unit_class_onscreen_naval_brig Brig False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_dhow Dhow False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_fifth_rate 5th Rate False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_first_rate 1st Rate False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_fourth_rate 4th Rate False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_galleon Galleon False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_heavy_galley Heavy Galley False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_indiaman Indiaman False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_light_galley Light Galley False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_lugger Lugger False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_medium_galley Medium Galley False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_over_first_rate Over 1st Rate False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_razee Razee False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_rocket_ship Rocket Ship False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_second_rate 2nd Rate False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_sixth_rate 6th Rate False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_sloop Sloop False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_steam_ship Steam Ship False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_third_rate 3rd Rate False
unit_class_onscreen_naval_xebec Xebec False
unit_class_tooltip_artillery_fixed Powerful, but cannot move once battle starts. Best used in defensive battles where the enemy must advance into range.||Artillery is most effective when targeting enemy troop concentrations and can also bombard the ground around choke points and enemy lines of advance. False
unit_class_tooltip_artillery_foot Can be limbered and repositioned at a walking pace, very good firepower.||Artillery is most effective when targeting enemy troop concentrations and can also bombard the ground around choke points and enemy lines of advance. False
unit_class_tooltip_artillery_horse Can be limbered and repositioned quickly at a gallop, very good firepower.||Artillery is most effective when targeting enemy troop concentrations and can also bombard the ground around choke points and enemy lines of advance. False
unit_class_tooltip_cavalry_camels Scares horses, good stamina.||This staying-power makes them increasingly useful as the battles wears on. False
unit_class_tooltip_cavalry_heavy Shock cavalry, strong charge. Effective against infantry even in prolonged melee.||Powerful against infantry and cavalry, but vulnerable to pikes and infantry in squares. False
unit_class_tooltip_cavalry_irregular Can hide in light scrub. Good for ambushing enemies.||Good for chasing down routing units and harassing. False
unit_class_tooltip_cavalry_lancers Deadly charge but vulnerable in prolonged melee. Good versus cavalry.||Before a general melee develops lancers should be withdrawn to charge again. False
unit_class_tooltip_cavalry_light Lightly armed but good for attacking unsupported units.||Able to outrun most adversaries, they can operate far from support, tying enemy units down. Perfect for charging down routing units. False
unit_class_tooltip_cavalry_missile Can harass enemies and keep their distance but poor in melee.||Able to fire then reposition, they are difficult to pin down. They should also avoid concentrations of enemy musketmen. False
unit_class_tooltip_cavalry_standard Good at attacking enemies in flanks and rear. The horseman's mobility is his greatest asset.||Head-on attacks against infantry set to receive them should be avoided though. False
unit_class_tooltip_dragoons Mounted troops who can dismount and act as infantry. Good for harassing enemy’s flanks.|| Can dismount to ply their muskets before remounting and riding to a new position. Good at riding down routers. False
unit_class_tooltip_elephants Elephants are used to charge and panic the enemy but are vulnerable against massed cannons and muskets.||They are best aimed at massed infantry. They are conspicuous targets though and should be kept out of the firing line for as long as possible False
unit_class_tooltip_general Gives big morale boost to nearby friendly troops, but army will suffer morale penalty if General dies.||Best kept near frontlines to boost nearby troops, they are vulnerable so should be protected by other units. False
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_berserker Brutally effective melee infantry best used to smash a hole in the enemy line.||They remain vulnerable to missile fire. False
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_elite Crack troops provide a morale boost to nearby friendly units.||Veterans of many hard battles; they can be relied on to hold their position come what may. False
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_grenadiers Armed with grenades these are perfect assault troops.||Grenadiers are specialists at clearing buildings, fortifications and choke points. They are typically tough men, able to hold their own in hand-to-hand fighting False
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_irregulars Can hide in any terrain, great for ambushes. Generally weak in melee.||They can move whilst hidden allowing them to get into position for the perfect ambush. False
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_light Sharpshooters good at screening main battle line. Weak in melee.||Their role involves advancing before the main body of the army to flush out enemy ambushes and thin the enemy ranks, and then withdrawing behind main line when threatened. False
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_line All round units who form main battle line. Thinner lines maximise firepower but are vulnerable to charges.||Their primary function is to present as great a concentration of musket fire as possible. Around this stable platform, the rest of the army can operate. False
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_melee Specialists in hand to hand combat. Vulnerable to massed ranged units.||Though they offer no reply to incoming enemy fire, when face to face with the enemy these men can even the score. False
