advice_levels_onscreen_text_825389317 We should concentrate our research efforts on Top Gallants. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-825618887 One of your sea trade routes is under attack from an enemy fleet. Without your intervention they will raid all shipping and take any goods and income for themselves. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_826224967 As you have chosen to move Napoléon to a destination outside of his movement area additional arrow(s) have been drawn on the map to display the number of turns required to reach the destination. Each arrow represents one turn. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_828096944 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Meeting Hall here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-830564039 These walls are very strong. If you want to make a breach, you'll need to concentrate all your artillery fire upon the same point. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_831462515 Fire or a lucky shot has got into a magazine on one of your ships and ignited the powder! The ship and every one of the poor souls aboard have been obliterated! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-835072103 Rival agents can be removed by assassination. Select your hashishin, then click on his intended target. Decide if the chance of success is worth the risk before confirming the order. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_835244002 Each nation has a set of predetermined territorial conquests that it must complete in order to attain victory. These are displayed here, along with an indication of the turns remaining to complete your campaign.\n\nThe objectives tab gathers together information on active and archived missions for easy reference. Look here to check the time remaining for completion, or read the details of a mission again. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_835346709 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Green Jackets here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_837336448 You can merge two armies by selecting an army and moving the mouse over the other army. When the cursor displays two horizontal lines, right-click to merge armies. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_837487150 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Great Museum here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-837567440 We should concentrate our research efforts on the Flintlock Cannon. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-839046705 There is value in leaving a trail of destruction in your wake, so that nothing of value to the conqueror remains. Destroying buildings as you abandon them ensures the enemy's hard-won prize is entirely worthless. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_843806652 Pressing the space bar on your keyboard after orders have been issued displays the positions your units will move to as a shadow on the battlefield. Use this as a reference when deploying your forces. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_844009900 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Bhumiya Bowmen here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_844239879 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting an Irish Brigade here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-844694260 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Burial Ground here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_848100090 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Light Dragoons here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-851820364 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Governor's Residence here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-854614115 Deploying on a hill is always a good idea. Being uphill gives your troops a melee advantage, and climbing it will tire the enemy. Shooting downhill helps too. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-854857990 As population growth is slow here, it is recommended that you upgrade farms or bring lower class taxes down. Increasing the food supply and net income of the layman will reduce the infant mortality rate, thereby increasing the population. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-85499791 A unit of your troops has been surrounded. As there is nowhere to run to they will now fight to the death! If your men manage to break through the enemy they will rout from the field. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-855205336 Right-click to move your army to any part of the highlighted area. Attack by right-clicking on a rival's army or city. Merge with a friendly army by moving to the same spot. Board a fleet at a coast by moving onto it. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_856417993 Information on any selected character, army, fleet, port, city or town you click on is displayed here. In the case of armies and fleets their constituent units are shown. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_856976915 Now select the cannon unit by left-clicking on its icon. The unit is then added to a queue that shows how many turns are needed to recruit it. Repeat this process to add further units to the queue. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-85917859 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Bowmen here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_862792504 Hailed as a hero, Napoléon had first taste of fame and loved it. With the power of the military he could achieve anything. That much was abundantly clear to the young and ambitious officer. All he needed was one chance to build his power base and seize control of the nation he had so admired. He would not have long to wait… False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_863429591 You have successfully routed an enemy unit. If you rout all enemy units from the battlefield you will be victorious. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_863591879 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Bombardment Mortars here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-865899355 Useful natural resources are present in most regions. Exploiting them increases the income available through trade. Building and improving farms, mines, etc. increases your nation's potential trade income. Work out how long it takes to earn back an investment and then exploit the resource with the best return first. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_865903950 We should concentrate our research efforts on Utilitarianism. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-868024378 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Zamindari Horsemen here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_868450528 Winning a battle isn't just about greater numbers, the balance of units and the commander's ability are essential. Look at the strength ratio, weather and reinforcement information before committing yourself, but beware - if you are attacked it may not be possible to avoid combat! The buttons at the bottom of this panel represent your battle options. Mouse over to see what each one does. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-869245284 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Beylik Janissaries here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-871162649 It is now obvious that the personal shortcomings of your heir can no longer be hidden from the public gaze. You would do well to look for a suitable replacement. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_873187074 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Bargir Infantry here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_875500941 We should concentrate our research efforts on the Longitude Watch. