building_description_texts_short_description_prest_unitedprovinces_teylers_museum The Museum is the private collection of curiosities, antiquities and books that intrigued the founder. False
building_description_texts_short_description_prest_usa_independence_hall Every new nation needs a birthplace. False
building_description_texts_short_description_prest_usa_smithsonian The Smithsonian is an establishment dedicated to learning and knowledge, with a world-renowned collection of objects and manuscripts. False
building_description_texts_short_description_pTrade1_trading_port_european A port will improve a region’s wealth and open up trade routes. False
building_description_texts_short_description_pTrade2_commercial_port_european This port significantly improves your export capacity and increases trade value. False
building_description_texts_short_description_pTrade3_trading_company_european A massive enterprise monopolising part of a nation’s trade will improve both region and town wealth. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rFarm1_farms_european Tenant farmers add to the agricultural wealth of a region and improve military replenishment. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rFarm2_clearances_european Displacing people in favour of an animal cash crop improves the agricultural wealth of a region and improves replenishment rates. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rFarm3_great_estates_european These estates add substantially to the agricultural wealth and the replenishment rate of a region. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rGold1_gold_mine_european Gold mining adds greatly to the wealth of a region, but at a cost in lives and injuries. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rGold2_steam-pumped_gold_mine_european Deep mines flood, and the water must be pumped clear if profits are to be made. Deeper down, there are riches to be found. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rGold3_industrial_gold_mining_complex_european Mining is only the first stage of gaining wealth. Every last lump of ore must be processed in search of elusive golden wealth! False
building_description_texts_short_description_rHorse1_stables_european Cavalrymen need horses. Stables provide these and make the recruitment of cavalry units cheaper. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rHorse2_stud_farm_european Horse breeding improves the quality of mounts for cavalry recruits, aiding the recruitment of new cavalry units. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rHorse3_equestrian_estate_european This fine establishment lowers the recruitment cost of cavalry units and facilitates the recruitment of cavalry units. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rIron1_iron_mine_european An iron mine makes the recruitment of land units cheaper, and adds to a region's mining wealth. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rIron2_steam-pumped_iron_mine_european Being able to pump water out of a mine increases productivity and therefore the wealth it produces. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rIron3_industrial_iron_mining_complex_european Mining on an industrial scale significantly increases the wealth of a region but at the price of unhappiness in the lower classes. False
building_description_texts_short_description_roads_basic These are roads where a considered effort has been made to improve the surface, and provide proper drainage for rainwater. False
building_description_texts_short_description_roads_cobbled These are hardwearing roads paved with small stones, able to take much heavy traffic. False
building_description_texts_short_description_roads_dust_tracks These roads are the most basic of routes, linking villages and towns in a meandering fashion. False
building_description_texts_short_description_roads_metalled A metalled road is surfaced with small broken stones, providing a good, strong and long-lasting route for military and civilian traffic. False
building_description_texts_short_description_roads_metalled_indian A metalled road is surfaced with small broken stones, packed together to make a weatherproof route for military and civilian traffic. False
building_description_texts_short_description_royal_academy_european_gov_absolute_monarchy An academy is a “gentleman’s club”, of sorts, for the greatest minds of a nation to gather for discourse, lectures, debates and some very nice dinners. False
building_description_texts_short_description_royal_observatory_european_gov_absolute_monarchy An observatory is a centre for many scientific studies, not just astronomy. All the physical sciences are advanced here. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rTimber1_timber_logging_camp_european Forests are a vital strategic, as well as economic resource and make construction and ship building cheaper. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rTimber2_timber_lumber_mill_european Prepared timber makes construction and shipbuilding significantly cheaper. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rTimber3_steam_powered_sawmill_european This building gives a huge reduction in the costs of construction and shipbuilding. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rWine1_vineyards_european A steady alcohol supply improves the happiness of all classes, which is hardly surprising. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rWine2_winery_european Everyone enjoys a glass of wine, regardless of class. False
building_description_texts_short_description_rWine3_wine_estates_european Wine estates significantly improve town wealth in a region and the happiness of all classes. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sAdmin1_tax_office_european The taxman is, for common people, the face and grasping fist of government. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sAdmin2_magistrate_european There may be a monarch or president on the coinage but, for most folk, the magistrate is the man that really matters! False
