"Effects"_NewState_Text_770033 Effects True
"Effects"_Tooltip_360064 The icons below show the effects your current tax level settings are having on the two classes.||You will notice that the two classes are affected differently by tax levels.||High taxes for the lowest class reduce population growth as they make up the majority of the populace.||The upper classes are responsible for much of the wealth of a region, so taxing them at high rates will reduce town wealth and town wealth growth||Rich or poor, all are alike in one aspect - a shared dislike of taxes.||The higher tax levels are set, the unhappier both classes will be.||If you move the tax level sliders you will notice that these effects will change accordingly.||Move your cursor over the icons below to see the specific values of each effect. True
"Income"_NewState_Text_640047 Income True
"Income"_Tooltip_7c005a Tax incomes from the lower and upper classes for this theatre.||As you move the tax sliders these numbers will reflect the changes. True
announcement_txt_coming_soon_Text_5d0061 Coming Soon True
announcement_txt_NewState_Text_2004e New content available True
unlocked_dlc_Text_40005d This battle is available via downloadable content. Left click to visit the Steam Store. True