rarely sees the light of day again.


{Cheapskate} 非常にしみったれた

Spending money causes this man terrible pain. Every coin that leaves his strongbox twists his guts like the stabbing of a thousand knives…


{Feeling_Poorly} 不健康

良いhealth always seems beyond the grasp of this man, although he spends many hours and much treasure in cures and elixirs.


{Given_to_Ill-Health} 体調不良

This man is a martyr to his illnesses. He suffers terribly with a variety of life-threatening conditions, none of which have yet managed to kill him.


{Hypochondriac} 心気症

Pain is a constant companion to this man. Disease stalks him at every moment, waiting for a chance to bring further misery, or the release of death.


{In_The_Pink} 血色が良い

This man has a resilient constitution; illness and injury rarely seem to trouble him for long.


{In_Rude_Health} 健康

This man is in the rudest of health and is a fount of vitality. Few lesser men can match the pace he sets in his daily life.


{Hale_and_Hearty} 元気旺盛

This man's name is almost a byword for vigour and good health. No one can remember a time when he complained of as much as a toothache, for example.


{Pawn_of_the_Gods} 神々のしもべ

This man's life is no longer his own. The Gods themselves have plans for him, although these have yet to be fully revealed.


{Falling_Sickness} 病気になる

The Gods have chosen this man for some greatness or other. This explains his trances or raptures when he falls to the ground.


{Touched_by_the_Gods} 神に感化された

This man has a destiny that is marked by the favour of the Gods. Greatness will be his, in great success or great failure…


{Sane} 正気

Hidden VnV to protect from and turn off assorted varieties of bonkers in the nut!


{Hooting} 野次

Wisdom wears many guises, but hooting in the manner of a starving owl may not be one of them.


{Hiding_From_the_World} 世界から逃げている

This man has taken to living inside a giant amphora. He now lives in terror of the coming of the '偉大な Wine Pressing'. He is convinced that this will strike in the hours of darkness.


{Unusual} 珍しい

Convinced that all spiders are in cahoots with his enemies, this man spends many hours drowning the treacherous little beggars in vinegar.


{Deranged} 錯乱

There are those who say that this man gibbers like a deranged rock ape. The rock apes will take offence at this slur.


{Favour_of_the_Gods} 神の恩恵

This man has the favour of the Gods. They watch over his every move, shielding him from harm. Oh yes, they do this.


{Love_of_the_Gods} 神の愛に恵まれた

The Gods love this man, and provide for his every whim. They do so subtly, however, through unwitting mortals, mortals who had better mind their manners…


{One_of_the_Gods} 神

This man's certainty that he is a god in mortal form is disturbing to some. But then they are in need of the careful attentions of a skilled executioner!


{Bloody} 血塗れ

This man enjoys the sight of blood, particularly that of his enemies.


{Sanguinary} 残忍な

This man's obvious relish for bloodshed is beginning to worry his associates and underlings.


{Bloodthirsty} 血に飢えた

This man has an open delight in bloodshed for its own sake. Some find this unbecoming and disturbing.


{Lily-Livered} 臆病な

The sight of blood makes this man go pale, an unfortunate trait in one who is expected to指揮.


{Hates_Blood} 血を嫌う

This man hates the sight of blood, and runs from it - screaming - like a frightened child.


{Terrified_by_Blood} 血に恐怖する

The sight of spilled blood is enough to make this man swoon. His followers are usually unimpressed by this behaviour.


{Unlucky_Leader} 不運な指揮官

This man has the ability to inspire his followers in battle. His setbacks seem more the result of bad luck than a lack of talent.


{Glory_Hunter} 栄光の狩人

As a general this man can inspire his troops with dreams of glory and honour even as he leads them towards disaster.


{Anger} 激怒

The vein that constantly throbs in this man's forehead is a visible marker of his seething temper.


{Unquenched_Anger} 消えない激怒

This man has been known to beat slaves to death in murderous rages. Even his friends tremble when the madness comes upon him.


{Reverent} 恭しい

This man is openly religious and respectful of the Gods.


{Respectful_of_the_Gods} 神々を尊重する

This man is respectful of the Gods and seeks the advice of priests before making major decisions.


{Irreverent} 不敬

Religion is not important to this man, except as the object of tasteless jokes about priests and sacrificial goats…


{Contemptuous_of_the_Gods} 神々の軽蔑

This man shows no respect for any religion, or for the sincere feelings of others who do obey the Gods. This makes many uneasy.


{Filthy_Minded} 痴女好色

This man has a leering manner which does little to disguise the prurient turn of his mind.


{Licentious} 極端な女好き

This man's smutty inclinations lead him to take liberties that others would think twice about.


{Firm_Personal_Morality} 道徳が確かな

This man behaves at all times in a correct fashion, and insists on doing what is right rather than what is convenient.


{Prim} 潔癖

Correctness in all things make this man a little humourless. His fussy standards are almost impossible to meet.


{Prim_and_Proper} 潔癖で正常

Nothing is quite good enough for this man, added to which nothing is ever quite clean or morally pure enough either. Many people find him to be an utter pain.


{Hesitant_Attacker} ためらいがちな攻撃者

Hesitation rather than aggression seems to be this man's watchword.


{Over-Cautious_Attacker} 慎重すぎる攻撃者

This man's caution in the face of the enemy is disheartening to his troops.


{Indecisive_Attacker} 決断の遅い攻撃者

This man has a reputation for avoiding attack, even when the path to victory seems clear cut.


{Office_of_Aedile} 造営官

This man holds the Senatorial office of aedile. He is responsible for maintenance and public order.


{Office_of_Censor} 監察官

The censor is responsible for drawing up the census and overseeing public works and finances. \nHe is also the guardian of public morality.


{Office_of_Consul} 執政官

This man holds the Senatorial office of consul, the chief officer of the state. \nThe two consuls lead the armies in defence of Rome, and propose new legislation in the senate.


{Office_of_Praetor} 法務官

This man holds the Senatorial office of praetor. \nThe praetors are judges and law officers.


{Office_of_Quaestor} 財務官

This man holds the Senatorial office of quaestor, the lowest Senatorial office. \n He is in charge of the treasury, and record keeping.


{Ex_Aedile} 元造営官

This man used to hold the office of aedile.


{Ex_Censor} 元監察官

This man used to hold the office of censor.


{Ex_Consul} 元執政官

This man used to hold the office of consul.


{Ex_Praetor} 元法務官

This man used to hold the office of praetor.


{Ex_Quaestor} 元財務官

This man used to hold the office of quaestor.

