mission_text_text_mis_abort_bos_allegiance_change You have changed your allegiance. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_char_died This character has died. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_char_faction_destroyed The clan to which this character belonged has been destroyed. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_char_made_peace We are no longer at war with this character's clan. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_containing_region_captured_allied The province containing the target has been captured by an allied clan. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_containing_region_captured_neutral The province containing the target has been captured by a neutral clan. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_destroyed The target has been destroyed. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_faction_became_allied We have become allied to this clan. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_faction_became_shogun You have become Shogun. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_faction_built_first A rival clan has completed construction before us. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_faction_declared_war We are now at war with this clan. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_faction_destroyed This clan has been destroyed. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_faction_made_peace We are no longer at war with this clan. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_not_invading This clan is no longer invading our domain. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_owning_faction_made_peace We are no longer at war with the clan to which the target belongs. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_peace_faction_destroyed All clans with which we were at war have been destroyed. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_region_became_allied We have become allied with the owner of this province. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_region_captured_allied This province has been captured by an allied clan. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_region_captured_neutral This province has been captured by a neutral clan. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_region_made_peace We are no longer at war with the owner of this province. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_taken_by_force You chose to take this province by force. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_your_region_lost We have lost this province to another clan. True
mission_text_text_mis_abort_your_region_lost_rebels We have lost this province to the rebels. True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_assassinate_any Assassinate any character True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_assassinate_char Assassinate the following character: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_assassinate_faction Assassinate a character belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_attain_clan_level_any Increase your clan’s development level. True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_attain_clan_level_specific Attain the following clan development level: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_blockade_faction Blockade a port belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_blockade_port Blockade the following port: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_blockade_port_any Blockade any port True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_bos_research_tech Research the following type of technology: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_bos_research_tech_type Research the following technology: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_bos_seduce_any Enchant any character True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_bos_seduce_char Enchant the following character: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_bos_seduce_faction Enchant a character belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_bribe_force_any Bribe any army True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_bribe_force_faction Bribe an army belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_bribe_force_invade Bribe an invading army belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_capture_region Capture the following province: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_capture_region_any Capture any province True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_capture_region_faction Capture a province belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_construct_building Construct the following building: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_construct_building_chain Construct a building from the following chain: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_construct_building_region Construct a building in the following province: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_convert_region Convert the majority of this province to your religion: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_convert_region_allegiance Spread your influence to the majority of this province: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_defeat_army_any Defeat any army in battle True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_defeat_army_faction Defeat an army belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_defeat_army_invade Defeat an invading army belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_defeat_force_any Defeat any army or navy in battle True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_defeat_force_faction Defeat an army or navy belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_defeat_navy_any Defeat any navy in battle True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_defeat_navy_faction Defeat a navy belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_demoralise_force_any Demoralise any army True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_demoralise_force_faction Demoralise an army belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_eliminate_in_battle_any Eliminate any general in battle True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_eliminate_in_battle_char Eliminate the following general in battle: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_eliminate_in_battle_faction Eliminate a general belonging to the following clan in battle: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_end_rebellion Crush the rebellion in the following province: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_incite_revolt_any Incite a revolt in any province True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_incite_revolt_faction Incite a revolt in a province belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_incite_revolt_region Incite a revolt in the following province: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_lift_blockade_any Lift any blockade True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_lift_blockade_port Lift the blockade upon the following port: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_make_alliance_any Forge an alliance with any clan True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_make_alliance_faction Forge an alliance with the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_make_peace_any Make peace with any rival clan True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_make_peace_faction Make peace with the following rival clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_make_trade_any Establish trade with any clan True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_make_trade_faction Establish trade with this clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_recruit_agent Recruit the following agent: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_recruit_unit_region Recruit a unit in the following province: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_recruit_unit_type Recruit the following type of unit: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_request_allegiance_any Obtain the allegiance of any province True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_request_allegiance_region Obtain the allegiance of the following province: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_research_tech Master any art in the following category: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_research_tech_type Master the following art: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_sabotage_building Sabotage the following building: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_sabotage_building_any Sabotage any building True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_sabotage_building_faction Sabotage a building belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_sabotage_force_any Sabotage any army True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_sabotage_force_faction Sabotage an army belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_sabotage_force_invade Sabotage an invading army belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_seduce_any Seduce any character True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_seduce_char Seduce the following character: True
mission_text_text_mis_activity_seduce_faction Seduce a character belonging to the following clan: True
mission_text_text_mis_event_activity Duty: True
mission_text_text_mis_event_bos_time Turns remaining: True
mission_text_text_mis_event_description Details: True
mission_text_text_mis_event_issuer_clan This task has been put forth by your advisors. True
mission_text_text_mis_event_issuer_europeans This task is a request from the nanban. True
mission_text_text_mis_event_issuer_shogun This task is by request of the shogunate. True
mission_text_text_mis_event_reward Reward: True
mission_text_text_mis_event_time Seasons remaining: True
mission_text_text_mis_issued Mission Issued! True
mission_text_text_mis_outcome_abort Mission Aborted! True
mission_text_text_mis_outcome_abort_description Due to the following unforeseen circumstances, we are no longer able to accomplish this mission: True
mission_text_text_mis_outcome_fail Mission Failed! True
mission_text_text_mis_outcome_fail_description We have failed to accomplish this mission within the allotted time, losing any advantage that might have been gained by our success. True
mission_text_text_mis_outcome_success Mission Successful! True
mission_text_text_mis_outcome_success_clan This is an auspicious day indeed, my lord! We have successfully accomplished this mission for the greater good of the clan and can now reap the benefits of our efforts. True
mission_text_text_mis_outcome_success_europeans An emissary has arrived with word from Europe, my lord. The nanban are gratified that we should choose to accomplish this undertaking on their behalf and in so doing strengthen the ties between our people. May our clan reap the benefits of our continued dealings with Europe. True
mission_text_text_mis_outcome_success_shogun An envoy has arrived from Kyoto, my lord. The shogun is most pleased that we have accomplished this duty with which he had tasked us. May our clan reap the benefits of our continued support for the shogunate. True
mission_text_text_payload_buildings_damaged Buildings in this province have been damaged. True
mission_text_text_payload_diplomacy Relations with this clan will be affected: True
mission_text_text_payload_fame Clan fame: True
mission_text_text_payload_grant_agent_multi Agents: True
mission_text_text_payload_grant_agent_single Agent: True
mission_text_text_payload_grant_unit_multi Units: True
mission_text_text_payload_grant_unit_single Unit: True
mission_text_text_payload_honour Daimyo honour: True
mission_text_text_payload_kill_character The character in question will be killed. True
mission_text_text_payload_loyalty This character's loyalty will be affected: True
mission_text_text_payload_rebellion Rebellion! True
mission_text_text_payload_treasury Treasury: True
mission_text_text_payload_unlock_building Enables the construction of: True