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_militia Cheap but of variable quality.||Ideal for garrison duties, they can also bolster the numbers of an army if needed. If well led may surprise a complacent enemy. False
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_mob Untrained, poorly-equipped and ill-disciplined.||They have no training, experience or leadership. Lacking these, they can only be relied upon to do one thing well: run! False
unit_class_tooltip_infantry_skirmishers Deployed to screen main battle line. Good for harassing enemy but weak in melee.||Skirmishers can withdraw to safety when the enemy draws near. This tactic can serve to draw an enemy into an ambush or closer to supporting units. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_admiral Gives big morale boost to nearby ships. Fleet will suffer morale penalty if Admiral dies.||The Admiral's Flagship is best used to lead the battle line in order to inspire the ships around it. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_bomb_ketch Though vulnerable with a weak hull, plunging mortar shot can sink even the heaviest ship.||Best kept at a distance and used to attack the largest enemy ships. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_brig Good for taking on smaller ships, fast but lightly armed.||Their relatively small size allows them outmanoeuvre heavy opponents. Positioned across an enemy's stern though, brigs are capable of doing quite serious damage. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_dhow Very lightly armed merchant vessel.||Armed with only a couple of forward firing guns, this ship should be kept as far away from the enemy as possible. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_fifth_rate Frigate best used against other frigates and to support main battle line.||Whilst unsuited for a direct attack on a ship of the line, it can tackle any ship smaller than it. Even against a heavier ship, a frigate can damage the sails or fire in through the stern to good effect False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_first_rate Slow but very powerful with 3 decks of heavy cannons.||Best suited to leading the line of battle, this ships firepower makes her ideal for the thick of the action, broadside to broadside with the enemy. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_fourth_rate Light ship of the line. Not as strong as bigger ships.||When supported by other ships, the 4th rate can still tackle even the largest enemy vessel, provided she is handled well. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_galleon Relic of a bygone age, slow but fairly well armed.||This ships age shows in its slow speed, but still carries a good amount of guns and has a good hull. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_heavy_galley Can row into the wind, good for boarding. Has powerful forward firing guns and a relatively strong hull.||The galley's independence from the wind is a major tactical advantage. This provides plenty of opportunities to use its heavy bow cannons to good effect. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_indiaman Merchant ship with few guns.||Lightly armed, she can merely fend off the lightest ships and should always try and avoid combat. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_light_galley Fragile but can row into the wind. Has powerful bow guns.||The galley's independence from the wind is a major tactical advantage. This provides plenty of opportunities to ply the galley's heavy bow cannon to good effect False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_lugger Unarmed merchant vessel.||This ship should be kept as far away from the enemy as possible. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_medium_galley Powerful bow guns and can sail directly into the wind.||The galley's independence from the wind is a major tactical advantage. This provides plenty of opportunities to use its heavy bow cannon to good effect False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_over_first_rate Fortress of the waves, the most powerful ship available. Inspires nearby ships. Slow and hard to manoeuvre.||This ship is a fortress in itself and the most powerful available. She carries more artillery than a large army and is a very heavy hitter. The massive timbers of her hull provide the highest level of protection to her numerous crew False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_razee Stripped down ship of the line, very good at destroying frigates. Cannot take on ships of the line easily.||Has heavier guns than the average frigate. Her hull also has thicker timbers than a standard frigate. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_rocket_ship Slow and fragile but its rockets can set enemy ships on fire.||Kept far away from the enemy fleet; she can use her long range rockets to bombard them from a safe distance.||Though inaccurate, rockets can easily ignite sails and rigging to start a deadly blaze. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_second_rate Heavy ship of the line, slow.||Strong enough to stand broadside to broadside with the enemy. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_sixth_rate Light frigate, good firepower and manoeuvrable. Best used against other frigates.||Whilst unsuited for a direct attack on a ship of the line, it can tackle any ship smaller than it. Even against a heavier ship, a frigate can damage the sails or fire in through the stern to good effect False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_sloop Fastest ships. Very lightly armed and weak hull.||Her unique sail plan allows her to sail into the wind faster than almost any other sailing ship. This is vital since the sloop is very lightly armed and extremely fragile False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_steam_ship Can move independent of wind. Powerful close range guns. Cannot stand up to biggest ships of the line.||The steam paddles allow this ship to move without relying on the wind, closing to use its powerful close range guns. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_third_rate The standard ship of the line. Good mix of firepower, hull strength and cost.||This ship formed the main part of any line of battle. False
