message_event_text_text_general_available_text Having pledged his support to the national cause, this general may now be enlisted to lead your armies.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_gent_scholar_stealing_tech_critical_failure Your scholar has failed to steal technology from your rivals, and has been ejected from the establishment. His professional reputation has been damaged by this episode.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_gent_scholar_stealing_tech_failure Your scholar has failed to steal technology from your rivals, but has escaped detection on this occasion.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_gent_scholar_stealing_tech_success Your scholar has successfully stolen technology from your rivals.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_gent_stealing_tech_critical_failure Your gentleman has failed to steal technology from your rivals, and has been ejected from the establishment. His professional reputation has been damaged by this episode.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_gent_stealing_tech_failure Your gentleman has failed to steal technology from your rivals, but has escaped detection on this occasion.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_gent_stealing_tech_success Your gentleman has successfully stolen technology from your rivals.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_gov_dies_1 This man has died in office following years of faithful service to the government. Finding a replacement with similarly high levels of administrative skill - combined with such sound political judgement - will not be a straightforward matter.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_government_1 This nation has changed its government type, bringing great change to the social order within it. During this time of uncertainty, rivals and enemies alike should be watching - with ever greater care - for the opportunity to strike!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_government_2 Following a general election the incumbent government have lost power to the opposition party, whose ministers now take their turn to steer the ship of state.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_government_3 Following an extensive review of policy, there has been a complete change of governmental system within your nation.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_great_exhibition_1 A "Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations" has opened in this nation's capital city. A third of the population are expected to attend this grand testament to their country's cultural and industrial achievements.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_heir_1 Following the death of the natural heir, their royal sister is now first in line to the throne.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_heir_2 Following the death of the natural heir, their royal brother is now first in line to the throne.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_highwayman_1 Your money or your life, sir! Due in part to overcrowded and under-developed towns, highwaymen now ride the shires, robbing carriages - and at times killing their occupants!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_internal_mission_cancelled_1 This mission has been cancelled! For reasons beyond your control, it is simply no longer appropriate for you to carry out the appointed task, and the reward has been withdrawn. It is unfortunate that an opportunity like this has been missed, but who can reliably predict the actions of foreigners and similar ne’er-do-wells?\n\n False
message_event_text_text_internal_mission_failed_1 You have failed! Your task has not been accomplished, and the promised rewards have been withdrawn. All levels of society are murmuring unfavourably about your lacklustre performance. However, confidence will be restored if future missions are more successful, as befits an aspirant gentleman.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_internal_mission_issued_1 Objective:\n False
message_event_text_text_internal_mission_successful_1 Congratulations! You have successfully completed this mission, and have reaped the well-deserved rewards. May your inspired leadership endure, and may you enjoy further success as you lead your people to greatness.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_massacre_1 Having refused the honours of war this settlement has been sacked. Its riches have been looted, and many of its population have been put to the sword!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_military_access_prompt The period of military access agreed between this nation and your own is coming to an end. Enter into diplomacy to broker a new deal.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_egy_adapt_desert_success Having learned all there is to cope with the dangers of the desert, our new special force, the "Legion Dromedaire", is now ready to be sent into action. They will not suffer from the effects of heat while fighting or marching through hostile terrain. This is another proof of the versatility and superiority of our brave republican soldiers.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_egy_bedouin_success Well done, mon general! Now this once ferocious tribe bows before us. They respect us for our strength and valour and will join us, provided we spare the spoils of our victory. Our soldiers might learn much from these hardy desert warriors. They are, however, but one tribe among many, and you can expect more trouble from the other clans scattered across the deserts.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_egy_cairo_rebellion The rebellion has been quelled and the leaders publicly executed. Their property has been confiscated and all citizens of Cairo have been ordered to pay a penalty sum. While this fills our coffers, it also serves to remind us to be vigilant so further insurrection cannot occur.