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  1. 1指揮


  1. 2指揮


  1. 3指揮


  1. 4指揮


  1. 5指揮


  • 1指揮


  • 2指揮


  • 3指揮


  • 5指揮


  1. 1指揮(攻撃時)


  1. 2指揮(攻撃時)


  1. 3指揮(攻撃時)


  1. 4指揮(攻撃時)


  1. 5指揮(攻撃時)


  • 1指揮(攻撃時)


  • 2指揮(攻撃時)


  • 3指揮(攻撃時)


  • 4指揮(攻撃時)


  1. 1指揮(防御時)


  1. 2指揮(防御時)


  1. 3指揮(防御時)


  1. 4指揮(防御時)


  1. 5指揮(防御時)


  • 1指揮(防御時)


  • 2指揮(防御時)


  • 3指揮(防御時)


  • 4指揮(防御時)


{Social_Drinker} Social Drinker

Always first to celebrate after a hard day of conquest, this man spends time drinking with his men. It has some benefits.

This man has renounced the pleasures of wine.


  1. 1指揮


{Likes_a_Drink} 酒好き

This man is a dedicated drinker, and any benefits to his working relationships are outweighed by the constant hangovers.


  • 1内政


  • 1影響力, -1指揮, -1内政


  • 1影響力, -2指揮, -2内政


  • 2影響力, -3指揮, -3内政


{Paralytic} 麻痺した

Even the God of wine would find this man's drinking habits disturbing. His capacity is bottomless; his drunken cravings dominate his few waking moments.

This man is incapacitated by his drinking.

{Paralytic_epithet_desc} the Drunkard


  • 4影響力, -5指揮, -5内政


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 5%の元老院支持率ペナルティ, 5%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 2士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 10%の元老院支持率ペナルティ, 10%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 4士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 15%の元老院支持率ペナルティ, 15%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 6士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 20%の元老院支持率ペナルティ, 20%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  • 1影響力


  • 2影響力


  • 3影響力


  • 4影響力


  1. 2士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 1影響力, +1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 1影響力


  • 1影響力, -1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 2影響力, -2士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  1. 1内政, 5%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  1. 2内政, 10%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  1. 3内政, 15%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  1. 1指揮(奇襲時)


  1. 2指揮(奇襲時)


  1. 3指揮(奇襲時)


  • 1指揮(奇襲時)


  • 2指揮(奇襲時)


  • 3指揮(奇襲時)


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +10%の移動距離ボーナス


  • 2士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +15%の移動距離ボーナス, +1法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 1指揮, -3士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +20%の移動距離ボーナス, +2法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -10%の移動距離ペナルティ


  1. 3士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -15%の移動距離ペナルティ


  • 1指揮, +2士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -20%の移動距離ペナルティ


  1. 1指揮(攻城時)


  1. 2指揮(攻城時)


  1. 3指揮(攻城時)


  1. 4指揮(攻城時)


  • 1指揮(攻城時)


  • 2指揮(攻城時)


  • 3指揮(攻城時)


  1. 1指揮(都市防衛時)


  1. 2指揮(都市防衛時)


  1. 3指揮(都市防衛時)


  1. 4指揮(都市防衛時)


  • 1指揮(都市防衛時)


  • 2指揮(都市防衛時)


  • 3指揮(都市防衛時)


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  1. 2士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 5%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 3士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 5%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 4士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 10%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 2士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 10%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 5%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  • 2士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 10%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  • 3士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 15%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  • 4士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 20%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  • 1内政


  • 2内政


  • 3内政


  • 4内政


  1. 1内政, +10%の移動距離ボーナス, 5%の建築コスト低下


  1. 2内政, +20%の移動距離ボーナス, 10%の建築コスト低下


  1. 3内政, +10%の移動距離ボーナス, 15%の建築コスト低下


  1. 2内政, +10%の移動距離ボーナス, 20%の建築コスト低下


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +1指揮(攻撃時), -1指揮(防御時)


  1. 2士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +2指揮(攻撃時), -2指揮(防御時)


  • 4士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +3指揮(攻撃時), -3指揮(防御時)


  1. 1治安


  1. 2治安


  1. 3治安


  • 1治安


  • 2治安


  • 3治安


  1. 1不穏


  1. 2不穏


  1. 3不穏


  1. 4不穏


{Devout} 信仰深い

This man has sincere religious beliefs, and respects those of others.


  1. 1影響力


  1. 2影響力


  1. 3影響力


  1. 4影響力, -2視野


  1. 1指揮, +1法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 2指揮, +2法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 3指揮, +3法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 4指揮, +4法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 1内政, +1法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 2内政, +2法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 3内政, +3法令(治安の上昇)


  • 1内政


  • 2内政


  • 3内政


  1. 1影響力, 5%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 2影響力, 10%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 3影響力, 15%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  • 1影響力, 5%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  • 2影響力, 5%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  • 3影響力, 10%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  • 4影響力, 15%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  1. 1内政, 受元老院役職確率の上昇, 5%の元老院支持率ボーナス


  1. 1影響力, +1内政, 受元老院役職確率の上昇, 10%の元老院支持率ボーナス


  1. 2影響力, +1内政, 受元老院役職確率の上昇, 15%の元老院支持率ボーナス


  1. 1影響力


  1. 2影響力


  • 1影響力


  1. 1指揮


  1. 2指揮


  1. 3指揮


  1. 2指揮(奇襲時), +1視野


  1. 3指揮(奇襲時), +2視野


  1. 4指揮(奇襲時), +3視野


  1. 1内政, 5%の全貿易利益ボーナス


  1. 2内政, 10%の全貿易利益ボーナス


  1. 3内政, 15%の全貿易利益ボーナス


  1. 1影響力, 受元老院役職確率の上昇, 5%の元老院支持率ボーナス


  1. 2影響力, 受元老院役職確率の上昇, 10%の元老院支持率ボーナス


  1. 3影響力, 受元老院役職確率の上昇, 15%の元老院支持率ボーナス


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +10%の移動距離ボーナス


  1. 2士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +15%の移動距離ボーナス


  1. 3士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +20%の移動距離ボーナス


  1. 2内政, 150%の被買収資金増加


  1. 3内政, 200%の被買収資金増加


  1. 1影響力, 5%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 2影響力, 10%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 3影響力, 15%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 4影響力, 20%の民衆支持率ボーナス





{Vanquisher} 征服者

This man's many victories have made him popular and respected, but also a target in the eyes of his jealous compatriots.

5%の元老院支持率ペナルティ, 10%の民衆支持率ボーナス


{Great_Vanquisher} 偉大な Vanquisher

Although this man is adored by the public for his victories, this has not endeared him to everyone.