unit_class_tooltip_naval_xebec Boarding specialist which sacrifices firepower for increased boarding potential.||Fast and agile, the xebec can catch most opponents fairly quickly. Her hull is weak though and her armament light, so trading broadsides is not recommended. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_2_Decker_50 This is the smallest vessel styled a “ship-of-the-line” of battle, carrying some 50 long guns. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_2_Decker_64 The 64-gun ship-of-the-line can hold its own in battle, but is cheaper to build and run than heavier ships. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_2_Decker_74 The 74-gun ship is an excellent blend of firepower and handling. It is a stable gun platform and has more guns than many armies! False
unit_description_texts_description_text_2_Decker_80 This is a heavily-armed vessel, with a destructive close range broadside and a very strong hull to withstand return fire. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_2_Decker_HMS_Elephant HMS Elephant is a ship of the line with an impressive broadside at close range. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_3_Decker_106 A 106-gun ship-of-the-line has an impressive array of guns and is intended to be the centrepiece of a fleet. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_3_Decker_86 This 86-gun ship has a strong hull capable of withstanding heavy broadsides. It excels against other ships of the line. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_3_Decker_British_2nd_Rate A 98-gun second rate ship-of-the-line is an over-gunned standard design: a powerful addition to any fleet. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_3_Decker_British_Heavy_1st_Rate This costly, massive and powerful vessel carries 122 heavy guns, and has a hull capable of withstanding heavy broadsides. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_4_Decker_Spanish_Santissima_Trinidad This floating behemoth has 130 guns on her four decks, making her the largest and most powerful ship in the world! False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Art_Fix_Ottoman_Bombardment_Mortars A mortar is a large calibre, fixed artillery piece that lobs percussive shells and quicklime in a high arc at the enemy. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Art_Fix_Rocket_Troop War rockets are a terrifying device; they can be fired over a great distance and lower enemy morale. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Art_Foot_12_lber Foot artillery batteries are the core of an army on campaign: cannons win battles. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Art_Foot_7_lber_Howitzer Howitzers send shells high into the air to plunge onto enemies, making defences and cover less effective. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Art_Foot_Experimental_Howitzer Howitzers send shells high into the air to plunge onto enemies, making defences and cover less effective. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Art_Foot_French_Artillerie_a_Pied Accurate and capable of firing over breathtaking distances, the Artillerie a Pied is a powerful artillery unit. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Art_Foot_Grand_Battery_Convention This numerically strong gun battery is a very powerful artillery force for any French commander. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Art_Foot_Italian_Guard_Foot_Artillery Powerful and deadly accurate, this unit can achieve devastating amounts of damage from a considerable distance. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Art_Foot_Russian_10_lber_Unicorn Wonderfully versatile and breathtakingly powerful, the unicorn is the crowning achievement of Russian artillery. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Art_Horse_6_lber To keep up with fast moving cavalry, horse artillery batteries put entire gun crews on horseback or the horse-drawn limbers. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Art_Horse_French_Artillerie_a_Cheval This elite horse artillery can gallop when limbered up, quickly bringing firepower to where it is needed. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Art_Horse_Italian_Guard_Horse_Artillery This elite horse artillery unit can gallop to any point on the battlefield, quickly delivering artillery support. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_British_Dragoon_Guards These mounted men are a useful mobile force who excel at melee. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_British_Horse_Guards Horse Guards are an elite heavy cavalry unit, with a fierce reputation and deadly sabres. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_British_Horse_Guards_Uxbridge Uxbridge is an exceptional cavalry commander, and can sway the course of a battle with his leadership. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_British_KGL_Dragoons These heavy cavalrymen can be rushed to critical areas on the battlefield to provide powerful support. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_British_Life_Guards These elite cavalrymen are all gentlemen, skilled in melee attacks and deadly on the charge. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_British_Royal_Scots_Greys The Scots Greys are a heavy dragoon unit that can also be used as effective shock cavalry. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_Carabiniers Resplendent in body armour, these elite horsemen are capable of a shattering charge and excel in melee. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_Cuirassiers Cuirassiers are intended to charge and break enemy units in vicious melee combat. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_Dragoons Dragoons are heavy cavalry, trained to fight on foot and horseback. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_French_Carabiniers These elite heavy cavalry are renowned for their swordsmanship and fearsome charge rather than speed. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_French_Cuirassiers_Murat The general and unit alike share a certain military flamboyance, matched only by their ferocity in melee. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_French_Cuirassiers_Ney Cuirassiers are heavy cavalry who still wear armour, who rely on the shock of impact to defeat enemies. False
unit_description_texts_description_text_Cav_Heavy_French_Grenadiers_a_Cheval These elite heavy cavalrymen are exceptional in close combat. Their straight heavy swords make short work of enemies. False