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_egy_capture_acre_success We did it, sir! We have taken Acre! No one thought we could do it, but we did! Those men still able to work are setting up defences now. Once the rest has recovered from the exertion and disease we will be ready to fight any incursion.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_egy_capture_damascus_success Look down onto the square before you, mon general. All of these men are on their pilgrimage to Mecca. Each one of them will remember your presence favourably, as you ordered them to be treated with the utmost respect. They will bring your fame to the holy city, and from there it will spread in all directions. You are truly the greatest of all generals, Monsieur Bonaparte, and soon all will know of this greatness.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_egy_courier In your hand, mon general, you hold the first copy of the new "Courier de l'Égypte". It contains news of the world, recent discoveries and stories of our noble generals and soldiers. Not only will it help in increasing our troops' morale, but also imbue them with the proper fighting spirit in the knowledge that their exploits will not fade into obscurity.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_egy_destroy_britain_success Monsieur Bonaparte! You truly are a madman! Not only have you had the audacity to set sail against Lord Nelson, you have ended British meddling in the Middle East for the entire duration of our campaign! That will teach those arrogant islanders some humility! We can now ship-in trained French troops to our Egyptian ports, as many as the motherland can spare!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_egy_destroy_mamelukes_success Cairo, Sir! Second largest city in the Ottoman Empire, home to some of Islam's finest scholars! Its university of al-Azhar is as famous in the East as the University of Paris is in France. It is quite an achievement to have conquered a city of such history and importance. Savour it well.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_egy_institute_success The merchant caravans have arrived safely and are happy to compensate for some of our expenses. As we speak, Monsieur Lepére is surveying the remains of the old channel. The additional funding and prestige gained from this undertaking enable us to increase our scientific effort and thusly the capabilities of the Institue d'Egypte. Our fame spreads among the intellectual elite of Europe, mon general, which is as valuable as gold!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_egy_take_jaffar_success Look at these walls, mon general! Like the crusaders before us, we have besieged and conquered this city with ease. Our transport ships will now have a safe haven, and the citizens of Jaffa will be free from the tyranny of the local despot. Although important, this is merely a stage in our overall victory, and we must make haste for Acre as soon as we have consolidated our position.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_austria_alliance_prussia_success Let it be known that on this day an alliance has been formed between the Kingdom of Prussia and the Austrian Empire. Together, our nations stand strong against France and its tyrant, Napoleon!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_austria_capture_stuttgart_success I applaud you, my lord. In some lands you are already heralded as the saviour of the German Empire, and compare you to the great Friedrich Barbarossa. Although, if I may remark, there may still be a long way to go to achieve such greatness, it is enough to instil courage in the more valiant nobles and freemen to defend their homelands.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_austria_research_poverty_laws_success An important step has been made in our quest to restore the rightful order of Europe. The poor and idle can no longer gather to conspire against the good rulers of our nation. The resultant increase in the size of the workforce benefits our economy greatly, and our treasurer heralds the new law as the best idea since the invention of carbine musket.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_britain_alliance_portugal_success We have established a bridgehead in Rennes, Sir, and our spies already report detachments of Fusiliers from Napoleon’s army moving westward. We have taken the opportunity to extract a kind donation from the local population. The region might not be affluent with wealth, but they have given what they can to the Crown in order to cover our war expenses.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_britain_blockade_france_success Well done, milord. France is now cut off from the Mediterranean. May they ravage the continent however they wish, but there is surely no way that any French seaman can set keel on the Mediterranean again.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_france_build_arc_success Is it not a beautiful sight, mon Empereur? This monument represents not only a reflection of our nation's past achievements, but is a gateway through which we may gaze upon a glorious future distinguished by prestige and plenty.\n\nPour la gloire de l'Empire! False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_france_capture_berlin_success Berlin is yours, mon Empereur. The might of Prussia is but a pale shadow of what it once was. Would that Frederick the Great still ruled that Kingdom, you would have truly been faced with an opponent worthy of your mettle!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_france_capture_konigsberg_success The last bastion of Prussian nationalism is now firmly under French control and all vestiges of resistance against your visionary ambition crushed. Desperate for mercy, the Prussian remnants have sued for peace and offered us considerable indemnities for their recent defiance of French authority. You are one step closer to uniting Europe under a single French banner!