advice_levels_onscreen_text_1475059206 Tire your enemy out by keeping them constantly occupied. Make them rush about by offering some advantage, for example by moving fast light troops into a vulnerable position. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1475223330 During this campaign, Napoléon has gained various personality traits. Traits can be both positive and negative, and they are acquired as your Generals "do things and go places". To view your General's traits, right-click on his portrait card in the army tab of the review panel. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1479256330 You can move your gentleman by right-clicking on any part of the highlighted area. He will move within the extent of it but no further in one turn. Right-click on a character to interact with him. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1480501127 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Militia Musketeers here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1483450153 Nimble, light troops may prove more effective when fighting elephants than heavier infantry, as a lightly equipped man can dodge and move quickly to avoid blows. The rigid formations of standard infantry allow little scope for avoiding the charge of these beasts. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1486261009 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Tatars here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1486552648 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Barbets here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1488236394 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Gold Mine here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1489300850 Enemy fire has cut your sails to ribbons! Though your guns will continue firing, power to manoeuvre has been lost, leaving the ship very vulnerable. Send another ship to protect her if you can. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1489497261 Your gentleman is now inside the college, and you will notice on the tech tree that researching your new technology will be faster. By sending more gentlemen to this college, research speed will continue to increase. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1489756505 An ungarrisoned city automatically generates Armed Citizenry - a sort of "watch" - to keep order. Although not as effective during an insurrection as billeted light infantry - such as Dragoons - Armed Citizenry are well able to manage day to day public order problems. They cannot leave the city in which they were spawned. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1491716739 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Grenadiers here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1497053694 Left-click on the frigate icon to add it to the recruitment queue. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1499062782 We should concentrate our efforts on building an Engineer School here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1499154520 Once unlimbered, guns can pivot but not otherwise move. To do this, you will need to limber the guns by pressing the limber toggle button again. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1499695591 There are two ways to move an army or agent from a settlement or provincial slot onto the landscape. Select the item you wish to move, and either right-click on the point you wish to move to, or left-click and drag the item onto that point. When you release the cursor the army or agent will walk to the chosen spot. Use Ctrl + A to select all units or agents within a tab. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1500507282 This tab lists all your regions, their population, public order status, and income. It can be sorted by each of those headings. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1507140649 Comprising several balls wired together inside a canvas bag, grape shot is designed to break apart on firing, sending out a lethal cone of projectiles. Use it at close range to slaughter the men on deck! Grape shot is most efficient when a ship’s hull is already damaged, and increases the likelihood that fire will break out on-board. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1507457514 Mortars are the bane of entrenched enemies. The power of the mortar lies in the high angle of fire which its unique design allows, enabling it to lob shells on a high trajectory over fortifications and down onto troops sheltering behind. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1511066228 We should concentrate our research efforts on the Pocket Chronometer. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1512911873 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Great Arsenal here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1516240186 When facing elephants, remember that they are a good target for artillery fire. Keep pounding away at them, and make sure that they don't reach your artillery! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1516645363 When you outnumber the enemy greatly, surround and destroy them utterly. Show no mercy! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1518752410 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Small Spice Plantation here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_151876182 Your empire is in decline and the Marathas are rising - uniting their fellow Hindus against Mughal rule. As such, your priorities should be to stabilise your territory against rebellion, and build up your forces to withstand attacks from the increasingly strong Hindu forces in the southern regions of Carnatica and Mysore. Sending Muslim missionaries throughout your territory will help to convert the population. This will in turn greatly improve the public order situation and reduce the chances of rebellion. European powers have begun to show interest in India for the trade wealth they know they can obtain. The Portuguese and Dutch already have a foothold on Indian soil, and the British and French are close behind them. It may be prudent to maintain trade with foreigners, to ally with one or the other for mutual benefit, or to drive them out of Mughal lands altogether. In the latter case it would be sensible to develop trade capabilities and technological research of your own. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1519985399 Mounted Infantry are cavalry who ride to an area of the battlefield then dismount to fight as infantry. However, they can also do a reasonable job fighting in a cavalry role. Use the dismount button in the lower right of the screen to toggle them between mounted and dismounted. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1522516535 Although peace has recently been brokered with your mortal enemies the Ottoman Empire, it would be wise to maintain a military presence on your mutual borders to the south east. For instance, in the recently re-conquered Hungary and Croatia you may be required to immediately restore public order to satisfactory levels, along with missionaries to halt the spread of Islam in those regions. These regions certainly require urgent military reinforcement. Protestantism is spreading like a disease through the German regions of Rhineland, Hannover, and Saxony - and although many people still follow the true religion, in some cases their heretical rulers do not. If too many of the population convert to Protestantism, invade their territory and bring the true religion back to the people. There may also be the possibility of expansion to the north and east, especially if Protestant Prussia tries to unite German-speaking lands under their banner. They may also try to partition Poland for the same reason. If this occurs Russia could also act against Poland, so it may be necessary to invade Poland to prevent the Prussian and Russian empires from becoming too large. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-152525085 You have not researched any new technology for some time and your rivals will be moving far ahead of you. Although technology will eventually become available as common knowledge, it's value will be questionable and there is no prestige for obtaining it this way. Assign a researcher to an educational building and select a technology to get back in the race! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1528505088 This tab shows all existing buildings in the selected town or city, mouse over them to see what can yet be constructed. Right-click on a picture to see its description. Left-click on a building to add it to the queue, and again to remove it. Construction cost is displayed underneath, construction time is shown in the top left-hand corner. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1529137052 You can call a nation to war whenever diplomatic negotiation is taking place between two allies, or whenever an alliance is proposed between two nations and your own is at war with someone that your proposed ally is not. Note that a refusal to provide support in an existing conflict does not break an alliance, but there is a diplomatic relations penalty for doing so. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1529405550 At the bottom of the panel you will notice various attacking options. These buttons allow you to either continue or break a siege on your enemy's stronghold. Attack the enemy by playing or by auto-resolving the battle, or finally demanding that your enemy surrenders. Try using the auto-resolve options now to capture Toulon. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_153226663 Given time to prepare, a defending army can deploy portable obstacles known as chevaux de frise - literally "Frisian horse" - a log with spikes and blades emerging from it. Positioned during deployment, they are deadly to charging cavalry. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1533417513 We should concentrate our efforts on building a 120-Gun First Rate and recruiting its crew here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1533668202 Now left-click on the Colonial Militia unit card to put it into the recruitment queue. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1538744232 We should concentrate our research efforts on the Ring Bayonet. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1539723130 Let's select your general, Napoléon Bonaparte. Move your mouse cursor over him and then left-click to select him. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1540488474 Of all troops, lighter infantry are the best suited to take on elephants. Light troops can dodge blows and make attacks quicker than their more heavily armed colleagues. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-154269326 We should concentrate our efforts on building an Ordnance Council here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1547118664 We should concentrate our research efforts on Empiricism. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1547180684 You will find the the building browser button useful now that you have a large number of buildings in your expanding empire. You can find it at the bottom of the screen. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1547606257 Clicking on the infiltrate button means your agent will begin spying upon arrival at his destination. If he is successful you will be able to see more information about the buildings and troops inside. As with all subterfuge actions there is a percentage chance of success, and failure may mean capture and execution. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1549474655 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Theatre here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-155246553 The British are mounting a determined assault to dislodge your troops from the hill. If you can inflict enough casualties on the British, the route to Boston will be opened. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1555041766 We should concentrate our research efforts on Steam-Pumped Land Drainage. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1555443707 After the loss of his father, Napoléon was left without a guide. He found a new mentor in Baron du Teil, the man who was to nurture his talent for artillery and set the young Napoléon on the path to greatness! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1555939110 We should concentrate our research efforts on Reorganised Procurement. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1556145143 With the assassination button selected you will now be shown a list of potential targets, along with the chances of success for each assassination. Select a target to carry out the assassination attempt. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1557648100 The national summary tab is used to display important information about the state of your nation in one place for ease of reference. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1558013053 There are roads within your territory that could be upgraded further. Upgrading roads improves the quality of their surfaces, thereby enabling an army to march faster along them. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1558061333 We should concentrate our research efforts on the Wedge Formation. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1567524386 Lower quality infantry are useful for engaging and holding the enemy in place while you go around their side or rear. However, the lower the troop quality, the less time you have before they break and rout. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1568362346 Once the shipyard has been constructed, you can begin construction of the dockyard. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1569656069 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Siberian Hunters here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1572526606 When attacking an enemy that is deployed on a hill, attack up the most gentle slope, even if it takes a while to get there. Most troops will not be exhausted by the time they reach the top of the slope. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1575987463 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Qizilibashi Cavalry here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1577040738 We should concentrate our efforts on building Pottery Workshops here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1578992648 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Parliament here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-157988888 Your nation is bankrupt because, as your empire has grown, the administrative infrastructure needed to tax it efficiently has not grown with it. Take steps to get back in the black by disbanding redundant units and upgrading governor's buildings throughout your territory. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1580369663 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Global Trading Company here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_158073737 We should concentrate our efforts on building a State House here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1581561178 Stabbing long-standing allies in the back by suddenly attacking will have an effect on how other nations view your own. They will be cautious when dealing with you in future. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1583009093 We should concentrate our research efforts on Carcass Shot. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1583965018 We should concentrate our efforts on building an Industrial Gold Mining Complex here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1588551098 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Silver Pit here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1590729744 The government details panel gathers together essential statistics and information for the management of your entire empire. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1591689763 Attacking bayonet-equipped infantry from the front is a good way to kill off your cavalry units. Attack from the flank or rear - or better still, use infantry! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1592013556 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Firelock Peasantry here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1592987231 When preparing for a melee attack, it can sometimes work to your advantage to let the enemy have the first shot. If your men don't break under the hail of musket balls, they could engage before the enemy reloads. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1594060145 Increasing this level of taxation not only decreases the happiness of the ruling class, but also reduces town wealth growth, thus reducing your potential future tax income. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1594313916 When defending your territory it is important to know how far enemy armies are able to move. Click on an enemy army to see its zone of movement. When an army is blocking your path the terrain will be highlighted at the choke point. You must fight it to pass through, or find an alternative route. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1594746836 As your course has now been set, you need to end turn before your ship can move in the next turn. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1596539408 We should concentrate our efforts on building an Artillery Park here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1596604962 We should concentrate our research efforts on Improved Grape Shot. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1599262495 The delay phase allows you to use the weather to your advantage by picking the optimum conditions for your units to fight in. For instance, if the enemy have a lot of gunpowder weapons fighting in the rain will reduce their effectiveness. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1604004259 This region is not producing enough food to support any more people, and already some are starving and others emigrating. Improve your farms and agricultural technologies to promote further growth here, unless of course you are trying to quickly increase your colonial populations. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_160565684 Buildings are spread throughout a region in towns and ports, rather than being concentrated solely at its capital. This means careful strategic planning and garrisoning is required in order to adequately defend your assets. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-160700882 Pirates will attack trade routes and sap the income from them. This only occurs outside the European theatre, especially if a route is inadequately patrolled. Remember to check for piracy during every turn. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1607364566 Population growth is slow in this region due to high taxation of the lower orders. Without a steadily expanding population villages will not grow, limiting future building potential. Temporarily decreasing taxation now means you can reap the rewards later. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1616038451 We should concentrate our research efforts on Citizenship. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1616565454 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Water-Powered Cotton Mill here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1617212745 Faith is being lost in your ability to secure victory in the current conflict. Every time a territory is lost, or even a battle, the populace become wearier of the war. This is indicated by increased unhappiness. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1618706389 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Colonial Line Infantry here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1618878816 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Commercial Port here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1621609724 The withdraw button to the left of centre on the battle control panel orders selected units to retreat from the field in an orderly manner. Withdraw if you want to save a unit to fight another day. To cancel the order simply give the withdrawing unit another order, or click on the withdraw button again. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1623094700 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Hessian Line Infantry here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1629386802 It is possible to take a fort or city without risking a pitched battle. A patient general can throttle the fight out of the defenders by laying siege for several turns. This is time-consuming, but eventually hunger or an angry populace will force a surrender. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1629939362 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Carpet Weaver's Cottage here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1635040260 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Bashi-Bazouks here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1635957969 There are currently no troops stationed in this region, either as a garrison in the region capital or billeted to towns. This leaves the region open to attack from marauding brigands! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1637797131 We should concentrate our efforts on building an Iron Mine here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1638244308 Your first priority should be to use your strong standing army and navy to secure territory along the Baltic Sea coast, obstructing hostile Russia in their attempts to gain a cold water port at Ingria. By rights all the nations of Scandinavia should bend the knee to Swedish power, so expand the boundaries of your territory to include Denmark and Norway whilst maintaining good diplomatic and trade relations with countries such as Britain and France. With Russia on the offensive it would also be prudent to court good relations with your enemy’s enemy - Ottoman Turkey. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1639664824 With his father, Napoléon travelled to mainland France to begin his schooling. From the moment he saw his new home, Napoléon fell in love. The beautiful countryside and cities must have been impressive to a boy from a small island. Perhaps he dared to dream that one day he would own all that beauty? False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1639702398 Now click on the government button at the bottom of the screen to deal with the unrest. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1641034490 We should concentrate our efforts on building an Opera House here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1641913562 The enemy are approaching your fleeing ship. On their present course they will intercept and claim your ship as a prize. If you can spare it, send another ship to intercept the enemy before they get too close. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1642494451 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a Board of Ordnance 12-lber Howitzer Battery here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1643142238 Now select a unit to inspire. They will be marked as inspired for the duration of the inspiration effect. Note that there is a cooling down period after inspiration is used, the ability becomes available again after a short time. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1644011674 We should concentrate our research efforts on Platoon Firing. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_164466 You are successfully blockading an enemy naval base. This will affect their ability to build new war ships or repair existing combat-damaged ships. With persistence you can win the war at sea! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1645019136 Use Imams to spread the word of your faith to every corner of the earth. Conversion to your state religion will make foreign cultures less troublesome. Once spawned, simply place them in a region, they will automatically spread the word to the population. False