10%の元老院支持率ペナルティ, 20%の民衆支持率ボーナス

15%の元老院支持率ペナルティ, 30%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 2影響力, -1身辺警備


  1. 4影響力, -1身辺警備


  1. 6影響力, -2身辺警備

5%の全貿易利益ボーナス, 10%の被買収費用の低下

10%の全貿易利益ボーナス, 20%の被買収費用の低下

15%の全貿易利益ボーナス, 30%の被買収費用の低下


  • 1影響力, 100%の被買収資金増加


  • 2影響力, 200%の被買収資金増加


  • 3影響力, 300%の被買収資金増加


{Stern} 冷厳

This man's manner and lifestyle tends to be severe and unforgiving.


  1. 1内政, 100%の被買収資金増加


  1. 2内政, 200%の被買収資金増加


  1. 3内政, 300%の被買収資金増加


  1. 1影響力, -1指揮


  1. 2影響力, -2指揮


  1. 3影響力, -3指揮





  • 1影響力, -1内政


  • 2影響力, -2内政


  • 3影響力, -3内政

5%の貿易収入ペナルティ, 10%の被買収費用の低下

10%の貿易収入ペナルティ, 20%の被買収費用の低下

15%の貿易収入ペナルティ, 30%の被買収費用の低下

20%の貿易収入ペナルティ, 40%の被買収費用の低下


  1. 1影響力, -10身辺警備


  1. 2影響力, -20身辺警備


  1. 3影響力, -30身辺警備






  1. 1身辺警備, 20%の工作員雇用費用低下


  1. 1影響力, +2身辺警備, 25%の工作員雇用費用低下


  1. 2治安


  1. 3治安


  1. 4治安


  1. 2身辺警備


  1. 3身辺警備


  1. 4身辺警備


  1. 1工作員スキル, +1視野


  1. 2工作員スキル, +2視野


  1. 3工作員スキル, +3視野


  1. 4工作員スキル, +4視野


  1. 5工作員スキル, +5視野


  • 1工作員スキル


  • 2工作員スキル


  • 3工作員スキル


  1. 1工作員スキル


  1. 2工作員スキル


  1. 3工作員スキル


  1. 4工作員スキル


  1. 5工作員スキル


  • 1工作員スキル


  • 2工作員スキル


  • 3工作員スキル


  • 1身辺警備


  • 2身辺警備


  • 4身辺警備


  1. 1身辺警備


  1. 2身辺警備


  1. 4身辺警備


  1. 1影響力, -1身辺警備


  1. 2影響力, -2身辺警備


  • 1影響力, -3身辺警備


  1. 1身辺警備


  • 1影響力, +2身辺警備


  • 2影響力, +3身辺警備


  • 2影響力, -1指揮, +4身辺警備


  1. 1影響力


  1. 2影響力


  1. 3影響力


  • 3影響力


  • 1内政


  • 2内政


  • 3内政

受元老院役職確率の上昇, 5%の元老院支持率ボーナス

受元老院役職確率の上昇, 10%の元老院支持率ボーナス


  1. 1影響力, +1指揮, 受元老院役職確率の上昇, 15%の元老院支持率ボーナス

100%の被買収資金増加, +2法令(治安の上昇)

200%の被買収資金増加, +4法令(治安の上昇)

300%の被買収資金増加, +6法令(治安の上昇)

20%の被買収費用の低下, -1法令

40%の被買収費用の低下, -2法令

60%の被買収費用の低下, -3法令


{Strict} 厳格

This man believes in the smack of firm government.


  1. 1不穏, +2法令(治安の上昇), 5%の元老院支持率ボーナス


{Authoritarian} 権威主義者

This man believes that strengthening law and order is the prime duty of anyone in government.


  1. 2不穏, +4法令(治安の上昇), 10%の元老院支持率ボーナス


  1. 3不穏, +6法令(治安の上昇), 15%の元老院支持率ボーナス


  1. 1不穏, +2法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 2不穏, +4法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 3不穏, +6法令(治安の上昇)


  • 2不穏(治安の上昇), -1法令


  • 4不穏(治安の上昇), -2法令


  • 6不穏(治安の上昇), -3法令


{Apparently_Loyal} どうやら忠実らしい

This man's loyalty is loudly trumpeted, mostly by himself.












  • 1影響力


  • 2影響力


  • 3影響力


  • 4影響力


  1. 1影響力


  1. 1農業効率


  1. 2農業効率


  1. 3農業効率


  • 1農業効率


  • 2農業効率


  • 3農業効率




{Expert_Miner} 専門家採鉱者

This man has a passion for mines, deep dark holes and pits. Even more, though, he loves the wealth that they produce.






  1. 20建造ポイント(攻城兵器建設に必要)


  1. 1指揮(攻城時), +40建造ポイント(攻城兵器建設に必要)


  1. 2指揮(攻城時), +60建造ポイント(攻城兵器建設に必要)


  • 1指揮(攻城時)


  • 2指揮(攻城時)


  • 3指揮(攻城時)








  1. 1法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 2法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 3法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 1治安, +1不穏


  1. 2治安, +2不穏


  1. 3治安, +3不穏


  1. 1不穏, +2法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 2不穏, +4法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 3不穏, +6法令(治安の上昇)


  • 1法令


  • 2法令


  • 3法令


  1. 1影響力


  • 1影響力, -1身辺警備


  • 2影響力, -2身辺警備

5%建設費用の上昇, +1不​衛​生

10%建設費用の上昇, +2不​衛​生

15%建設費用の上昇, +3不​衛​生


  1. 1影響力, +1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  1. 2影響力, +2士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  1. 3影響力, -1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  1. 1影響力, +1内政


  • 1影響力, +2内政


  • 1影響力, +3内政


  • 1影響力, -1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 2影響力, -2士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 3影響力, -4士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 1影響力, +1指揮


  • 2影響力, +1指揮


  • 3影響力, -1指揮


  • 1不穏(治安の上昇), 10%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  • 2不穏(治安の上昇), 15%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  • 3不穏(治安の上昇), 20%の元老院支持率ペナルティ, 20%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 1不穏, 5%の元老院支持率ボーナス, 5%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  1. 2不穏, 10%の元老院支持率ボーナス, 10%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  1. 3不穏, 15%の元老院支持率ボーナス, 15%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


受元老院役職確率の低下, 10%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  • 1内政,受元老院役職確率の低下, 15%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 1不穏, 5%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  1. 2不穏, 10%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  1. 1内政, +3不穏, 15%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  1. 1影響力, -1内政


  1. 2影響力, -2内政


  1. 2影響力, -3内政


  1. 2内政, +1不​衛​生


  1. 3内政, +2不​衛​生


  1. 4内政, +3不​衛​生


  1. 1影響力, 受元老院役職確率の上昇, 5%の元老院支持率ボーナス


  1. 2影響力, 受元老院役職確率の上昇, 10%の元老院支持率ボーナス


  1. 3影響力, 受元老院役職確率の上昇, 15%の元老院支持率ボーナス


  • 1指揮(夜戦時)