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_france_capture_madrid_success With Madrid under firm French rule, you have taken measures to ensure that the lands of Spain will remain a staunch bastion of support for France; your brother now sits upon the throne and your armies are prepared to repel any attack on France from the Peninsula. The Spanish people surely understand our actions in view of protecting our interests? However, we must remain vigilant of insurrection.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_france_capture_moscow_success So ends the march on Moscow, mon Empereur. In the face of great adversity you have guided the Grande Armée to the easternmost extremes of Europe and in so doing conquered the heart of one of her last great Empires.\n\nAs the cold winds blow through the desolate streets of the fallen city, but one question remains: what lies in store for Napoléon Bonaparte and his mighty French Empire 2010-04-06 (火) 00:13:41\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_france_capture_vienna_success The once-mighty Austrian Empire finds itself at your mercy, mon Empereur! With Vienna now in our hands, the Austrian Empire is desperate to secure a peace between our nations; having paid us indemnities for the trouble it has caused our great nation in recent years and called for an end to hostilities, it no longer poses any immediate threat to us. Given our long-standing contention, however, it can only be a matter of time before we find ourselves faced with fresh hostilities from the Austrians…\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_france_capture_warsaw_success Glorious news! As your forces march triumphantly through the streets of Warsaw, the people rejoice at the freedom from oppression that our great Empire has brought them. You have ensured a means of maintaining the loyalty and support of the Polish people whilst securing the region and its resources for the greater good of the French Empire!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_prussia_alliance_austria_success You have successfully formed an alliance with Austria! Our great nations now stand side-by-side, ready to repel whatever forces the French throw our way.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_prussia_alliance_russia_success Russia has agreed to cement an alliance between our two nations! Rest assured that our lands are secure with the Tsar's forces supporting our cause.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_prussia_build_military_success Here march our new armies. They have been reorganized, fitted with the most modern equipment, and their commanders educated in the latest arts of war. The next time the French dare to walk our lands, we will not be such an easy target. They will learn that the Furor Teutonicus is not easily contained, and best not humiliated.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_prussia_research_economics_success Our reforms have surpassed our expectations. Commerce and trade prospers, and many highly-skilled individuals have entered the service of the crown. Rewarding on merit has profoundly increased our government’s efficiency.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_russia_alliance_prussia_success A military pact has been signed between our nation and the Kingdom of Prussia. By combining the might of our two nations, we stand a greater chance of staving off French incursions upon Russian soil.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_russia_capture_bessarabia_success Triumph! From the Baltic in the north to the Black Sea in the south, our Empire marches ever forward. Neither frost nor heat can stop us, and our coming is feared in all directions. Who is this Napoleon that thinks he can best us?\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_eur_russia_capture_finland_success Finland is ours. The new Grand Duke, instituted by our grace, has already sent gifts and men to thank us for our generous treatment of the population.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_ita_defy_pope_success As your armies storm onward through Papal States territory, the Pope has sent forth emissaries to meet with you. Intent on avoiding a full-scale French invasion of Rome, the Vatican has agreed to pay our nation a considerable sum whilst formally returning ownership of the city of Avignon to us. Furthermore, your forces have officially been given free-reign to seize treasures from the Vatican, and many great works of art may be taken to Paris where they will become a part of the great Musée Napoléon.\n\nBound to Rome and the Vatican, the Pope will now pose no further threat to your exploits in Northern Italy.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_ita_establish_supply_success Now that you have resolved the issue of supply, regiments serving in the Armée d'Italie will be able to effectively maintain their strength and numbers. Through intelligent use of the exceptional troops that have accompanied you into Italy, you will be able to continue using them to your advantage throughout your campaign regardless of their scarcity in the region.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_ita_invade_venice_success This is an historic occasion! After centuries of vainglorious independence, the Republic of Venice has been brought to heel by the Armée d'Italie.\n\nVenice has known many a year of enlightenment and expression, and the city is rife with treasures and prestigious artefacts. As well as furthering our war efforts against Austria with the assets and indemnities reaped here today, you may further our nation's glory - and your own - by returning the city's finest works of art to Paris where they may become part of the Musée Napoléon.