mission_text_text_egy_destroy_mamelukes_heading Breaking the Mameluke Resistance False
mission_text_text_egy_destroy_mamelukes_text Nominally administrators of the Ottoman Empire, these former slave soldiers factually rule Egypt. It is under the guise of liberating Egypt from their grasp that we have come here. Although we did not fool the Ottomans for long, breaking the Mamelukes' fighting spirit is still our top priority. By capturing Cairo, we should reduce their army in status to a mere nuisance, and Egypt will at last be ours! False
mission_text_text_egy_subdue_bedouin_heading Subduing the Bedouin False
mission_text_text_egy_subdue_bedouin_text Reports have reached us of Bedouin raiders assaulting our supply trains, plundering border towns and commiting unspeakable atrocities against the few they do not enslave! We believe them to be loosely allied with our enemies, the Mamelukes. If we don't subdue them they will continue to harass us. If we can capture their camps they might make valuable allies and guides. False
mission_text_text_egy_suez_channel_heading The Suez Canal False
mission_text_text_egy_suez_channel_text Long have learned men mused about creating a channel between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Not only would it reduce the time needed for ships to travel from India and Afrika by half, it would also greatly expand France's influence in the region.\n\nConquering the town of Suez would enable us to pursue this endeavour. A lot of merchants are looking forward to you making this journey, as are our savants. False
mission_text_text_egy_take_jaffar_heading The Ottoman Offensive False
mission_text_text_egy_take_jaffar_text We have driven the Mamelukes out of Cairo, mon general, but alas, we cannot rest. Our agents say that the Ottoman Sultan has sent more of his elite troops southward, and a large contingent of Turkish soldiers now awaits embarkation at Rhodes.\n\nWe must move eastward, into Syria, to stall the Ottoman advancement. Jaffa, as one of their major Port Towns, will make a good first target before we take on Acre. Its military value, in addition to its value as a wealthy centre of commerce, makes Jaffa a highly palatable target. False
mission_text_text_eur_austria_alliance_prussia_heading Forging an Alliance False
mission_text_text_eur_austria_alliance_prussia_text As Napoleon's war machine rumbles eastward, many of our sister nations in the Alps and in the Rhineland now find themselves under French rule. It will not be long before our enemies set about the conquest of our homeland and we must do everything in our power to stop their advance.\n\nOur neighbour, the Kingdom of Prussia, is faced with the similar prospect of French invasion; join our two great nations in a military alliance and we can stand together in repelling the French incursion and driving Napoleon back to France! False
mission_text_text_eur_austria_capture_stuttgart_heading Punishing the Collaborators False
mission_text_text_eur_austria_capture_stuttgart_text Once proud members of the Holy Roman Empire, the states of Baden and Württemberg have now fallen under the sway of that insolent parvenu, Napoleon Bonaparte. Being confronted with superior forces is not an excuse for such dishonourable behaviour. If our blessed Duke Leopold had been equally treacherous, Austria would not be what it is today. Liberating these states from occupation and nepotism will not only prove our might, but might well spark an insurgence by those who still have the guts to fight. False
mission_text_text_eur_austria_research_poverty_laws_heading Further the Restoration False
mission_text_text_eur_austria_research_poverty_laws_text In the wake of revolution in France, our nobles and ministers strongly urge us to prevent the breeding of sedition amongst the common subjects, which was surely the cause of such outrageous insolence. Putting them into a place where they can serve their king efficiently will not only keep their minds from rebellion and subversion, but also increase the size of our war coffers. False
mission_text_text_eur_britain_alliance_portugal_heading Supporting our Allies False
mission_text_text_eur_britain_alliance_portugal_text Sir, as you well know, Napoleon desires glory in the east, marching on Russia. It is our strategic obligation to help our allies and divert Napoleon’s troops. Our military advisors have concluded that the best way of doing so is to land an invasion force in Brittany, drawing some of Napoleon’s troops westward and giving our allies room to breathe. False
mission_text_text_eur_britain_blockade_france_heading Cutting off French Trade False
