advice_levels_onscreen_text_1329668728 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Small Coffee Plantation here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1330018388 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Western Artillery Fort here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1333775629 In Napoleon: Total War, there are four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. To check the season, mouse over the sky icon at the bottom right of the screen. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1333879099 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Weaver's Lodge here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1336628706 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Government Council here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1336768356 There is a nation-wide revolution occurring in a neighbouring province. This wave of insurrection may reach your territory, guard against it by increasing garrison size or reducing taxes. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1337219062 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Great Ashram here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1337330166 Once you have finished everything you want to do during this turn, select the end turn button at the bottom of the screen. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1337568468 We should concentrate our research efforts on the National Debt. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1338804841 Line infantry equipped with bayonets can adopt a square formation to deter enemy cavalry. Be wary when adopting a square as it can't move, suffers reduced firepower, and is a good target for enemy artillery. Form a square by pressing the square formation toggle button on the right of the battle control panel. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1339100252 Traditionally the wilds of Russia had a monopoly on the fur trade, but now other nations have an opportunity to cash in due to their colonial possessions in the new world. Hunting and trade with the native population have produced a regular supply of animal pelts for shipping to other continents. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1339868707 When a drop-in battle is possible, there will be a button to select this mode on the pre-battle panel. Clicking this will request a human opponent, display information about the connection, and estimate the amount of time it will take to be matched up. Click on the cancel button at any time to return to the pre-battle panel. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1341063580 Light cavalry make excellent bait. You can lure the enemy into ambushes, draw units out of position in their line, or just make them tire themselves out chasing you. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1343221369 This panel gives you important information about the unit including size, cost, experience, special abilities, and a detailed description. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1344027633 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Native American Lancers here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1344639728 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Native American Tribesmen here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1344814909 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Sikh Musketeers here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-134567048 We should concentrate our efforts on building Subsistence Farms here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1346416595 A drop-in battle is a new feature allowing you to find a human opponent to take the place of the AI nation in a battle in your campaign, or fight a battle in another's campaign in place of the AI. This is achieved via the on-line battle mechanism. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-135169234 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Isarelys here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1351695450 As this region has a low population level, recruiting units here will have a greater negative effect on population growth than in a larger region. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1353749380 The French have established a series of forts in the Ohio Valley. The forts are well defended and will be difficult to take through military force alone. Perhaps the Iroquois tribe to the North will provide you with much-needed assistance? False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1355955492 There is unused land suitable for farming in this region. Building farms here will help the population to grow over time and produce trade income. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1358458414 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Brig and recruiting its crew here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1360832071 This unit will now automatically fire at enemy units within range of their muskets. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1366177753 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Royal Observatory here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_136682062 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Maharaja's Palace here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1370295055 We should concentrate our efforts on building an Army Council here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1371055155 We should concentrate our research efforts on Improved Animal Husbandry. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_137476954 Artillery fire is certain to induce panic amongst the enemy's elephants. Target them as soon as possible, they may run amok before reaching your lines. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_137821385 This ship is sailing into a headwind, so she is only able to make slow progress on her current heading. Zig-zagging back and forth across the wind helps to improve speed and makes one less vulnerable to enemy fire, whilst the frequent turns required present more firing opportunities. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1380361978 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Vieux Infantry here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1381776408 Controlling the camera on the campaign map is simple. Dragging the mouse to the edge of the screen pulls the map in that direction. Use W to move the camera forward and S to move it backward. A and D strafe sideways. Use X and Z or the mousewheel to move the camera up and down respectively. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1385610669 We should concentrate our research efforts on Underhanded Submersible Warfare. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1387459530 Outflanking forces can be turned into fixing forces. If you commit a large outflanking force and do not attack from the front, the enemy will be forced to turn and face you, presenting his flanks to what was your centre. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1390539038 In his first action, Napoléon proved that he was a more-than-capable soldier. He was able to look battle in the face, unblinking and undaunted. He took this bravery and returned to Corsica, the island home that he had left so long ago. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1391128726 Light dragoons can fight equally well as either light cavalry or as light infantry when dismounted. Use the dismount button in the bottom right of the screen to toggle them between mounted and dismounted status. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1391140702 A blockade is a cordon of ships used to prevent the enemy from trading through a port or moving any fleet that is based there. You can blockade a port by right-clicking on it as you would another fleet. If there is an enemy fleet inside, a cordon graphic will appear to indicate a blockade is under way. Otherwise, your fleet will sail straight into the port and occupy it. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1391273521 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Zamindari Pikemen here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1392703367 Use the space bar to speed up movement of all characters, armies or fleets on the campaign map. Press the space bar again to slow them down again. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1393667973 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Militia Infantry here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1393925672 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Fur Trading Post here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1393935809 Periodically your government will issue missions for you to undertake. Although optional, it can be useful to do them in order to learn various aspects of gameplay. Your first mission has arrived. To begin, simply click on the relevant message box on the left. Click on the missions button in the bottom right of the screen to view details of active missions. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1394332445 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Native Lancers here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1394403499 There is a port in this region that has not yet been developed. Select the type of port to construct here - a fishing port will help your population grow; a trade port will provide an income from overseas trade; a naval port allows the construction of war ships. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1394471961 We should concentrate our efforts on building Tenanted Farms here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1395907252 The population in this region is declining due to food shortages. Increase population growth by building or upgrading your farms and fishing ports and researching new agricultural technologies. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1396032595 Now left-click on the recruitment tab. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1398022880 A victim of bullying, Napoléon held his head high; other children may have drawn in upon themselves. He had the fierce pride of his father and, when asked to kneel before a school master, he calmly replied that a man bows only before god. This maxim would follow him into his adult years. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1398483380 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Brothel here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1400166497 A scholar is one of your leading thinkers. You can assign scholars to the task of acquiring military and industrial improvements by research. Scholars provide a bonus by speeding up research when inside educational buildings such as libraries and universities. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-140148580 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Madrassa here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1402760909 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Governor's Residence here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1404037090 This panel contains information about your city, including its public order levels, wealth, and current population number. Clicking on the tick icon will close this panel. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1404252623 We should concentrate our efforts on building Pleasure Gardens here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1412070137 As a unit fights and survives battles, it gains experience points that improve its ability to deal with future combat situations. Experience increases morale, so an experienced unit is less likely to break and run from battle when under stress and fatigue. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1413003536 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of 64-lber Elephant Artillery here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1416511220 Most population growth in your colonies is the result of emigration from your home theatre, which is in turn linked to unhappiness. Keeping conditions in your home theatre harsh will always result in a boost in your colonial population. Immigration to this colony has been sufficient for a new town to emerge. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1419371366 Running, fighting and doing other strenuous activities tires your troops, reducing their effectiveness and morale. Have them stand still for a while to rest. Resting is only really worthwhile though if they're very tired or exhausted. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1420018541 We should concentrate our efforts on building Kilns here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1420339624 Plug bayonets are a good way of dealing with cavalry charges. However, once fixed they can't be removed, and they leave the musket incapable of firing again for the rest of the battle. Fix bayonets using the bayonet button in the lower right of the screen. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1420509031 Switzerland is currently allied with France, and you have military access to their land. As it is a rich and wealthy nation, you should seek a trade agreement to increase France's wealth. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1421369423 Also within the character's movement area is a slightly smaller area in a different colour. This is the zone of control. An enemy army or navy that enters the zone during the turn can be attacked. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1422760764 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Colonial Pikemen here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1424352004 Clicking on the melee button on the left of the battle control panel will lock the selected melee-capable units into melee mode. All attack orders will result in a hand-to-hand attack until you click on the melee button again. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1426874090 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Dhow and recruiting its crew here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1429281375 A spy is also a saboteur and an assassin. Select him and right-click on a target, then select the action you wish to carry out. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1429444682 We should concentrate our research efforts on Government by Consent. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1431102331 If your line infantry are about to be charged by cavalry, make sure they are stationary - and preferably in a square. That way they can brace themselves against the impact, and will take fewer losses. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1437315167 We should concentrate our research efforts on the Social Contract. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1437352507 To infiltrate a city, select your spy and then right-click on the city in question. A menu will appear giving you the options of sabotage, assassination or infiltration. The percentages show the spy's chances of success in each activity. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1437483841 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Coureurs de Bois here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_143874018 Always keep some forces in reserve behind your front line. They can fill any gaps that develop, and turn to deal with threats to either flank. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-144246646 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Nizam-I Cedit Rifles here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1442749916 With a trade agreement, France receives additional wealth each turn for as long as the agreement is in effect. Your wealth can be viewed at the bottom of the screen. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1442955838 Maintaining a unit's courage and regimental discipline in the heat of battle is dependent on their morale, a measure of pride and self-belief in their abilities. This is boosted by training, experience, and the presence of an inspirational general. Morale is weakest when heavily outnumbered or outmatched by an enemy. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1443037881 The elections results panel shows the ministers who currently form your national government. Each minister has personal traits that give your nation either bonuses or penalties within his area of responsibility. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1445243350 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Beylik Janissary Musketeers here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1447626053 Your first priority should be to protect the boundaries of your empire to the north and west. Hostile Russia is attempting to obtain a Black Sea port through your protectorate the Crimean Khanate, and despite the recent peace, your traditional enemies the Austrian Empire will press home any advantage in the Balkan territories of Bosnia and Serbia. As the empire of Safavid Persia collapses there may be incursions into your territory from the eastern desert, so secure the borders of Mesopotamia and Armenia to keep their movement in check. You must also consider the steady advance of technology in the west - very soon you could find yourself disadvantaged on the battlefield, with only weight of numbers swinging in your favour. Keep abreast of technology by assigning scholars to research all the latest developments. Maintaining friendly relations with a major European power – possibly France – will prove useful should Russia and Austria rise against you. Continuing your support and control of the Crimean Khanate and surrounding regions should prevent Russia from breaking out of their present landlocked status, whilst the Barbary States should continue to act as a buffer to the aggressive navies of Catholic Venice and Spain. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1452083206 In Napoleon: Total War, a turn is a two-week period in order to simulate the intense fighting of the various campaigns. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1452525359 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of 12-lber Garrison Artillery here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1452919229 We should concentrate our efforts on building Rice Paddies here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1454592058 We should concentrate our efforts on building Tribal Drill Grounds here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1459361001 We should concentrate our efforts on building Ancestral Grounds here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-145936557 Clicking on your left (or port) broadside button loads your guns ready to fire. The advancing red band around the button indicates how close you are to being ready. When this is complete, click on the button again to unleash a full broadside! Be aware that for success this order relies on your own timing! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1459386804 We should concentrate our efforts on building a Second Rate Ship of the Line and recruiting its crew here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1459886398 Many of your ships are out-gunned, so it would be unwise to trade broadsides with heavier enemies. Use your lighter handling characteristics to stay out of trouble, watching out for opportunities to fire without exposing yourself to their broadsides. Using chain shot to wound their masts and rigging should serve to slow them down, making this task easier. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1460900428 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Musellims here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1461811186 There is unused land suitable for plantations in this region. Building plantations here will increase your nation's export capacity, improving income through international trade. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1461930512 You are successfully blockading an enemy fishing port. This will affect their food supply. Keep this up and eventually their people may call for an end to the war, and settle in your favour! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1463450967 You can move your spy by right-clicking on any part of the highlighted area. He will move within the extent of it but no further in one turn. Right-click on a character to interact with him. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-146349219 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of 3-lber Horse Artillery here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1465760677 Using your cavalry to attack camels is not likely to be very effective. The horrible smell of camels spooks horses! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1466024127 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of Scots here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_1466490438 We should concentrate our research efforts on Shortened Carbines. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1467085177 Where the enemy are concentrated, prepare a defensive line, where they are strong, avoid them. Attack where they are unprepared. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1467536160 We should concentrate our efforts on recruiting a unit of East India Company Lancers here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1469467370 We should concentrate our efforts on building a State Madrassa here. False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1469473208 Gentlemen may be ordered to duel with others. However, take care of them - they are in short supply and cannot be recruited. Losing one may hamper the attainment of technological supremacy! False
advice_levels_onscreen_text_-1471376967 If you want to concentrate solely on the business of war, taxation and construction management can be automated by setting a policy here. False