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_87716186 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Native Bowmen Auxiliary here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_877818754 Percussive shells are a type of explosive shell. They are designed to explode on impact with their target. Select this ammunition using the percussive shell button on the right of the battle control panel. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-878278296 Attrition is the loss of troops from a unit due to desertion, disease, etc. A unit will suffer attrition if it ends its turn in the field during the Winter months or in desert conditions. Armies native to regions in the far north or in deserts are immune to attrition when located in those regions. All elite units are immune to attrition. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-88285416 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a Warrior Society here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_884163357 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Chief's Lodge here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-88556559 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Elephant Musketeers here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_886642523 Upgrading the road system within a region will increase its trade capability. Better quality roads also allow armies to march further within a turn. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-89087258 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Parliament of the Castes here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-891171119 The policies tab allows adjustment of taxation levels for every region you control. From here AI management of taxation and construction can be specified. Click on the button at the bottom of the panel to go straight to the region with the lowest public order. In most cases adjusting the tax levels should fix the problem. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_892374275 Whilst muskets are the favoured weapon of the age, do not underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned cavalry charge with sabres! Do not be afraid to show them the steel! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-893275607 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Seminary here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_894584663 To start building the musket manufactory, remember to select Dijon and then the construction tab. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-895189344 Your general has the ability to raise the morale of nearby troops. If placed near a unit that is wavering his presence may give his men the resolve they need to stay in the fight. The greater the general's command attribute, the more likely he is to prevent a rout. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_895835250 The trade panel shows each nation's trade agreements and current market values for each resource. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_896105276 Let's start by getting comfortable with the camera controls. To move the camera around the map, simply press and hold the middle mouse button while moving the mouse in any direction. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_896530156 The ports in your home region are now at their maximum capacity, but could be upgraded to facilitate further trade. Build a trade port here to enable the establishment of more international trade routes. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_897103523 Let's use this gentleman to help with research at the nearby college. To do this, select the gentleman, then right-click on the college at Brienne to send him there. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_898497331 Select the request trade agreement option from the left-hand side of the screen. Submit your offer by left-clicking on the send proposal button at the bottom of the panel. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-898557498 This tab shows all existing buildings in the selected town or city, mouse over them to see what can yet be constructed. Right-click on a picture to see its description. Left-click on a building to add it to the queue, and again to remove it. Construction cost is displayed underneath, construction time is shown in the top left-hand corner. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-900561708 The enemy have dug underneath the walls and positioned gunpowder to blow a section and gain access! Sallying out to attack the sapping points may stop them destroying your walls - as would an artillery bombardment! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-903614881 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Gold Pit here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-906530970 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Azzars here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-908282132 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of the Coldstream Guards here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-908444922 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Medicine Men here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-911624365 Select a Line Infantry unit by left-clicking on the unit or left-clicking the unit card on the review panel at the bottom of the screen. You can double-click here to automatically pan the camera behind the unit. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_91441466 You are about to enter another faction's territory. To see what your diplomatic relations are, click on the diplomacy button at the bottom of the screen. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_916047278 They are quite powerful. We are quite weak. The strategy is quite clear - it's time to leave. Now! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_91749484 The longer a spy remains in a city, the more information he will reveal. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-919459782 Hashishin can sabotage a rival army's ability to move during a turn, effectively sending them on a wild goose chase. Right-click on a rival army and select the sabotage option to undermine their movements. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_921167664 Head to Dijon with Napoléon. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-92389698 Frigates are able to outpace and outmanoeuvre the more ponderous of battle ships, yet have enough armament to hammer lighter opponents. There are few ships able to weather an encounter with a well-handled frigate! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-924533495 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Fur Trader here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_92458083 There is a clamour for reform in this region due to the spreading of enlightened ideas through research and education. The people can be appeased by a reduction in taxes or a change of government type. The alternative is to destroy the buildings that promote these ideas and pacify the populace by military means! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-925500629 At any time during a conflict, you can use this option to request that an ally joins a war that you are fighting. This means you can look for new allies to help you if the conflict is not going your way. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-928048252 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Pasha's Palace here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-928664248 We should concentrate our efforts on building a High Porte here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_930125354 This man's natural talents mean that he would be likely to excel in any job he was given. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_93066875 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Cotton Weaver's Cottage here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_932121968 The enemy will try to smash their way in with siege equipment. Use your heaviest troops to defend any breach in the walls, and be prepared to sally forth and take the fight directly to them! The enemy will try to wipe out all defenders, and if your men rout en masse from the settlement the battle is over. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-93615626 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of East India Company Cavalry here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-936817932 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Fellahin here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_938208642 We should concentrate our research efforts on European Doctrine. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-939651342 In order to gain control of a garrisoned and fortified city it is often necessary to lay siege. During a siege your troops surround the city, either attempting to starve the defenders into capitulation, or launching a heavy artillery assault. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-941157066 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Pandours here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_942378261 Always try to present a solid wall of troops to the enemy. Large gaps between units will let them flood through and behind your units. This would be disastrous. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_942566659 Take the initiative in battle by making manoeuvres the enemy must respond to. Even if you don't follow it through, they'll be so busy countering your moves they'll have no time to make any of their own. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-949949770 Napoléon needs to board the ship to reach the French mainland. Select Napoléon and then right-click on the ship to board. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_950565943 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Water-Powered Cloth Mill here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_952924146 Selecting the boarding button orders an attempt to board, closing with the target and sending an armed group aboard to capture it. This calls for a high degree of skill and courage in the marines or crew taking part, but depriving the enemy of a valuable ship is the prize! Boarding actions can be cancelled at any time by deselecting the button, or issuing another order. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_955765262 The building browser shows how successive buildings are linked, allowing you to easily plan the growth of your empire on a "per region" basis. Click on a building to see at a glance what else can be constructed from it. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-956562909 Prestige is a measure of your reputation amongst rival nations. Compete for prestige points by completing the conquests detailed in your victory conditions, researching advances in technology, and constructing fine buildings that reflect the power and awe of a great empire. Total prestige points are calculated at the end of your campaign. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-956776982 With time to prepare, artillery units can deploy behind baskets of stones and earth known as gabionades. Once in position the artillery cannot move for the remainder of the battle, but benefits from a considerable amount of shelter from small arms and direct artillery fire. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_959306871 We should concentrate our research efforts on Percussion Shells. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-961381314 What one nation thinks of another is characterised by diplomatic relations - very friendly, friendly, indifferent, unfriendly, and hostile. These diplomatic relations are asymmetrical though, so be aware that what your nation thinks of another may not be the same as their views on your own! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_962211969 To set the tax levels for the middle and lower classes of France, simply slide the rule buttons left and right. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_962797902 Your first priority should be to research a superior military drill doctrine at the college in Magdeburg. Once in place, increase the size of your army and look to expand your territory to encompass the region of Silesia to the south. You could then try to link Brandenburg with historic East Prussia, currently separated by Polish-controlled West Prussia. If possible, maintain good diplomatic and trade relationships with fellow Protestant nations such as Britain, Sweden, Denmark and the United Provinces, whilst watching for the advance of Catholic France and Austria. They may try to claim your lands and those of your allies in the name of their corrupt church, and your capital will likely be their first target. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_964581248 We should concentrate our research efforts on Fire by Rank. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_964710806 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Tea Warehouse here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_965842619 The government details panel gathers together essential statistics and information for the management of your entire empire.\n\nThe policies tab allows adjustment of taxation levels for every region you control. From here AI management of taxation and construction can be specified. Click on the button at the bottom of the panel to go straight to the region with the lowest public order. In most cases adjusting the tax levels should fix the problem.\n\nThe ministers tab displays information about members of your government. Use this panel to fire and replace dignitaries, and, depending on your government type, hold elections. If applicable, government popularity - or the chances of the incumbent government winning an election - are displayed as a percentage at the top of the panel, along with the time in turns before the next election automatically occurs. This is not the case if your nation has an absolute monarchy - in which the ruler does not consult the people in matters of government.\n\nThe trade tab details all resources brought to your capital from across your empire, and shows how these are exported to your trade partners - together with the profit you make from exporting to each partner nation. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_965923685 Line abreast is the most focused method of denying an enemy room to manoeuvre. A squadron will line up side-by-side with the admiral in the centre, so enemies wishing to break the line must risk passing through a crossfire. Line abreast is best used against weaker fleets, or at the start of a larger action. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_96726372 You can left-click on the 'recruitment' tab to recruit units from this settlement. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-968778959 A fishing port has been blockaded by an enemy fleet. This will affect your food supply. Act quickly to lift the blockade! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_969317109 There are not enough funds left in your treasury to build anything this turn. Increasing taxation and trade, or disbanding redundant armed forces will raise your income in the short-term. False