mission_text_text_eur_britain_blockade_france_text France, milord, is a formidable power. Fortunately, only so on land. The majority of their trade is still carried out by sea, however, and we should use their numerous weaknesses to our advantage. Blockading their ports will severely limit their ability to trade and relocate troops. In addition, we might be able to intercept trade ships, further adding to our treasury. False
mission_text_text_eur_france_build_arc_de_triomphe_heading Monument to Triumph False
mission_text_text_eur_france_build_arc_de_triomphe_text Mon Empereur, your mastery of the art of war is matched only by your great ambitions for the glory and good of the French Empire! In recognition of your achievements and of the endeavours of the French people in face of adversity, it has been proposed that a commemorative monument be built in Paris.\n\nConstruct this testament to French triumph so that our people may be inspired by them and our enemies humbled before them! False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_berlin_heading The Storming of Berlin False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_berlin_text It would seem that Prussia, indignant at our recent military actions against their Germanic cousins, has been driven into conflict with our forces! Their belligerence must be quelled as quickly as possible. Though Prussia's military might is but a shadow of its former self, given time to bolster its armies or seek reinforcement from its allies they could pose a serious threat to French interests. Storm Berlin and put a decisive end to Prussia's ambitions in Europe! False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_konigsberg_heading The Conquest of Königsberg False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_konigsberg_reward Prussia will be compelled to make peace. False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_konigsberg_text Since your conquest of Berlin, we have been receiving reports that Königsberg has become the centre for an increasing amount of Prussian resistance against our Empire. The Prussian monarchy, fled there from Berlin, has instilled patriotic fervour and anti-French sentiment amongst the people, posing a serious threat to our authority in the region. Take Königsberg and bring the Prussians to heel once more! False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_madrid_heading The Peninsula False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_madrid_text Yet another nation has seen fit to join our enemies against us; Portugal has declared war, and France finds itself at threat from the west. In spite of our long-standing amicable relationship with Spain, we can no longer rely on them to protect our lands from threats in the Peninsula. As such, we should move to secure Madrid and the Spanish heartland to ensure the security of France in south-west Europe. False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_moscow_heading The March on Moscow False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_moscow_text Mon Empereur! We have received word that the Tsar, fearful of your sovereign ambition and of the might of the Empire, has begun preparations for an invasion of our lands. Before he has the chance to muster an army capable of sweeping through our territories, we must strengthen our Grande Armée and take Russia by storm. Once Moscow is under the rule of the French Empire, the extent of your dominion will be absolute! False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_vienna_heading The Fall of Austria False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_vienna_reward Austria will be compelled to make peace. False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_vienna_text Mon Empereur! Once more the European nations have joined forces in the hope of putting an end to the mighty French Empire. Their incessant interference with our grand designs must be put to an end.\n\nAustria, having never learned the futility of challenging our great and powerful nation, stands ready to invade our eastern borders as we speak. No more will we tolerate such antagonism; conquer Vienna and break the so-called might of the Austrian Empire once and for all! False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_warsaw_heading The Liberation of Warsaw False
mission_text_text_eur_france_capture_warsaw_text Now that Berlin is under French control, we must work towards diminishing the threat from Prusso-Russian forces in the East. Currently, our enemies' forces are in control of Warsaw and its surrounding territories. The local population has little loyalty to their occupiers, however, and we stand to benefit greatly by liberating these steadfast people from oppression; requisitioning their resources for the greater good of the Empire! False
mission_text_text_eur_prussia_alliance_austria_heading Forging an Alliance False