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_ita_liberate_milan_success Having ousted the Austrians from the former Duchy of Milan, an administration whose loyalties lie with France has now been established in the region. An independent Italian state - the Transpadane Republic - has been formed, answerable to and under the protection of the French Republic. Having rallied the people to your cause, the regions of Lombardy will prove an invaluable base from which to launch further offensives into Austrian territory.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_ita_liberate_modena_success In a bid to unify the surrounding provinces, you have declared that the Cispadane Republic is to be formed - an independent Italian state answerable to and under the protection of the French Republic. This will strengthen your influence in the region and provide you with essential resources with which to launch further offensives into Austrian territory.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_ita_new_republic_success Now that the people of Transpadania and Cispadania have been liberated from unwanted foreign influence, you have decreed that they be unified into a single Italian state under the protection of France: the Cisalpine Republic.\n\nAs well as allowing us to maintain a firm control over these regions, fervent Italian troops have been rallied to our cause; a Lombardy Legion to fight for the good of the republic!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_ita_subjugate_piedmont_success Following a number of defeats at your hands, King Victor Amadeus of Piedmont-Sardinia has called for an end to hostilities, cowed at the prospect of seeing his nation crushed before the might of the French Republic.\n\nAs well as abandoning the coalition against our glorious nation and officially relinquishing all former claims to Nice and its surrounding regions, the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia has agreed to grant the Armée d'Italie full military access to its lands.\n\nYour deeds here today will have seriously compromised the Austrian's position in the region and have brought us one step closer to defeating our enemies.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_ita_take_mantua_success In spite of its mighty walls and staunch defenders, you have managed to seize control of the stronghold at Mantua. As well as allowing us to secure fresh artillery pieces, we have managed to considerably weaken Austria's foothold in the region whilst strengthening our own.\n\nOur Austrian enemies are helpless faced with the might of your armies, and it will not be long now before we take this war into their homelands!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_ita_victory_capture_klagenfurt_success Glorious news, mon General! Your recent successes across northern Italy and our subsequent conquest of Klagenfurt have driven Austria into a state of terror! Compelled by our impending invasion of Vienna, Emperor Franz has sent forth envoys and sued for peace. Thanks to your superlative military actions, an end has been put to this coalition against France.\n\nYour authority, as well as that of the republic, are now assured. Vive la République!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_assassinate_character_success You have successfully assassinated the British general! The enemy garrison in Toulon is sure to fall into chaos, and should pose little threat to its liberators.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_blockade_port_success The port of Olbia is now blockaded! It cannot be long before the Sardinians relent and sue for peace.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_build_factory_success A Musket Factory is now operating in Dijon! Additional troops may be recruited every turn and unit costs will have been significantly lowered in the region.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_build_foundry_success You have constructed a Cannon Foundry in Paris! Napoléon will now be able to learn the advantages of using cannon on the battlefield.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_build_school_success The College at Brienne has been constructed.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_build_shipyard_success With the Shipyard now finished we can look to defend our seas from the Sardinians and other aggressors.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_capture_toulon_success You have successfully captured Toulon, eliminating the British presence in France!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_infiltrate_city_success You have successfully infiltrated Toulon! The information gathered by your Spy will be of great use in preparing your siege of the city.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_peace_treaty_success You have successfully made peace with the Kingdom of Sardinia! Our southern shores are safe once more.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_recruit_3rd_success Our 3rd Rate is now ready to patrol the Mediterranean sea and protect our shores from the Sardinian threat.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_recruit_cannon_success You have successfully recruited your first unit and taken your first small step towards creating your army!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_recruit_dragoon_success You have successfully recruited a unit of Dragoons. These men will be invaluable in maintaining law and order in Paris.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_research_tech_success You have now finished researching a technology.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_restore_order_success You have successfully restored public order in Paris! Peace has settled once more in the capital, and the people are working for the good of our nation once again.