character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Navy_Buff_3 Government business is conducted from the deck of his ship, such is this man's dedication to nautical matters. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Philistine_1 A disdain for educational matters could be due to a love of outdoor pursuits, or just an intellectual limitation. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Philistine_2 Books and learning are a waste of time - time that could be better spent riding, hunting, and feasting. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Philistine_3 His refusal to invest in the education of his people keeps them ignorant and powerless against control. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Uncouth_1 Nose picking - not always his own nose, mind - is the least of this great man's unpleasant foibles. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Uncouth_2 Nothing is more amusing to this man than a good fart, preferably in the direction of an ambassador. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Uncouth_3 This man's habit of scratching his privy parts and arse between dinner courses causes unease in visiting dignitaries. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Witty_1 Never short of a witty turn of phrase, this man's pithy repartee is renowned throughout the civilised world. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Witty_2 Despite a biting wit, he has the talent of making those concerned feel strangely better about themselves. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Army_Good_1 Unable to afford a commission, his ambitions are satisfied by ensuring the army have the lion's share of resources. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Army_Good_2 Having studied war on an amateur basis, he now favours their needs at the expense of domestic matters. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Army_Good_3 His devotion to the interests of the army borders on infatuation. Perhaps it's the fabulous uniforms? False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Corrupt_1 There's nothing wrong with feathering one's own nest, surely it's merely a perk of the job? False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Corrupt_2 "One for me, one for thee, one for the pot". This man believes in "creative" accounting in its purest sense. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Corrupt_3 Assets have been misappropriated, but he insists the funds were only "resting" in his account. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Entertainer_1 The good things in life are there to be enjoyed, and take the population's mind off their everyday miseries. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Fiscal_Genius_1 Centralised banking reduces dependence on private money-lenders, and gives government a float to play with. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Fiscal_Genius_2 This man has faith that prudently applied, the new theories of economy will fill his nation's coffers. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Fiscal_Genius_3 He is well-versed in the new fiscal thinking, this man is consulted in all matters of national income. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Good_Entertainment_2 Whereas most people can be appeased with cheap whores and gin by the bucket, some of us have more refined tastes. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Good_Entertainment_3 "Sir, this time you have surpassed yourself! Will you pass more of those scrumptious caramelised stoat intestines?" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Industrialist_1 This man believes centralising industry and increasing production capacity are the keys to advancement. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Industrialist_2 He believes that the way forward is the centralised use of the latest machinery and production techniques. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Industrialist_3 This fellow has developed the latest industrial technology, and improved regional infrastructures to support it. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Miser_1 He keeps a tight rein on the privy purse strings, all expenditure must be justified in writing. In triplicate. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Navy_Good_1 A career in politics was mapped out for him, but his true passion was the sea. He champions the navy's cause at every juncture. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Navy_Good_2 He argues deftly in favour of developing the navy, feeling it is an essential element of national prestige. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Navy_Good_3 This man's constant promotion of the navy and its wants has caused consternation amongst his peers. Hello sailor! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Physiocrat_1 This man is a firm believer that agriculture is the basis of happiness amongst the people. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Physiocrat_2 This fellow believes that the nation's wealth is best derived from working the land. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Radical_1 His radicalism borders on the republican, such is his desire to shake up the old order and improve ordinary people's lives. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Reactionary_1 This man wishes to preserve the power of the landed aristocracy, and their stranglehold over property and the people. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Trader_1 Realising the potential of his country's goods and resources is the road to wealth and prosperity for all. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Trader_2 This fellow believes in the power of a free market to maximise the nation's trade potential. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Unjust_1 He believes the punishment should fit the crime, and be an example to other would-be wrongdoers. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Unjust_2 Two wrongs do make a right, especially when the weight of law is behind them. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Unjust_3 "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". This man believes in clarity when it comes to laying down the law. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Upright_1 This man believes in truth and honesty, something he pursues through his work. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Upright_2 A respectable man of moral excellence, he does his duty with dilligence and precision. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Minister_Upright_3 He has great professional and personal integrity, and cannot be tempted or bribed. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Napoleon_Career_Artillery_Cadet_1 Artillery: the very best plaything a young man with military tastes can have! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Napoleon_Career_Corsican_1 Home is Napoleon's first love: glory is his second love and ever his mistress! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Napoleon_Career_Empereur_1 There is a point where glory and fame grant any man nobility. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Napoleon_Career_Harsh_Ruler_1 Law above all, is what separates men from beasts, and a lawgiver is remembered for all time. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Napoleon_Career_Leader_1 Napoleon has the common touch, and can convince his soldiers to fight and die for him, not for France or an idea, just him. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Napoleon_Career_Legend_1 There is a truth at the heart of the Bonaparte legend: Napoleon is not afraid to lead from the front. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Napoleon_Career_Navigator_1 Napoleon shows a good understanding of naval power. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Napoleon_Career_Tactician_1 Napoleon understands battle tactics, and how to apply them in new ways. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Napoleon_Career_Traveller_1 Napoleon has seen the world, now he must control it. It is a matter of destiny. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Napoleon_Emperor_Of_The_French_1 He is more than merely First Consul - the head of government. Napoleon has now become Emperor of all he surveys. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Napoleon_King_Of_Italy_1 Now the Iron Crown of Lombardy adorns his noble head, Napoleon is King of Italy also. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Napoleon_Protector_Of_The_Rhine With the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire and the birth of the righteous Confederation, Napoleon is now also Protector of the Rhine. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_NTW_Gent_Agitator_1 He has found a willing audience for his politic ideology through his regular publications, and a knack for changing their minds. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_NTW_Gent_Agitator_2 His well-developed political sense enables this fellow to influence the views of whomsoever he chooses, in whichever direction he desires. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_NTW_Gent_Agitator_3 This man is able to subtly shape the political views and actions of others through the power of his rhetoric alone. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_NTW_Gent_Agitator_4 This fellow’s political ideology and powerful speechcraft have an inflammatory effect on those who hear them. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_NTW_Gent_Agitator_5 Every word is a weapon; every speech an instrument of provocation - such is the force of this man’s political will. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Personal_Hale_1 The early morning runs and freezing baths of his schooldays have made him resistant to illness. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Personal_Hale_2 This fellow enhances his natural good humour with healthy appetites and regular exercise. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Personal_Hale_3 This man only feels at home when outside with the elements, away from flthy, crowded city life. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Personal_High_Personal_Security_1 This man is careful who he associates with, trusting only a few, and telling them nothing that may compromise him. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Personal_High_Personal_Security_2 He knows who his friends are, who the friends of his friends are, and who those friends of his friends are friends with. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Personal_High_Personal_Security_3 He is constantly surrounded by a dozen bodyguards, all armed to the teeth and ready to spring into action should anyone even look at him in a suspicious manner. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Personal_Piety_1 A deeply religious man, he observes and practices rites with solemn dignity. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Personal_Piety_2 Despite the worldly circles in which he moves, he still has deep spiritual beliefs. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Personal_Sickly_1 The slightest thing sends this man to his sickbed - a noxious smell, bright lights, anyone from Franconia, the number six... False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Personal_Sickly_2 Perhaps an excess of bile has increased his melancholy? More likely his despondent moods have made him ill. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Personal_Sickly_3 With death all around him, this man reckons he has all the symptoms. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Assassin_Good_1 The politics of power dictate his orders - he carries them out with efficiency, and a slightly worrying zeal. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Assassin_Good_2 He kills for the pleasure, thinly disguised as political expediency, and may be unable to stop if the work dries up. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Assassin_Good_3 "If you kill a man, you're a murderer; kill many, you're a conqueror; kill them all..." False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Assassin_Good_4 This man is death incarnate, although admittedly with a very good tailor. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Assassin_Good_5 Murder has burned away this man's soul, and children run screaming from his presence. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Born_Bounder_1 With a cutting wit for the ladies and a cutting sword for the men, this scoundrel is a "gentleman" in name alone. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Born_Bounder_2 This man has a talent for provocative insults, and the skills to defend his so-called honour. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Born_Bounder_3 This man lives for the pain he can cause others - pain at sword's point, for preference. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Counter_Spy_1 He has infiltrated enemy spy networks and alerted the authorities to their presence. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Counter_Spy_2 Having convinced the enemy he is working for them, this fellow has fed disinformation ever since. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Counter_Spy_3 "They" think he is working for them. In truth, he's not sure who he's working for anymore. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Im_A_Laydee_1 Although dressing as a woman is a cunning disguise to aid him in his espionage work, he quite likes it really. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Im_A_Laydee_2 By day he is an ordinary fellow, by night "she" is a deadly femme fatale - after all, who would suspect a lady? False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Naughty_Club_1 His "gentleman's club" is inaccurately named, their chief business being Bacchanalian mischief and moral impiety. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Naughty_Club_2 Drinking, wenching, feasting, and blasphemy are the vices of this debauched villain and his godless friends. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Naughty_Club_3 Their excessive drinking, mock-religious ceremonies, and blatant whoring are deplorable displays of moral deviance. Nevermind. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Sabot_Good_1 He has had success damaging enemy buildings, displaying an aptitude for sabotage. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Sabot_Good_2 "You were only supposed to blow the doors off!" This man is a good saboteur, in fact he is almost too good. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Sabot_Good_3 "A spanner, applied here, will do untold damage to the works!" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Sabot_Good_4 "I am an artist of confusion, destruction and, regretably, frustration. Few truly appreciate my efforts." False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Sabot_Good_5 This man could blow the legs off a moth without waking it up. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Spy_Good_1 He creeps about unnoticed, pressing his ears to doors in the hope of learning useful facts. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Spy_Good_2 Accepted by his quarry as one of them, this man has gained access to classified information of much use to his employers. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Spy_Good_3 A highly-skilled operative, this fellow is able to pass every useful detail of the enemy's plans to his true masters at home. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Spy_Good_4 There are few secrets that this man cannot dig out. Nothing is safe from his beady eye. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Rake_Spy_Good_5 This man sees all, but is rarely seen in return. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Sausage_Vice_1 A little fat on a man's bones is an attractive feature for the ladies. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Sausage_Vice_2 "Gluttony is what lesser people call a healthy appetite! They are envious, Sir, of my capacities!" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Sausage_Vice_3 A skilled combatant with both the knife and the fork. No dish is safe within arm's reach! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Sausage_Vice_4 A meal is not properly over until this man cannot heave his fat arse off a dining chair. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Sausage_Vice_5 His eating - and the endless thunderings from his bowels - keep this man apart from polite society. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Sausage_Vice_6 Sordid over-eating has reduced this man to a sick, overstuffed, blubbery creature, crippled by pain. False