mission_text_text_eur_prussia_alliance_austria_text Our Austrian cousins, having spearheaded the crusade against Napoleon's tyranny, now find their front lines shattered and their Empire in jeopardy faced with the inexorable onslaught of the French armies. Were Austria to fall, it would be but a matter of time before our Kingdom finds itself at the mercy of Napoleon's Grande Armée; forge an alliance with Austria and we can combine the might of our nations to stop France before it is too late! False
mission_text_text_eur_prussia_alliance_russia_heading Forging an Alliance False
mission_text_text_eur_prussia_alliance_russia_text The rapacious French Empire is spreading its influence like a plague across the continent, and it will not be long before they set their sights upon our own lands. Already, many of the Rhineland nations have fallen foul of Napoleon's ambition and even Austria finds itself under threat from the Grande Armée.\n\nMeasures must be taken to reinforce our position in anticipation of their offensive; a military alliance with the great Russian Empire will ensure us the support that we require should we face a full-scale invasion. False
mission_text_text_eur_prussia_build_military_heading Reformation of the Army False
mission_text_text_eur_prussia_build_military_text It is evident that our last defeat at the hands of the French was not due to our skill and cunning, or the morale of our troops - quite the opposite in fact. It is only due to advances in technology and organisation that such common plebeians could have defeated our valiant royal armies. We have learned this lesson bitterly, and must take action at once to prevent another embarrassing disaster. Currently we are at peace, and should use this time to enhance our recruitment capabilities. False
mission_text_text_eur_prussia_research_economics_heading Restructuring the State False
mission_text_text_eur_prussia_research_economics_text Our society, as much as we have come to love it, is very old-fashioned. Ever since the Crusade of the Teutonic Knights our farmers have tilled the land as serfs, and access to positions of influence and wealth in our state has been limited to a chosen few. We must, like other European nations, give the able the opportunity to be of benefit to the government. Reforms of trade and civil liberties are needed, lest the French force their own upon us. False
mission_text_text_eur_russia_alliance_prussia_heading Forging an Alliance False
mission_text_text_eur_russia_alliance_prussia_text The warmonger, Napoleon, has set about usurping territory from all the great nations of Europe and must be stopped. While others stand with us against France, the Kingdom of Prussia has yet to join our coalition. Should their domain fall into the hands of the French, nothing would stand between Napoleon and the Motherland; institute a military alliance with Prussia that we may support one another in the face of invasion from the west! False
mission_text_text_eur_russia_capture_bessarabia_heading Settling Old Scores: The Turks False
mission_text_text_eur_russia_capture_bessarabia_text To the South lies Bessarabia. We must capture it in order to consolidate our grip on the Black Sea. Just like the Swedes before them, the Turks are weak. Now is the time to strike, to once more let loose the great Russian Bear! Show them our might! False
mission_text_text_eur_russia_capture_finland_heading Settling Old Scores: Finland False
mission_text_text_eur_russia_capture_finland_text We are at war with France. There is, however, a lot of space and time separating our nations. There are old scores we must settle. To the north, Finland, long rightfully ours. Since Sweden is weak, desolate, and barely a match for the smallest of our armies, I say let’s take what is rightfully ours! False
mission_text_text_ita_defy_pope_heading In Defiance of The Pope False
mission_text_text_ita_defy_pope_reward The Papal States will be compelled to make peace. False
mission_text_text_ita_defy_pope_text Further to recent affronts upon our glorious nation by the Papal States, they have now set about harassing our forces in the region. We could use this newfound aggression from the Vatican to our advantage; the Papal States are notoriously wealthy and their riches would serve our war efforts well.\n\nMarch on Ancona and we will be one step closer to Rome - the Pope will have no choice but to meet any demands we make when he is faced with conquest at the hands of the mighty French Republic! False
mission_text_text_ita_establish_supply_heading A Matter of Supply False
mission_text_text_ita_establish_supply_text If we are to have any hope of driving a path through to Austria, it is imperative that we keep our regiments at full combat-effectiveness. With the majority of French military resources deployed on the German front, the Armée d'Italie has been left without access to some of our nation's finest troops.\n\nBy establishing a supply post in one of our commercial centres, we will be able to maintain the strength and numbers of all our troop types, their scarcity in the region notwithstanding. False
