diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_approach_unfriendly It would be wise to listen carefully to our proposal, if you wish to improve your standing in the eyes of our glorious monarch. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_approach_very_friendly Our gracious monarch extends the hand of friendship, and hopes that we may spend a little time discussing matters of mutual interest. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_cancel_alliance Everything created by the hand of man has its allotted time. I am instructed to inform you that our alliance is now ended. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_cancel_military_access Sir, our ruling house no longer sees the necessity of allowing foreign troops to tramp across our green and pleasant land. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_cancel_trade While trade enriches, sir, we find that trade with you is an unnecessary luxury. Our agreement is cancelled. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_counter_accept I fear that the terms could be better, good sir, but I can agree to your offer. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_counter_reject My noble sovereign will not be surprised that I must reject your offer as unsuitable. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_demand_get_off_my_land Good manners, Sir, generally embrace the concept that a nation should remove its rough soldiery from the territory of a neighbour - and immediately! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_demand_military_access I am instructed to demand that your armies stand aside and let our monarch's glorious forces have access to your lands for such purposes as he may consider prudent. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_demand_regions My gracious sovereign is sure that you will see the wisdom of parting with some of your territories to ensure our continued good opinion and support. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_demand_regular_payment My sovereign requests and requires regular and continuing tribute from you. Gold is acceptable. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_demand_single_payment My sovereign expects that you will shortly enrich our national treasury; in short, we want money. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_demand_technology Sir, while your nation's achievements in the arts mechanical and practical are noteworthy, are you equally sensible to the need for sharing with your friends? False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_end_not_interested With respect, I feel it would now be prudent to withdraw from these negotiations. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_end_rejection_friendly And so we are done for today. It is a pity that agreement proved so elusive! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_end_rejection_hostile There is nothing more to say, sir. Our conversation has been as tedious as it was worthless. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_end_rejection_indifferent Hardly a satisfactory end to our talks, I feel. Good day to you, sir. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_end_rejection_unfriendly With the greatest possible respect, I see that I am late for my, my - my tailor. These talks are at an end. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_end_rejection_very_friendly My noble sovereign will be saddened that our talks have not born fruit. Good day, sir. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_generic_offer_demand I have been instructed by my monarch to discuss a proposal for our mutual gain. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_generic_reject_1 It is regretable that my government would find these terms unacceptable. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_generic_reject_2 Sir, these proposals have little to commend them and therefore must be rejected. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_1 Rarely has our glorious nation been so insulted! We reject your offer without hesitation. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_generic_reject_angry_2 Sir: diplomatic niceties are all that are saving you from a horse-whipping! Your proposals are rejected utterly! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_offer_demand_alliance Our two peoples are great indeed! But standing united, how much greater would we be, Sir? How much greater? False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_offer_demand_peace We draw your attention to the fact that this war is bringing neither success nor profit to either of our nations. Let us have peace! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_offer_demand_trade Let us discuss matters of trade and "business". I apologise, for such vulgarities should not trouble proper gentlemen. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_offer_regions My sovereign, sensible to the diplomatic and military realities, wishes to offer you control of certain of his territories. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_offer_regular_payment We feel it would be prudent to offer you reasonable sums of money now, and in the future. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_offer_single_payment I am instructed to offer you money at this time, knowing that gold is dear to your hearts. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_offer_technology Sir, I am instructed to offer you access to our nation's knowledge and skills, so that your unfortunate ignorance may be alleviated somewhat. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_receive_friendly Friends of our people and sovereign are always welcome. Now, let us discuss matters of import! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_receive_hostile Our dread sovereign has little time to consider your mewlings, so let us be brief: speak! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_receive_neutral Our gracious sovereign instructs me to listen to your proposals with patience and good attention. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_receive_unfriendly Our noble sovereign will hear of your unworthy petition! Speak, that your proposal can be considered. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_receive_very_friendly Valued friends of our gracious sovereign are always welcome. What matters do you wish to discuss this fine day? False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_get_off_my_land You are a fine humourist, Sir, but quite foolish. Our armies march where they will, and we pay no mind to your mewlings on the matter. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_last_region Good manners, sir, are all that keep me from adequately expressing our deep contempt for this appalling suggestion. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_military_access Sir, we have no wish to see our land blighted by having your poxed swine march across it. Access is denied to your creatures! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_protectorate Our nation may be on its knees, but we will not bow to your tyranny. Your demands are mad, sir, mad! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_regions We refuse! Not so much as a single stone will be handed over to you, sir, unless it be a headstone! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_regular_payment Sir, your whores may need their trinkets, but the money will not be from our treasury! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_single_payment Sir, what profit is there in paying thieves to stay away? They still have your money. We reject your demands! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_demand_technology Your request is insulting, sir. We do not share what our greatest minds have struggled to obtain with those too stupid to open a book. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_alliance We utterly reject your scheme! An alliance with the beasts of the field would be more congenial! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_peace No. No. A thousand times no. The only time we will cease firing is when the gun barrels are too fouled to continue. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_demand_trade Sir, we are not to be bought and sold in this fashion. Gentlemen of our nation, Sir, do not "trade"! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_regions Sir, we do not want your cast-offs, your discarded nothings. Keep your lands. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_regular_payment Keep your money, sir, to pay for your doctors, that they may bleed you a little and cure your weakness of the brain. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_angry_offer_single_payment Sir, we will not take your money. It has a taint about it that turns strong stomachs! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_demand_get_off_my_land With all respect, Sir, your wishes have been weighed in the balance against military necessity and found to be entirely wanting. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_demand_last_region Our nation, sir, may be weak, but that frailty does not extend to our pride. Our people bow the knee to no man willingly! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_demand_military_access No, sir, No! No infantry boot, cavalry shoe or artillery wheel shall besmirch our lands! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_demand_protectorate I had not realised that your people had a sense of humour, Sir. Your demand is rejected, now and forever! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_demand_regions It is an offence to my sovereign's dignity to give up one tussock - one leaf - one rock of our lands! Your request is rejected. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_demand_regular_payment Sir, one demand is unreasonable! To ask for repeated payments is beyond all reason! We refuse. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_demand_single_payment Your demand, sir, is unreasonable, and your purses will go unfilled from our treasury! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_demand_technology Knowledge given, sir, is not as prized as knowledge won. Regretfully, we will not be sharing our learning with you. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_alliance Alliances, like marriages, are often cause for regret when the wedding breakfast is over. We must decline your generous offer. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_peace A ceasefire you say? Is your position that uncertain? We say, no, then! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_offer_demand_trade I cannot agree that our two nations need to trade, sir, for trade implies some kind of equality of worth. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_offer_regions I am empowered to reject your most generous offer of territory as being inappropriate to my sovereign's dignity. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_offer_regular_payment We are not whores to be cheaply bought. Your money is most unwelcome, sir! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_reject_offer_single_payment Your money, sir, is unwelcome. My sovereign's friendship is not some cheap bauble to be bought in a market! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_state_gift My government has decided to make a gift to your nation, sir, showing the high esteem in which your people are universally held. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_too_many_counters With respect, your indecision as to what you want is unbecoming, burdensome and annoying. Good day. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_monarchy_war I am instructed to say that we are now at war. I trust, sir, you will understand if I do not wish you well. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_accept_friendly Most satisfactory, good day to you, sir. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_accept_hostile Our talks are complete and - well, a success. If you will excuse me, I feel a powerful urge to wash. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_accept_neutral So our talks have come to an end, and in your favour. Isn’t that wonderful? False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_accept_unfriendly Presumption, sir, is a trait of the foolish. Do not presume that our acceptance changes much. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_accept_very_friendly Oh glorious day! Your decision will bring great joy and prosperity to our peoples. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_acknowledge_accept You are wise indeed, good sir. Agreement will bring great benefits to all. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_acknowledge_cancel_alliance Your actions leave the Republic no choice. We must break all ties with you, and so farewell. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_acknowledge_cancel_military_access The troops of the Republic march where they please. Your petty concerns matter not a jot or tittle! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_acknowledge_cancel_trade We weary of your slap-dash merchandise. Our trade is done. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_acknowledge_counter_accept I bow to your superior reasoning, sir. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_acknowledge_counter_reject Do not turn our generosity aside so carelessly, sir. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_acknowledge_reject Our government is deeply disappointed by your decision. Let us all hope you do not live to rue this day. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_acknowledge_state_gift You are most generous, sir. This gift is received in a spirit of friendship. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_acknowledge_war I wait with bated breath for your impending doom. Your end will bring me nothing but joy. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_approach_friendly I pray you: consider our proposal and find it agreeable. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_approach_hostile I will be brief. I expect nought but lies from you, sir. So, speak - the truth would have novelty! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_approach_neutral Both our nations could benefit from this meeting. So: let us begin. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_approach_unfriendly It would be wise to listen carefully to our proposal, if you wish to stay our displeasure. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_approach_very_friendly In the name of the Republic, I extend the hand of friendship and hope that we may discuss matters of mutual interest. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_cancel_alliance The bonds between our people are broken, sir. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_cancel_military_access No longer will the boots of your rampaging hordes sully the good earth of my homeland. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_cancel_trade Trade between our people may once have had its uses, but no longer, sir, no longer. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_counter_accept Although it will be greeted with displeasure, I must accept your offer at this time. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_counter_reject Do you jest, sir? Surely you must? False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_demand_get_off_my_land Do you mind, sir? Remove yourselves, forthwith! False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_demand_military_access I am instructed to demand that your men stand aside and let the glorious forces of the Republic march across your lands. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_demand_regions Sir, perhaps you would consider ensuring our continued good opinion by gifting the Republic with some of your lesser territories? False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_demand_regular_payment Perhaps we could come to some agreement. A show of your good faith would be prudent. And what is more prudent that gold? False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_demand_single_payment If you wish to remain in the favour of the people perhaps a gift to them and ourselves would raise your profile? False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_demand_technology Our nation boasts the most illustrious minds of the age, yet nature reveals her secrets to others - others who might share their knowledge? False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_end_not_interested I take my leave, sir. I no longer see worth in these discussions. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_end_rejection_friendly If only the allusive mistress of agreement had been more forthcoming, perhaps another day. False
diplomacy_strings_string_european_republic_end_rejection_hostile You, sir, are a scoundrel rogue and cad! Our conversation has been worthless! False