character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Industry_2 There may be trouble at t'mill but, for the right man, there's much to be learned as well. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Industry_3 To start with nothing, and build anything: that teaches a man much. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Industry_4 A lifetime spent amidst the grime of industry gives a certain solidity to a man's opinions and expertise. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Military_1 This scholar is definitely more ink- than blood-stained, yet can hold forth sensibly on military affairs. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Military_2 This man's scholarly works have attracted the favourable opinion of many generals; his thinking advances the art of war. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Military_3 This man has made a deep study of classical wars, and applied his learning to contemporary strategy. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Military_4 This man's works are used as text books by aspiring officers in many lands - even among his nation's enemies! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Navy_1 While this man may only command ships in his bath, his thinking on naval matters is acute. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Navy_2 A love of the sea has informed this man's scholarship, making him an authority on naval matters. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Navy_3 This man's writings are required reading in many naval schools, and even foreigners read his books! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Navy_4 This man's grasp of all things nautical is deep and profound; his writings are influential and respected. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Philosophy_1 This man has read until his eyes have grown dim - and his mind exceptionally sharp. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Philosophy_2 A disputatious nature and access to a large library can do much for a man's mind. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Philosophy_3 To some, a lifetime of gazing at clouds seems wasteful, but answers are found in surprising places! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Research_Philosophy_4 Even this man's eructations are a profound discourse upon the meaning of life. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Science_Club_1 This man funds his own experiments, studying for the love of learning as much as the end result. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Science_Club_2 Well-respected amongst the scientific community, he attends monthly dinners to discuss new theories with his peers. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Gent_Science_Club_3 He is driven by a need to discover the workings of the world, and to unravel the mysteries of creation. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Honourable_Service_1 The King's favour is a splendid thing, and an encouragement to great future efforts. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Honourable_Service_2 "The title does help when dealing with the lower orders, it's true." False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Honourable_Service_3 The pre-requisites of high position give a man a large stake in his nation's continued success. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Honourable_Service_4 This man has been of constant and successful service to his monarch and his nation. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Honourable_Service_5 It is almost impossible to imagine how this man could have brought extra honour to his nation. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Cholera_1 This minor stomach infection will surely be gone by morning. Or possibly the afternoon. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Cholera_2 There are good grounds for believing that this is cholera, not "something he ate." False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Dengue_Fever This unfortunate has caught breakbone fever, and will feel terrible for some time. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Dysentry_1 In other men, this might be called cowardice; in this man, it is called pitiable. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Influenza_1 This man has a sickness called "influenza" by Italian doctors, and cannot work. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Leprosy_1 This man is marked by his injured extremities. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Leprosy_2 This man is crippled by his disease, and is feared by many. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Malaria_1 This man can barely lift his head, let alone a pen or a weapon to carry out his appointed tasks. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Malaria_2 This poor fellow is regularly laid low by bouts of ague. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Measles_1 This man is covered in small, red pustules. Is it a rash, or something far worse? False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Plague_1 "It's the end of the world, the end of the world, you're suffering from life withdrawal!" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Scurvy_1 This man is showing all the symptoms of scurvy, from bad breath to aching limbs. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Smallpox_1 This man has dreadful pustules over his entire body. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Smallpox_2 The smallpox has done its terrible work on this poor fellow. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_TB_1 This poor chap can never quite throw off a cold, as he has a weak chest. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_TB_2 Coughing up blood is never a good sign, as any doctor will confirm. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Typhus_1 This man has typhus, and is unable to carry out any of his normal duties. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Typhus_2 This man is bedridden, and his servants fear for his life. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Yellow_Fever_1 This man's fever comes and goes, but his pains remain constant. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Infected_Yellow_Fever_2 This poor fellow is very ill: puking blood the colour of midnight is never really a good sign. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Agent_99_1 "There are spies everywhere, you know! Everywhere!" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Agent_99_2 "I do not trust that doorman. Or that one. Or that maid. Or you." False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Army_Buff_1 As a child he was awoken with the sound of cannons, followed by rigorous drill before breakfast. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Army_Buff_2 This man is happiest dressed in full ceremonial garb, medals glittering at his breast. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Army_Buff_3 Insisting all his attendants and ministers salute and stand to attention is possibly taking things too far. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Clever_Stick_1 This man's ready wits show up lesser men as dullards. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Clever_Stick_2 This man has an exceptional intellect, and can be applied to almost any matter. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Clever_Stick_3 True cleverness sometimes involves not correcting everyone else's mistakes. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Debauched_1 A little smut may be considered witty, but not to an ambassador's wife! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Debauched_2 This man's behaviour is boorish and nationally embarrassing, even if the ambassador's wife did have a fantastic arse! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Debauched_3 This man's appalling behaviour would shame any bawd or panderer, let alone a lady of quality... with few scruples. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Debauched_4 "My John Thomas is a disaster area!" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Dullard_1 This man benefits from an amusing lack of intellect. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Dullard_2 Difficult ideas are difficult, you know. One has to make allowances. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Dullard_3 There are small bedding plants with a greater understanding of life than this man. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Enlightened_Despot_1 An advocate of rationality, reason, toleration, and freedom of ideas - although not at the expense of authority. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Favourites_1 Proof, if ever any was needed, that it is not what you know, but who, that matters when it comes to personal success. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Fertile_1 Blessings upon the royal household! An heir has been born, and the line continues! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Fertile_2 An heir and a spare! Surely the succession is now safe, and the future of the royal line assured? False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Fertile_3 The royal family have been blessed with so many children, their continuance is guaranteed. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Foreign_Tastes_1 This man delights in the new, the unusual, and the different. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Foreign_Tastes_2 This man shows a marked preference for foreigners, much to the annoyance of his countrymen. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Foreign_Tastes_3 Having redecorated his private chambers seventeen times in various foreign styles, this man cannot get enough of the unusual! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Harsh_Ruler_1 "There are only two ways: my way, and the way to the gibbet at the crossroads. Am I making myself understood?" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Harsh_Ruler_2 Right of rebellion? Traitors don't have rights, but they do make attractive drapes when hanging from the fortifications. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Harsh_Ruler_3 'Neath the velvet glove lies an iron hand. There has been occasion to bring it down upon the ungrateful populace. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Humanist_1 This man understands religion, but it does not have a hold over him. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Humanist_2 This man is openly irreligious, to the intense irritation of some, and the joy of others. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Humanist_3 This man looks beyond the tradition teachings of religion for solutions to mankind's problems. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Huntin_Shootin_Fishin_1 Born in the saddle, and with a hunter's keen eye, this man merely follows his natural inclinations. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Huntin_Shootin_Fishin_2 A healthy interest in bloodsports makes this man popular with his wealthier landowners. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Huntin_Shootin_Fishin_3 Is there anything else worth doing in life? Exactly. Of course not. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Inbred_1 This man is not the sharpest tool in the drawer, and his twitching is a tad disheartening to say the least. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Inbred_2 Hereditary weaknesses have revealed themselves, due entirely to ancestors being far, far too close as a family. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Inbred_3 Wall-eyed cousins should not be allowed to marry, except amongst royalty, and then only rarely. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Infertile_1 Children have so far been unforthcoming, despite the best efforts of his spouse. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Infertile_2 The royal couple have not been blessed with heirs that lived. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Infertile_3 Providence has not seen fit to bless the royal couple with offspring. Perhaps it is God's will? False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Insane_1 An "unusual" child, his natural strangeness has only increased with age. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Insane_2 "What, What! Tiddly-pom! A lovely day for oysters, Mother..." False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Insane_3 The monarch is clearly unwell. The slightest excitement can turn him into a dribbling wreck. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Intellectual_Pretensions_1 Intellectual debate is encouraged, and the educational welfare of the people is high on the list of priorities. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Intellectual_Pretensions_2 Correspondence flows freely between the ruler and his learned friends, such is his hunger for knowledge. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Intellectual_Pretensions_3 Intelligentsia have been gathered, so their knowledge and insight are at hand whenever the mood catches. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_M_1 There is much worth in the practice of reading the letters of other men. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_M_2 Spies and agents of influence in foreign parts help the delberations of government. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_M_3 A spy sent into the world is merely a true patriot who labours without public honour. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Merit_1 Military promotions are based on aptitude and ability for the job in hand. Personal connections are of little value. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Mr_Waverley_1 It is good to know other men's secrets. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Mr_Waverley_2 There is something glamorous and dangerous about the shadow world. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Mr_Waverley_3 A man can know many secrets, if he has the right servants in the right shadows. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Natural_King_1 Along with the poise and manner of royalty, the monarch is blessed with many princely virtues. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Natural_King_2 "I am your Prince, appointed by God. I am accountable to Him and only Him." False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Natural_President_1 He has contempt for the tyranny of kings, and how their whims and fancies bring misery to the lives of their subjects. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Natural_President_2 That people should live in thrall and ignorance in this age of enlightenment is the real treachery. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Navy_Buff_1 In childhood he could only sleep if his bedtime stories were tales of dashing maritime adventure. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Leader_Navy_Buff_2 He has taken to wearing ceremonial uniforms at all times, which makes bathing a difficult business. False