  • 2指揮(夜戦時), +1身辺警備


  • 3指揮(夜戦時), +2身辺警備


  1. 1指揮(夜戦時)


  1. 2指揮(夜戦時)


  1. 3指揮(夜戦時)


  • 1影響力


  • 2影響力


  • 3影響力


  • 4影響力


  • 5影響力


  • 6影響力


  1. 1視野


  1. 2視野


  1. 3視野


  1. 1指揮(海戦)


  1. 2指揮(海戦)


  1. 3指揮(海戦)


  • 1指揮(海戦)


  • 2指揮(海戦)


  • 3指揮(海戦)


  1. 2将軍体力(死ぬまでにいくら攻撃に耐えられるか)


  1. 4将軍体力(死ぬまでにいくら攻撃に耐えられるか)


  • 1影響力, +6将軍体力(死ぬまでにいくら攻撃に耐えられるか)


  • 2影響力, +8将軍体力(死ぬまでにいくら攻撃に耐えられるか)


  1. 1工作員スキル


  1. 2工作員スキル


  1. 3工作員スキル


  • 1工作員スキル


  • 2工作員スキル


  • 3工作員スキル


  • 1影響力,受元老院役職確率の低下


  • 2影響力,受元老院役職確率の低下


  • 3影響力,受元老院役職確率の低下





  1. 1指揮(歩兵指揮時)


  1. 2指揮(歩兵指揮時)


  1. 3指揮(歩兵指揮時)


  • 1指揮(歩兵指揮時)


  • 2指揮(歩兵指揮時)


  • 3指揮(歩兵指揮時)


  1. 1指揮(騎兵指揮時)


  1. 2指揮(騎兵指揮時)


  1. 3指揮(騎兵指揮時)


  • 1指揮(騎兵指揮時)


  • 2指揮(騎兵指揮時)


  • 3指揮(騎兵指揮時)


  • 1指揮(対ローマ時)


  • 2指揮(対ローマ時)


  • 3指揮(対ローマ時)


  1. 1指揮(対ローマ時)


  1. 2指揮(対ローマ時)


  1. 3指揮(対ローマ時)


  • 1指揮(対蛮族時)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -2指揮(対蛮族時)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -3指揮(対蛮族時)


  1. 1指揮(対蛮族時)


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +2指揮(対蛮族時)


  1. 3指揮(対蛮族時)


  • 1指揮(対カルタゴ時)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -2指揮(対カルタゴ時)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -3指揮(対カルタゴ時)


  1. 1指揮(対カルタゴ時)


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +2指揮(対カルタゴ時)


  1. 3指揮(対カルタゴ時)


  • 1指揮(対ギリシャ時)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -2指揮(対ギリシャ時)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -3指揮(対ギリシャ時)


  1. 1指揮(対ギリシャ時)


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +2指揮(対ギリシャ時)


  1. 3指揮(対ギリシャ時)


  • 1指揮(対エジプト時)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -2指揮(対エジプト時)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -3指揮(対エジプト時)


  1. 1指揮(対エジプト時)


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +2指揮(対エジプト時)


  1. 3指揮(対エジプト時)


  • 1指揮(対東方諸国時)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -2指揮(対東方諸国時)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), -3指揮(対東方諸国時)


  1. 1指揮(対東方諸国時)


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +2指揮(対東方諸国時)


  1. 3指揮(対東方諸国時)


  1. 1身辺警備, -1指揮(対反乱軍時)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +1身辺警備, -2指揮(対反乱軍時)


  • 2士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +2身辺警備, -3指揮(対反乱軍時)


  • 1身辺警備, +1指揮(対反乱軍時)


  1. 1身辺警備, +2指揮(対反乱軍時)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), +2身辺警備, +3指揮(対反乱軍時)


  • 1影響力


  • 2影響力


  • 1影響力, -1指揮, -1内政


  • 2影響力, -1指揮, -2内政


  • 2影響力, -2指揮, -2内政


  • 3影響力, -3指揮, -3内政


  1. 1影響力


  1. 2影響力


  1. 3影響力


  1. 3影響力, -1身辺警備


  • 1影響力


  • 2影響力, +1指揮


  • 3影響力, +1指揮


  • 4影響力, +2指揮


  • 5影響力, +2指揮







受元老院役職確率の上昇, 5%の元老院支持率ボーナス

受元老院役職確率の上昇, 10%の元老院支持率ボーナス

受元老院役職確率の上昇, 15%の元老院支持率ボーナス


20%の税収ボーナス, +1不穏

30%の税収ボーナス, +2不穏




No Effects


{Chancer} 日和見主義者

This man has a habit of taking risks during attacks. So far, he has either been lucky or very clever…


  1. 1指揮(攻撃時)


  1. 2指揮(攻撃時)


  1. 3指揮(攻撃時)


  • 1指揮(攻撃時)


  • 2指揮(攻撃時)


  • 3指揮(攻撃時)


{Good_When_Outnumbered} 敵の大軍に興奮する

Blessed with a good sense of the defensive possibilities of a position, this man can usually hold out against determined assaults.


  1. 1指揮(防御時)


{Great_When_Outnumbered} 敵の大軍に大興奮

Being outnumbered just increases the chances of fame for this man.


  1. 2指揮(防御時)


  1. 3指揮(防御時)


{Mediocre_When_Outnumbered} 敵の大軍にひるまない

This man shows little defensive sense, and when outnumbered is something of a liability.


  • 1指揮(防御時)


  • 2指揮(防御時)


  • 3指揮(防御時)


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 1内政, +1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 2内政, -2士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  1. 1内政


  1. 1内政


  • 1影響力, +2内政


  • 1内政


  • 2内政


  • 3内政

5%の建築コスト低下, 5%の税収ボーナス, +1不​衛​生

10%の建築コスト低下, 10%の税収ボーナス, +2不​衛​生

15%の建築コスト低下, 15%の税収ボーナス, +3不​衛​生


  • 1指揮(攻撃時), -2将軍体力(死ぬまでにいくら攻撃に耐えられるか)


  • 1指揮(攻撃時), -4将軍体力(死ぬまでにいくら攻撃に耐えられるか)


  • 1指揮(攻撃時), -6将軍体力(死ぬまでにいくら攻撃に耐えられるか)


  1. 2将軍体力(死ぬまでにいくら攻撃に耐えられるか)


  1. 4将軍体力(死ぬまでにいくら攻撃に耐えられるか)


  1. 6将軍体力(死ぬまでにいくら攻撃に耐えられるか)


  • 1影響力


  • 2影響力


  • 3影響力

No Effects


  • 1影響力, -1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 2影響力, -2士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 3影響力, -3士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  1. 1影響力, -1指揮, -1内政