building_description_texts_short_description_sAdmin3_court_justice_european A court of justice is the government’s power, set out in stone and marble, for the people to respect and fear. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sAdmin4_court_appeals_european The force of law, symbolised by this court, is a powerful weapon in a government’s armoury. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sAdmin5_court_supreme_european A supreme court is the most magnificent setting for legal matters, but it is also a symbol of the rule of law. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sArmy1_cantonment_european This building allows basic military units to be recruited. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sArmy2_barracks_european A barracks allows a selection of military units to be recruited. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sArmy3_drill_school_european A drill school trains soldiers to obey standardised military procedures. It also allows military units to be recruited. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sArmy4_military_academy_european A military academy trains young officers, and improves the recruitment of military units. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sArmy5_staff_college_european A staff college trains officers in the strategies needed to win wars, and improves the recruitment of military units. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCannon1_cannon_foundry_european Cannon foundries make guns and the associated ammunition and equipment for artillerymen. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCannon2_ordnance_factory_european An ordnance factory designs and manufactures guns and their associated equipment. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCannon3_great_arsenal_european A great arsenal is a huge manufactory for artillery pieces and allows artillery units to be recruited. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCannon4_ordnance_board_european This council of state is charged with looking after all matters relating to artillery and improves the recruitment of military units. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCannon5_engineer_school_european Military engineering needs much study to be practiced well. False
building_description_texts_short_description_school_european A school offers education to the children of those willing to pay the fees. In some schools, subsidies from religious or charitable groups may be available. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCulture1_Theatre_european Sensation and spectacle keep everyone occupied and entertained, and safely distracted from politics. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCulture2_opera_house_european Entertainment improves the happiness of all classes and helps to improve town wealth. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCulture2_opera_house_middle_east Poetry is a form of literature held in high regard throughout the Turkish, Persian and Arab-speaking world by all the educated classes of society. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCulture3_grand_opera_house_european The height of artistic and musical refinement, this building improves the happiness of all classes. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCulture3_grand_opera_house_middle_east Formal gardens are a place of quiet contemplation, where all classes can go to relax and leave the cares of the world behind. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCulture4_great_museum_european This splendid structure is a celebration of national greatness and improves the happiness of all classes. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCulture5_Austrian_Theater This magnificent theatre greatly adds to national prestige. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCulture5_British_National_Gallery This magnificent collection of artwork greatly adds to national prestige. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCulture5_French_Musée_Napoléon This magnificent collection of French treasures greatly adds to national prestige. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCulture5_Prussian_Universität This magnificent example of Prussia’s educational prowess greatly adds to national prestige. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sCulture5_Russian_Kremlin_Armoury This magnificent collection of the treasures of Russia greatly adds to national prestige. False
building_description_texts_short_description_settlement_fortifications Defences constructed around a town will hold off many attacks, but cannot be expected to resist heavy attacks forever. False
building_description_texts_short_description_settlement_fortifications_improved As settlements grow there is a need for more elaborate defence in depth. The fortifications are designed to intimidate any attacking force, and then kill them. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sFortifications1_settlement_fortifications_euro A star fort is a cunning system of defensive positions with interlocking fields of fire. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sFortifications2_improved_settlement_fort_euro Star forts are massive defensive works, making any assault a truly terrifying prospect for the attackers. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sheep_clearances_european Renting to tenants may not generate a high enough income for a landowner. It can be more profitable to displace people by an animal cash crop. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sheep_great_estates_european The largest estates can have a huge acreage turned over to the pleasure of their owners. Pleasure in a carefully manicured nature is secondary to the need to make money! False
building_description_texts_short_description_sheep_peasant_farms_european The basis of all agriculture is the humble peasant, labouring in the field to bring in his master’s crops or to keep his master’s animals alive. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sheep_tenanted_farms_european Tenant farmers are a huge social step up from the humble peasant. They may toil as hard, but they do so for their own profit not that of a distant master. False
