ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Siege_Engineer The business of reducing a fortress is a matter of time, guns, and mathematics. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Signals_Lieutenant Even the finest admiral in the world needs to have his orders seen and obeyed. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Tailor_Euro A coat cut in the latest style says much about a man's self respect. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Turkish_Bey An able governor can often apply his skills to many problems of state. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Turkish_Jani_Admin The defenders of the Porte are the best men to honour the time-hallowed customs of ruling the Empire. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Turkish_Jani_Com The janissaries have defended the Empire for centuries, and remain its surest shield. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Turkish_Jani_Sec Loyalty in a secretary is important. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Turkish_Masseur One man's luxury is another man's necessity. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Turkish_Pasha There are many uses for a truly able man, one who can cut through the tangle of government as with a sword. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Turnip Truly, the height of ambition is to possess your own turnip. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Voivode_1 My people understand loyalty, and a whip in their master's hand. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Voivode_2 I do not False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Voter Sir, my vote was not bought for a pittance! I expected and received proper recompense! False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Wife_Faithful This lady's virtue shines with a noble light, and so illuminates her husband's career. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Wife_Intelligent A woman's quick wits can do much to advance a husband's career. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Wife_Malaprop After a battle my husband is always prostate with grief, you know. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Wife_Matchmaker_Euro Happiness? What has that to do with marriage when there are prospects to consider? False
ancillaries_colour_text_Anc_Wife_Unfaithful Being cuckolded may be worthwhile, if it fathers preferment. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_African_Servant A manservant from the Dark Continent is a most fashionable addition to a household of quality. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Air_Loom_Operator The power to cloud minds and so control men through the science of fluid magnetism should never be underestimated! False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Amazing_Wine_Cellar There's more to wine than finding the next bucket of claret. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Amusing_Cad Cruelty can wear a winning smile, even as it drinks and whores and gambles its way through another man's fortune. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_ADC A clever general surrounds himself with young men of talent. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Aide_Nephew "Sadly, his mother - while big with the boy - was frightened by a particularly ignorant horse." False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Cleric A prayer is as good as a sabre, when the day is in doubt. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Drillmaster "An army, Sir, is only of any damned use when it has marched to the right place and can give battle!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_European_Turncoat This man has changed his allegiance; his savagery towards his own kind quells any doubts as to his loyalties. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Exploring_Officer A good horse, and enough guts for a regiment of dragoons, have taken this man far across enemy territory. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Galloper A timely message can avert many a crisis in battle. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Hagiographer A flattering account of one's life is, well, flattering, but should never be believed. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Merc_Artilleryman Denied promotion at home, this man has offered his skills to the highest bidder. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Merc_Cavalryman An interest in horseflesh has taken this man far from home, and into foreign service. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Merc_Infantryman A life spent watching officers ruin battles has brought this man to some strange new masters. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Military_Artist The man who can map the significant military features of a landscape can show the path to victory. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Military_Surveyor The ability to understand the landscape can show the path of least resistance. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Ottoman_Turncoat Captured in battle, this man has proven to be surprisingly loyal to those who spared his life. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Pox_Doctor "Your tackle may be aflame, sir, but unless you apply the ointment as I have instructed your breeches will continue to smoulder!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Quartermaster "Supplies - good boots, say - keep a soldier happy and healthy just as well as not getting shot!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Surgeon Speed and dexterity with the knife, saw and needle are the basic accomplishments of any good surgeon. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Army_Waggonmaster When an army marches, it must carry all its necessaries with it. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Artillery_Expert Well-placed artillery can settle many an argument. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Barber "Pies are my second passion, Sir, after a well-presented and properly bled client..." False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Bodysnatcher Scholars - medical or not - should never be hampered by the vagaries of law or petty morality. They need flesh! False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Boxer A man who can stand 167 rounds of bareknuckle boxing can be useful in a tight spot. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Duelling_Hidalgo_Fop "It will be my pleasure, Signor, to see my principal's name carved into your heart!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Duelling_Minx If a man won't duel over honour, perhaps he should be provided with another excuse? False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Duelling_Pistols "BANG!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Duelling_Pistols_Manton The perfect weapon for a man with a killer's eye. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Foodtaster "These new almonds are a little on the bitter side." False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Garden_Hermit "It don't suit everyone. The hours are long, you have to like your own company, and the cave's bloody drafty. Still - better than starving, eh?" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Architect "No structure, placed harmoniously within a landscape, is entirely wasted, Sir!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Comptroller Accurate accounting is a boon to good government - and to personal wealth, if a man's mind runs that way. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Controller Building is far more than making sure the bricks are laid properly. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Crimper If a man wakes up with a hangover and the memory of a warm woman, it may ease the shock of joining the army. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Cypher There is nothing wrong with reading another man's letters, especially when there are messages hidden within. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Executioner_Nasty A man who can kill in so many inventive ways should be allowed to practice his skills. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Guardian "Yes, his tongue was cut out, but he will throw himself on an assassin's blade to save me!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Secret_Policeman The best place to look for treachery is in the shadows. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Secretary_Efficient The business of managing an empire necessitates lengthy correspondence, copious minutes, voluminous regulation, and a big bottle of ink. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Secretary_Gobby "I move in very exalted circles, you know! Oh, the things I could tell you, if I only had the time..." False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Spymaster A man who can weave plots, schemes, counterplots, and counter-counterplots into a web of deceit is valuable. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Thieftaker "The rich have what is worth stealing. The poor steal. These are immutable rules of nature." False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Vampire_Hunter The cross, the hawthorn stake, the sharp blade and garlic: virtuous tools in the hands of the righteous. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Government_Wrestler "If you do not tell the truth, I promise my servant will show you the meaning of agony." False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Great_Composer The great occasions of state demand music - new music, original music - to dazzle and amaze the listening crowd. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Grizzly_Adams A man who knows the backwoods and hidden trails will always find a way to flank an enemy. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Historian History judges all men, but if the evidence is carefully marshalled the verdict may be kind. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Inventive_Genius_Astronomer "The finding of new oceans, seas and lakes upon the Moon most assuredly gives the discoverer the right to name them as he and his patron desire!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Inventive_Genius_Loony "My main study is a matter vital - vital - to our prosperity, Sir. I speak of nothing less than the safe enlargement of trouser mice!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Inventive_Genius_Mill_Worker "The world will beat a path to your door, Sir. Invest but a small sum in the 'Jiggling Elizabeth', and everyone will thank you!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Justice_Witness A man who can be utterly damning from the witness box is useful, even when he doesn't know the accused. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Landscape_Gardener "The village - and the tenants - must be removed, otherwise the proposed lake will be in want of an harmonious aspect." False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Madman Studying the broken mind can lead to fruitful insights into the soul. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Master_of_Lunacy "I, Sir, not fashion or whimsy or the opinions of the great and good, decide what constitutes sanity at this juncture!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Merchant_Corn_Factor "Profit, sir, keeps a roof over the heads of honest landowners! If the whining poor choose not to pay the market price, so be it!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Military_Riding_Master "A good horseman sits well, Sir. Dash and fire come later, to those unlucky enough not to be Hungarian!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Mistress_Actress "Please, my love: no more bishop jokes this evening..." False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Mistress_Circassian Gorgeous, headstrong and loyal to her master, even to the point of death. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Mistress_Common_Floozy Cheap entertainment keeps one in touch with common folk. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Mistress_Gorgeous Not every lady is ladylike, which is why this lady has an extremely comfortable life. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Mistress_Molly Not every lady is as ladylike as he (ahem!) would have everyone believe. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Mistress_Noble Knowing the right people to bribe or blackmail can do wonders for a man's career. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Mistress_Spycatcher_Lady A woman with the right connections may see things that others do not. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Mistress_Spymistress This woman is a spider: merciless, hypnotic, seductive and, to her enemies, deadly. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Mystic_Mysterious A terribly wise fellow. Close-mouthed, of course, but shockingly wise. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Mystic_Useful The wise see what the foolish do not. Sometimes they tell the foolish about their visions. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Navy_Cleric Solace can be found in more than a jug of grog. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Navy_Flag_Lieutenant A wise admiral makes use of an extra pair of young eyes. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Navy_Merc_Sea_Captain A life of adventure on the high seas has brought this man far from his Hollander roots. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Navy_Naval_Architect Guns, sails, hull, crew: all must be in harmonious proportion. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Navy_Naval_Surveryor Inspection by an unsympathetic eye may make a captain look like a fool, but can save his ship. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Navy_Prize_Agent_Good The man who gets the best price for a ship and its cargo is a useful - and popular - fellow. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Navy_Purser "What others term short rations, I call prudence!" False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Navy_Sailing_Master "I'll wager, Sir, that you've never seen tunny leaping out of the sea at midnight..." False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Navy_Surgeon A man who can keep his head when the decks are awash with blood is worth his weight in cannon balls. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Navy_Watch The work of master craftsmen, this precision timepiece is a priceless aid to navigators. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Numismatist Debasing coinage is a serious offence - unless the government are the people doing it. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Outstanding_Choirmaster Music is one of the civilized accomplishments of any age. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Pamphleteer_Government Mostly truthful reporting of government business is a powerful tool for a minister. False
ancillaries_colour_text_Ancillary_Pamphleteer_Radical The right kind of truth in reporting of government business is helpful to an agent provocateur. False