mission_text_text_ita_invade_venice_heading The Invasion of Venice False
mission_text_text_ita_invade_venice_reward Venice will be compelled to make peace. False
mission_text_text_ita_invade_venice_text In spite of their long-standing neutrality, the Republic of Venice now finds itself at odds with our forces in Italy. Recent conflicts between our two nations have driven Venetian insurgents to commit acts of aggression against French citizens in the region. Show them what it means to incur the wrath of the mighty French Republic; conquer Venice and strip them of their power and dignity! False
mission_text_text_ita_liberate_milan_heading The Liberation of Milan False
mission_text_text_ita_liberate_milan_text The noble people of Milan have suffered Austrian occupation for many years, and yearn to be free of their influence. Liberate them from this oppression and they will surely welcome you with open arms! False
mission_text_text_ita_liberate_modena_heading The Liberation of Modena False
mission_text_text_ita_liberate_modena_text Mon General! Our scouts bring word that the people of Modena have little love for their Austrian occupiers, yet they regard the French favourably. The Duchy is well-placed and wealthy; we would do well to liberate these lands and use their resources to our own advantage. False
mission_text_text_ita_subjugate_piedmont_heading To Subjugate a Kingdom False
mission_text_text_ita_subjugate_piedmont_reward Piedmont-Sardinia will become your protectorate. False
mission_text_text_ita_subjugate_piedmont_text For too many years has the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia been a thorn in our side. Their persistent affiliation with the enemies of the Republic and their incursions upon French soil must be put to an end; storm Turin and bring the Kingdom to its knees! False
mission_text_text_ita_take_mantua_heading The Stronghold False
mission_text_text_ita_take_mantua_text Mon General, our forces draw near to the Austrian stronghold of Mantua. Although the garrison there is impressive, I recommend that we move to wrest it from Austrian control. It is is well supplied with arms and artillery and would prove an invaluable base from which to launch further offensives into Austria. False
mission_text_text_ita_victory_capture_klagenfurt_heading The March on Vienna False
mission_text_text_ita_victory_capture_klagenfurt_reward A clear path to Vienna False
mission_text_text_ita_victory_capture_klagenfurt_text Mon General! Now that you have assumed command of the Armée d'Italie, you must prepare for the invasion of Austria. As we speak, our forces in the Rhineland are readying to advance into the Tyrol. If we are to have any hope of seizing Vienna, we must be in a position to support our forces when the time comes.\n\nTo this end, we have been charged by the Directoire to invade Carinthia and capture Klagenfurt, from whence we will be able to stage our glorious march on Vienna! False
mission_text_text_main_mission_assassination_heading Eliminate A Source Of Trouble False
mission_text_text_main_mission_assassination_text It is sometimes evident that certain individuals are a hindrance to the affairs of state and the smooth functioning of the government of the Faithful. This man is such a person, an annoyance, and an affront to the dignity of our people. He must die, whether by the blade, by poison, or by the bullet. False
mission_text_text_main_mission_blockade_port_heading Blockade A Port False
mission_text_text_main_mission_blockade_port_text You are hereby charged by the Admiralty with the suppression of enemy trade and naval activity by close blockade of the port. With all the forces at your disposal deny free passage of the sea to the enemy, Sir! False
mission_text_text_main_mission_build_heading Construct Building False
mission_text_text_main_mission_build_text You are hereby advised and instructed to begin public works to beautify, enrich, improve, enhance and otherwise elevate and strengthen the cities within your care, and by so doing add immeasurably to the prestige, power and wealth of the nation taken as a whole. False
mission_text_text_main_mission_capture_city_heading Capture A City False
mission_text_text_main_mission_capture_city_text Sir: You are requested and required to mount a military campaign to secure, besiege and otherwise capture the named city or fort, to the great weakening of the enemy position and as a notable enhancement of our standing in the eyes of other nations. False
mission_text_text_main_mission_duel_heading Duel To The Death False