  • 1影響力, -2指揮, -2内政


  • 2影響力, -3指揮, -3内政


  1. 1影響力, -1身辺警備


  1. 2影響力, -1身辺警備


  • 1影響力, -2身辺警備


  1. 1指揮, +1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  1. 1指揮, -1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 1指揮, -3士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 2士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 3士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 1指揮, +2士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 2指揮, +4士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 3指揮, +6士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  • 1影響力


  • 1影響力


  • 2影響力


  1. 1影響力, +1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  1. 2影響力


  1. 3影響力, -1士気(戦場にいる全軍に)


  1. 1不穏


  1. 2不穏


  1. 3不穏


  • 1影響力, 20%の被買収費用の低下


  • 2影響力, 30%の被買収費用の低下


  • 3影響力, 50%の被買収費用の低下


  1. 1影響力, +1不穏, +1法令(治安の上昇)


  • 1影響力, +2不穏, +2法令(治安の上昇)


  • 1指揮(攻撃時)


  • 2指揮(攻撃時)


  • 3指揮(攻撃時)


  1. 1内政, +1法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 3影響力, +2内政


  1. 2影響力, +2指揮


{Office_of_Pontifex_Maximus} 最高神祇官

This man holds the Senatorial office of pontifex maximus. \nHe is the chief religious officer of the state.


  1. 5影響力


  1. 1内政, +2法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 1内政


  1. 1法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 2影響力


  1. 1指揮


{Ex_Pontifex_Maximus} 元最高神祇官

This man used to hold the office of pontifex maximus.


  1. 3影響力


  1. 1法令(治安の上昇)


  1. 1影響力


{Local_Hero} 地方の英雄

Tales of this man's deeds on the field of battle are probably exaggerated in the telling, but he's becoming well known none the less…


  1. 1士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 5%の民衆支持率ボーナス


{Popular_Hero} 民衆の英雄

This man is developing a name for heroic deeds. Young Roman girls whisper his name and sigh…


  1. 2士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 10%の民衆支持率ボーナス


{Roman_Hero} ローマの英雄

Tales of this man's courage are common currency in all the forums of the Roman world. He is becoming a celebrity, a true Roman hero.


  1. 3士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 15%の民衆支持率ボーナス


{National_Hero} 国の英雄

This man is a Roman who fears no man - a new brother to Bellona, the goddess of war. The people love him!

{National_Hero_epithet_desc} the Brave


  1. 4士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 20%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 2士気(戦場にいる全軍に), 25%の民衆支持率ボーナス


{Sharp} 鋭い

This man is quick to grasp new situations and doesn't miss much.


  1. 1影響力, +1指揮, +1内政


{Intellligent} 賢い

Blessed with a superior intellect, this man has the annoying habit of outperforming his peers apparently without having to do any work.


  1. 2影響力, +2指揮, +2内政


{天才} 天才

This man has such a sharp mind that he sees through problems straight to the solution. It's a natural aptitude that affects all he does.


  1. 3影響力, +3指揮, +3内政


{Disgraced} 不祥事を起こした

The disgrace of losing an Eagle standard is something this man will never shake off.


  • 4影響力, 10%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  • 8影響力, 20%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


{Partly_Redeemed} 部分的に過失した

Regaining a lost Eagle goes some way to removing the stain on this man's record. Even so it is not forgotten.


  1. 2影響力, 5%の民衆支持率ボーナス


  1. 4影響力, 10%の民衆支持率ボーナス


{Eagle_Taker} 「鷲旗」を奪った

Taking a Roman Eagle standard in battle is a great achievement.


  1. 1指揮


{Two_Eagles} 「鷲旗」二つ

Taking two Eagles in battle makes this man a true hero.


  1. 2指揮


  1. 3指揮


{Pillager} 略奪をする

This man know how to pillage effectively, and finds wanton destruction strangely amusing.



{Plunderer} 略奪癖がある

This man enjoys looting and pillaging, and encourages his troops to follow his example.



{Despoiler} 略奪者

This man has turned looting in to an art form, systematically pillaging and destroying to achieve the maximum effect.



{Butcher} 人殺し

The massacre is a useful and necessary tool of war, one that this man wields with some skill.



{Destroyer} 破壊者

Wiping out entire populations is sometime necessary. Enjoying doing it is not. Unless you treat it as an art form.




{Command_Talent} 才能のある指揮官

This man has shown a natural talent for military matters since birth.


  1. 1指揮


{Natural_Born_Leader} 根っからの指導者

This man was born with a talent for leading men in to battle.


  1. 2指揮


{Natural_Born_General} 根っからの将軍

This man was born with a talent for strategy and tactics.


  1. 3指揮


{Military_Genius} 軍人の天才

This man was born a military genius. With battle experience he could become an exceptional 指揮官.


  1. 4指揮

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  1. 1影響力(交渉能力の上昇)


  1. 2影響力(交渉能力の上昇)


  1. 3影響力(交渉能力の上昇)


  1. 4影響力(交渉能力の上昇)


  1. 5影響力(交渉能力の上昇)


  • 1影響力(交渉能力の低下)


  • 2影響力(交渉能力の低下)


  • 3影響力(交渉能力の低下)


  1. 1影響力(交渉能力の上昇), 5%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  1. 2影響力(交渉能力の上昇), 10%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  1. 3影響力(交渉能力の上昇), 15%の民衆支持率ペナルティ


  1. 4影響力(交渉能力の上昇), 20%の民衆支持率ペナルティ

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¬***** Changes made after 01/07/2004 09:00:00


  1. 1内政, -1不​衛​生


  1. 2内政, -2不​衛​生


  1. 3内政, -3不​衛​生


  1. 1影響力, -1不​衛​生


  1. 2影響力, -2不​衛​生


  1. 3影響力, -3不​衛​生


  • 2影響力, -1不​衛​生, +3不穏, +3法令(治安の上昇)


{Spying_Talent} Spying 才能

This man has shown a natural talent for spycraft since birth.


  1. 1工作員スキル


{Natural_Born_Spy} 根っからのスパイ

This man was born with a talent for getting in to places he should not be, and not getting caught.


  1. 2工作員スキル


{Subterfuge_Genius} 言い逃れの天才

This man was born a genius at spying and deception. With experience he could become an exceptional spy.


  1. 3工作員スキル


{Diplomatic_Talent} 外交の才能

This man has shown a natural talent for tact and diplomacy since birth.


  1. 1影響力(交渉能力の上昇)


{Natural_Born_Diplomat} 根っからの外交官

This man was born with a talent for persuasion and diplomacy. He has potential.


  1. 2影響力(交渉能力の上昇)


{Diplomatic_Genius} 外交の天才

This man is a born genius with languages, negotiation, tact and diplomacy. With experience he could become a master of his art.