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mission_tut_trade_aggreement_success You have successfully negotiated a Trade Agreement with the Swiss, ensuring France the income required to become the most powerful nation in Europe!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_monarchists_lose_all_1 The royalist rebels have been defeated, and the capital is secure once again. Their leaders have been publicly executed as an example to would-be traitors everywhere.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_monarchists_win_civil_war_1 The capital has fallen to rebel forces. The pretender's ministers have been publicly executed to make way for the rightful monarch and a new government.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_monarchists_win_revolution_1 The capital has fallen to royalist forces. The corrupt republic is over, it's leading members have been publicly executed - a fate that awaits all traitors to the crown!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_movement_1 Your path has been blocked by another character. Under the circumstances, it would be better to find a different route to your destination.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mutiny_1 An empty treasury makes it impossible to pay the wages of your sailors. As such they have refused to work until they are paid and pick up fresh supplies. Any officer who disagrees might find himself cut adrift!\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mutiny_2 The harsh treatment dealt out by their commanding officer has led to a mutiny among his men. They have refused to work until conditions improve, or he is removed.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mutiny_3 An empty treasury makes it impossible to pay the wages of your soldiers. As such the men have started to desert the army...and they're still carrying their guns.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_mutiny_4 The harsh treatment dealt out by their commanding officer has led to desertion among his men. The situation may improve if he is relieved of command.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_nap_enemy_army_sabotaged_critical_fail Your agent has failed to mislead the forces of the enemy. He has been captured and executed.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_nap_enemy_army_sabotaged_fail Your agent has failed to mislead the forces of the enemy, but has escaped undetected. He will be ready for new orders in the next turn.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_nap_enemy_army_sabotaged_success Your agent has successfully completed his mission to mislead the forces of the enemy. He will be ready for new orders in the next turn.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_nap_your_army_loots_settlement Although looting this settlement has bolstered your treasury, all buildings inside it have been damaged and there is greater unrest amongst the population than would have been caused by occupation alone. The wealth of the region has been adversely affected as a result of this.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_nap_your_army_sabotaged_critical_fail An attempt has been made to mislead your forces by an agent of the enemy. He has been apprehended and executed.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_nap_your_army_sabotaged_fail An enemy agent has failed to mislead your army, has been detected yet escaped capture on this occasion.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_nap_your_army_sabotaged_success Your army has been misled by an agent of the enemy. He has escaped undetected on this occasion.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_nap_your_general_assassin_wounded Conspiracy! The attempted murder of this great general has left him fighting for his life, and he has been returned to the capital to heal his wounds. He will not be fit for command for some weeks.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_napoleon_assassin_wounded Treachery! An attempt has been made on Napoleon Bonaparte's life! Having barely escaped alive, he has returned to the capital to recuperate. It will be some weeks before he is fit enough to lead his nation in war once again.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_napoleon_convalesced_text Napoleon Bonaparte has recovered from his wounds and is prepared to lead his glorious nation in battle once more.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_napoleon_returns_to_paris_text As a result of wounds suffered in the heat of battle, Napoleon Bonaparte has returned to the capital to convalesce. It will take some weeks before he is fit enough to lead his armies once more.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_new_faction_leader_1 Following a grand ceremony in their capital city, this nation has crowned a new king.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_new_faction_leader_2 Following a free and fair election, this man has been elected president of the republic.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_new_faction_leader_3 This nation has crowned its new and undoubted queen at a lavish ceremony in their capital city. It is the wish of all loyal subjects that she bears strong male heirs to continue her line.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_new_faction_leader_4 Following a grand ceremony in your capital city, your nation has crowned a new ruler.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_new_faction_leader_5 Following a free and fair election, this man has been elected president of the republic.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_new_faction_leader_6 Your nation's new and undoubted queen has been crowned at a lavish ceremony in your capital city.\n\n False
message_event_text_text_new_port_1 As trade has expanded in this region, this fishing village has grown into a new port.\n\n False