building_description_texts_short_description_shipyard_european A shipwright needs somewhere to build ships, even if this is only a slipway and a timber yard – but any piece of firm foreshore will do for smaller vessels! False
building_description_texts_short_description_small_arms_factory_european A large manufactory for producing the enormous numbers of weapons, blades and firearms, required for a contemporary army. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sPrest_Austrian_Heldenplatz This magnificent square greatly adds to national prestige. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sPrest_British_Nelson's_Column This magnificent structure greatly adds to national prestige. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sPrest_French_Arc_de_Triomphe This magnificent triumphal arch greatly adds to national prestige. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sPrest_Prussian_Siegessäule This magnificent structure greatly adds to national prestige. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sPrest_Russian_Monument This monument to the heroic Minin and Pozharsky adds to national prestige. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sRoads1_basic_roads_european Roads improve communications within a region: goods and, more importantly, armies can move at a better speed along maintained roads. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sRoads2_improved_roads_european These well-built roads, surfaced with stone, are able to carry much heavy traffic, including military forces. False
building_description_texts_short_description_sRoads3_tarmac_roads_european A metalled road is surfaced with small broken stones, providing a long-lasting roadway for military and civilian traffic. False
building_description_texts_short_description_star_fort_earthworks_european Star forts can be improved and extended with outlying earthworks and extra defences to make any attack a truly terrifying prospect. False
building_description_texts_short_description_star_fort_earthworks_indian This imposing fort is a difficult objective for any attacker, and a clear symbol of power; cost is secondary matter after magnificence! False
building_description_texts_short_description_star_fort_european A star fort is an enormous system of bastions and defensive positions with interlocking fields of fire: an intimidating obstacle to any attacker! False
building_description_texts_short_description_star_fort_indian This impressive fort is a major obstacle to any invader, and a powerful symbol of domination over the local people. False
building_description_texts_short_description_steam_drydock_european A steam drydock is a magnificent achievement of an industrializing nation: a manufactory for ships without equal! False
building_description_texts_short_description_steam-pumped_gold_mine_european As soon as a mine delves below the water table, water is a problem and flooding a constant danger. False
building_description_texts_short_description_stockade_european A stockade is a simple defensive structure, quickly built from logs. Stockades always have a curiously temporary air, even if they have been in use for years. False
building_description_texts_short_description_stockade_tribal A defensive barrier made up of a series of timber posts sharpened to a point to provide protection. False
building_description_texts_short_description_tCommerce1_market_european A place for people to gather and sell their wares, a market noticeably improves town wealth. False
building_description_texts_short_description_tCommerce2_merchant_house_european This building adds to the industrial wealth of, and greatly improves the town wealth in, its region. False
building_description_texts_short_description_tCommerce3_banking_house_european Banking houses make a significant contribution to the wealth of a region by providing finances to fuel industry and trade. False
building_description_texts_short_description_tEducation1_college_european Each turn a college may produce a gentleman, and it always helps with research into new technologies. False
building_description_texts_short_description_tEducation2_university_european This is a bastion of learning and academic thought, where the arts, theology and sciences are carefully taught. False
building_description_texts_short_description_tEducation2_university_middle_east This university offers an Islamic education to the sons of the wealthy and influential. False
building_description_texts_short_description_tEducation3_enlightened_university_european This is a centre of learning and original thought, where the science and art are given free rein. False
building_description_texts_short_description_temp_key PLACEHOLDER Short Desc False
building_description_texts_short_description_tFactory1_manufactory_european A manufactory adds to industrial wealth in a region and makes the recruitment of artillery units cheaper. False
building_description_texts_short_description_tFactory2_factory_european Hives of industry, factories make the recruitment of artillery units significantly cheaper and add to the industrial wealth of a region. False
building_description_texts_short_description_tFactory3_steam_powered_factory_european Harnessing the power of steam to machinery increases the industrial wealth in a region and makes the recruitment of artillery units a great deal cheaper. False
building_description_texts_short_description_tGuns1_gunsmith_european Soldiers will always need weapons. This building aids, and lowers the cost of, recruiting military units. False
building_description_texts_short_description_tGuns2_musket_manufactury_european Among other benefits, this large manufactory makes it cheaper to the recruit infantry units. False
building_description_texts_short_description_tGuns3_small_arms_factory_european Improving weapon production makes it much cheaper to recruit infantry units. False
building_description_texts_short_description_theatre_european Sensation and spectacle for the people can keep them occupied and entertained, not to mention distracted from politics. False
building_description_texts_short_description_theatre_middle_east An enclosed section of a palace, where the concubines are secluded, ready for the pleasure of their master and away from the lustful gazes of other men. False