  1. 3影響力(交渉能力の上昇)


{Talent_for_Assassination} 暗殺の才能

This man has shown a disturbing natural talent for quietly killing and getting away with it.


  1. 1工作員スキル


{Natural_Born_Assassin} 根っからの暗殺者

This man was born with a talent for moving in and out of places without trace, and leaving fresh corpses in his wake.


  1. 2工作員スキル


{Assassination_Genius} 暗殺の天才

This man is a born genius when it comes to moving unseen, getting close to people, and killing silently. With experience he could become a true master.


  1. 3工作員スキル

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{Glutton} 食いしん坊

When the question is asked, "Who ordered the elephant pies?", this man has no decency and scoffs the lot! The cost can be met from any convenient purse.

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{Faction_Leader} 指導者

Being the leader of a faction gives this man a certain amount of power and影響力 regardless of his ability.


  1. 2影響力, +1指揮, +3身辺警備


{Faction_Heir} 後継者

Being the faction heir gives this man a certain amount of power and影響力 regardless of his ability.


  1. 1影響力, +2身辺警備


{Disinherited} 勘当された

Once he was the faction heir, but he was considered unsuitable. He will have to live with the dishonour.


  • 1影響力

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{Philosophically_Inclined} 哲学に傾斜

This man's reading and study have given him a good understanding of the knotty problems of existence itself.


  1. 1内政, 100%の被買収資金増加

5%の建築コスト低下, -1不​衛​生

10%の建築コスト低下, -2不​衛​生


  1. 1影響力, 15%の建築コスト低下, -3不​衛​生


{Great_Admiral} 偉大な提督

Having won many battles(海戦), this man has gained a reputation as one of the great admirals of his era.


  1. 4指揮(海戦)


  1. 5指揮(海戦)

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{Philosopher} 哲学者

This man has sought out knowledge and learning for its own sake, but the skills he has can be used for mundane matters.

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{Confident_Commander} 自信のある指揮官

This man is definitely developing his skills as a general.

This man has gained a指揮 star thanks to his battle skills.


{Good_Commander} 良い指揮官

This man shows signs of greatness whencommanding armies in the field.

This man has gained another指揮 star thanks to his battle skills.


{Superior_Commander} 優秀な指揮官

This man has a superior grasp of the tactics needed to fight a successful battle.

This man has gained another指揮 star thanks to his battle skills.


{Great_Commander} 偉大な指揮官

This man has an almost unsurpassed ability to指揮 in battle and this confidence inspires his troops.

This man has gained another指揮 star thanks to his superior battle skills.


{Legendary_Commander} 伝説的な指揮官

His proven ability to指揮 in battle has made this man a legend, not least amongst his men who will follow him into any fight!

This man has gained high rank as a General.

{Legendary_Commander_epithet_desc} 「勇猛」


{Heroic_Attacker} 英雄的な攻撃者

His proven ability to指揮 in attacks has made this man legendary, not least amongst his men.

Thanks to his aggressive nature this man now has few equals(攻撃時) in battle.

{Heroic_Attacker_epithet_desc} 「攻撃者」


{Heroic_Defender} 英雄的な防御者

This man's prowess when fighting defensively is almost unsurpassed and the stuff of legend.

Thanks to his tenacious nature, this man has few equals(防御時) in battle.

{Heroic_Defender_epithet_desc} 「防御者」


{Grotesquely_Perverse} 劣悪にひねくれた

Even the most abject slave goes in terror of this man, as his rampant lusts are never far from his debauched mind.

{Grotesquely_Perverse_epithet_desc} 「ひねくれ者」


{Sexual_Predator} 性犯罪者

To see a woman is to want her, and this man lets nothing stand in the way of his unwelcome and unpleasant lusts.

{Sexual_Predator_epithet_desc} 「色男」


{Exceptional_Ambusher} 格別な奇襲者

The noble art of the surprise attack is almost personified in this man. He is adept at striking when and where his enemy least expects.

This man has become an expert at the art of ambushing his enemies.

{Exceptional_Ambusher_epithet_desc} 「狡知」


{Legendary_Siege_Expert} 伝説的な攻城専門家

An almost unsurpassed ability to besiege enemy towns means few defenders have the skills to hold his army at bay.

This man now has few equals when it comes to the arts of siege warfare.

{Legendary_Siege_Expert_epithet_desc} 「征服者」


{Legendary_City_Defender} 伝説的な都市防御者

This man is known throughout the world as a valiant and unsurpassed defensive genius. Give him a wall and he will hold it against the Gods!

This man has few equals(防御時) a fort, town or city.

{Legendary_City_Defender_epithet_desc} 「防御者」


{Insanely_Brave} 狂ったほど勇猛な

Like Hector, 英雄 and Achilles, this man's bravery knows no bounds. He is rightly famed for putting himself in danger and yet living to tell the tale!

This man is now lauded as a hero by all - an inspiration to those he leads into battle!

{Insanely_Brave_epithet_desc} 「勇猛」


{Indolent_Lardy_Arse} 怠惰で尻がでかい

Not even the danger of battle can inspire this man to rouse himself from his comfortable torpor.

{Indolent_Lardy_Arse_epithet_desc} 「デブ」


{Hates_The_Gods} 神々の敵

This man has publicly turned his back on the Gods and all matters of religion, seeing them as a hollow sham. Some find his position extreme and worrying.

{Hates_The_Gods_epithet_desc} 「無神教者」


{Venerates_The_Gods} 神々を崇拝

Pious in the extreme, this man will not leave his home unless he has made the proper sacrifices for the day!

{Venerates_The_Gods_epithet_desc} 「敬虔」


{Legendary_Warlord} 伝説的な将軍

This man's victories cannot be easily counted, and his presence on a battlefield inspires warriors to acts of insane heroism.

This man is now recognised as a great war leader for his people.

{Legendary_Warlord_epithet_desc} 「偉大」


{Great_Orator} 偉大な雄弁家

This man's exceptional speaking ability can grip any audience and get them to follow his line of reasoning.

{Great_Orator_epithet_desc} 「雄弁家」


{Strategist} 戦略家

Possessed of an admirable grasp of strategic theory, this man's schooling in military matters is the envy of many.

This man is now seen as having almost no equals as a strategist.


{Tactician} 戦術家

This man has an encyclopedic knowledge of tactical writings from many cultures, and shows inklings of how these might be applied to battle.

This man is now seen as having almost no equals as a tactician.


{Natural_Philosopher} 自然哲学者

Blessed with a superb education, this man can apply it to his work, making him something of an intimidating figure to the ignorant.

{Natural_Philosopher_epithet_desc} 「賢者」


{Logistician} 兵站学者

This man has a deep understanding of the work needed to keep troops supplied and healthy when on the march, something as important as battlefield skills when on campaign.