mission_text_text_main_mission_duel_text Sir, where questions of honour are concerned, there can be no gentleman or officer of the state who does not seek immediate redress of all wrongs and insults. A challenge must be issued post haste to the miscreant in question and he must be shamed into appearing on the field of honour! False
mission_text_text_main_mission_engage_character_heading Fight On The Field Of Battle False
mission_text_text_main_mission_engage_character_text Sir: military intelligencers have received notice that a force commanded by the named individual represents a severe threat to the good order and security of the state. You are hereby required to eject, destroy or otherwise remove it and it's attendant rabble. False
mission_text_text_main_mission_engage_faction_heading Make War! False
mission_text_text_main_mission_engage_faction_text Sir, there are times when the dignity and pride of our nation call out for redress and recompense. There are times when our rivals forget their relative worth, and plot against us. There are times, sir, when we must act to defend what is rightfully ours! And so, with due despatch and consideration, you are required to attack this nation, so that they will no longer doubt our might or will in any matter. False
mission_text_text_main_mission_gain_military_access_heading Gain Military Access To Foreign Territories False
mission_text_text_main_mission_gain_military_access_text Our honour and military necessity can no longer be held hostage by the petty conventions of any lesser nation, boastful pride upon their part, or some misguided claim to territorial integrity. You are hereby required and instructed to enter into negotiations with the sole purpose of gaining military access to this nation's claimed lands, thereby furthering the utility and glory of our arms. False
mission_text_text_main_mission_make_alliance_heading Form An Alliance False
mission_text_text_main_mission_make_alliance_text Diplomacy is a grand ball, where each nation hopes to dance with as many partners as possible while denying a similar pleasure to the rest. There comes a time, however, when more serious trysts must be entertained. In short, sir, seek out an alliance on behalf of our people with all despatch. False
mission_text_text_main_mission_make_trade_agreement_heading Make A Trade Agreement False
mission_text_text_main_mission_make_trade_agreement_text Trade, sir, generates much satisfaction in those who indulge their tastes for the tawdry goods of their neighbours. While this behaviour is gentleman, it is sometimes necessary to sully one's hands with common money grubbing. Therefore, sir, put aside your finer feelings and, in the manner of a merchant or shopkeeper, barter and bargain for a trade agreement with this nation. False
mission_text_text_main_mission_promotion_heading Promote a Character False
mission_text_text_main_mission_promotion_text Sir: this gentleman has come our attention on many occasions and it seems to us fitting that his good, honourable and worthy service to our nation should be recognised in a public and formal manner, to his benefit and to ours. This man, in summary, is worthy of promotion to a higher rank, and should enjoy the many perquisites of such a position. False
mission_text_text_main_mission_recruit_heading Increase Your Military Might False
mission_text_text_main_mission_recruit_text It has come to our attention that our nation is most lamentably unprepared in matters of a warlike character. You are charged, sir, with carrying a scheme of remedial action to a successful conclusion. To wit: you must recruit more men to the colours, and strengthen our forces. False
mission_text_text_main_mission_research_heading Expand Your Knowledge False
mission_text_text_main_mission_research_text The application of wit should be an endeavour in which our people excel, sir. Most regretably, this is not the case, and the matter must be remedied. Without further ado, set our natural philosophers and great thinkers to work so that they may shed some light on the matter under consideration. False
mission_text_text_main_mission_spy_on_city_heading Conduct Espionage False
mission_text_text_main_mission_spy_on_city_text While it ill becomes a true gentleman to spy and use underhand methods, it is a matter of some importance to a state to have good intelligence of friends, rivals and enemies. Therefore, sir, send your intelligencers, agents and left-hand men to uncover this city's secrets, both great and small. False
mission_text_text_tut_assassinate_character_heading Assassin False
mission_text_text_tut_assassinate_character_text The British general in Toulon presents a grave threat to our plans. Assassinate him to aid the release of the city from British occupation. False
mission_text_text_tut_blockade_port_heading The Blockade False
mission_text_text_tut_blockade_port_text The Sardinians continue to oppose us! Blockade their port at Olbia. False