character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Drunkard_2 This man has an awesome capacity for strong drink with every meal, and between meals too. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Drunkard_3 "A rum ration, sir? Bring me a bucket, and less of your insolence!" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Drunkard_4 Strong spirits have entirely ruined this man: his mind is broken and his fortune is pissed away. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Dutch_Seamanship_1 This man could find his way through any shoal waters or weather any storm, and never even spill his gin! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Dutch_Seamanship_2 This man has an inherent air of command that gives confidence to his underlings. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Dutch_Seamanship_3 The sea and its ways hold no mysteries for this man, and he fears nothing when afloat. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Good_1 This man has a good grasp of naval tactics. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Good_2 This man understands the business of sinking enemy ships. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Good_3 This man has the talent to win sea battles, and has developed the habit of doing so. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Good_4 Even the wind and waves seem to obey this man's commands, such is his mastery of naval combat. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Good_5 Sailors under this man's command willingly set course for Hell, confident that he will bring them glory and prize money in equal measure! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Lampooned_1 Mockery is heaped upon this officer's efforts. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Lampooned_2 This man is seldom praised, often vilified, and given to kicking hacks into the sea. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Lampooned_3 "He also has a rather unsatisfying 'smallholding', at, ahem, 'Breeches Manor', or so I'm told…" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Mad_1 The scales! The eyes! Fish know things: secrets from the deep mere men were never meant to fathom. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Mad_2 "It's a very nice colour scheme for the fleet. I think it sits well with the swivel gun napkins." False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Mad_3 Facing the Fish of Fear has left this man a tragic, broken figure, but one with a prodigious taste for leeks. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Martinet_1 "The judicious lash, Sir, corrects neglect of duty, and consequently saves many a ship and fleet." False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Martinet_2 "I'll have discipline and bravery at all times, or the ingrate whelps will have the lash!" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Martinet_3 "Rum: a fair ration. Sodomy: never, Sir, and damn your eyes. And the lash: Pah! I am positively liberal with the lash!" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Mathematician_1 Being good with numbers increases the efficiency of fleet administration, keeping upkeep to a minimum. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Mathematician_2 This man has the clarity of thought to manage both his costs and navigational calculations to a greater degree than most. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Press_Hero_1 This officer's actions are reported on with approval, possibly because he writes his own despatches. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Press_Hero_2 This admiral is written about with admiration by hacks, pamphleteers and other low fellows. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Press_Hero_3 Newspaper editions are considered incomplete if they do not include praise of this officer. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Rated_Ships_1 This man has a real talent for using a ship of the line to the full. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Rated_Ships_2 This man is an expert in the handling of ships of the line. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Rated_Ships_3 This man is truly at home in those majestic castles of the sea, battle ships! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Slacker_1 This admiral shows much consideration - too much - for the feelings of the lower decks. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Slacker_2 A kind heart is a worthy thing, in a maiden aunt or chaplain. Finding it on the quarterdeck is another matter. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Slacker_3 This man's public distaste for correct, if harsh, discipline is now prejudicial to the navy. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Sobriety_1 This fellow does not drink, and doesn't think anyone else should either. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Sobriety_2 Refusing to accept the intrinsic relationship between sailors and their grog, he scowls at any who call for the bottle. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Sobriety_3 He brings everyone down with his dour and joyless manner, leaving little respite from the rigours of naval life. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Spanish_National_Pride_1 Honour is this man's watchword, almost his catechism. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Spanish_National_Pride_2 For this man, to be a Spaniard is to be honourable, no matter what the cost. If that is death, then so be it. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Spanish_National_Pride_3 This man's heart swells with pride when he thinks of his precious homeland. He is nothing without the honour of service to the land. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Admiral_Swashbuckling_1 This man has spirit, bravado - a touch of "derring-do". Bravely leading the men in boarding actions, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Agent_Secret_Police_1 This man has a talent for listening to local gossip, and for spotting those who are not local. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Agent_Secret_Police_2 This man can smell out a stranger in his area, particularly one with designs against his nation. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Agent_Secret_Police_3 This man has many friends, and is quite willing to listen to their opinions of foreigners and strangers. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Agent_Secret_Police_4 This man's suspicious nature is backed by a prodigious memory for information, useful abilities for anyone who hunts spies. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Agent_Secret_Police_5 This man has notes on everyone in the area, and is not above threatening people with exposure of their little "weaknesses". False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Agent_Spy_Network_1 This man has a talent for listening to local gossip, picking out of the nuggets of golden truth in the process. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Agent_Spy_Network_2 This man knows many people, and listens to their concerns - and whatever else they let slip. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Agent_Spy_Network_3 This man has assiduously made friends in the bureaucracy, and knows how to listen to their woes - and secrets. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Agent_Spy_Network_4 This man has made a point of setting a good table, and of listening to his important guests as they gossip. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Agent_Spy_Network_5 This man has made a point of being kind to servants. After all, they know all the secrets of their masters... False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Agent_Spy_Network_6 This man has spun a web of deception about himself and, like any spider, knows when there is a fly, or a secret, nearby. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Feck_Vice_1 Convention and morality do not trouble this man, except when it comes to spelling them. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Feck_Vice_2 "Me? Help a milkmaid carry her jugs? With my reputation?" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Feck_Vice_3 This man delights in meretricious company, relishing even the loss of reputation. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Feck_Vice_4 To ease his filthy ways, this man has ordered his tailor to alter - most unpleasantly, let it be noted - his breeches. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_Feck_Vice_5 No foul act is beyond this man's pleasurable contemplation and practice. His servants walk in fear. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Ambush_Good_1 Why fight fairly when advantage can be gained by cunning and stealth? False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Ambush_Good_2 A thief unhanged? A common brigand? Or a military man with a talent for the unexpected? False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Ambush_Good_3 Stratagems and trickery are legitimate parts of the soldier's craft, and this man excels in their use. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Ambush_Good_4 His skills in ambush attack are matched only by his ability to swiftly order a successful defence. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Ambush_Good_5 Neither bird nor insect can get one over on this man. He is as adept at defending against an ambush as he is in springing one. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Ambusher_Bad_1 The banditry of ungentlemanly ambushes is not to this man's taste. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Ambusher_Bad_2 This general will not have any soldiers indulging in ungentlemanly sneaking about. And quite right too! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Ambusher_Bad_3 Underhand conduct and treacherous tricks - such as ambushes - are decidedly not in this general's mental armoury. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Ambusher_Bad_4 Only cowards, fools and disgusting foreign types would stoop to using ambushes, and this man refuses to play their games. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Ambusher_Bad_5 This man could be ambushed by his breakfast kippers. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Anti_Looter_1 He encourages restraint amongst his troops, their punitive actions are limited to military targets. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Anti_Looter_2 The murder of civilians and pillage of their property is severely punished; their defeat is enough humiliation to take. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Attacker_Bad_1 Attacking and starting a battle are not this general's greatest strengths. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Attacker_Bad_2 This general shows a distinct lack of talent when leading an attack. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Attacker_Bad_3 Attacking an enemy army is one art that this man has never mastered - and the troops know it. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Attacker_Good_1 This man has a deserved reputation for being skilled when ordering an attack. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Attacker_Good_2 This man's aggressive ways are translated into tactical excellence! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Attacker_Good_3 This man is an extremely aggressive and skilful attacker, and with good reason. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Attacker_Good_4 Few generals reach such a pinnacle of expertise, and can organise and lead attacks with the facility shown by this man. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Attacker_Good_5 This general is a master of the attack; his opponents are crushed by his skilled management of fire and movement. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Austrian_Hates_Ottomans_1 A childhood listening to his elders and betters has given this man a solid understanding of Ottoman villainy. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Austrian_Hates_Ottomans_2 This man took in hatred for the heathen Turks along with his mother's milk. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Austrian_Hates_Ottomans_3 This man learned the art of hating Turks at his father's knee. His has honed his skills since then. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Bad_1 This man thinks he understands the business of war. He does not. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Bad_2 Command of men in battle is a missing aspect of this man's character. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Bad_3 This man should not give orders to parlour maids, let alone soldiers! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Bad_4 This man is truly dangerous on the field of battle mostly, it must be said, to his own men! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Bad_5 Few men reach such depths of military incompetence and live to tell the tale. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Bloody_1 What's a few casualties between friends? This man believes that in order to get results you have to get stuck in. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Bloody_2 The win is the thing, does it really matter if a few degenerate ingrates get sacrificed along the way? False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Bloody_3 The day hasn't gone well unless there's blood. Everywhere. Preferably the enemy's of course, but he's not picky. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Born_Soldier_1 Warfare is this man's calling. His heart thrills at the trumpet's note! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Born_Soldier_2 This man has a splendid aptitude for war, as his enemies will discover! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Born_Soldier_3 This man was born not with a silver spoon in his mouth, but a sabre in his fist! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Brave_1 "I say, those chaps over there mean to kill us! What absolute rotters! Shall we have at them?" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Brave_2 An inspiration by example to his men, this general rightly has a reputation for bravery. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Brave_3 "I'm sure I have better things to do with my time in battle than worry about shot and balls!" False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Brave_4 The reek of gunpowder, the clash of steel, the drum's tattoo: battle brings a knowing smile to this man's face! False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Brave_5 Foreigners and ladies grow pale in this man's presence, but for very different reasons. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Coward_1 A lack of physical courage is not necessarily a handicap to high command. No, really. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Coward_2 This general is scorned by his own officers, and even the other ranks smile when he - all too predictably - breaks wind before battle. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Coward_3 This general's own trumpeting gives notice to the enemy of his fears, and all without troubling a bugler. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Coward_4 Courage has become a stranger to this man. His people know it, and his lack of resolution fills them with contempt. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Defend_Good_1 This man has the ability to win, even when he has not chosen battle as a course of action. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Defend_Good_2 This man shows a distinct talent for winning when the enemy apparently have the initiative. False
character_trait_levels_colour_text_C_General_Defend_Good_3 This man is an expert at letting the enemy come forward to their own doom! False