This General is now seen as highly skilled in keeping his troops well fed - and therefore happy!


{Abstruse_Philosopher} 難解な哲学者

This man has a deep understanding of philosophy, so much so that his reasoning is almost impenetrable to lesser men.

{Abstruse_Philosopher_epithet_desc} 「哲学者」


{Great_Architect} 偉大な建築家

This man's abiding interest in great architecture and grand design can sometimes lead to excess on construction projects.

{Great_Architect_epithet_desc} 「建築家」


{Apician_Glutton} 底なしの食いしん坊

When asked, "Who ate all the lark's tongue pies?", this man merely digs deep into the state purse and orders some more!

{Apician_Glutton_epithet_desc} 「デブ」


{Ruled_by_Luck} 運に支配された

This man's devotion to games of chance is absolute. His losses are now met from any source he can find.

{Ruled_by_Luck_epithet_desc} 「ギャンブラー」


{Immune_to_Death?} 死に免疫がある?

This man has become more than adept at avoiding the knives, poisons, garrottes and other stratagems of assassins and then turning the tables on assailants.

{Immune_to_Death?_epithet_desc} 「幸運」


{Sneaky} こそこそ

It's not spying, it's a quest for knowledge!

This agent has improved his suberfuge skills thanks to a successful mission.


{Spy} スパイ

This man has a taste for reading other people's correspondence.

This agent has improved his suberfuge skills thanks to a successful mission.


{Superior_Spy} 優秀なスパイ

The art of espionage is no mystery to this man, and neither are the secrets of his enemies!

This agent has improved his suberfuge skills thanks to a successful mission.


{Expert_Spy} 専門家スパイ

This man is expert in all the skills useful to a spy, and has useful contacts in all sorts of places.

This agent has improved his suberfuge skills thanks to a successful mission.


{Master_Spy} スパイマスター

This man is a master of his trade, and would be legendary were it not for the fact he's just as good at covering his tracks.

This agent has reached the pinnacle of his profession thanks to his almost matchless skills.

{Master_Spy_epithet_desc} 「俊敏」


{Cutthroat} 残酷

People die. Sometimes this man helps them to die.

This assassin has improved his suberfuge skills thanks to a successful murder.


{Murderer} 殺人者

Killing has become second nature to this man. He has no qualms about removing 'targets'.

This assassin has improved his suberfuge skills thanks to a successful murder.


{Superior_Assassin} 優秀な暗殺者

Is this man an assassin, or do targets conveniently die when he is near? Who can tell?

This assassin has improved his suberfuge skills thanks to a successful murder.

{Superior_Assassin_epithet_desc} the Killer


{Expert_Assassin} 専門家暗殺者

If you want a nice clean job, or have a particularly difficult assignment, this is your man.

This assassin has improved his suberfuge skills thanks to a successful murder.

{Expert_Assassin_epithet_desc} the Killer


{Master_Assassin} 熟練した暗殺者

A true master brings art to his work. This man's art is sudden death, and he is a true master.

This assassin has reached the top of his profession, thanks to his cunning and skill.

{Master_Assassin_epithet_desc} the Killer


{Expert_Diplomat} 外交の専門家

This man has mastered the art of diplomacy and tackles the most difficult negotiations with ease.

This man now has few equals in the arts of persuasion and diplomacy.


{Pathological_Liar} 病的虚言者

Lies and falsehoods flow from this man like water. It is doubtful whether or not he even knows the truth himself.

{Pathological_Liar_epithet_desc} 「嘘つき」


{Upright} 潔い

This man can be relied on to do the 'right thing' no matter how personally unpleasant or costly.

{Upright_epithet_desc} 「正直」」


{Rods-And-Axes} 棒と斧

This man's belief in the rightness of Roman law is unshakeable, and his enforcement of it is inflexible, even harsh.

{Rods-And-Axes_epithet_desc} 「厳格」


{Authoritarian_Governor} 権威主義の領主

This man believes in absolute control of society by those given positions of power. Control is for the good of all.

{Authoritarian_Governor_epithet_desc} 「厳格」


{Liberal_Governor} 自由主義の領主

This man believes that people generally are happiest when they run their own affairs.

{Liberal_Governor_epithet_desc} 優しい


{Outraged_Husband} 怒った夫

Is there anyone that this man's wife has not slept with? Her behaviour makes him a laughing stock!

{Outraged_Husband_epithet_desc} 「妻を寝取られた男」


{Master_Engineer} 熟練した技術者

This man is blessed with a masterful指揮 of the arts of the military engineer.

This man now has matchless technical expertise in siege warfare.

{Master_Engineer_epithet_desc} 「技術者」


{Great_Builder} 偉大な建築家

This man has such an abiding passion for creating magnificent buildings that he will immortalise his reputation.

{Great_Builder_epithet_desc} 「建築家」


{Phlegmatic} 冷静

This man's cold and unemotional ways make him an uncharismatic figure. Or not quite human.

{Phlegmatic_epithet_desc} 「冷血」


{Melancholic} 憂欝症

This man is given to fits of depression so deep and hopeless that he can barely concentrate on his duty.

{Melancholic_epithet_desc} 「悲観」


{Choleric} 短気

This man has an excess of spleen that makes him easy to annoy and slow to forget a slight.

{Choleric_epithet_desc} 「激怒」


{Fanatical_Chariot_Racer} 熱狂的な戦車手

Nothing gives this man more pleasure than spending all day at the races. Duty is conveniently forgotten.

{Fanatical_Chariot_Racer_epithet_desc} 「戦車手」


{Miserly} けちな

This man is mean to the point of his name being a byword for being mean.

{Miserly_epithet_desc} 「いじわる」


{Awful_Foreign_Affectation} ひどく外国かぶれ

This man'th affected lithp ith deeply annoying to the many who wipe away hith thpittle during converthationth. And he callth himthelf a Wohman… well, weahlly!

{Awful_Foreign_Affectation_epithet_desc} 「ギリシャ好き」


{Virtus} 人徳

This man is a model for all Romans: he has 'virtus' - the quality of a true man - in annoying abundance, but never boasts about it.

{Virtus_epithet_desc} アウグストゥス


{Noctophilic} 夜目が利く

Born at midnight, or in love with the moonlight, this man is a real night bird, almost resenting the coming of dawn…

This man is now seen as an expert whencommanding battles at night.


{Not_Safe_with_Man_or_Beast} 人と動物嫌い

This man's debauchery is so foul and continuous that he provokes disgust and not a little fear.

{Not_Safe_with_Man_or_Beast_epithet_desc} 「愚か」


{Legendary_Admiral} 伝説的な提督

This man's victories(海戦) are so numerous that he has become a legend in his own lifetime.

This man is now seen as almost unmatched in his grasp of naval warfare.

{Legendary_Admiral_epithet_desc} 「航海者」


{Cruelly_Scarred} 残酷な瘢がある

Fate - and his enemies - have dealt this man many a cruel blow, and more than few low blows too!

This general's many scars now prove that he is very difficult to kill!

{Cruelly_Scarred_epithet_desc} 「瘢付き」


{Foolishy_Indiscreet} 愚かなほど軽率

No secret is secret for long when this man knows it. His name is a byword for foolish indiscretion and loose talk.

{Foolishy_Indiscreet_epithet_desc} 「お喋り」


{Skilled_Infantry_Commander} 熟練した歩兵指揮官

This man has a fine understanding of the best way to指揮 infantry in battle.


{Infantry_Commander_of_Genius} 天才歩兵指揮官

This man has a superb grasp of infantry tactics, and this inspires confidence in the men he leads.

This man is now seen as one of the great infantry leaders of the current day.

{Infantry_Commander_of_Genius_epithet_desc} 「歩兵指揮官」


{Skilled_Cavalry_Commander} 熟練した騎兵指揮官

This man has great insight into the best way to指揮 cavalry in battle.


{Cavalry_Commander_of_Genius} 天才騎兵指揮官

This man has a consummate grasp of cavalry tactics, and this instills confidence in the men he指揮s.

This man is now seen as one of the great cavalry Commanders of the current day.

{Cavalry_Commander_of_Genius_epithet_desc} 「騎兵指揮官」


{Terrified_by_Roman_Ways} ローマのやり方におびえる

The very word "Roman" brings this man out in a cold sweat. His nightmares are filled with visions of Roman evil and cruelty.

This man has allowed Rome and the Romans to instil a deep fear in his soul.


{Terrified_by_Barbarians} 蛮族のやり方におびえる

The random "bar-bar-bar" gibberings of barbarians echo through this man's darkest nightmares…

Fear of barbarians has mastered this man's mind.


{Terrified_by_Carthaginians} カルタゴのやり方におびえる

Carthaginians are monsters in human form! They... do things... in secret, when no one is watching.

This man has let his fear of Carthaginians become his master.


{Terrified_by_Greeks} ギリシャのやり方におびえる

Every nightmare is the same for this man: torn apart by the Furies, egged on by shrieking Greeks…

This man has allowed his fear of Greeks to overwhelm his reason.


{Terrified_by_Egyptians} エジプトのやり方におびえる

Egyptians know things because of their obsession with the dead - terrible secrets that they will use against their enemies!

This man has allowed his fear of Egyptians to eat into his soul.


{Terrified_by_Easterners} 東方のやり方におびえる

Eastern plans and plotting make this man afraid, and this paralyses his ability to act effectively.

This man's fear of Easterners has become his master.


{Terrified_by_Slaves} 奴隷のやり方におびえる

Slave rebellions fill this man with horror. The thought of being murdered in his bed at any time is more than he can bear!

This man has allowed his irrational fear of slaves to become a new master in his house.


{Weak-chinned} 弱虫

This man is cursed with a weakling's countenance.


{Drooling_Inbred_Idiot} 涎タレタレの近親相姦の結果

The Gods dealt this man a cruel blow at birth. All the sins of his family have been visited upon him, and a few more besides.

{Drooling_Inbred_Idiot_epithet_desc} 「白痴」


{Godlike_Perfection} 神業のような外見

Adonis would gaze upon this man with jealousy. Many ordinary mortals already do.

{Godlike_Perfection_epithet_desc} 「イケメン」


{Scares_Small_Children} 小さい子供を恐怖させる

Small children cannot bear to be in the same room as this man, thanks to his remarkably hideous appearance.

{Scares_Small_Children_epithet_desc} 「醜い」


{Victory_from_the_Jaws_of_Defeat} 敗北の手前からの勝利

This man can turn almost suicidal attacks into victories. His men, or the survivors, are less convinced of his abilities.

{Victory_from_the_Jaws_of_Defeat_epithet_desc} 「幸運」


{Stonewall} 石垣

This man has an eye for a defensive position that almost guarantees him victory, no matter what the odds or the cost.

{Stonewall_epithet_desc} 「不動」


{Unhinged_Loon} 不安定

This man's habit of painting his bottom purple and wearing goat bladders has led many to suspect his headaches may not be all that is amiss.

{Unhinged_Loon_epithet_desc} 「狂人」


{Dangerously_Mad} 危険なほど狂った

This man has a disturbing tendency to bite people at inopportune moments: there is the mute testimony of his guests' and slaves' scars.

{Dangerously_Mad_epithet_desc} 「狂人」


{Glorious_Fool} 栄光の馬鹿

This man is a born leader who inspires his men to follow him to almost certain death. Unfortunately, the 'almost' bit only seems to apply to him.

This popular 指揮官 has become a serious danger to his own troops!

{Glorious_Fool_epithet_desc} 「栄光者」


{Uncontrollable_Rage} 手に負えない激怒

When the red mist descends upon this man, nobody is safe. His family, slaves and few remaining friends know that to hide is to live…

{Uncontrollable_Rage_epithet_desc} 「激怒」


{Pious} 信心深い

This man has deep and genuinely held religious convictions, and has a genuine respect for the priesthood and the advice they give him.

{Pious_epithet_desc} 「聖人」


{Sacrilegious} 冒涜者

This man is openly contemptuous of money-grubbing, sanctimonious priests, refusing them any courtesy and always ascribing the basest of motives to their prattling.

{Sacrilegious_epithet_desc} 「冒涜者」


{Lewd} みだら

This man has no restraint in his lewd and lascivious language and behaviour, and delights in his collection of 'unusual' artworks…

{Lewd_epithet_desc} 「卑猥」


{Legendary_Hero} 伝説的な英雄

Like Horatius, this man's bravery knows no bounds. He is rightly famed among Romans as Aeneas reborn, or even a new Romulus!

{Legendary_Hero_epithet_desc} 「偉大」


{Utterly_Disgraced} 屈辱

To lose one Eagle might be unlucky. To lose two looks like incompetence.

{Utterly_Disgraced_epithet_desc} 「鷲無し」


{Mostly_Redeemed} 名誉を回復した

Regaining two Eagles goes a long way to restoring this man's stained reputation, but the people are not quick to forgive.

{Mostly_Redeemed_epithet_desc} 「鷲持ち」


{Eagle_Collector} 鷲を集めるもの

Taking more than two Eagles makes this man a Legend.

{Eagle_Collector_epithet_desc} 「総鷲持ち」


{Exterminator} 害虫駆除業者

If you want an entire people wiped out this man is one of the few individuals with the stomach for the job.

{Exterminator_epithet_desc} 「虐殺者」

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